Gen 3 Random Battle (LIVE!)

Add: Hidden Power Fire
Remove: Hidden Power Fighting
On second thought this would likely be better, HP Fighting off of 45 attack isn't really scaring Darks, and HP Fire hits Steels in their weaker SpDs

Add: Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power Flying, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power Ground, Hidden Power Fighting, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Taunt
The extent of your physical coverage (Aerial Ace lets you keep Flying STAB while using another HP), plus Giga Drain for bulky Grounds/Rocks and Taunt to use your high speed to screw with defensive Pokemon.

Add: Return, Body Slam, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Fire Blast, Overheat, Hidden Power Grass
Basically the extent of your offensive movepool

Add: Hidden Power Flying, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Heal Bell, Substitute, Focus Punch
Standard physical coverage plus SubPunch to further exploit that beautiful attack, good special moves, and some decent support options to use your opportunities and bulk
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Hey, first time posting here, I'd also like to help out with ADV Random Battles.

-Add: Sludge Bomb, Haze, Flamethrower, Explosion, Pain Split, Will-o-Wisp, Thunderbolt, (Shadow Ball, Toxic)
Sludge Bomb is your offensive STAB, Flamethrower allows you not to be walled by Steels, Thunderbolt hits Skarmory and Gyarados at the same time, Shadow Ball can be an okay option but it only hits Gengar and Dusclops; Pain Split is your only recovery option, Wisp/Toxic are both self-explanatory, and Explosion opens up holes for the team.

-Add: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power [Ice], Crunch, Hidden Power [Grass], Substitute, (Thunder Wave)
This is Manectric's only moveset, utilizing Petaya Berry with Substitute and trying to sweep with Electric/Dark/Ice coverage; an option could include Thunder Wave + 3 Attacks, but Mane does suffer from lack of fire coverage in this gen.

-Add: Drill Peck, Whirlwind, Spikes, Toxic, Protect, Rest (Taunt, Sub)
Normally Skarmory has to use HP Flying + Whirlwind, or forgo WW for Roar because of illegal move combinations in ADV; but it seems that it does not apply here. These are standard moves for Skarm, setting up spikes and stalling for the most part, other options could include Taunt or Substitute.

- Add: Pursuit, Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Will-o-Wisp, Crunch, Hidden Power Ice/Hidden Power [Grass]
Houndoom works as a fine special attacker that can make use of its various immunities/resistances to lock down certain Pokemon with Pursuit (which is special this generation) the fire move is self-explanatory, ice/grass are both decent options and Will-o-Wisp is a clutch move.


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Add: Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, HP Fire, HP Ice, Crunch, Thunder Punch
Sceptile has a lot of different coverage moves that can work well at checking some of its weaknesses, such as HP Ice and Thunder Punch for flying type Pokemon. Its good special attack coupled with the variety of moves that it learns increases its utility in random battles.

Add: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Brick Break, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Sky Uppercut, Thunder Punch
Blaziken's 120 Attack and 110 Special Attack work well with the mixed set that it can run in ADV, allowing it to hit hard. Blaziken has a lot of physical moves to hit several different types of Pokemon including some of its weaknesses as well as having extremely powerful fire STAB in flamethrower and fire blast.

Add: Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Rock Slide, Toxic, Protect, Surf
Swampert has a very useful defensive typing that can come in handy in random battles. It can have a variety of playstyles such as using toxic and protect to do damage to Pokemon it struggles to check, as well as having powerful moves such as Ice Beam to counter its 4x grass weakness.
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Add: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Psychic, Calm Mind, Encore, Thunder Wave
Pretty straight forward, Alakazam has insane coverage in gen 3, pair that with CM for a win con and Encore for easier set up. Thunderwave on a sash set is really nice for neutralising certain threats, just nice in general.

Add: Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam, Wish, Toxic, Protect, Roar
Defensive mon, wish + protect is pretty nice, hydro or surf for stab, ice meme for coverage, roar for phazing out setup mons trying to use vapo as setup fodder.

Add: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice, Hidden Power Grass, Substitute, Agility, Baton Pass
Doesn't really have much going for it, which is a shame. It is pretty much forced to run sub pass, but agility pass is an option.


