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Thanks Mostwanted!
Yeah, definitely have to improve the format, as for the activity, yes, as of now I'm not very active, because my pc died yet again.
Will try to keep it up, though, thanks again


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HELLO my RMT friends!! I'd really like to get into rating once school ends for me in about a week (particularly in the Other Teams section where it seems we have a lack of really consistent raters), so just before I start I'd really like some advice to see if I can sorta cut my rates down in length since they tend to be really long and wordy. If there's an issue with quality too I'd like to hear it :)

This was apparently the only recent rate I've made so it's my only example, haha. Hopefully it will suffice though! Thanks in advance x)
Hey, I've just gotten into rating over the past couple weeks and I'd like some feedback on my rates. Albeit, they maybe Dream World only rates, but I like to feel I could share some of my experience of Dream World with other users.



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I only know OU, so I looked at your (Mavs) OU rate of "1st OU Team". You need to familiarize yourself with the metagame you're rating before you rate.

Ferrothorn needs SR on that team (heck a team ALWAYS neds SR), and maybe even could use Sr and Spikes to use the quasi switch-core he has more effectively. Additionally, Offensive Nite always always always runs Outrage and Lum, especially if you have a durable spinner like blastoise. This way, it becomes the solid late game cleaner instead of the mediocre and general "offensive dude that can kind of sweep". Protect thing on Ferro was good though, but try to offer definitive solutions like x > y rather than x > y, maybe z moveslot. Just keep on working with metagame familiarity. It sounds harsh, but it's true, all good TRs know their crap (as I'm sure you do in VGC, which I'd never understand enough to rate in).

@ Zebraiken : You rule man. you can start nitpicking on EVs and you have an amazing format. You've come a long way since when you submitted a rating basics rate. I'm proud of u

@ Furai and Jimbon, Idk your metagames, so I can't judge.
MavsObbession, I appreciate your enthusiasm towards rating although getting the TR badge would require more proficiency in the Dream World and OverUsed metagames which you're currently severely lacking. I am not convinced if you actually read and implemented Pocket's advice on how-to improve your rates, please do so if you haven't already. I would not try to be too harsh on pointing out your weaknesses so please bear with me!

To be honest your rating format is one of the only good things which needs the least amount of work. Please try to use limited amount of colors in a rate and only bold the changes instead of the threats; I'd recommend using the maximum of two different colors per rate.

Your consistency while rating is pretty good. You visit the forums daily and attempt to help users who seem to be struggling with their teams which is a good sign and we appreciate that kind of attitude.

I have also noticed you suggesting many unnecessary changes which are mostly not relevant to the topic. You need to enhance your knowledge in a tier before actually rating teams which seems to be the biggest issue. Finding a threat in a given team isn't a challenge for you but providing with an appropriate solution seems to be the down side. Thus, I'd highly encourage you to check the Battling 101 program, it'll provide you with the basic introduction to any tier you plan on learning. The tutor will guide and essentially expand your skill which will make your rates even more developed and interesting to reflect to. I don't know anything about VGC so I can't really judge you there but after reading other users remarks on your rates, it seems you again need to think more thoroughly before presenting your creative ideas.

Lastly, the Rating 102 heads like me and Delko daily browse through RMTs searching for potential TRs and tracking others progress. So there is no need for you to daily post and ask your rates to be evaluated. I'd suggest posting once in 1-2 weeks as it'll show the amount of progress you've made overtime.

Furai, you definitely have an excellent understanding of the Uber environment and your rates are well-thought and executed perfectly. You covered many big threats with minimum amount of changes which you should continue to do in order to become an effective Team Rater. Your format and descriptions meet our requirements so please try to be consistent and you'll be rewarded soon.

Zebraiken, I am not too familiarized with the NU tier but I will try my best to help you out. First of all, I love the format, it is very appealing and presents your ideas nicely especially for the first ever rate. I can see your concern while rating, but please try not to replace more than two pokemons in a team, however you may change as many sets you want in order for them to function better. This is the hardest part of rating but once you had master it, rest becomes pretty straight forward. We are always looking for quality raters in other tiers so it's good to see you doing work. Again please be consistent and maybe you'll be recognized as an official Team Rater soon!

Jimbon, quality stuff pal. Like Furai you had covered the main threats with minimum changes in all those three well constructed rates. Your format and descriptions are very appealing and throughout. Again please be consistent as we're always looking for potential raters in tiers other than OU. Good Luck rating!
Is this good? The team I was rating can be found here-
The RMT was based on the book series "The hunger games", hence all of my refrences to the books :P

No Peeta? :(

The Ferrothorn + Forretress Combo seems really rather redundant to me, and the two of them together do nothing but slow the team down substantially. Swift Swim Ludicolo checks Kyogre and Groudon more reliably than Ferro ever could, it also benefits from the rain to a greater extent and keeps the offensive momentum ever in your favor. You could also use the Subseed set, it really comes down to personal preference.

