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Regarding akela's Hidden Temple Proposal: We thought the gameplay is good and the only problems may be with the size of the movepool and maybe rewards. There seems to be a big gap in difficulty between rank 1 and rank 3, but that is only to be determined by playtest. The rewards depend a lot of how difficult the guards are, so its also up to playtest. So we decided to allow a BETA test run for Rank 1. Just be aware that a strict 25% movepool may result on mons with 15 moves or so, so you maybe should rethink the numbers for the percentages in a poke-by-poke basis. Also, the difference between 75% and 100% movepool is quite small, so, the way it is now, Rank 3 may be harder than Rank 4 (or at least as hard). In other words, use common sense when creating the movepool and you should be (mostly) fine. Just pay attention on those.

Others will come later on.


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some time later:

ED's Adventure Battles: A very nice idea overall, but needs to be developed further to be ready for BETA. What kinds of buffs do you intend to have for players? at which cost? Can you give an example of how information for the run will be displayed for the refs to use? Can you give one example of a run to see how easy or difficult it is? What will or may be in a run? In other words, needs to be elaborated.

Emma's Battle Arena:
While the single battles seem kinda interesting (and I think only playtest and the set of mons you intend to use will say if the special rules will kick in often enough), the battle with Gretta is way too similar to other facilites. The first matchup may be decided by the special rules, but the other ones will almost never be, since one of the pokemon battling will be already damaged/weak, so it will either faint before the 4 rounds (highly more likely) or it won't have the time to overcome the disadvantage. In the end, it is basically the same as any other facility (sans their special whatever) or even a normal match, but only Switch=KO. New RPs = need for more refs, so they have to bring something new to the table. You may try separate battles (something like Atheno's previous gym arena) or less rounds to differentiate the Arena from other facilites, but as it stands now it is too similar to other facilities/normal matches to be given a veto.
Most of the approved roleplays offer challenges to experienced players with well trained mons, but why not have some to help upstart trainers train and gain a party member?
Pokemon Catching Grounds
The idea is very similar to the Johto's Bug Catching Contest in that the trainer sends in a single Pokemon to battle wild Pokemon and try to capture them, but they must decide whether to release their previous catch in order to keep their most recent catch. Each wild Pokemon is randomly selected from a list determined by the Route the player chooses at the start of their Roleplay. All battles are 1v1 and the Nature and gender of the wild Pokemon is randomly selected and their movepool includes only their pre-25 moves. Major Status conditions, HP, and Energy, and most counters associated with them are carried over from one battle to the next (essentially, treat it like u-turn was used). The Player is Provided with 15 Pokeballs.
When all 15 Pokeballs been used, the player's Pokemon faints, 20 battles have been completed, or the player decides to retire the roleplay ends.

  • The Player's Pokemon earns 1 koc per every completed battle against a non-evolving Pokemon and .5 for completing battles against ones that can evolve (the smaller movepools mean that they should be easier to fight, decreasing the reward). Note that completed includes battles that have ended through KO, Capture, or Loss.
  • The Player gets to keep the last Pokemon they captured. Regardless of what it was like when it was battled in the roleplay, the player is able to claim the Pokemon with whatever Nature, Moves, and Gender they desire (so long as it is would be legal as a freshly purchased Pokemon)
I'll just provide one route as a sample of what I would want to include, but I have plans to include more if I am allowed to further develop and refine this roleplay. Other Routes I have in mind are Desert Resort, Mt. Chimney, Sky Pillar, Seaside Cave, Eterna Forest, Dark Cave, Giant Chasm, Cerulean Cave, Kanto Safari Zone, Hoenn Safari Zone, Great Marsh, Mt. Coronet, and National Park.
Located in the Unova Region, Pinwheel Forest has a diverse collection of indigenous Pokémon. Rocks, tree trunks, and all varieties of vegetation are readily available and the nearby river provides a ready supply of water for Pokémon to drink or use for Water Type attacks. The thick forests provide plenty of camouflage for Grass and Bug type Pokémon, increasing their evasion by one stage. Through local Pansear Pinwheel inhabitants are very aware of the dangers of Forest Fires and, while they won't directly interfere in a battle, will nearby Water Types douse any stray flames to prevent the destruction of their home.





























Potential topics to discuss:
  • This is essentially a free RP, I already have a few limitations to prevent abuse (fairly small rewards, and a 20 battle limit) but is this enough? A week long break between completion and the next run or preventing the participant from being in real battles are both good options.
  • Will we need to get more specific for how wild Pokemon are selected, if so do we make certain Pokemon more likely to appear than others? It wouldn't be a big deal to clarify how selection happens, just assign values to each Pokemon that the RNG may select, also I say either have chance of appearance based off of rarity value or give everything an equal chance to appear.
  • Should any features beyond Battling and Capturing be included?
  • Do you have an idea for a better name?
  • Any other criticism or suggestions?
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ASB's Unova Adventure!

Created in collaboration with Ute :3

Hi there! Welcome to the world of pokemon! My name is Professor Juniper! Everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor! That's right! This world is widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pokémon! Pokèmon have mysterious powers. They come in many shapes and live in many different places. We humans live happily with Pokèmon! Living and working together, we complement each other. We help each other out to accomplish difficult tasks. Having Pokèmon battle one another is particularly popular, and it deepens the bonds between people and Pokèmon. And that is why I research Pokèmon.
Well that's enough from me... Could you tell me about yourself?

The ASB Unova Adventure is your very own story spread across the Unova region! Play through the story of Black and White in a unique ASB setting, with possibly some twists and turns! Get your starter from Professor Juniper and set on a conquest throughout the region, all the while growing with your pokemon!

This RP is unique from others in the fact that it is entirely separate from the rest of ASB. You will start with a completely fresh pokemon and catch others while you play through the game. It's like playing through the story except in Anime Style Battling!

General Rules
The Unova Adventure follows a general ruleset similar to that of a Nuzlocke. For those who don't know, a Nuzlocke is a format where you may only catch the first pokemon you encounter within a certain area (be it city, route, cave ect.) In addition, if you ever lose a battle, whether it be trainer or wild, all pokemon lost will be unusable for the remainder of the challenge. If, however, a pokemon faints in a battle which you are victorious in, that pokemon will still be usable.

Starting your Adventure!
Choosing from a list of approved starters, people wishing to go on their very own Unova Adventure will pay 2CC to purchase the pokemon who will accompany them on their journey. By posting in a thread with a little background on your character, and your starter pokemon you will be able to begin the story, once an approved ref takes you of course. Your first battles will be friendly battles with your friends Bianca and Cheren, and will be exempt from the normal loss rules. After this, you shall meet Professor Juniper who has an interesting proposal in store.

Battling in the RP
When you are battling the various trainers and wild pokemon across the Unova region you will be able to have 6 pokemon in your party. However, in the spirit of good battling, you may only use the amount of pokemon in a battle equal to that of the opposing trainer. Or 1 pokemon in the case of wild pokemon battles. If you ever lose a battle, you and your pokemon shall "White Out" and it will render that pokemon unusable for the remainder of the challenge. To prevent early losses, the first and second route's pokemon have been significantly weakened to ease training for the rest of the challenge. After this however, the strength of the pokemon shall increase. Furthermore, battling rewards will be scaled depending on how many times you have been in a certain route and also the strength of your pokemon compared to the wild one.

Currency and Items
The currency in the roleplay will be Pokè as it is in the cartridge games. It will be won from opponents and be used to buy items from pokemarts around the region. Items will also be found in routes and given by other trainers and NPC's. (Note: Items purchased and obtained are not obtained in regular ASB, they may have a transfer price, but as of now there isn't) For people who need an extra boost in the RP, there will also be a CC <--> Pokè exchange rate (which will be determined after any testing that occurs).

Routes and Encounters
This RP will progress one route at a time meaning a ref will take a challenger for a single route. A route will entail a certain area (IE Pinwheel Forest), Route (IE Route 1) or similar. Routes will have trainers, and wild pokemon, as well as possible items and story events. Encounter rates will be determined by ASB Rarity and route pokemon will be determined by in game precedent with some minor additions for balance and to include more pokemon (especially CAPs)

Game Events
The major part that will make this different from the cartridge games will be the decisions you must face throughout the RP, they can go from simple things, like donating Pokè to some cause, or things that affect the story in major ways. A potential character class system is also being considered, with your class choice affecting various things like wild encounter rates and Pokè gain, this system has been debated and we'd like some feedback on whether it should be included or not.