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Add: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Psychic, Calm Mind, Encore, Thunder Wave
Pretty straight forward, Alakazam has insane coverage in gen 3, pair that with CM for a win con and Encore for easier set up. Thunderwave on a sash set is really nice for neutralising certain threats, just nice in general.

Well...Zam doesn't get access to Focus Sash this generation; other options include Trick (only with Choice Band), and Substitute.


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I'm not entirely convinced of the utility of Crunch or Dragon Claw on Sceptile, but I'll reserve judgment till I've run some numbers. What I will say is that a couple of crucial moves are missing here.

Add: Leech Seed, Substitute
Sceptile's utility in standard is tied to its niche as the best user of the Sub-Seed combo, and I expect that will carry over to randbats as well. In addition to being supremely annoying to try and break, Sceptile has a solid combination of speed and power to ensure it's not passive enough to give offensive teams too many free turns.

Add: Swords Dance, Hidden Power Grass, Substitute, Focus Punch.
Remove: Brick Break.
Brick Break doesn't really offer anything of value over Sky Uppercut barring slightly better accuracy, as screens are rare enough to be more or less a non-factor. HP Grass compresses coverage on Water and Ground mons into one slot, which is pretty solid. Swords Dance makes Blaziken pretty terrifying for slower mons and those without much offensive power, and its great offensive stats and good coverage force enough switches to give it a free turn here and there to set up. In a similar vein, STAB Focus Punch off base 120 Attack is very difficult to switch into, and Substitute facilitates its use.

Add: Rest, Sleep Talk, Curse.
Swampert is already a tough mon to break through, and the Rest-Talk combo patches up its lack of reliable recovery to make that even more difficult. Curse also increases Swampert's longevity on the physical side while buffing Earthquake and Rock Slide.


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Movepool list updated, heres what I choose when there were multiple recommendations / issues:

- Unown
Clarified HP type as Psychic for STAB. (tbh unown sucks and never appears unless an error occurs)

- Sceptile
Did all recommended additions.

- Blaziken
HP Grass over Thunderpunch, removed Brick Break, all other additons are in too.

- Swampert
Did all recommended additions.

- Alakazam
Did recommended + Substitiute (ex: sub when you predict status, then encore), also added Recover for healing options
Add: Earthquake, Sludge bomb, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Substitute, Megahorn, Focus punch
Mixed wallbreaker. Earthquake and Sludge Bomb for STAB, Ice beam OHKO gligar, Megahorn for psychic, Substitute to combo with Focus Punch and avoid burns. Thunderbolt for Skarmory
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Add: Ice Beam, Toxic, Roar, Hidden Power Fire, Reflect, Heal Bell, Rest, Sleep Talk
Ice Beam is STAB, Hidden Power Fire hits the steels you can't otherwise (even with Toxic), Restalk exploits your good bulk (even if the typing isn't so good), Toxic hurts opponents you can't otherwise, Roar is good phazing and works with Toxic, Heal Bell is support that cures Toxic from you, and Reflect is good support that lets you not auto die to rock moves

Add: Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Grass, Toxic, Hypnosis, Counter
Two STAB options, standard Water coverage, Toxic for bulky mons esp if they resist all your moves, and a pair of unique tricks; Hypnosis sleeping and Counter to abuse your higher SpD and opponents' resulting tendency to hit physically

Add: Double-Edge, Return, Body Slam, Hidden Power Ground, Mud Shot, Hidden Power Ghost, Swords Dance, Crabhammer, Knock Off
This is really bad. Normal moves bc Attack is only good offense and only STAB is special, HP Ground for Steels/Rocks/Electrics, Mud Shot so you get Ground coverage plus HP Ghost as a possibility and Kinglers mediocre Speed appreciates it, SD for muh power and bc it's one of very few good moves here, Crabhammer to "surprise" physical tanks, Knock Off to annoy what you can't kill

Add: Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power Fire, Moonlight, Toxic, Light Screen, Whirlwind
Sludge Bomb is STAB, HP Fire actually hits Steels, Moonlight gives reliable healing for your usable bulk, lets be real Toxic may be your main offense, Screen is support and works with Moonlight, Whirlwind shuffles the team and helps with Toxic spreading

