NOC Rand+++ Mafia [GAME OVER | Zombies/Jester/Lyncher/Survivor Win]

Panic Station

formerly KnightsofCydonia
And here's what it looks like when you include a stealth unvote and a vote switch...

Asek - 1 (Asek)
Energy - 1 (Waterlily)
Waterlily - 2 (Whydon, Texas)
Whydon - 1 (Caffbo)
Texas - 3 (Mewtwo, Hal, Acid)
NVM knights says the one with 5 votes on me doesn't count because energy's unvote was counted and so I was only officially at 4 votes at votal time

I'm still going to bed, have fun doing this song and dance again with the mod who is taking an irritating amount of pleasure from tormenting the town
If we accept Lily's silence on the matter as a concession and refusal to speak as an admission of lying than we can resolve my alignment anyway by flipping Lily and revealing either the SK or the second jester (in the JJJSSKK world)

Panic Station

formerly KnightsofCydonia
Your Morning Votal

Asek - 1 (Asek)
Waterlily - 4 (Whydon, Mewtwo, Caffbo, Texas)
Texas - 2 (Hal, Acid)

Note: iirc it hasn't come up yet, but with the change in tiebreaker, both leading players would be highlighted as under lynch threat in a tied votal.

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