In addition to the Pokè <--> CC exchange system, rewards will be attained in various ways. Pokemon that you capture in the RP will be available to be taken into regular ASB at the cost of removing them from your Adventure. In addition, pokemon rendered unusable by the loss rules will be able to be taken into regular ASB as well. (Note: If it appears that this is too easy of a way to obtain pokemon, a cost for transferring pokemon may be implemented.) Other rewards can be received by obtaining certain in-RP items, including precious UC.

One reward that we would like outside input/ruling on is the possibility of legendary pokemon. We have weighed the difficulty that should be required for legends (a Nuzlocke in ASB not being that easy), but we would like to ask others about their thoughts on legends and also ask the higher ups about legend legality and also what legends should be available (do keep in mind that significant investment in the RP would be needed to catch a legend as you are starting essentially from scratch).

UC payment for refs has not been solidified yet, but is likely to be regular battle UC + a set amount for each route (certain routes may have additional bonuses due to difficulty).

Concerning a Possible Beta Test
Ute and myself have been planning a potential Beta test for this RP. For simplicity and to show off the general way the Adventure would play out, we would take the player(s) through to the first gym and end there. In addition we would shorten the Starter slate to just Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott for ease on everything else.

I hope that this RP can provide a new challenge to those getting bored with some of the monotony occurring in current ASB. This also allows ASBers to customize their adventure and experience the Unova region in an exciting, new, ASB way!

Now your ASB story will truly begin. During your journey, you will meet many Pokèmon and people with different personalities and points of view! I really hope you find what is important to you in all of these travels... That's right! Befriend new people and Pokèmon and grow as a person! That is the most important goal for your journey! Let's go visit the world of Pokèmon!
ASB's Unova Adventure!
Proposal Part 2: A closer look at Routes and Mechanics
Created in collaboration with SubwayJ​
Navigating a Route:
Normally a route, or any other area where Pokemon and Trainers are encountered, moves forward automatically with a preset amount of RNG rolls, each to determine whether the Player encounters a wild Pokemon, and is forced to battle a similarly preset number of trainers trainers. To move from one end of a route to another the player must have gone through all of the RNG rolls the route requires, no matter how many times they have gone through the route before, but they only need to battle the required number of trainers once. Leaving a route through the direction it was entered from does not require any RNG rolls (unless that count has been increased in some way), but will reset the count for the next venture through.
While simply moving from one area to the next is required to advance the plot it is rewarding, though somewhat dangerous, to spend more time in than required in each route. This can be done in two ways: Searching for Items, and Searching for Battles. Both increase the number of RNG rolls required to exit the Route in any direction.
It should be noted that while in a route Pokemon will only be healed out of battle if the player decides to use items on them and, while the number of Pokemon permitted in each battle may vary, the player can only have up to six Pokemon in their party for use in these battles.

Out of Battle Commands:
Search for Battles: A way to ensure fights against Trainers and Wild Pokemon, but carries a lot of risk with it. Battles started through the Search for Battles command cannot be fled through the normal retreat methods. If any trainers in the area have not been fought yet there is a 50% chance that a trainer will be encountered instead of a wild Pokemon, otherwise only Wild Pokemon will be encountered. Trainers encountered this way count towards the toward the total needed to advance to the next area. Using the command adds another chance to encounter Wild Pokemon when attempting to leave the route.
Search for Items: Every area has two lists of Items, the initial list where each item can only be found once and the secondary list of less valuable items that can be repeatedly found. Only when the initial list is exhausted will the secondary list come into effect. When the command is used at least two RNG rolls are made, one to test whether a wild Pokemon appears and a second to determine what item (if any) is found). Using this Command adds another chance to encounter Wild Pokemon when leaving an area
Use Items: This is the only way to tend to a Pokemon's injuries out of battle without leaving the area, it has no side effects beyond destroying the item.

Trainer Battles:
Every area has a list of trainers within it as well as a count for how many trainer battles must be completed to leave the area's opposite exit for the first time. Battles against trainers are always fought with evenly matched teams, as far as the number of participants is concerned. Usually this means that the player must choose which Pokemon to use, but in the event that the player has the smaller party then the NPC trainer is limited in the same way. An NPC Trainer always gives the regular rewards for completing a battle except that CC is replaced with Poké (with an as of yet uncodified method)
In areas where Wild Pokemon can be encountered the NPC trainers challenge the Player and send out their Pokemon first, while anywhere else the player sends out their Pokemon first. Each trainer can only be fought once but trainers are randomly selected from that area's list.

Wild Pokemon Battles:
The core feature of any area is its wild Pokemon and they can be encountered naturally through traversing an area or actively sought out. Unlike Trainer battle wild Pokemon can be captured or escaped, but only the first wild Pokemon in any area can be captured. Wild Pokemon are usually fought 1v1, though some areas may produce 2v2 double battles if the Search for Battles command is used.
To help encourage the use of recently captured Pokemon the KOC rewards from Wild Pokemon have been changed.
If your Pokemon gets a KO on an opponent of equal evolutionary stage: 1 KOC
If your Pokemon gets a KO on an opponent of a lower evolutionary stage: no KOC
If your Pokemon gets a KO on an opponent of a higher evolutionary stage: 1 KOC + 1 KOC per stage
All FE/Max EC pokemon are the same stage.
Evolutionary Stages are determined by where they could be with their current EC, not their current form.
Non-evolving Pokemon with under 17 BRT count as the lowest stage, but when they have max DC they qualify as FE.
Legends (if they are to appear) count as one Stage above FE.
Additionally it is possible to flee from wild encounters (unless triggered by Search for Battle) for 15 EN with the following formula. This formula is subject to change.
F = A/(B/4) + 30*C
F is the chance for success
A is the current Speed of the player's active Pokemon
B is the opposing Pokemon's Speed
C is the number of times the player has tried to retreat
Remember PEMDAS
Revisiting Areas:
While it's fine to revisit previous areas, passing through once reduces the rewards the rewards from wild Pokemon. Instead of earning 1 EC, 1 DC, and 2 MC or just 3 MC the battlers earn a single point to apply to either EC or DC and 1 MC, their EC and DC are full then they still earn only 1 EC. KOC is reward as is normal for Wild encounters.
Additionally after reaching certain points in the story, older areas may have new Trainers and Exits available. These will be announced upon visiting the Routes after the criteria is filled. The Player chooses what path they want to take when multiple paths are available.

Route 1:
The first Route in Unova will be used to provide a sample of what to expect, it is detailed as follows. Note that this route is easier and the movesets of wild Pokemon are reduced from what is to be expected of anything outside of Routes 1 and 2. Potentially a way to compensate for the small movepool of a Pokemon captured in this area could be made.
Forced Trainer Battles: 0
Wild Pokemon RNG Rolls: 2
Encounter Rate: 70%

Situated between Nuvema Town and Accumula Town, you take your first steps into Route 1 with Cheren and Bianca. The Route is a fairly straightforward, but overgrown, trail with trees on either side and features a nearby river. Few trainers gather in Route 1 due to Nuvema lacking any trainer resources beyond Professor Juniper's lab.
RNG Range: 0 - 44
0 - 5 ~ Igglybuff
6 - 11 ~ Lillipup
12 - 17 ~ Patrat
18 - 23 ~ Pidove
24 - 29 ~ Feebas
30 - 35 ~ Scraggy
36 - 40 ~ Farfetch'd
41 - 44 ~ Audino

Capture Rate: 150
Gender Ratio: 50% Male
Held Items: 5% Sitrus Berry, 30% Oran Berry
Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
(Passive) This Pokemon emits a light, airy aura that surrounds its allies in a multiple battle. At the end of each round, there is a 30% chance any allies in a multiple battle will have all their status conditions healed.
Regenerator: (Passive) When this Pokemon is switched out during a switch battle, it reacts to the energy in the Pokeball and (ten) 10 HP is restored. When this Pokemon Chills, it restores six (6) HP in addition to its 12 Energy.
Klutz: (DW Locked, Toggle) The Pokemon moves in a rare style of battling that uses an unpredictable, clumsy looking manner. The accuracy of its attacks is increased by 10% (flat). While engaging in this style it cannot use a hold item, though an item is necessary to pull it off. When toggled, there is no effect.
HP: 110
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 50
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 16
MC: 0
DC: 0
Helping Hand
Secret Power