Add: Double-Edge, Return, Facade, Hidden Power Flying, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power Ground, Hidden Power Fighting, Quick Attack, Steel Wing
Standard STAB, Facade if you can snag a status for Guts, HP Flying hurts more than Ace but prevents another HP, another HP hits rocks/steels, priority is great with chocie band power for things even faster than you, and Steel Wing hits Rocks if you have HP Flying

Add: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Bug, Spark, Rest, Sleep Talk, Toxic,
EdgeQuake plus Water STAB and Ice Beam, a physical option for Grasses, Spark is hilarious to paralyze (good w/ bad Speed) and hit Waters, Restalk is good with your HP and typing, and Toxic helps bc you're kind of weak

Add: Toxic, Protect, Encore, Rest, Sleep Talk, Wrap
Yes, Wrap. Your moveset is that bad. Mostly self-explanatory besides Wrap (more residual damage and trapping to further Toxic strength) and Protect (more Toxic damage).

Add: Megahorn, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Substitute, Focus Punch, Endure, Reversal, Rest, Sleep Talk
Standard STAB + coverage plus the scary SD, SubPunch for massive power, and likewise (plus speed if Salac) for Endure + Flail. Restalk uses your tolerable bulk and Guts boosting power when asleep. Note: Punch doesn't exactly need Sub since the switches Megahorn forces

Add: Fake Out, Return, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power Fighting, Hidden Power Ground, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice, Taunt, Toxic, Screech, Substitute, Hypnosis
Standard Normal coverage with STAB Fake Out for chip/faster things, Water Pulse for physically bulky rocks/grounds, a surprisingly extant boltbeam, and tools to break down/avoid status from bulkier Pokemon. Hypnosis is fun with your speed and makes up for your lack of power somewhat.

Add: Poison Jab Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power Ground, Curse, Fire Blast, Ice Punch, Body Slam, Rest, Sleep Talk
STAB + coverage for Steel/Rock/Poison, Curse to patch up your worse Defense and hit harder, Fire Blast and Ice Beam to nail Steels/Grounds+Flyings+Dragons specially, Body Slam gets good coverage with Ground and brings opponents to Muk's speed level. Rest Talk take advantage of your bulk and decent typing.

Add: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Hidden Power Grass, Double-Edge, Morning Sun, Toxic, Agility
STAB, Water/Rock/Ground coverage, a physical attack for special walls, recovery to use your usable bulk, Toxic for crippling things too bulky for you and your limited coverage that works well with Morning Sun, and Agility lets you outspeed everything (including scarfs)
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charizard: substitute , hidden power grass, fire blast, sunny day, flamethrower, earthquake, overheat, belly drum, focus punch
since belly drum charizard was a thing it explains most moves in the set. it can function with a sub set and possibly a petaya berry, also exploting focus punch, or a special attack set which seems a bit more standard. hidden power grass covers fire's weaknesses.

sandslash: earthquake, rapid spin, swords dance, rockslide, counter, hidden power bug.
earthquake for stab, and swords dance makes it a good set up pokemon. rapid spin is nice for hazards, and rock slide gives edgequake coverage. hidden power bug is to hit celebi and grass types. a more defensive set with counter and rapid spin can be also used.

stantler: return, earthquake, double edge, hypnosis, shadow ball, thunderbolt, calm mind
these moves allow stantler to be used as either a special set up pokemon or a physical threat with a potential band. hypnosis is to inflict status and facilitate set up. return or double edge can both be viable, depending on if power or longevity is prefered

mawile: swords dance, baton pass, taunt, brick break, hidden power steel, sludge bomb
swords dance baton pass is probably the main usage for mawile in this generation, altho it can have an individual power if it chooses to run brick break and hidden power steel. sludge bomb gives unexpected coverage, and taunt shuts down set up and such

