Sorry for not posting, I've been a bit busy.

Ok, here are some of my reads:

Box: Box seems kind of scummy to me. After I called him out for bandwagoning, he decides to change it to another bandwagon. He didn’t hesitate to change his vote when called out, which makes it seem like he is trying to please the town. Afterwards, he says “I’m hardly an experienced mafia player so I may as well back the winning horse!” and “If this isn't shameless bandwagoning then I don't know what it is. Really guys you probably don't want to lynch me.” These seem like things a worried beginner mafia would say after being called out without actually having to bring a proper defense.

Blackhawk11: Blackhawk11 seems like a pretty clean town member trying to help the town advance. His posts in general are aimed at making consistent but careful progress.

Metal Sonic: To be honest, Metal Sonic has truly baffled me. I think that for now, we should just wait on making a decision on him. His posts come off as being excited, that doesn't necessarily mean that he is mafia. It could mean that he got a power role like he is claiming, or maybe it just because he always posts like this. His reaction of saying that he is a power role could be moronic, overreaction to being called out, or reverse psychology.

Obbmud99: Obbmud99 seems like a beginner townie who is trying to help the town however he can. He hasn't done anything particularly scummy but he has been gathering simple information to help the town.

Gronkasaurus Rex seems quite scummy to me. One of the mafias roles is to try and impose as much chaos among the town as possible so that they are arguing and voting against themselves instead of against the mafia. Most of his points seem aimed at doing this.

Ok hi.
My general thinking is that people are being quite scummy = (

@theangryscientist and others; why did you go after metal sonic, when woodchuck's posts (at least at that point in time) where similarly irrelevant? I really dislike how no one called him out on it and his vote post was based on something that really wasn't indicative of metal sonic's alignment. Actually;

unvote theangryscientist
vote woodchuck

I'm not a big fan of ombudd's logic; he creates a false dichotomy of cbterrakion and then votes metal sonic for...? after saying he is making it easy to lynch him.

@blackhawk; Who do you think is most likely to be mafia at this point in the game? By fosing a player who a lot of people find suspicious and asking them to give reads you don't really reveal what you think about other players.

Cereza is playing quite passively which seems in line with his opinions about playstyle. @cereza what do you think about blackhawk, aura guardian and yoshinite?

also didn't like aura guardian's last post

cools. bye

So just clearing up some stuff + quick comments.

I have played with metal sonic before and I find that what he has done isn't suspicious in context of his play-style. What's more suspicious is that five people jumped on him and none of them pointed out woodchuck's equally jovial (idek what other word to use they both didn't post anything of value at the start) posting. I liked woodchuck's last post and maybe the lack of attention on him is more indicative of the alignment of the bandwagoners than of him.

unvote woodchuck but I have questions for you
@woodchuck; why does not trying to lynch anyone look pretty clean (referring to what you said about cereza)? What do you think of lightwolf and blackhawk?

Hi obbmud sorry I spelt your name wrong that was a really quick post I was making, would edit it to be correct but it's noc sooo....
I'm not ignoring what you're saying it's just that you said cbterrakion is either this or this based on his not posting which is not good logic (false dichotomy; logical fallacy blah blah)

I'm feeling that box's fat post was quite geniune, however the marked change in posting style and tone was weird for early game, so we'll throw it in the somewhat-slight-town pile.

Lightwolf asked for a diversifying of opinions but didn't offer any himself, which could be for a number of reasons but it is slightly sus. @lightwolf, hi would you like to provide a diverse opinion? = )

Yoshinite views the thread a bit without actually posting

As for voting vote eagle4

eagle4 I'm pretty sure you're experienced enough to know that the vote is the most useful tool village has; even with fosing voting is the best way to have people talking and see who people suspect. Why so cautious for?

Will probably be back in like five hours but bye for now!
So in these post, Rex decides that almost everyone looks scummy, which seems like he is trying to get people to go against others. Additionally, he tries to get people to against specific people such as asking Cereza to give reads on 3 people that he choose. This would create specific "oppositions" within the town, distracting them from the mafia. At the end, he votes for eagle4 which implies that he feels obligated to vote for someone despite still having many scum reads. This obligation to vote also seems like a scum hint.

Aura Guardian: Nothing particularly scummy, he seems clean for now. However, he hasn't brought up much other than Box and MS.
As for voting vote eagle4

eagle4 I'm pretty sure you're experienced enough to know that the vote is the most useful tool village has; even with fosing voting is the best way to have people talking and see who people suspect. Why so cautious for?

Will probably be back in like five hours but bye for now!
Voting is useful when you believe who you're voting is the right vote. Box is my biggest suspicion thus far, but he already has 2 votes on him and I don't want him to have a third right now. Your point is still a good 'un though, so I guess I'll just

Lynch CBTerrakion

He's been idling and shying away from the conversation, when he has had every chance to post. I would like him to respond to this and actually post more, so see this as a pressure vote.