Capture Rate: 123
Gender Ratio: 50% Male
Held Items: 5% Stick
Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks except under the effects of Smack Down and Gravity, even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Will always hit foes with Dig (except other Flying types) and Dive. Cannot be hit by Dive unless the attacking Pokemon has a size class greater than four (4). Immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.
Keen Eye:
(Passive) This Pokemon has extremely good vision and cannot have its accuracy lowered by an opponent through any means (including accuracy lowering attacks, Smogs, Hazes, Fog, etc.). Its attacks are still affected by an opponent’s evasion and the Pokemon's own accuracy.
Inner Focus: (Passive) When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.
Defiant: (DW Locked, Passive) The Pokemon has a deep sense of honor, and whenever one of its stats are decreased by an opponent's Attack or Ability, its Attack increases by two (2) stages. Attack Boosts gained this way are not subject to deterioration that round.
HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 60
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 2
Base Rank Total: 14
MC: 0
DC: 0
Poison Jab
Sand Attack
Fury Cutter
Fury Attack
Knock Off
Aerial Ace
Air Cutter
Swords Dance

Capture Rate: 150
Gender Ratio: 50% Male
Held Items: None
Water STAB; Can breathe and have excellent mobility when underwater, are less capable on land unless they are entirely amphibious.
Swift Swim:
(Passive) The Pokemon with this ability moves extremely fast in slick, rainy conditions, doubling (x2) its Speed in the rain.
Adaptability: (DW Locked, Passive) The moves that match this Pokemon’s type have their Base Attack Power increased by two (2).
HP: 80
Atk: Rank 1
Def: Rank 1
SpA: Rank 1
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 80
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 9
EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0

Capture Rate: 150
Gender Ratio: 25% Male
Held Items: 30% Oran Berry
Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Cute Charm:
(Passive) This Pokemon’s natural cuteness causes Pokemon of the opposite gender to be attracted to it 30% of the time after striking with a contact move
Friend Guard: (DW Locked, Passive) The Pokemon's body emits an aura of joy that reduces the Base Attack Power of all opponents' attacks in multiple battles by two (2).
HP: 100
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 1
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 1
Spe: 15
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 10
EC: 0/9
DC: 0
Defense Curl
Sweet Kiss

Capture Rate: 150
Gender Ratio: 50% Male
Held Items: None
Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Vital Spirit:
(Passive) This Pokemon has a high vitality and alertness making it immune to sleep induced by other Pokemon. Its normal state of sleeplessness makes it take 1 less damage and energy/action from Ghost Curse. If it is put to sleep by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker it will wake up the next action. If a Pokemon with Vital Spirit also has Insomnia, its evasion is raised by one (1) stage permanently.
Pickup: (Passive) This Pokemon has a natural habit of collecting items. Whenever a hold item (its own or an opponents) is thrown away with a move like Fling, or knocked onto the ground with a move like Knock Off, this Pokemon will immediately pick up that item without using an action. It can also grab dropped or naturally occurring hold items in arenas.
Run Away: (DW Locked, Passive) This Pokemon is quick on its feet and will evade any field traps and hazards that would harm it (Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes) in an arena. A Pokemon can still absorb Toxic Spikes if it has Run Away and is Poison-typed. Run Away does not allow the Pokemon to switch out of trapping moves or abilities, however it can escape other situational trapping strategies in battle.
HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 1
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 55
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 11
EC: 0/9
MC: 0
DC: 0/5
Odor Sleuth
Take Down
Work Up

Capture Rate: 150
Gender Ratio: 50% Male
Held Items: None
Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Run Away:
(Passive) This Pokemon is quick on its feet and will evade any field traps and hazards that would harm it (Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes) in an arena. A Pokemon can still absorb Toxic Spikes if it has Run Away and is Poison-typed. Run Away does not allow the Pokemon to switch out of trapping moves or abilities, however it can escape other situational trapping strategies in battle.
Keen Eye: (Passive) This Pokemon has extremely good vision and cannot have its accuracy lowered by an opponent through any means (including accuracy lowering attacks, Smogs, Hazes, Fog, etc.). Its attacks are still affected by an opponent’s evasion and the Pokemon's own accuracy.
Analytic: (DW Locked, Passive) If this Pokemon attacks after its target during an action, its attacks have two (2) more Base Attack Power.
HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 42
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 12
EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5
Sand Attack
Super Fang
After You

Capture Rate: 150
Gender Ratio: 50% Male
Held Items: None
Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks except under the effects of Smack Down and Gravity, even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Will always hit foes with Dig (except other Flying types) and Dive. Cannot be hit by Dive unless the attacking Pokemon has a size class greater than four (4). Immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.
Big Pecks:
(Passive) This Pokemon's sturdy wings prevent its defense from being lowered. The rate its natural defense drops after a boost is also halved from one every round to once every two (2) rounds.
Super Luck: (Passive) This Pokemon’s natural skill increases its critical hit levels one stage above other Pokemon, making its normal moves inflict critical hits 12.5% of the time and its high critical hit moves inflict critical hits 25% of the time.)
Rivalry: (DW Locked, Passive) This Pokemon has a primal response to competition and mating, increasing the Base Attack Power of all its attacks by two (2) when it attacks an opponent of the same gender, and decreasing the power of all its attacks by two (2) when it attacks an opponent of the opposite gender.
HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 43
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 12
EC: 0/9
MC: 0
DC: 0/5
Quick Attack
Air Cutter

Capture Rate: 150
Gender Ratio: 50% Male
Held Items: 5% Shed Shell
Dark STAB; immunity to all telepathic and telekinetic attacks, better performance in all darkened and especially twilight conditions. Can use any Dark-type attack regardless of Attraction.
Fighting: Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions on Circle Throw, Seismic Toss, Sky Drop, Storm Throw, Submission, and Vital Throw. Superior reaction time in close quarters.
Shed Skin:
(Passive) This Pokemon regularly sheds its skin and any impurities contained in its body. If afflicted with a status condition, this Pokemon has a 33% chance of removing all status conditions at the end of a round.
Moxie: (Passive) This Pokemon gets psyched after it earns a KO on an opposing Pokemon, increasing its attack by one (1) stage. This boost is maintained at the end of each round.
Intimidate (DW Locked, Trigger) When this Pokemon initially goes out into the battlefield, it generates an intimidating roar or war cry that shakes all opponents on the battlefield, reducing their Attack stage by one (1). The attack drop is maintained at the end of each round. If an opponent switches in a new Pokemon, Intimidate can be activated again as a Command, and will affect all opponents.
HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 48
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 2
Base Rank Total: 15
EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5
Low Kick
Sand Attack
Faint Attack
Brick Break
Primary List:
Each item can only be acquired once, if an already acquired item is rolled nothing is found.
RNG Range: 0 - 7
0 ~ Potion
1 ~ Potion
2 ~ Potion
3 ~ Ether
4 ~ Full Heal
5 ~ Pearl
6 ~ Heart Scale
7 ~ X Attack
Secondary List:
Only used once all items on the primary list have been found, these items can be claimed repeatedly.
RNG Range: 0 - 10
0 ~ Aspear Berry
1 ~ Rawst Berry
2 ~ Chesto Berry
3 ~ Cheri Berry
4 ~ Pecha Berry
5 ~ Damp Mulch
6 - 10 ~ Nothing
RNG Range: 0
0 ~ Sir Not Appearing in this Game

Currently and throughout the Beta, no trainers appear in Route 1. Trainers will appear after a certain point in the story is reached.

Most Items behave in the way they would in ASB proper or The Legend Run, and outside of Battle Effect Items (X Attack, Dire Hit, ect.) can only be used as hold items or out of battle. A few new Items will be introduced by in game precedent. This list only includes those items available in Route 1. All Prices are based on those of the game unless an alternate method is adopted.

Heart Scale: A pretty, heart-shaped scale that is extremely rare. Can be used on a Pokemon to get 1 KOC. Replaces most Rare Candies found in the cartridges
Sell Price: 1000 Poké

Pearl: A somewhat-small pearl that sparkles in a pretty silver color. Replaces all Heart Scales found in the cartridges. Has no practical use.
Sell Price: 700 Poké

Damp Mulch: A fertilizer to be spread on soft soil in regions where Berries are grown. Has no practical use.
Sell Price: 100 Poké

X Attack: A powder that temporarily raises a Pokemon's Attack Stat by one stage. It is to be used in battle in place of a regular action. The boost provided does not decay.
Sell Price: 250 Poké
Buy Price: 500 Poké
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In the past, there were more activities in ASB. There were the raids, created by Zarator, where one could try to bring down the Legendary Pokémon that threatened the Region of Smogon. There were the Legend Runs, where one could try to catch the Legendary Pokémon for your own use after facing trial after trial. And there was the upcoming Adventure Battles, where the trainers could finally get in on the action themselves, facing mighty threats and fighting alongside their Pokémon...