medicham: brick break, high jump kick, fake out, rock slide, focus punch, endure, substitute, shadow ball, reversal, recover
medicham is quite powerful in this meta, which explains the aggressive movepool. brickbreak or high jump kick for stab, depending on power vs accuracy, fake out helps with toxic stalling and chip damage. substitute and focus punch synergize well, so do endure reversal. shadow ball for coverage and recover is an interesting move to keep medicham in for longer
Charizard: dragon dance, hidden power flying, earthquake, fire blast, iron tail, body slam
Pidgeot: hidden power flying, frustration, pursuit, whirlwind, rest, sleep talk, toxic
Raticate: facade, shadow ball, super fang, taunt, substitute, quick attack, hidden power fighting
Raichu: hidden power ice, thunderbolt, body slam, substitute, toxic, thunder wave, surf
Sandslash: earthquake, sword dance, rock slide, rapid spin, brick break, toxic, hidden power ghost, body slam
Nidoqueen: earthquake, ice beam, fire blast, thunderbolt, shadow ball, superpower, sludge bomb
Nidoking: earthquake, ice beam, fire blast, thunderbolt, shadow ball, superpower, sludge bomb
Vileplume: Sunny day, synthesis, sludge bomb, giga drain, hidden power fire, leech seed, toxic
Persian: fake out, body slam, hidden power fighting, shadow ball, taunt, toxic, roar, rest, sleep talk
Primeape: cross chop, earthquake, overheat, taunt, toxic, rock slide, frustration
Arcanine: fire blast, extreme speed, hidden power grass, rest, sleep talk, toxic, roar
Poliwrath: earthquake, hydro pump, ice beam, bulk up, brick break, hidden power ghost, toxic
Machamp: cross chop, earthquake, bulk up, body slam, rock slide, light screen, rest, sleep talk
Victreebel: sleep powder, sludge bomb, synthesis, Sunny day, hidden power fighting, body slam, sword dance
Tentacruel: ice beam, rapid spin, hydro pump, giga drain, toxic, hidden power electric, haze
Rapidash: fire blast, agility, substitute, baton pass, toxic, hidden power grass, rest sleep talk
Slowbro: calm mind, disable, fire blast, ice beam, surf, rest, sleep talk, psychic
Dewgong: rest, sleep talk, ice beam, surf, perish song, toxic, hidden power fire, fake out
Muk: toxic, sludge bomb, shadow punch, memento, taunt, body slam, rest, sleep talk
Hypno: psychic, hypnosis, disable, fire punch, ice punch, thunder punch, calm mind
Kingler: hidden power ghost, frustration, toxic, rest, sleep talk, sword dance, haze, surf
Hitmonchan: bulk up, high jump kick, rapid spin, mach punch, frustration, earthquake, rock slide
Kangaskhan: fake out, body slam, double edge, earthquake, rock slide, brick break, shadow ball, wish
Starmie: surf, thunderbolt, ice beam, psychic, rapid spin, recover, thunder wave, toxic
Mr. Mime: taunt, thunderbolt, psychic, fire punch, ice punch, light screen, reflect, calm mind
Magmar: cross chop, fire blast, psychic, thunder punch, hidden power ice, toxic
Pinsir: sword dance, hidden power ghost, rock slide, brick break, frustration, earthquake,
Lapras: dragon dance, hidden power ghost, frustration, ice beam, hydro pump, thunderbolt, heal bell, psychic
Omastar: rain dance, hydro pump, ice beam, spikes, toxic, hidden power grass, haze
Kabutops: frustration, hidden power ghost, brick break, rock slide, sword dance, rapid spin, toxic
Snorlax: earthquake, brick break, shadow ball, frustration, self destruct, rock slide, rest, sleep talk
Articuno: ice beam, agillity, extrasensory, hidden power fire, haze, heal bell, substitute, toxic
Zapdos: agillity, baton pass, thunderbolt, hidden power ice, extrasensory, toxic, substitute, thunder wave
Moltres: agillity, fire blast, morning sun, will-o-wisp, hidden power grass, toxic, substitute

i made sets for all the gen 1 mons. i tested out a few of them against friends of mine but not all of them. please leave suggestions for what could be better about my sets
Add: Ice Beam, Hidden Power Grass, Earthquake, Explosion, Taunt, Toxic, Spikes
STAB with coverage for Waters + Rocks/Steels + Fires, Explosion is one of the most useful things you can do tbf, Taunt and Toxic to actually affect fat mons, and Spikes are excellent

Add: Ice Beam, Surf, Earthquake, Hidden Power Grass, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk, Encore, Roar, Yawn, Icy Wind
STAB plus coverage for Electrics/Steels and Waters respectively, good stalling moves bc you can do that, your best defensive moves, and Icy Wind to start outspeeding and attacking before things.

