Multi-gen Retro Cup of Pokémon 2020: Semifinals

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Signups | Qualifying | Round 1 | Tiebreaker | Round 2 | Semifinals | Finals


Retro Cup of Pokémon features all tiers absent from the World Cup of Pokémon. That means this year, it will be an RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU and SM OU tournament. Each national team is allowed 7 players, plus 3 substitutes (and no less). This tournament will feature 16 teams in the first round, with team formation priority given to WCoP 2020 teams (and based on round 1/qualifying ranks), followed by new teams that aren't supernations/rest-of-the-world. The latter rest-of-the-world will only be allowed if there are less than 16 teams. Qualify rounds will be created if there are more than 16 entrants, in a similar way to WCoP. For the first round, players will be randomly assigned into 4 groups of 4 for each generation (×7), with the top 8 teams with the most wins collected proceeding. The seeding tiebreak will be the highest ranking points (6 points for sole 1st, 4 points for sole 2nd and 2 points for sole 3rd, shared between spots if necessary) within the group, just like WCoP and then randomization as the secondary tiebreak. The qualifying rounds and round 2 matches will be full 7 vs 7 man matchups. RBY OU will be first-to-2-win! (best of 3 excluding ties), while the rest will be first-to-1-win!
In the event of a playoffs tiebreaker, captains of both teams will rank their preferred tiers from #1-#3. Points will be assigned to the ranks in the following way: #1 — 1000, #2 — 100, #3 — 10. The point values are arbitrary but represent the relationship of 1st choice > 2nd choice › 3rd choice when summed. The 3 tiers with the highest number of points will be selected for the tiebreaker set and managers will then choose any 3 unique players from each of their rosters to play in the determined tier spots. If there's a tie, the 3rd tier will be decided at random between the two.
Semifinals Matchups!

[8] France ‹5-0› Germany [5]
Captains: SFG, Emeral vs FriendOfMrGolem120, CMx
RBY OU: Peasounay ‹2-0› Serpi [Replays: 1, 2]
GSC OU: BlazingDark vs vani [Replays: 1]
ADV OU: Teclis vs Melle2402 [Replays: 1]
DPP OU: Emeral vs snøfall [Replays: 1]
BW OU: Meridian «D-D» Persephone
ORAS OU: Skyrio vs Sapientia [Replays: 1]
SM OU: Corazan «D-D» Glurakaiser

Subs: Cicada, BIHI, Alkione | nigel, Fantos13, FriendOfMrGolem120


[2] Latin America ‹3-4› US Northeast [3]
Captains: RahelGamer03, LLiama vs BKC, mc56556
Kiichikos ‹1-2› SaDiSTiCNarwhal [Replays: 1, 2, 3]
GSC OU: Raichy «0-*A» mc56556
ADV OU: Sadlysius vs Kevin Garrett [Replays: 1]
DPP OU: ((Haru)) LLiama vs Energy ((august)) [Replays: 1]
BW OU: Nalorium vs Finchinator [Replays: 1]
ORAS OU: Gondra vs Star [Replays: 1]
SM OU: Forsendi vs Sabella [Replays: 1]
Subs: CyberOdin✝, LLiama, Gtcha | Scimjara, Energy, robjr

Play first-to-1 win in every tier except RBY (first-to-2-wins), and post your wins/losses and replays.

Deadline: Monday August 24th 12:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM CEST
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Good luck to all teams! :psywoke:

:jirachi: DPP predictions :jirachi:

Emeral vs snøfall

Emeral is the more proven player, I'm a big believer in his abilities as a player/builder. I don't know too much about snofall but I've seen him in many DPP Tournaments and he has done good so far, I think he's quite good. this should be a good battle but I will be sad if we do not see an Abomasnow...

Haru vs august

It's hard to ever predict against august in DPP he's one of the best to play it and he has great support in BKC, I'm very excited to see what he brings! Haru is great too and will keep august on his toes but this is going to be a tough one. Good luck to both of you guys.

Thanks for reading enjoy your day!
also, go SaDiSTiCNarwhal !:mad:
Unfortunately, I am having to request an act win over my opponent, Raichy. It is now an hour past our scheduled match time, which can be seen publicly on Raichy's Smogon profile, and I still have not been able to play the match. I requested over the RoA Team Tour server that Team LA summon Raichy to PS for our match 15 minutes after the scheduled time, and Nailorium was unable to reach Raichy. I then requested a sub after no response half an hour past the scheduled match time. And no response in regards to a sub 15 minutes after I made the request. Never the way I'd like to win, but I cannot play over the next few days.


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Host Decision: Double Substitution [CANCELLED]

[LA] ((Raichy)) vs [NE] ((mc56556))

Raichy missed the scheduled time and no substitutes were made in the immediate time period following BKC and mc56556 prompting Latin America. Raichy also couldn't make the first two days; however since mc56556 can't reschedule for Friday, Saturday, Sunday or the early part of Monday, the typical time most matches are scheduled for, we made a decision to enforce a double substitution. We accept mc56556 did notify for lack of availability on Saturday and Sunday, but Kris and I aren't feeling this is enough to judge mc56556 as the winner.

LA Captains (NE already mentioned): RahelGamer03, LLiama
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Raichy, RahelGamer03, LLiama, mc56556, BKC

We are cancelling the double substitution now because this similar decision got an adjudged win with a weaker case, and the initial decision we weren’t too sure about anyway:

Sorry to LA and Raichy, it looks like it’ll now be an adjudged win to mc56556 if the circumstances remain the same.
Well, it is sad how it went but nobodys fault just mine. I said I had some problems and asked to play in a rescheduled time where he said he was free whole time (friday morning) and now it can't be. Seems like I will have to start being not that good about rescheduling when someone misses time against me and will go just for the act win and that is all.

Go LA and sry, u can do it regardless.
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