That was before the hack. Before XenForo!

With the shift, data for the Raids, Legend Runs, and Adventure Battles were lost. With the word of chaos heavily implying that the user groups that contained the data are not coming back, we are at risk for losing two mainstays from ASB for a significant amount of time, and losing a potential RP.

But is there hope? Can we one day soon resume the activities that were a significant part of ASB and start another?

The data is lost, yes, but not all is lost. I present to you...

The Create-A-Pokémon Anime-Style-Battling Data Recreation Project
If we cannot retrieve the data, we can instead recreate it!

How does this work?

For each RP, the host (or representative of the host) posts two threads. One is where users post their recollections of pieces of the RP, and suggestions on how to improve it (increasing the difficulty, decreasing the difficulty, or just making something different). The other thread is where the host posts the data that has been re-created (with the host having the last say of what data is to be made final).

For the Legend Runs, this is the simplest, as most of the data has been seen by the (former) refs of the RP, and the Runs themselves have been played out on the forums so many times that a large amount of the data can be re-created quickly. What hasn’t been seen can be either recalled by those few refs that ran the Runs or simply created by the users. Furthermore, with multiple legends not yet revealed, users can start crafting ideas for the treck to those legends.

For raids, it will be harder. There were fewer refs, and the raids themselves were in a social group, so we cannot go and look back at them. Fortunately, before the shift, Flamestrike made a compendium that contains a good chunk of the data, including all the known artifacts and glyphs. We can use that as a base for the raids and work back towards the legends that must be brought down. The shift, though, will force all future raids onto the forums themselves.

For the Adventure Battles, this will be the most difficult. Access to the data was severely limited, with only myself, Glacier Knight, The Royal Guard (aka Kevin), Ragnarokalex, Objection, UllarWarlord, SubwayJ, and Leethoof having seen the data. Mechanics of the Adventure Battles started being tested just before the hack, and the test is still ongoing with the data pulled from the group before the hack still present. We can use that as a base to help create the needed data to get the battles back towards running. But considering a LOT of the data is lost, it will be up to people to create new data to help fill in the gaps! You ever wanted a trainer to perform an action in a battle? Now is your chance to help with creating the data for that possibility!

What is the reward for helping recover the missing data? Access to the RP again! A large amount of data will be public, regrettably, but that is that a reasonable price for being able to restart/start the RPs?

What? Access to the RP not good enough for you? How about this: the hosts of each of the RPs are free to give rewards for those retrieve/recreate data. The reward is up to the host, but instead of UC or CC, how about rewards unique to the RP. For the Legend Runs, how about individual Pokéballs? And how about for raids, individual Valar Counters or, in case of large contributors, individual Badges of Valor? And how about individual Exploration Tokens or, in the case of large contributors, the chance to create your own story for players to partake in (though the creator cannot go through that story themselves)!

That should provide enough of an incentive!
For raids, it will be harder. There were fewer refs, and the raids themselves were in a social group, so we cannot go and look back at them. Fortunately, before the shift, Flamestrike made a compendium that contains a good chunk of the data, including all the known artifacts and glyphs. We can use that as a base for the raids and work back towards the legends that must be brought down. The shift, though, will force all future raids onto the forums themselves.
I truly do appreciate the thought, but you're missing the point. The data I lost about raids does NOT concern the bosses' statistics and such. All that data is safely stored on another forum to which only I have access. The data lost about raids regards the actual challenges. Without those, I have no idea of who defeated what etc. It'd be like restarting the entire Raid Zone from scratch. Naturally this IS a possibility - i.e. wiping out everyone's earnings up to this point with raids - but before doing that, I'd like to know something final about the fate of the old social groups.


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I truly do appreciate the thought, but you're missing the point. The data I lost about raids does NOT concern the bosses' statistics and such. All that data is safely stored on another forum to which only I have access. The data lost about raids regards the actual challenges. Without those, I have no idea of who defeated what etc. It'd be like restarting the entire Raid Zone from scratch. Naturally this IS a possibility - i.e. wiping out everyone's earnings up to this point with raids - but before doing that, I'd like to know something final about the fate of the old social groups.
Social groups are simply going to take time as far as we know.

We still have recollections of recorded wins in the various raid threads - reward claims etc. - and though it'd take time, we could rebuild from that basic information. Of course, we could simply wait it out, but then it will probably take a while.

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I truly do appreciate the thought, but you're missing the point. The data I lost about raids does NOT concern the bosses' statistics and such. All that data is safely stored on another forum to which only I have access. The data lost about raids regards the actual challenges. Without those, I have no idea of who defeated what etc. It'd be like restarting the entire Raid Zone from scratch. Naturally this IS a possibility - i.e. wiping out everyone's earnings up to this point with raids - but before doing that, I'd like to know something final about the fate of the old social groups.
Don't we keep track of pretty much everything raid-related in our profiles already...? At the very least the glyphs and artifacts we have are an indication of the raids we've beaten, and (if what you're really worried about is rep) we can kind of sort of reconstruct rep standings based on that. Or we could just ask people which raids they've beaten?

While I'm here let's drop some unofficial feedback:

Pokemon Catching Grounds – To be honest I don't quite see the point of this. Instead of paying CC to get a new Pokemon, you're offering an RP that allows a person to add one Pokemon to their team and get some (very minor) training done on one of their already-owned Pokemon. However, a Pokemon is very rarely going to get through three Pokemon unless you give the wild Pokemon really crappy movepools, let alone the cap of twenty. In that vein, the RP turns into something like "battle weak Pokemon until you die and maybe catch a Pokemon you want if you encounter it early enough." I'm not sure that really warrants an RP.

Unova Adventure – I find it somewhat interesting, but the route makeup seems like it'll get boring after a while; from what I see, it's mostly "move forward, maybe encounter wild Pokemon, maybe encounter Pokemon trainer, repeat" with a possible story event thrown in at one point or another. In order to really make the RP work, you're going to have to introduce many things that aren't just another battle, especially if you're judging the strength of wild Pokemon solely by their movepool (it can take a while to deal 90 DMG even against a weak Pokemon move-wise).
Pokemon Catching Grounds – To be honest I don't quite see the point of this. Instead of paying CC to get a new Pokemon, you're offering an RP that allows a person to add one Pokemon to their team and get some (very minor) training done on one of their already-owned Pokemon. However, a Pokemon is very rarely going to get through three Pokemon unless you give the wild Pokemon really crappy movepools, let alone the cap of twenty. In that vein, the RP turns into something like "battle weak Pokemon until you die and maybe catch a Pokemon you want if you encounter it early enough." I'm not sure that really warrants an RP.

Unova Adventure – I find it somewhat interesting, but the route makeup seems like it'll get boring after a while; from what I see, it's mostly "move forward, maybe encounter wild Pokemon, maybe encounter Pokemon trainer, repeat" with a possible story event thrown in at one point or another. In order to really make the RP work, you're going to have to introduce many things that aren't just another battle, especially if you're judging the strength of wild Pokemon solely by their movepool (it can take a while to deal 90 DMG even against a weak Pokemon move-wise).
Losing the catching grounds is no issue at all, I'd much rather work more with Subway on Unova Adventure. We were reluctant to continue developing it until some feedback were given. I appreciate your response and will see what can be done to make routes more interesting. Gauging the strength of encounters may have to be revised and in game precedent can be overlooked in favor of balance and variety if it's favorable. If Subway and I are both on irc, we will probably be working on Unova Adventure and will happily link anyone to asks to the channel.
Been watching this forum for awhile, looks interesting. Here's two of my ideas. Gonna get the...less sucessful one out of the way first.