Add: Dragon Dance, Hidden Power Flying, Earthquake, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Dragon Claw, Wish, Protect, Roar
Standard DD with your good physical coverage, Fire Blast for pesky Steels hit harder by it than by EQ, Hydro Pump for physically bulky Grounds/Rocks, and Dragon STAB. Also WishTect and Roar because you actually have decent defensive typing and Intimidate.

Add: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Reflect, Light Screen, Wish, Protect
You have equal offensive stats but the movepool really points to Special here. Special sweeping moves with good coverage plus CM, paired with status and support moves to exploit your bulk/typing/speed.
a few more sets

Add: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Hidden Power Grass, Rock Slide, Explosion, Yawn, Rest, Sleep Talk
STABs plus coverage for Water/Rock/Ground for the first three. Rock gets many super effective hits and nails Fires, Explosion is very powerful and crushes special walls, Yawn forces switches or causes status, and Restalk uses your good bulk (even if bad defensive typing) and access to Yawn to keep a defensive presence.

Add: Psychic, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Fighting, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Explosion, Calm Mind, Baton Pass, Hypnosis
Your best offensive moves with the ever great Explosion, CM to kinda sweep but especially to BP support while maintaining offensive presence. No physical boosting moves but that EdgeQuake. For the strikeouts, forgot you had only 55 Atk. Hypnosis is also fun.

Add: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Explosion, Overheat, Light Screen
The offense options are sparser, inhibited by your weak Speed and SpA. What you can scrounge on the physical offense with Overheat to surprise physical walls, and Body Slam for good neutral coverage + helpful paralysis.

Add: everything deo-a has

Add: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Explosion, Hidden Power Bug, Substitute, Focus Punch, Thunder Wave, Counter, Curse, Rest, Sleep Talk
EdgeQuake with more attacks for variety/CB possibility (nice subpunching with that bulk/power/bad speed/bad defensive typing), Explosion, Twave for crippling things and bringing them to your Speed tier, Curse to make you even harder to break and more threatening, Counter to use your titanic Defense to deal damage in an interesting way.

Add: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Double-Edge, Body Slam, Hidden Power Bug, Yawn, Rest, Sleep Talk
Too bad that horrible 45 SpA makes even Hydro Pump weak. Part STAB EdgeQuake with good neutral coverage in Rock Head Double-Edge (or Body Slam for paralysis), HP Bug for Grasses and other SE hits, Yawn for shuffling/status, and Restalk to abuse your good bulk and usable typing to become a defensive force.

Add: Psychic, Mean Look, Charm, Curse, Substitute, Wish, Protect, Baton Pass, Taunt, Toxic, Moonlight
Yes, no STAB: your best STABs are HP Dark and Feint Attack anyways, and Psychic has at least a little extra use in hitting common Poison and Fighting answers. Of course, the real spotlight here is on the things you can Baton Pass and the support you give with Wish / Taunt / stall. Toxic makes you a little less wallbait / lets you try to kill trapped things, and Charm should probably be used with Mean Look to maximize its use.

Add: Psychic, Hidden Power Fire, Morning Sun, Calm Mind, Substitute, Wish, Protect, Baton Pass, Reflect, Light Screen
STAB with an option to hit Steels, Healing, great things to BP just like Umbreon (but you can use your offensive boosts), and dual screens since you are fast and a bit frail.
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a few more more

Add: Swords Dance, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Explosion, Fake Out, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Hidden Power Fire, Hidden Power Ice, Hidden Power Dark
Good mixed offense here with your good mixed offense stats. SD for power with your best physical options, Fake Out to chip/revenge, SunnyBeaming for Chlorophyll + having less horrid STAB, and a bevy of coverage-giving special Hidden Powers (Fire gets a boost in sun and Dark is STAB)

Add: Double-Edge, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Grass, Rain Dance, Stun Spore, Toxic, Substitute
You really don't have many options here. All your STAB is physical and if you want to hurt tickle Special tanks, Edge is stronger. The other attacks use your okay SpA to make Masquerain the Water-type it always wanted to be (Rain Dance removes fire weakness! while pseudo-Stabbing Hydro Pump). Stun Spore and Toxic cause bothersome status and let you "handle" offensive/defensive mons, while Substitute exploits the switches you might actually force with paralysis/Intimidate.

