Renaming of the Tier Borderlines

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We have decided to rename the Tier Borderline (BLs) for more clarity. Each BL is now prefixed with the usage tier the Pokemon are in. For example, BL is now called UUBL, reflecting that the Pokemon contained within it are UU by usage but banned from the corresponding format (and thus, only playable in OU, Ubers, and AG). Likewise, BL2 -> RUBL, BL3 -> NUBL, and BL4 -> PUBL.

These changes are live in on PS! and the Smogon Dex.
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Personally I find these new names somewhat confusing... When I see UUBL it seems to me that they should be usable in UU (at first glance, obviously makes sense after just the smallest amount of thought). I feel OUBL fits about as well (as BL is UU's banlist and pokemon that aren't OU by usage but still "OU") and is less confusing to newer players. Although both feel like suboptimal solutions and I've personally never had an issue with simply numbering them.
Will there be an OUBL of pokemon that are banned from OU, but get less than 3.4% usage in Ubers? (such as lando-I, reshiram, deo-d, multiple arceus formes, etc.) Or will they still be classified as ubers
There are no plans for this, OU is defined as the first usage-based tier. If we were to go this route we would unban stuff from Ubers instead, which would cause some stuff from OU to get pushed out and become UU, etc
Umm excuse me but what about renaming existed tiers ı mean what if in next gen there will be a tier under ZU? (ı am just asking wouldn t it confuse newer players when we have 7 or more tiers?)
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