@Fire Blast What? Gronko voting for me isn't scummy whatsoever(especially since he has a point ~). Asking questions is an integral part of the game, although I do agree with you that he is finding a lot of people scummy (then again, a lot of people ARE acting scummy, but that's bound to happen with a beginner's game).
I always get lynched first or second or third night in mafia games this is a conspiracy. I'm going to assume that one of the people bandwagoning me is mafia given that they need a scapegoat to die sooner or later so at this juncture I am inclined to vote fireblast or eagle because they are big bullies

More to come in the following hours as I plot my move carefully.
A serious rule 1 violation has been alleged; I am currently reviewing the situation, and a verdict will come after I discuss it with More Cowbell.

Play will continue while I establish the facts.

UPDATE: Without More Cowbell, I have decided that the rule violation is a godkillable or substitution level offense; however, I am still awaiting evidence from both sides.
Another condition to posting more is people saying more. Anyway, CBTerrakion has made only ONE post aside from the deleted one between 14 and 15, so Lynch CBTerrakion until he's made multiple good posts.

Box and Metal Sonic, cool it with the OMGUS, that does nothing to help us.
Upon exposing his role PM to another to another person on the Town Square, Box starts floating in the air. The skies break open, and the Spirits of Light swoop down from the sky. ''This is not what we told you to do, Box'', speaks Lanayru, one of the Spirits. Engulfed in a ball of light, Box is then taken into the skies, followed by the Spirits. The light fades, and everyone on the square continues their business.

Box has been Godkilled upon violation of Rule 1.
I have also been made aware of several other minor Rule 1 violations involving outside messaging. Are you kidding me?

Box was the only person godkilled because Box's violation was the only one whose violation would have seriously damaged the game; however, there are at least 2 other violations I know of that I can't godkill for because of lack of evidence or lack of effect on the game. But seriously, just stop.

If you don't understand the rules, feel free to send either of us a PM to clarify.
Vote Count has been reset because a player has died.

Day 1 will continue as scheduled.

Vote Count 1.5 (aka the "Bad monkey, BAD MONKEY" vote count):

Lynch Votes:

Not Voting (14): everybody

With 14 alive, it still takes 8 votes to lynch.


Not under suspicion (14): everybody

The next Deadline Review is at 8:00 AM EST on May 15th (69 hours away).

Deadline is currently set at 8:00 AM EST on May 17th (117 hours away).
Hmmm. Guys I think Box might be village. Un-FoS Box
while I'm at it Un-FoS Metal Sonic. I really don't know about this one, but I'll remove my FoS for now. When I get home I'll post something analyzing Box's relations with other players. Kinda hard to do that from my phone while I'm supposed to be paying attention to other things!
Lynch CBTerrakion because I still want him to post more
FoS Celever
FoS Gronkosaurus Rex

Same reasons as for CBTerrakion, but I only have one vote and two FoS's, so I went with the ones who appeared on the bottom of the post count.
Sorry guys for not posting much, I am moving house rn so I have been busy.

Anyway, I will hop on the bandwagon and Lynch CBT, while moving my FoS onto Gronkosaurus Rex for acting really really suspiciously in his posts, shifting the blame away from him all the time.
Apologies for being a massive john. Because of all the suspicious activity from Gronkasaurus Rex, I vote to lynch him. I'm keeping my FoS on Metal Sonic, however, as idiocy is unrewarding.
Lynch CB Terrakion

Going back to my previous vote before the votes were wiped out. Yes, I know you've posted again, but that post doesn't really do you any favours because 1) You don't explain your inactivity and 2) You say Gronko is acting "suspicously" yet you don't expand on your point or anything.

Also, regarding Metal Sonic, he seems more focused on saving himself than anything else (Albeit in a weird way since he's stated that he has a power role). His posts have absolutely nothing going for them, he really needs to contribute to the village a little more. So here's a request to MS:

Give your reads on every player so far.
Lynch CBTerrakion
Just one hour after he was lynched by AG he posted. This causes me to believe that he could've posted whenever he wanted to, but decided not to. Once he realized he was bein targeted he immediately rushed to post without substance. Also @Eagle4 I think he was referencing to the huge post by Fire Blast regarding Rex.
Could we get CBTerrakion to L-3 (2 more votes)? I want to make him talk, and I want him to talk now. We can continue this on the other idlers soon, but he's the best bet at the moment for getting SOMEONE idling to talk.
Ummm hi just saying doesn't box flip?

More stuff. Wow hi @cereza. I feel really bad now = ( Sorry
Also meta has uses. If someone has the same style at the beginning of EVERY game, how can you initally confidently say what alignment they are?

Fire blast is seriously misrepresenting what I'm saying... Being scummy =/= being scum... Also I said in my post how valuable voting is... If you have scum reads you should be voting one of them to get them to respond.

vote Aura Guardian

Aura Guardian can you give some more opinions? I guess you don't want to dominate discussion [if you are like super concerned about this say so] but you haven't really analysed the content of anyone's posts all game. Same with eagle4 and theangryscientist actually but them to a lesser degree. You guys are asking for talk but not really supplying any outside of easy to reach accusations (on trolls, bandwagoners, non-posters) that aren't based on content of posts or anything.


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I guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon a bit here but Lynch CBTerrakion.
He's been posting bandwagon votes and one-liners all game and the extent of his reads have basically been calling Metal Sonic an idiot. He needs to speak up and defend himself / offer something to this game.

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