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Godlike Usmash
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I forgot to say that the pic of my fusion a few pages ago is really funny :).

One request i would like to make is metang clause coming into effect (opponent laughing at metang until the person using it wins by default).
Omg improved so much since i seen your work last Ritter.

LOVE the fuk ferro logo, the character looks great.

Purugly AND Elgyem pic is wub, your CAP is really coming along well too.

Keep it up ! =)
my proudest work to date, the avatar of user keiran

oh and some other pic for ru hub or whatever but it cannot stand up to the majesty of my previous mastepiece
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Ritter!!!! I would say again that RU one is your best piece /again/!!! Also the Pokemon are cute as ashdkalhlhfrewhklahsd I'm jelly~ Seriously you should draw more cutemons!!

The sun behind the cloud and the background are a nice touch too! and you didn't post your ubers hub image u_u
Old stuff I forgot to post??? Let's post it!
Sorry for the lack of art, smog it taking up my time lately

Ugh I overdid the yellowy shit on this one

battle of the beards
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Thanks :)
My host brother's school in Germany had a competition to design a mascot for a homework book they're gonna be putting out, and the school is called Ohm-Gymnasium (a Gymnasium is a German class of school), so here is Professor Ohm!

Why does no one post ;-;
Birkal is the worst

A little doodle I did last night

I've never seen Santa as jolly, with all the work he does. I can imagine him getting super drunk on eggnog the day after Christmas and angrily ranting for a while
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Unused card design that was too dark, but I like the picture itself :)

Actual card design! Still need to add the 5 of diamonds to the corners @.@ /me guilty

And the smogon Facebook banner with the Gen 6 goodies :)
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Jamming to the beat
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Pity about that rejected card design, I liked how the lightning made way to shape a diamond in its path. But the card takes priority, however, so I won't fight your decision.

Your fb banner is a sight to see too. I like the smirk on froggy, and the meadow which the Y mascot appearing from behind. You may need to fix the extra shade around the X mascor since you can easily tell where it starts (it's a line/block through grass starter's hand), but overall, that's a solid image which is most appropriate for what's spoken about right now.

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