Add: Swords Dance, Hidden Power Ghost, Hidden Power Rock, Sky Uppercut, Mach Punch, Focus Punch, Substitute, Leech Seed, Spore, Stun Spore
Spore is amazing. It helps SD setup, with your best coverage (Rock screws the Flyings) and priority Mach Punch, as well as Sub setup for SubPunching/Seeding (or both!). Double status can cripple the post-Spore responder.

Add: Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Grass, Dragon Breath, Double-Edge, Return, Dragon Dance, Rain Dance, Rest, Sleep Talk
Standard Water coverage with Dragon Breath for paralysis (better without Rain Dance) and Restalk to use your solid bulk/defensive typing. Oh, and even without physical STAB, how can you turn Dragon Dance down? Hydro Pump nails many Normal resists. Return works better if you don't want to die quickly.

Add: Double-Edge, Return, Body Slam, Endure, Flail, Shadow Ball, Focus Punch, Brick Break, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Psychic, Seismic Toss, Encore, Hypnosis, Teeter Dance, Trick, Calm Mind, Baton Pass
My attempt to spin da trash into a decent mon. At least you have a good movepool. Your many useful offensive options (Icy Wind brings okay speed Pokemon below you) with disablers and CMpass. Endure should have Salac.

Earthquake, Rock Slide, Body Slam, Hidden Power Bug, Rapid Spin, Counter, Toxic, Roar, Rest, Sleep Talk
A deceptively broad set of options. Edgequake with paralysis spreading and a stop to Grasses, useful Spinning, Counter to exploit your physical bulk, Toxic for physical walls, and Restalk to keep you healthy (works well with things like Body Slam and Roar).

Add: Return, Body Slam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Counter, Curse, Milk Drink, Heal Bell, Toxic, Thunder Wave
Standard Normal coverage with the paralyzing Body Slam, Counter helps non Curse sets be less passive and takes advantage of that great bulk, recovery plus Heal Bell to cleric/remove Toxic, and status moves to cripple defensive/offensive foes.

Add: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice, Calm Mind, Hidden Power Grass, Crunch, Substitute, Roar, Rest, Sleep Talk
If you only had the first three moves as options, it wouldn't be a catastrophic loss. The others are usable. HP Grass works best with Sub to better handle the Grasses that would shrug off a hit.

Add: Solar Beam
Syncs with Sunny Day and hits much harder than Giga Drain

-Mr. Mime
Add: Encore, Baton Pass
Great support, the latter especially with CM
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- Kecleon
Add: Return, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Trick, Iron Tail, Thunder Wave

Normal / Ghost / Fighting is the standard physical core, Trick for Bands, Iron Tail is literally only for Solrock / Lunatone and Thunder Wave for filler.

- Octillery
Add: Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam, Rock Blast, Surf, Hidden Power Ground, Thunder Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Psychic

Octillery gets a lot of coverage. Thunder Wave is great on it for crippling faster Pokemon, and the rest of the moves is just to hit whatever comes out.


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Were almost done!! Thanks to Tiksi for helping me update the movepool list, ive been a bit busy lately. If your post was missed, feel free to repost the parts that are still relevant. The last few mons to be done have had their names bolded so its easier to see them. Beta is just around the corner!
Add: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice, Hidden Power Grass, Substitute, Agility, Baton Pass
Doesn't really have much going for it, which is a shame. It is pretty much forced to run sub pass, but agility pass is an option.
?? It has more options than that. Jolt has a lot going for it.

Add: Toxic, Thunder Wave, Wish
With Jolteon's speed it makes a great status platform capable of crippling a lot of pokemon slower than it in tight spots if necessary. It also makes a great wish passer, luring in special walls so your physical attackers can heal back up. Roar I guess could also be added although not sure how great that would be in a random battle format since its main utility is abusing spikes.
When I first saw this in my notes I thought it was old sets, but all the mons here are still bolded, so I'll post it!