@Life Orb
Trait: Swift Swim
Modest 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
~ Hydro Pump
~ Grass Knot
~ Ice Beam
~ Focus Blast

Now that you have a more reliable check to Kyogre, Chansey isn't really pulling its weight. In fact, the only thing I see it doing for this team is wish passing, which is hardly enough to warrant a team spot. Wish Support Jirachi does the exact same thing, while contributing more to the team in the form of resistances as well as annoying the opponet to death :P

Careful 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 SpD
~ Wish
~ Iron Head
~ Protect / U-turn
~ Body Slam / Thunder Wave / Toxic

Of course, the decision to follow my advice ultimately lays in your hands, but dont let me push you into changing your team. If you feel that my arguments are not justifiable, then feel free to disregard my advice (Although I do implore you to at least try my suggestions, as I firmly believe that they will benefit your team) Other than that, solid team and RMT!
Its not to short, is it?
BTzz, your rates had always been good and we enjoy reading them. They are exactly to the point, well lay-out and provide constructive advice. You also had been very consistent throughout the past month which definitely makes you a solid contender for the TR badge.

CottonPuff, it was a nice effort, I fully support the Jirachi suggestion however I'm still reductant about replacing Ferrothorn for Ludicolo. Specially Defensive Jirachi practically covers everything Chansey has to offer under rain but Ludicolo dies relatively fast due to the life-orb recoil and while tanking moves such as Ice Beam and Water Spout from Choice Specs Kyogre. As of your question, it wasn't too short but is something that may needed to be expanded on to achieve higher level of performance.

Furai, that was a wonderful rate both suggestion and length-wise. Your quality always seem to be drastically increasing in your every rate which is a positive thing. I would recommend combining your paragraphs into one to three important ones, it'll go from presenting your main ideas to the minor ones, again this is my personal preference and isn't necessary. I don't really mind you sticking with your current format as it is open, and expresses your views nicely.

Jimbon, your rates are consist of good-quality. You again continue to provide advice with minimum replacements and then back them up solid suggestions. I really like you delivering in-dept rates, they essentially benefit the user while understanding the actual concept. Keep up the great work, we definitely need some DW raters.

MavsObbession, glad to see you taking our advice and making huge improvements. Again I'm not familiarized with the VGC environment however you did identified Trick Room teams as a possible threat on pokemaster649's team and did a fine job fixing it. You also went back and supported your reasonings and expanded on other users rates, so kudos for that. Over the time being your rating skills will essentially sharpen, thus making you an effective rater.

It also isn't necessary to comment on every Pokemon, if a Pokemon is fine as it is then just move on. It helps to be concise. Again, guys please try to be as consistent as possible and don't do anything more than what needs to be done. Good Luck rating!


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Furai, your rates are really good as mostwanted said, but there's one thing that bothered me. For several suggestions, I asked myself "why?". For example, in the latest rate you linked:

Now using too Choice users in Palkia and Kyogre seems redundant to me, especially because Kyogre can fulfill Palkia's role very well, while Palkia can trade the Choice Scarf to a Lustrous Orb set.

Palkia @ Lustrous Orb
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Spacial Rend
- Thunder
- Fire Blast
- Surf / Hydro Pump

Palkia is now a very dominant sweeper. By using Lustrous Orb Palkia bluffs a Choice Scarf set, allowing it to lure in and eliminate Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Ferrothorn, and Skarmory. The coverage this set has makes it almost impossible to defeat, as the opponent will have to rely on prediction. With Spikes and Stealth Rock support this set becomes a true monster, as it also forces a ton of switches. The choice between Surf and Hydro Pump is up to you; Accuracy vs Power.

Kyogre @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Drizzle
EVs: 52 HP / 252 SAtk / 204 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Water Spout
- Surf / Hydro Pump
- Thunder
- Ice Beam

The EVs allow Kyogre to outspeed max Speed Modest Deoxys-A, and all Shaymin, Darkrai, and Mewtwo that do not hold Choice Scarf. Again, with Spikes and Stealth Rock support, Kyogre can be free to spam Water Spout, as none will enjoy taking that. Once again, the choice between Surf and Hydro Pump is up to you.
I don't really see why a Choice Scarf and a Choice Specs user are redundant. Specs Kyogre and Scarf Palkia both do something completely different: Kyogre is incredibly powerful and rips holes in teams while Palkia is a catch-all revenge killer. Also for the note, doing what you just mentioned here kinda opens the team up to a couple of threats; such as Dragon Dance Rayquaza with Overheat or Fire Blast, Naive Deoxys-A, and Flame Charge Reshiram.
Changes like this aren't really necessary, and the same goes for Dialga > Mewtwo, as well as Palkia > Grass Arceus in an earlier rate you linked:

Grass Arceus does not work well in sun. The sun just makes its weakness to Fire worse by boosting these moves. However by removing it you become much weaker to Kyogre, so I recommend Lustrous Orb Palkia instead.

