RitterCat's iPhone art

Yay Ritter that Wingull is so great!!!!!! Beautiful! And extra cute! Thanks!

Sorry I have not been around, I've been busy with visitors and going out of town and stuff, I promise I won't forget your purugly :)
the smoog is out go read it people!
this is where all my arting time has been spent recently

Top 10 Least Threatening Mons IRL

OU Metagame Analysis

Introduction to Balanced Hackmons

Type Analysis - Grass

DPP OU Underrated Movesets

RU Ready for BW2
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Thanks with many <33333333 Ritter! This issue wouldn't be complete without you (and my constant pestering xD)

The first one was really out of your comfort zone and you really did great! I <3333 the Kingdra loads! Probably your best piece ever! So detailed, clean lines, great shading and nice touch. What's there to say besides making me and Togekiss pale in comparison? :< job well done Ritter! :)
One of your first pieces:

One of your latest pieces:

There's such an improvement between pieces Ritter! You've really gotten better over the time that's past! Keep up the good work and keep on improving!
Haha sandz I spent forever poring over the avatar so I could get the random jumble of lines and pipes on the astronaut's chest correct @.@
Much love to all the well wishers <3
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I feel alone ;-;
Avatars I did for the competitor's interview with lavos spawn. Read it now!

Full size of the first one since I spent way too much detail on something that would eventually become fairly small!
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omg ahahahaha your art just keeps getting better and better *_* special mentions to Drifblim and RU Core Crisis!! Also thanks for your Competitor art too :DDD
FUK FERRO tourney logo

Quick little Rotom pic for Birkal because the big one I'm doing will take ages to finish!
Playing around with colours, shading and textures
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The insulting sign aside, that Ferrothorn is actually pretty cute!! LOL!! it's like just c: or :> face or something!!!

Also ashdkjhkgjehwjhfkhe that Rotom!!!!!! It's <333 cute!! The meticulousidkhowspellwhat shading and highlighting really works well for Rotom! No idea if you used a circle / oval tool haha. I also never thought to use a lighter color alongside the shading, that's pretty cool and worked well here. ^_^ Aside from the fact that Rotom's eye has a horizontal line you didn't put, I love the Rotom!

I can't decide which Rotom suits Birkal better, haha! Ugh I'm staring at the Rotom forever *_*

Sorry but I'm really impressed haha :x time for Birkal to post his tl;dr?? jk x)
Gosh you've gotten WAY better since I got here (which was ONLY 3 months ago, mind you). Its almost unbelievable. Can't wait to see what you draw next. Your art is so full of life and expression, and everything is so crisp and humorous. :D

Keep it up!

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