Add: Double-Edge, Return, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Quick Attack, Focus Punch, Swords Dance, Taunt, Fire Blast
Standard Normal coverage with Quick Attack especially useful after SD/Band, Focus Punch that probably fits best on Band alongside QA, and Fire Blast to roast Steels off a usable 60 SpA. SD makes you super powerful, useful with good speed and priority. Taunt prevents defensive crippling and may boost setup opportunity.

Add: Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Electric, Mirror Coat, Toxic, Hypnosis, Recover, Rest, Sleep Talk
Normal Water coverage with status that your bulk lets you use well, Mirror Coat to surprise Grasses/Electrics/etc off that SpD, Recover for convenient healing, and Restalk to remove status / trigger Marvel Scale.

Add: Return, Double-Edge, Body Slam, Brick Break, Focus Punch, Substitute, Shadow Ball, Fire Blast, Counter, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Trick
A beautiful movepool and usable stats (ha ha Spinda). Standard Normal coverage with Fire Blast for Steel-nailing, Counter for those that would exploit your worse Defense, and neat support.

Add: Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Grass, Calm Mind, Toxic, Roar, Substitute, Rest, Sleep Talk
Standard Water coverage with CM boosting to try and sweep, Toxic to break down bulky mons, Roar to take out other setup wincons / shuffle, Sub to block status while sweeping easier, and Restalk to put that bulk to work.

Add: Calm Mind, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Hidden Power Grass, Hidden Power Ice, Double-Edge, Return, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Substitute
Be the Suicune you always had to be... at least you can Sunnybeam / some other things, even if you have a worse defensive typing and worse distributed stats. HP Ice gives Sunnybeam another special attack, which can be nice.

Add: Earthquake, Double-Edge, Hydro Pump, Crunch, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Electric, Agility
Water coverage, STAB, good physical moves off that 120 Attack, and Agility to make your decent Speed amazing.

Add: Cross Chop, Revenge, Rock Slide, Hidden Power Ghost, Substitute, Focus Punch, Fake Out, Counter, Bulk Up, Knock Off, Whirlwind, Rest, Sleep Talk
STAB with coverage for Flying/Ghost, Subpunching is great with power/bulk/slowness, and the other moves exploit your bulk/make killing things easier.

Add: Surf, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Grass, Toxic, Haze, Rain Dance, Rest, Sleep Talk
Standard Water coverage with defensive moves to prevent setup/whittle down opponents while abusing that great special bulk, and Rain Dance for STAB enhancement/Swift Swim/possible support.

Add: Surf, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk
STAB/BoltBeam, status to spread, and Restalk for this excellently typed defensive Pokemon.

Add: Hidden Power Grass, Razor Leaf, Hidden Power Fire, Body Slam, Return, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Counter, Synthesis, Leech Seed, Toxic, Reflect, Light Screen
HP Grass for STAB, but Razor Leaf as alternate STAB if using HP Fire, which hits Steels/other Grasses. The physical moves support SD, and Body Slam paralysis always helps your low Speed. Counter works well with your good bulk and reliable healing, dual screens are great support, and the others heal you / wear down threats / both.


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- Steelix
Add: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Hidden Power Rock, Hidden Power Steel, Iron Tail, Roar, Toxic, Rest, Explosion, Double-Edge
Earthquake is main STAB, Rock provides best coverage and Steel is also STAB. Roar and Toxic give it utility, Rest for longevity or Explosion to go out with a bang. Double-Edge is just a strong option with no recoil (assuming Rock Head).

- Sudowoodo
Add: Hidden Power Rock, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Explosion, Double-Edge, Brick Break, Focus Punch, Rest, Sleep Talk
Rock attacks are main STAB, EQ for coverage. Also has Rock Head for Double-Edge, as well as Brick Break / Focus Punch for general coverage. Explosion for a high BP option, RestTalk for status absorbing and sticking around.