Palkia @ Lustrous Orb
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Spacial Rend
- Thunder
- Fire Blast
- Surf / Hydro Pump

The choice between Surf and Hydro Pump is up to you, but be careful, as both will not do much in sun. In rain however, they hit extremely hard, thanks to the additional boost from rain added to the Lustrous Orb and STAB boosts. Earth Power is also an option there to hit Heatran which can be very annoying.
Grass Arceus does not work well in sun because of an increased Fire weakness? That isn't really the case. And after replacing Grass Arceus because it doesn't function well in sun, you suggest a Pokemon which has two moves that are both pretty useless in sun.

I think changes like these should be after the other changes, and mentioned as 'preference changes. For example, you start out the rate with what you said about Support Groudon > CB Groudon and Toxic on Forretress, and then you say something like "This is more of a preference change, but I think Palkia is a better option than Grass Arceus because..."

In any case your rates are really good considering you just started rating, I hope you keep rating :)


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My first OU rate on the forums, I would love feedback as well!

Nice rate :). You did a good job of identifying threats and your suggestion of Gliscor effectively deals with them without messing with the team's synergy too much. The rate is also very concise and the layout is neat. My only critique is that you should have clarified why replacing Dugtrio is the best option. Something like "you don't need Dugtrio bc you aren't weak to anything it traps and the team is capable of dealing with setup sweepers thanks to Scarf Mence and Rotom" is good enough

Oh and since you know VGC, I recommend rating VGC teams as well since we need more consistent TRs for VGC!


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on raining jellies and dogs, you tried to change the main mon he was trying to build around. pokemon is about having fun, and a team rater is supposed to facilitate that not by making the team generic, but making it work around whatever the team builder desires. try to respect the main idea of the team, unless there is some glaring issue, which i don't think there is with raikou.

good format and logical explanations.


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Hi everyone.

I did a rate for the 'Practice Team 11' and there was no response, or any rate on that particular thread.

Here's the rate, if I'm allowed...

Hi, one problem that I noticed is that there can be too much pressure put on Ferrothorn throughout a match. Ferrothorn is relied upon to take Dragon-, Water-, and Electric- attacks. This is compounded by the fact that half the team is weak to Electric attacks, and Scizor is your other Steel type that can be easily baited into using Bullet Punch to be Magnezone fodder.

I suggest changing Spikes to Leech Seed or Protect, however I suggest Leech Seed. This team, I find, if is not bulky enough to utilize Spikes to its full capacity. Also a lack of a Ghost-type means that 4 turns of setup can be wasted if the opposing team has a spinner. This change will allow Ferrothorn to heal some damage throughout a battle, and also heal it's teammates. In addition, if your opponent switches in Magnezone into Ferrothorn then it will be set-up fodder. I suggest changing the item from Leftovers to Shed Shell. This change in item makes Ferrothorn less bulky, however if it uses Leech Seed this problem is somewhat mitigated.

Another problem that I see is that the whole team has a weakness to Strong fighters (Terrakion, Lucario) after Gyarados dies, which with a prevalence of Stealth Rock and sometimes the lack of Starmie spinning can easily cut down Gyarados' health. To somewhat remedy this I suggest choice Scarf over choice specs. This change allows you to revenge SD Terrakion, Neutral DD Dragonite and sometimes Gyarados', Virizion, and the like. Also, the surprise aspect is helpful as long as you hide the fact that Politoed is Scarfed.

Another problem I see is that there is no safe Electric switch in. To help with this I recommend switching Gyarados to Landorus. Now it can be Choice Scarf Landorus if you don't want Poli' to be Scarfed.


The last rate is a bit weak, because I haven't test that change.


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Hey Yonko, I'll make an apology on mostwanted's part for not getting to you sooner. Believe me, he is DEEPLY regretful that he has not responded - so here it goes, I'll respond.

Your rate deals with many of the superficial problems of the team, like the electric weakness and ferrothorn's critical use as a pivot. I commend you for that, but there are a lot of things (as there still are for any team rater, new or experienced) to be improved. Using Shed Shell on Ferrothorn is innovative to deal with drag mag teams, but in this case, they is plenty of support from Scizor and Politoed (you should make it more clear in your rate that you want to scarf politoed), to deal with the dragons.

Changing to Landorus means that the team's main sweeper (gyarados) is gone, which is not something a good tr does, because the purpose of team rating (quote from Legacy Raider) is to facilitate the success of a team around what the builder wants. Always try to look for solutions that will fix things the least invasively. Sometimes changing EVs can do just that, and there are plently of EV problems in the team. Using Donphan > Starmie is not a bad idea, but this is much as I'll say.

Move beyond the superficiality and you'll improve greatly. Don't be afraid of making changes, and be confident about your rate, even if you think its wrong.

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