Tournament Rands Slam I - Playoffs [Won by Elgino]

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Two administrative decisions

1. Petros gets the activity win over Prosaic, since the latter failed to show up at the scheduled time. Hosts will asses and debate if further sanctions should be taken, as expressed on the OP and previously when asking for confirmation of play.

2. teresbahji you have been asked, warned and instructed enough times during the Opens how to post your replays, to do it when reporting your win and to avoid multiposting. You are also acquainted with most of the room staff, so, please, if you have device issues for copy pasting them into your post, just ask someone to post them for you, they will. Take care of it at the same moment that you want to report your win and know that if you post without showing intention of adding the replays, or triple post again, you risk getting coinflipped or sanctioned.

Next round will be posted tomorrow morning!


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I got 13/16 correct last round. From now on though, it's going to be harder as RNG will determine a lot of results.

MichaelDerBeste vs Teres bahji: 3-2
These 2 were well known before last RBTT as ladder heroes. Now they face each other in an official tour for the first time I believe. Michael is my pick for the whole tour so I gotta go with him. This will be quite fun though.

Pokeblade101 vs MultiAmmiratore: 2-3
I'm calling the upset here. If blade finishes his smogoff match then I might change my mind but it will only end in at least 2 weeks. Blade should be favored in gen 8 Rand and Doubles but I think Chiori can get the matchup and play better in other formats.

Losconosciuto vs FatFighter: 3-1
The person with Zacian waifu will lose. That's all I'm going to say. Btw finish your smogoff games (cue he won't even play pic here)

soTsoT vs frostyicelad: 2-3
I definitely didn't expect there was quite a disparity in CDE's level between formats, but you gotta give props for sagar for his prowess. I actually haven't seen soTsoT play gen 8 random formats much, perhaps sagar could pull it off again cause imo soTsoT is quite similar in strengths and weaknesses to CDE.

Petros vs benJAMIN: 3-2
Gen 8 and modern format should be in 1v1er's favor still. He sent quite a message last week, winning 3-0 without even his forte. However, his level is still not as high in other formats compared to Jacked who is more well rounded. Modern formats are also susceptible to more matchup RNG so Petros should have the edge here.

Snorlax142857 vs Expulso: 1-3
Snorlax is well versed in Doubles, however his games last week are just so weird, riddled with haxes and matchup RNG. Expulso's games impress me much more, showing his ability to make long term plans and adaptation, even if he misplayed due to not knowing how gen 3 sleep works (Which tbh a lot of players don't). Unless Snorlax steps up his game or get good RNG, I don't see Expulso lose in any format besides Doubles.

sunsets vs queso: 0-3
sunsets really stole the last series in daylight. Their greedy plays went unpunished, however this may not be the case this week.

Gray vs Elgino: 2-3
Elgino really pulled quite an upset last week. Meanwhile gray didn't need to do anything special. This should be quite even, however Elgino does tend to overthink a bit, this match can go either way and depends on whether his overthinking comes back to bite him or not.


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I got 11/16 correct last round, coulda been higher if PROSAIC WOULD JUST PLAY HIS GAMES AHHHH but here we are for r2 (Disclaimer: I didn't watch any games last week so idek how people played whoops)

Michaelderbeste2 vs teresbahji - Michael is better he simply needs to contend with RNGesus

pokeblade101 vs MultiAmmiratore - tough to call, blade is the better player imo but also more likely to choke and not as versatile in formats, still think he can outplay tho

LoSconosciuto vs FatFighter2 - LoSco is simply too good and too many formats

soTsoT vs frostyicelad - everytime I think frosty loses he doesn't so maybe I am actually doing him a favor here

Petros vs benJAMIN - Petros constantly has the toughest series to call, I'm leaning benjamin just cause ik Petros has had some frustration with mons lately

snorlax142857 vs Expulso - both very good, I give snorlax the edge in versatility but think I still favor Expulso here

sunsets vs queso - I'm ngl I still don't know who sunsets is, not cause he's bad just cause I'm oblivious af, he seems to be doing well tho so I'll bold him

Gray vs Elgino - Elgino got the upset of the tour last week but Gray is very solid
Oh no I'm super late for the predictions and now several matches have been played .-.
I was 12/15 (13/16 because I would have called Gray anyway, but eh, was late as well) last week.

MichaelderBeste2 vs teresbahji : xx - xx (or 3-1)
Michael is very likely getting a free win and I'm not going to elaborate on it. If they were finally to play, though, I'd still give Michael as the winner; he's on his way to win this whole tour anyway and has shown superior skills throughout the whole year in almost any formats.

pokeblade101 vs MultiAmmiratore: 3-2
A very interesting match up, for sure. Blade will very likely take the games in gen8 and modern trio, where they're among the best and most well trained players in contention. Doubles will be interesting; Chiori has won a previous dubs tour and blade, while not maining the format, still reached finals of the rands slam. Chiori can probably upset blade in the classical formats, especially if it goes for gen1 or 2, and it's very difficult to say who could win the multi formats slot. I picked the superior player in terms of skill; but both are great and I could very well see Chiori defeat blade here.

LoSconosciuto vs FatFighter2: 3-1
No way Losco loses that early in the Slam; Rands are his playground, and while Fatfighter is definitely strong, Losco is just the better player in almost every rands format.

soTsoT vs frostyicelad: 3-2
tough one to decide: sagar surprised me on previous round, but soTsoT is very consistent as well. I'm picking soTsoT but I really have no idea who will win this in the end.

Petros vs benJAMIN
Already happened, I'm late :c

snorlax142857 vs Expulso
Here I am late as well..

sunsets vs queso: 3-1
I don't know enough of them to really pick properly; but what I saw of queso impressed me way more, so I'm picking them over their opponents.

Gray vs Elgino
bs already happened
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