- Qwilfish
Add: Spikes, Surf, Hydro Pump, Sludge Bomb, Self-Destruct, Destiny Bond, Sword Dance, Thunder Wave, Shadow Ball, Return
Spikes is a phenomenal move. Water attacks and Sludge Bomb are main STAB, while Shadow Ball and Return are coverage options. Self-Destruct (no Explosion) or Destiny Bond to bring something down with you. Swords Dance is an offensive option, while Thunder Wave gives it more utility.

- Swalot
Add: Sludge Bomb, Explosion, Fire Punch, Hidden Power Grass, Giga Drain, Thunder Punch, Ice Beam, Counter, Yawn
Sludge Bomb is main STAB, while the other attacks are coverage options. Bulky enough to use Counter, and can also Yawn to force switches. Explosion for a high BP finale.
Add: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Body Slam, Explosion, Psychic, Ice Punch, Agility, Rest, Sleep Talk
STAB with the great coverage of EdgeQuake, Body Slam to spread paralysis while hitting hard, Ice Punch to nail Grounds, and Restalk to abuse that great bulk. Agility turns your speed from "whatever" to "WOW!".

Add: Seismic Toss, Shadow Ball, Knock Off, Toxic, Recover, Fake Out
Stoss for reliable damage and STAB Shadow Ball for immune Ghosts, a pair of support moves + recover to use your good defensive typing and Stoss access, Fake Out is pretty weak but could kill an Endurer or worsen Toxic damage or whatever

Add: Hidden Power Flying, Leech Seed, Encore, Sleep Powder, Synthesis, Toxic, Substitute
An existent damaging attack that messes up Grasses, plus the great support moves that use your 110 Speed to its fullest. Toxic adds to Leech Seed damage, and SubSeeding is great.

Add: Psychic, Night Shade, Calm Mind, Wish, Protect, Baton Pass, Reflect, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, Toxic
STAB with Night Shade for steady damage, great things to Baton Pass, and screens/status to support


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Also Jellicent i'm not sure how effective spikes will be since this is randoms (it usually dosen't have much of impact), though who knows here. Ik spikes are a big thing in gen3, maybe they will have a big effect in gen3 randbats.
Success! All the mons now have a set!

Add: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Hidden Power Ice, Hidden Power Grass, Substitute
Choice of STAB with EQ for other Fires/Rocks, Thunder Punch for Waters, HP Ice for Dragons, HP Grass for certain Waters/Grounds/Rocks, and Sub to ease prediction for your next choice while bringing you closer to Blaze range.

Add: Earthquake, Surf, Ice Beam, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk, Curse, Counter
STAB with Ice Beam for Grasses/Flyings, Toxic to use your bulk to wear down opponents, Restalk is great with that typing, Curse makes you a wincon of sorts but special attacks are still a problem, Counter is awesome with no physical weaknesses and good staying power

Add: Surf, Psychic, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave, Counter, Rest, Sleep Talk
Your best special moves to damage and CM sweep, Twave to make you actually outspeed things, Counter bc nobody wants to deal with that 110 SpD unless they have Special moves, and Restalk to keep you around to sweep/status/annoy.

Add: Psychic, Hidden Power Fire, Heal Bell, Taunt, Toxic, Reflect, Light Screen, Hypnosis
The stats don't give you much to work with here but the support movepool is nice. STAB with a way to actually hurt Steels (Toxic ain't doing that), Heal Bell and screens for support, Taunt and Toxic to screw opposing bulky mons. Hypnosis is very amusing to screw switchins.

Add: Double-Edge, Body Slam, Surf, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Crunch, Hidden Power Grass, Hidden Power Ground, Rain Dance
Double-Edge hurts off that attack, Body Slam is solidly strong and paralyzes (helping your terrible speed), standard Water coverage, Crunch is pretty powerful and hits a common type in Psychic, and HP Ground crushes Electrics off that great Attack. Rain Dance triggers Swift Swim and powers up Water STAB while possibly supporting the team.
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All fully evolved pokemon now have a set! A HUGE thanks to everyone that helped so far!

The next step is for me to get the a beta going with this set information, please note that it might not work well at first (bad sets, ect. could be the fault of the team generator scripts or the movepools), but the issues will get worked out (hence why its a beta). I'll be hosting the beta on my side server (spacialgaze), and i'll post here once its ready.

Feel free to suggest further changes to the movepools before & after the beta is created.

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