Roleplay; Tower Defense.
-Pokemon re imagined as a tower defense. Players select eight four pokemon to position them at the north, northwest, west, southwest, south, southeast, east, and northeast entrances to the fortress. four gates to the fortress you are defending. Each pokemon gets two actions per round, infinite chills and recoveries.
-The idea is to make it through as many waves as you can. There's no "winning"; just try to rack up as many KOC as you can.
-Attacking pokemon are assigned a direction to attack from. They start at five spaces away, and move up a space every [three actions depending on speed?][round, faster if their speed is higher][action depending on speed, but they stop when they have a target to attack?]. You can start attacking them right away with special attacks the moment you see them; if they get to two spaces away, you can hammer them with physical attacks.
-A pokemon can attack adjacent pathways with special attacks. For instance, a pokemon at the east gate can attack to the northeast or the southeast with Flamethrower. This pokemon could also use Flareblitz, a physical attack, but only on enemies up to one space away on the diagonal. Surf would hit all enemies in all directions.
-The battle behaves like a triples battle with positioning on. You can attack a pokemon directly in front of you, directly behind you, or diagonally adjacent to you, but with the exception of certain moves you cannot attack spaces further away than that. Note that even these moves cannot attack a pokemon or an object that lies beyond your battle lines (so if the assailants are lined up on row 5, and you're on row 4, they can't attack an object in row 3 or anywhere else closer to the gate).
-Pokemon can be either 5, 4, 3, 2, or one spaces away from the gate, or on top of the gate. Defenders can move around the fortress to cover a fallen teammate, or out to deploy entry hazards like Stealth Rocks, Light Screen or Substitutes. Two pokemon cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
-Items that have been Tricked onto a pokemon can be removed at the end of a wave. Items that have been Tricked away cannot be regained until after the game is over.
-Attackers cannot proceed to the next space until that space is unoccupied by another pokemon. Also, they can't attack the gate until there's no more pokemon in their path.
-Wood Gates (tier 1 gates) behave as Grass Pokemon with 100 HP and rank 2 defense and special defense stats. If one is defeated, the game is over. Gates can be burned or poisoned, and can receive other status effects but to no effect (since Gates don't attack, being put to Sleep doesn't hinder it much).
-Between waves, you can pool all the counters all of your pokemon have earned so far and use them to buy hold items, heal pokemon and recover energy, revive fainted pokemon, or upgrade your defenses.
-Gates can be upgraded to two additional tiers; Stone (which has Rock typing, 150 HP, and rank 2 defenses) and Iron (which has Steel typing, 200 HP, and rank 3 defenses, and can't be burned). You can also buy either Cladding (raises special defense and lowers defense) or Struts (raises defense and lowers special defense), plus a type Plate, which adds an additional type to the door (so a Wood Gate with a Wet Plate removes the door's flammability, but makes it vulnerable to shocks).
-You can also mount offensive mechanisms above a gate; these act like attacks (such as Hydro Pump or FlameThrower), and can be used once per round. You can upgrade these from tier one (which acts like a pokemon with a rank 3 attack stat used them) up to tier 3 (rank 5 attack/spattack).
-A fixture above a gate takes bonuses from the plate or other item the gate is holding (ie, putting a Super Soaker above a Damp Wood gate increases the power of the Soaker both from the STAB and from the boost provided by the plate).
-You can buy and equip an item to the fortress as a whole. Leftovers will repair all the gates, a Flame Plate given to the tower will increase the power of all Flame Throwers on the property, Rocky Helmet will make all contact moves against the gates cause damage, ect.
--Buying a new tiers counts as an evolution for a gate. Thus, giving the tower an Eviolite increases the defenses of all Tier 1 and Tier 2 gates.
-You can also buy traps with your counters and place them between rounds. These range from copies of entry hazards to new ones like Pitfalls (deals physical Steel damage to non-Levitating pokemon) and Degraders (all speed on that space is halved).
-If you use your counters to buy stuff instead of applying them to your pokemon, then you get 50% of the total TDC you spent on items as a reward at the end of the game.
-The first few waves are relatively easy. By the time the 10th wave has come around, all gloves are off, and the ref can send in any pokemon he or she cares to in any combination.
-Wind is an important feature. It can come from any of the eight directions, or it can simply be calm (no wind). Pokemon traveling with the wind have a speed boost (Wind is east, boost to E, NE and SE travelers; Wind is SW, boost to S, W, and SW travelers). Weather, especially Hail and Sandstorm, is also influenced by wind. Gates full-on to the weather are damaged twices as much as they should be; gates that are simply in the weather take normal damage from the weather (Wind from N, North gate takes 2x hail damage, NW and NE gate take normal damage. Stone gates take damage from Sandstorms; Steel gates are immune). Pokemon can also hide from the damaging effects of weather in the lee of the fortress; the space 1 move away from the gate on the diagonal and 2 away on the parallel are protected (Wind from W, pokemon 1 away on the NE and SE tracks are protected; pokemon 2 away on the E track are protected). This lee effect also applies to Tailwind bonuses.
-Wind also influences Flying-type attacks. Attacks against the wind deal 4 less damage after all other calculations; attacks with the wind deal 4 more. Cannot decrease damge done below 1 or increase damage from a miss.
-The move Tailwind works a bit differently in this roleplay/challenge. Instead of providing a speed boost to your allies, it fixes the wind direction for five actions, but it can't turn the wind Calm. The RP-only item Strongfeather increases this to eight actions
-Wind tends to remain stable, but not for long periods of time. Each action, the Wind has a 10% chance of changing directions to a randomly-rolled direction (1/8 for any direction; there's nine directions including Calm). Each round the Wind doesn't change, that chance increases by 10%, on up to 100%. Using Tailwind prevents the direction of the wind from changing, but the Wind Counter still keeps increasing (If you aren't holding a Strongfeather when you use Tailwind to change the wind direction, the wind has a 60% chance to change directions once you're done).

Pokedoll - acts as a 15 HP substitute
Big Pokedoll - acts like a 25 HP substitute
SU (Single Use) Spikes - hits all opponents on that space once before fading. Activates three times before fading. Stacks with normal Spikes, but the boost is lost when the SU Spikes are, and they can't stack beyond 3.
CU (Continuous Use) Spikes - behave exactly like normal Spikes
SU Stealth Rocks - hits all opponents on the space they're played on once before fading. Activates three times before fading
CU Stealth Rocks - acts like normal Stealth Rocks.
SU Pitfall - deals physical Steel-type damage to all opponents it can hit on the space when it triggers once before fading three times to any opponent who walks over it. Triggered when any non-Levitating pokemon of weight class 5 or over lands on that space.
CU Pitfall - deals physical Steel-type damage to any non-Levitating opponent of weight class 5 or over who lands on that space. Under the influence of Gravity, it and its SU counterpart will also hit Levitating pokemon and pokemon under weight class 5.
SU Toxic Spikes - inflicts poison on all non-Levitating pokemon in the space when it activates. three times before fading. Stacks with the move Toxic Spikes or the CU Toxic Spikes item, but the boost fades once the SU Toxic Spikes is removed.
CU Toxic Spikes - behaves like regular Toxic Spikes
Egg Bomb - acts like the delayed-attack version of Egg Bomb.
Degrader - roughs up the road and decreases the speed of pokemon on the square.

Stone Gate - puts a gate made of impenetrable Rock in place of a gate made of Wood. Heals the gate and resets any status conditions or upgrades like cladding or bracing.
Steel Gate - puts a gate made of unbreakable Iron in place of a gate made of Stone. Heals the gate and resets any status conditions and upgrades like cladding or bracing. Also makes the gate immune to burning.
Ordinary Cladding - reflects some of the damage from special attacks. Unfortunately, it outlines the door for the opponent, exposing its weak spots. +1 spdefense, -1 defense. Cannot be installed over top of other types of cladding.
Bright Cladding - In addition to its ordinary function, it also dazzles the opponents who gaze at its reflective surface. +1 spdefense, -1 defense, -1 stage acc to all opponents, -2 in bright sunshine or hail, -0 in other weather.
Flameproof Cladding - This asbestos cladding probably won't extend the life of your pokemon any, but if the gate doesn't close, that won't matter much anyway. +1 spdefense, -1 defense, all Fire attacks against it become 2x less effective, and prevents the door from being Burned.
Static Cladding - I'd make a joke about this being quite "shocking"...but I just did. +1 spdefense, -1 defense, 30% chance of inflicting paralysis.
Wonder Cladding - This extraordinary yet lightweight substance also doubles as a non-stick cooking surface; your enemies will appreciate the thoughtfulness of providing them with a skillet to fry you on after they kill and disembowel you. +2 spdefense, -1 defense.
Ordinary Bracing - Screwing the gate in place may prevent someone from battering it in, but it does nothing to prevent the door from being eroded or burned away. +1 defense, -1 spdefense. Cannot be used over top of any other type of bracing.
Spring Bracing - What's the phrase...spring forward, fall back? This does exactly that. +1 defense, -1 spdefense, 30% chance of an opponent being knocked back a space.
Regenerative Bracing - Some clever genius figured out how to get a pokemon to use Recover on an item, and what does he do with it? He makes a doorstop. Oh well, his loss, your gain. +1 defense, -1 spdefense, gain 1 * the gate's rank HP at the end of each action.
Barbed Bracing - You've figured out how to drill holes through your gates and install a mechanism to damage those who try to come after you. You may have to bring the installers back out if you decide to start redecorating. +1 defense, -1 spdefense, effectively gives the gate Iron Bars. Removed if you put a different cladding on.
Wonder Bracing - Piling your chests full of heavy Counters against the door is something you should have done ages ago. Not only does it increase the defense of your door, it also makes it very convenient for anyone looking to loot and pilage your fortress. +2 defense, -1 spdefense.

