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The goal behind this thread is that things like this do not happen again. The point is that you can link this in the OP of a RBY tournament thread so that people that have been away for a while or don't frequent RoA can notice the new changes in RBY mechanics.

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Sorry to bother you, but could someone explain the counter mechanics in conjunction with sleep to me?

Example: Tauros uses Bodyslam on a Jynx, Jynx takes damage and uses Lovely Kiss on itself. Tauros fell asleep.

In this scenario should Jynx be able to counter the damage dealt by Bodyslam (since it was the last move that did damage used by the opponent and the move is normal type), or shouldn't it?
I recall something like that being a strategy for Hypno or someething where Hypno uses Hypnosis in conjunction with Counter.

Currently on the simulator, in the given example Counter fails. Could someone tell me if that's correct and why? And if it's correct explain the Hypno strats to me or tell me that I am wrong about there being some Hypno strats involving Hypnosis/Counter?

Sorry for the complicated writing...


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Previously, we believed that you could use Counter as long as the opponent didn't use a non-damage dealing/uncounterable attack between the Counter-triggering attack and the use of Counter. However, Crystal_ discovered that there was a set of moves that, if used by either player, resets the damage address and thus makes Counter fail. Sleep inducing moves belong in this category.

tl;dr you cannot use Lovely Kiss and then Counter

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