Note: All launchers behave like STAB pokemon with either 3/4/5 special attack/attack (depending on rank and whether the move is physical or special) using the attack in their description.
BoltLauncher - Thunderbolt
ThunderCaller - Thunder
SnowMaker - Powdered Snow
IceCatapult - Ice Ball
HotCatapult - Ember
FlameThrower - Flamethrower
SeedSpitter - Bullet Seed
GreneggLauncher - Egg Bomb (instant attack version)
ArchimedesRay - Solar Beam
SuctionDevice - Vacuum Wave
SpiritCannon - Aura Sphere
CurseCaster - Hex
SpectralCannon - ShadowBall
NeedleCrossbow - Pin Missile
NoiseMaker - Bug Buzz
MysticLauncher - Dragon Breath
MysticEliminator - Dragon Pulse
LoudSpeaker - Echo Voice
BeamLaser - Hyper Beam
DesperateHitter - Last Resort - attacks every pokemon in the targeted space, but can only reach the space in front of the gate.
KilledwLove - Heart Stamp
ESPRay - Phsycic
[add more for other types]
CursedLauncher - you can use any TM or HM move from any generation, but only once before it no longer becomes available. TMs that are duplicated between genrations (like the HM for Surf) are not available more than once. TMs used this way are 2.5 times as powerful.
WonderLauncher - you can use any TM or HM move as many times as you want, so long as the CursedLauncher hasn't already ruined it.

Item Cradle - enables your tower to hold an item so it affects the entire fortress
Arceus Plates - giving one to a gate adds a secondary typing to the gate and increases the power of a cannon of the same type sitting above it a 20% boost. If you give the gate the same type of plate as its ordinary typing, it doubles its weaknesses and resistances (Stone-stone plate gates become 4x weak to water, but 4x resistant to normal). Giving one to the tower increases the power of all cannons the same type as the plate by 20%. The tower boost stacks with the gate boost, increasing the power of the cannon by up to 44% (1.2^2 = 1.44). Comes in all varieties. Giving a rock-type, ground-type, or steel-type plate to a gate gives it an immunity to Sandstorm damage; giving it an ice-type plate gives it an immunity to Hail.
Strongfeather - Given to a pokemon, it increases the duration of Tailwind from five actions to eight. Given to the tower, it speeds up the wind and increases its effects by 25%.
Calmfeather - Given to a pokemon it decreases the duration of Tailwind to three actions, but it allows the pokemon to select Calm as a wind direction for Tailwind. Given to the tower, it slows the wind down and decreases its effects by 25%.

Rough Helmet - Given to the tower, it also acts on all the gates, and it stacks with the Barbed Bracing.
Leftovers - When given to the tower, it heals the gates as if they were holding Leftovers. Stacks with Regenerative Bracing.
Eviolite - Given to the tower, it gives a 50% boost to the defenses of all tier 1 and tier 2 gates and a 30% boost to the offenses of all tier 1 and tier 2 cannons
Expert Belt - given to the tower, it gives an Expert Belt boost to all cannons (1.1x damage against super-effective or doubly effective targets, I think).
Effort Belt - Given to a pokemon, it increases the power of all not very effective moves by 15%. Given to a tower, it increases the power of all NVE cannons by 15%.
Weather Rocks (Icy, Smooth, Damp, Heat) - Given to a pokemon, it extends the weather to eight actions instead of six. Given to the tower, it extends the duration of the appropriate weather-producing moves by 60% (8/5=1.6). Stacks with the effects of rocks held by pokemon - if a pokemon uses Sunny Day while both it and the tower are holding Heat Rocks, the sun lasts for 12 actions (12.8, rounded down). Expensive.
Caltrops - Given to a pokemon, it increases the damage that the entry hazards it placed deal. Given to the tower, it increases the damage done to all entry hazards in play (whether laid by a pokemon, SU, or CU items). The tower boost stacks with the pokemon boost.
Shell Bell - Given to the tower, it restores 25% energy to every pokemon at the end of a wave.
Tidal Bell - Given to the tower, it restores 25% health to every pokemon at the end of a wave.
Amulet Coin - Given to the tower, it doubles the TDC earned that round. Lets you convert 1 CC, EC, MC, AC, or KOC into two TDC. Has no effect on the amount of these other counters each pokemon earns.

Other items, like Elixers, berries, and Full Restores are available.

Player Tips
-Refs will focus on removing entry hazards and exploiting weakspots. Don't let there be any.
-Entry hazards hit all pokemon, not just opponents; be careful when moving your pokemon around. On the plus side, Caltrops and SU item hazards are fairly cheap.
-Don't be afraid to use your TDC (Tower defense counters?) to upgrade your stuff.
-Amulet coin is great for the first few rounds; the trick is to use it early on to save up money for the good hold items, gates, and cannons later on. Good players know what round they need to switch it out.
-Eviolite is a powerful item to equip to the entire tower, as it boosts the defenses of all your gates early on while you work on upgrading to stone or steel gates.
-Entry hazards can be thrown one space away; substitutes have to stay on the square they are cast on. Subs can also be spun away unless there is a pokemon behind them.
Ref tips
-Entry hazards tick away at your health. Rapid Spin is a very good move because it gets rid of hazards both on your space and on the space in front, even without an enemy there.

Comments? Suggestions? Improvements? Is this even possible for a human being to referee?

Name; Battle Stage
Frontier Brain; Stage Manager Deck Knight
Emphasis; Competitive Roleplay

Frontier facilities (like Hall and Subway) seem to be far and away the most popular RPs on ASB. I wanted to create a unique facility that de-emphasizes the traditional aspects of battling and encourages players to experiment and capitalize on the factors that set Smogon ASB apart from the cartridge games. I based this on Emerald's Battle Arena, but with a few differences that tie it in with ASB and make it a separate thing from the Battle Arena. Players are rewarded for coming up with unique combos and roleplay actions, and penalized for using illegal or just plain bad substitutions. You don't have to like Roleplaying to play on the Battle Stage, but you do at least have to tolerate it. I want this to be not quite so OFMG (Only Fucking Meta-Gamers), but still playable as such; I've tried to design it to be accessible to the beginner and a wonderful practice environment for the still-learning, but at the same time fun for someone who understands how to play ASB.

-Focuses on stunning combos, wonderful substitutions, and expert roleplaying as opposed to out-and-out damage.
-Switch = KO, 5/2  chills/recovers, 2 subs. Arena is basically ASB standard; no limitations on move usage. Abilities = all? (ALT, Abilities = one. Is there a reason why ASB Frontier/Battle facilities limit you to one ability when one of the key features of ASB is that you can use every ability at once? If there are balance issues with this, please tell me, but I'd like to see players capitalize on ASB's unique features).
-If you use a combo, you are required to provide a flavor text as to how this combo functions (or suffer a 1-point Soul penalty). As in..."Roar+Hyper Voice; Fearsome Noise. Exploud opens his mouth and inhales deeply. The threatening way he does this makes pokemon cringe, and they often flee before he finishes drawing back. When he exhales and screams at his opponents, the rest flee in terror, pushed back into their pokeballs by the force of the blast." It's not a description of the mechanics of the attack, it's a description of how that pokemon performs the attack.
-Each match sees you fight a different NPC opponent. Refs are required to roleplay this NPC's in-character talk.
-Contestants bring three pokemon (six in Doubles). Each pokemon goes for a 1v1 (2v2 in Doubles) match for a two-round bout. At the end of the second, each pokemon is scored based on a number of criteria.
--Mind - (Recommended) Each action, the pokemon that dealt the most damage to a single opponent (in doubles, this means that if you Surf and do 15 damage to each enemy, you haven't dealt 30 damage) gets one point. Poison, burn, confusion damage, and weather damage don't count towards this, but Iron Barbs, Rough Skin, partial trapping moves like Wrap, and using Roar to retrigger entry hazards (does this work in Switch=KO?) do. Using Recover moves or Chill makes you loose a point, as does using Protect, Detect, and Spiky Shield. Using Protect or Detect doesn't incur a penalty, but neither does it give you or the attacking 'mon points. Perish Song is illegal. The side with the most points earned this way gets two additional points. ALT; works the same way Bulbapedia says it works; if you use a damaging move that action, you get a point. If you use a combo with two damaging moves, you get 3 points; combo with just one and you get two, and combo with two non-damaging moves and you get nothing.
--Skill - You get one point for each move of your original order that is successfully carried out (so if you can manipulate your opponent such that all three of his moves gets subbed out, you can deny him these points). Failing the accuracy check (missing the target), being completely paralyzed or flinched, hurting yourself in your confusion, using a sub, being on combo cooldown, and being asleep and not using a move like Snore or Sleep Talk counts for this. If an action is not successfully carried out, you get nothing. If you're forced into a move that you cannot do (for instance, being Taunted and, finding that you don't have a damaging move or a sub for a damaging move that action, you can't perform it/use Struggle), you lose one point. If you use an illegal sub, you lose two points. The side with the most points earned this way gains two additional points.
--Body - Add each participating pokemon's percentage of maximum HP left with its percentage of maximum energy left. The pokemon with the highest value gets two points.
--Soul - If a player has performed an inventive or unique role-playing action (including but not limited to flavor text, in-character trash talk, combo descriptions, or non-traditional move use), the ref may award you/himself up to 3 bonus points for it, depending on how good it is. (Fr'instance, I saw an Embirch/Flarelm, can't remember which, use Fire Spin to knock away the particles in a Sand Attack, thus negating it [though it did trap itself]. That's like a solid 2, maybe even a 3). As a ref guide, "ho-hum" RPs get a 0, "oh, that's cool" RPs get 1, "very clever" RPs represent a 2, and "FUCK, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!" is the level you need to be at to get a 3 (ie, very rare; if you're handing out 3s like candy, you probably shouldn't be reffing, and you should be getting a 1 or in extreme cases a 2 for stuff like in-character dialogue). Failed roleplays get a -1. If you use more than 2 combos, you get -1 for each additional combo, and if you use the same combo twice, you get -2; this bonus counts as Soul. The ref cannot give himself Soul points.
-Just to be clear; these points apply to the trainer, not to the pokemon. In doubles, it's the side with the most points in that category that gets the bonus for winning the category.
-Note that using an illegal sub or a bad/illogical roleplay counts against you; if you have an illegal sub in your post when the referee refs the match, he will have to deduct points. Refs, if you want to be kind, then you can give the player one bye PER CHALLENGE (from the time he/she enters until he/she looses). Beyond that, you have to penalize him/her. If you're new and you're not sure if a sub is legal or not, PM the ref or use IRC to ask someone. If a ref has suspicions about a sub but cannot find a rule or ruling on the sub and has to ask for a ruling from a higher power, the player is not penalized for it if it is illegal, and is given the opportunity to reorder (the person of authority who gives the ruling should post this in the player's Battle Stage thread).
-If there's a tie, then the pokemon that won the most categories wins (Soul doesn't count as a category). If there's a tie, then the side with the most Soul wins. In that case, a subref is called in for a single post to recount the ref's and player's soul (Refs have no Soul! Always wanted to say that). If there is still a tie, then HAW (House Always Wins, meaning the ref gets the bout).
-You can't use a pokemon that you've used in a previous bout against the same NPC. Win or loose, everyone uses all three/six (in Doubles) pokemon.
-Winning a bout counts as a KO, and the pokemon gets the appropriate rewards from it, including KOC. If you somehow manage to KO your opponent (both opponents in Doubles), you automatically win the bout without the need for judging, and your pokemon receives double KOC (1 extra KOC each in Doubles, regardless of who earned the KOs), and you get the max CC possible for a single bout in that format (more below).
-Win two out of three bouts to beat that opponent and move on. If you manage to win two bouts without going to the third, you get the median/max CC for a single bout in that format. (median CC determined after alpha playtesting).
-Weather conditions, entry hazards, and any other arena effects are swept clean after each bout.
-After defeating five opponents, the frontier brain of Smogon's Battle Stage, the Stage Manager, comes out. Since the Battle Stage is not located in Hoenn's Battle Frontier, this person can be someone never-before seen in the games - perhaps a well-known community figure like DeckKnight or Leethoof (or someone who's actually a well-known community figure). The pokemon and movepools of this person should definitely be based off of the actual PC box of that player. After beating him the first time, he/she returns every six battles.
-(Recommended) Refs receive the same UC payout as from other facilities, and challengers receive the same KOC/MC/ect., but for each bout they receive CC equal to the total points they earned divided by a constant...something like seven or five, because the upper threshold of points per bout (assuming the ref is an idiot) is about 18 or so for singles*. CC payment is NOT rounded until the end of the challenge. Let me repeat; refs add the total decimal amount of all the challenger's CC earned this way together at the end of the challenge, and only then do they round it. To make this easier, refs store the points the challenger earned in each bout in their reffing posts (or whatever you call them); that way, you just have to add them all up and divide the total by seven or whatever number gets chosen. For doubles, this is a different, higher number because doubles are harder to sub/combo for (about ten?). Either way, if you get a KO, then you treat that bout as if you received the Theoretical Maximum Points (18 for singles and 24 for doubles; see Math below for an explanation of this). ALT; if the above method results in players getting way too much CC no matter what divisor you use, scrap it and just stick with the normal payouts from Hall/Subway/other Frontier facilities.
-If you consistently keep up with your in-character roleplaying, you get 1 extra CC per match for the first six matches, .5 extra CC for the six matches after that, and .25 extra CC for any matches after that (rounded down).
-Because the CC load is higher than other facilities, if you lose to the Stage, you have to wait seven days to rechallenge, instead of three like in other facilities. If you win against the Stage Manager (hehe), you can challenge again right away.
-The ref's mons are selected from the same list as the battle arcade/new list eventually. Ref always sends out first, then player. In the first bout, the player selects first on the first round. On the subsequent bouts, the loser of the previous bout moves second (/first if it is more advantageous to go first/either or at the loser's discretion).
-Most of the NPCs at the Battle Stage are very peppy, very happy to be with their pokemon and be there on the stage. Roleplaying Stage Manager Deckknight, however, is a lot like roleplaying Thorton from the Gen IV Battle Factory - very serious, very focused (but at the same time not robotic or socially inept). He many not be all like "Yah, teamwork!", but at the same time he doesn't treat his pokemon like crap or demean their accomplishments - "That was a case of poor planning. I'd better think my next actions through carefully./Okay, here's what we'll do." He doesn't let his emotions show very much either way. For example, at the beginning of a battle, he might say; "Hello, I'm DeckKnight, the Stage Manager here. I see your <name of Pokemon> has been doing very well this evening. I'll have to keep my eye on him this match./What do you say if I let my <name of Pokemon> go first?" During the match, he's likely to start thinking aloud as he moves, as in, "Squeaky, you have a type advantage against <player>'s two remaining 'mons. You go next.", or before the third bout, "I think I've got your battle style figured out. Kurama, finish this match strong." He's more comfortable with straight-laced battling than with the sort of creative roleplaying that would net him Soul Points - he'll do it, but he'll say something like, "I'm not sure if this will work, but-" or "I hope this turns out okay," after ordering. After the player looses, he's apt to give them tips about why they lost and what he'd have done in his/her place. If he looses his first match against you in the streak, he'll say something like, "Hm. I've never been beaten quite like that before. I know I'm not the most charismatic of battlers, so I'll make this short, but I have a few words to say before I exit. I don't have it in me to be an actor. I'm much more comfortable behind a camera or setting up props. Yet I still took the job when Producer Fantina moved to Sinnoh, and I'd like to think I've done pretty well here. See, the Battle Stage isn't all about glamour and glitz. Underneath the makeup, you've got to have brains. Keep that in mind, and I'm sure you'll do fine at our next match." In subsequent rematches, he may talk about how he's plain, but it doesn't matter because the Pokemon are the real stars of the show, or about how the personality of an actor differs with that of a crewmember and how that relates to his battling style. Note that Deckknight (or any other character) doesn't get Soul points from in-character talk.

*The maximum points possible without using combos or roleplay is 18 - six from six actions of highest scoring plus two for winning Mind, six from six actions of using every move you said you would plus two for winning Skill, plus two for winning Body. 18/7 = 2.57 & change, 18/5 = 3.60. If you use a different combo every single action besides cooldowns, and the ref consistently gives you 3 points for Soul, and the ref attacks you during your cooldowns, and the ref hits himself or something to let you win Skill, then the max points you can get is 3 points for dealing more damage with your combos, plus nothing 'cause you tied with the ref in Mind, plus 3 for using the attacks you said you would plus two for winning Skill, plus two for winning Body, plus three Soul points for every combo you used times three, minus one because you used three combos, which is still eighteen.
In doubles, the maximum points you can get without using combos is 24 - six for having a pokemon that deals the most damage all six actions plus two for taking the Mind category, plus six and six again for having both pokemon pull off all their original orders, plus two for taking the Skill category, plus two for having the pokemon that takes the Body category, adds up to 24. 24/10 = 2.4, 24/6.67 = 3.6 If both pokemon use totally original, never-before-seen, blow-your-fucking-mind combos on alternating turns, and the pokemon that combos A2 instead of A1 uses a move on A1 so that it gets the Skill point for that action, then the total is six for having a pokemon that deals the most damage each round plus 2 for the Mind Bonus, plus three Skill points for the pokemon that combos first plus four Skill points for the pokemon that combos second (because it uses a move before it combos, it gets the Skill points for that), plus 2 for somehow getting the Skill bonus, plus two for getting the Body bonus, plus three three-point Soul bonuses for each of your two pokemon, minus one for the third and fourth combos, minus two for the fifth and sixth combos is twenty-five. Keep in mind that all of these are the theoretical maximums only; you're NEVER going to get these unless you're stupid lucky, your pokemon are stupid powerful, you're stupid clever, and your ref is stupid stupid.

Arena - Battle Stage: Fantina Theater
Type - Neutral
Complexity - Simple
Move Restrictions - None
Basically, ASB arena with a slightly different design. I'll add more flavor text later.

-I suspect some refs will be more lenient with awarding points in the Soul category than others. Once (if) this gets going and has been up for awhile, do your homework on what refs are the most easily impressed.
-Word your subs carefully. If you have two actions of sleep left and you're slower, don't say "Snore-Sleep Talk-Snore/IF you wake up, replace with X-Y-Z starting on the turn you woke up on"; try saying "X-Y-Z/If you are asleep, replace with Snore A1, Sleep Talk A2, and Snore A3". If you wake up earlier because of damage received, more of your original order is carried out. Pushing back your actions still counts as you performing your original order successfully - if you have to push back your actions once, you still get 2 points from the actions you did perform.
-Commands readily available in the Player's Handbook or DAT don't count as roleplays (you can't claim that an evasive Dig or Teleport was a roleplay action).
-Body is based off of both HP and EN. While Chill and Recover moves may net you a -1 in Mind, if you can pick up the +2 for taking the Body category you're still ahead.
-Doubles is a bit interesting. It may be better to have one pokemon be the heavy-hitter that picks up the Mind bonus, and partner it with a status inducer to keep the opponent from dealing damage/statusing, or a DH and a large, defensively aligned 'mon that can use Bodyblock to preserve the Body Bonus.
-The -2 same-combo bonus counts between bouts; if you use Powder Snow+Blizzard in one bout, you'll get a penalty if you use it again in the next. The -1 bonus for using more than two combos doesn't count between bouts, but it does count between pokemon in Doubles. These two penalties stack just like the consecutive-move energy penalty. Break the same-combo penalty and it's two per repeat offence (ie, if you use one combo four times and another one three, you get -18 (2+4+6=12+2+4=6+12=18) instead of -30 (2+4+6+8+10=30)). Break the 2-combo penalty and it increases by 1 for every two combos (ie, for the third and fourth combo, it costs you -1 each, for the fifth and sixth combos, it costs you -2 each).

Notes: I've tried to put a great deal of strategic decision-making into this. Comboing someone nearly guarantees you the Mind for that round, but can you afford loosing both the Mind and Skill points the next, or are you confident enough that it will get a KO? Do you go for an offense-oriented team to maximize your Mind points and per-bout CC bonus, or do you try to chip away at your opponent's Skill points with Taunts and status to get a higher winning streak? If you're asleep, do you construct your subs to say, "IF asleep, do this", or "IF awake, do this"? I really like this combo, and I know I can get some good Soul out of it - but will Cyclohm need it in the future more than Conkledurr does right now? My hope is that the Battle Stage will appeal to all players of ASB in spite of its focus on roleplaying.

Apologies if I haven't included enough information. I'm accessing the forums from a Kindle (original Kindle, with the E-paper screen and all), and the browser on the Kindle can't open multiple windows, so I can't access the new Data Audit Tables, I can't ctr-F search the old ones, and it does some other funky things on me (like I can't view the CAP pokedex pages, and it refreshes at weird times on forum pages).
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This definitely needs to be a separate post.

Contest Hall
-Contests are based mostly off of the Hoenn Contests and not the Sinnoh Super-Contests (with which I am not in the least bit familiar)
-You face off against three opponents in five rounds. You use two moves a round against these opponents to try to gain appeal points, and whoever has the most appeal points at the end of the five rounds wins.
-Moves that do not have a Hoenn Contest use (Gen IV and later) cannot initially be used; however, over time there will be a Data Audit Contest Table. Move function will be based off of similarity to other moves (ie, Spikey Shield prevents the user from being startled, plus it removes 2 appeal points from Pokemon who try).
-There is an Excitement Level that represents how pumped up the audience is. As you use moves of the Contest Type you've entered, the excitement level builds, from 0 up to 5. Indifferent moves don't affect this; non-complimentary-type moves lower the EL by one (but never below 0) and give a 2-point deduction. Battle Combos do not raise the excitement level. When you use a move that gets the EL to 5, you get six extra points attached to your appeal, and the EL goes back to 0.
-Moves have two scores that function like Base Attack Power; the Appeal Power and the Jam Power. Moves with a Jam power of greater than 0 lower the appeal score of other pokemon (some can be targeted to a specific pokemon; others target the current leader or all pokemon).
--Jam Powers affect your entire Combined Appeal, not just the appeal this round. You can earn a negative appeal score because of Jams and lose appeal points from your total.
-Some moves can startle the pokemon behind them, making that mon unable to use appeals that action. For nearly all of these moves, you can also select a specific target to startle, so that the next time that opponent moves, it is unable to (whether that next move is this action or the next depends on whether or not you move before that opponent).
-You can use Contest Combos the same way you do in the games - by using one move the first action and another move on the subsequent action. The Appeal Power of the second move in the combo is doubled. Combos are limited (for now) to the moves on the Bulbapedia page.
-You can also use Battle Combos - those familiar things from Smogon's ASB. These have an increased Appeal Power (and it is increased even more if the moves are a Contest Combo, though you can't chain a Battle Combo into a Contest Combo, as in Sunny Day->Weather Ball + Weather Ball), they produce the effect of both moves (if there is an anti-startling effect, then the effect carries on through the Cooldown action), they increase the EL by two if both moves are of the same CT, and by one if at least one of the moves is of the same CT. However, your RBS temporarily decreases by one both during the combo (the increased move power offsets this) and during your cooldown phase, so beware of people trying to jam you after you use a combo.
-Energy does not exist in Contests. If you use a move twice in a row, you get a consecutive -2 appeal that stacks just like the consecutive energy cost, and the move does not affect the EL. Some highly appealing moves may up this to -3. Chill is a Cool-type move with 2 appeal that prevents startling. Other commands, like Body Block or Drought, can be used and have appropriate Contest effects, but these commands cannot be used in Battle Combos.
-When making substitutions, you can use the same categories as in battles. You can also use the Appeal Power, Jam Power, and Contest type as move categories (use "Jam Power is greater than 0" to include any moves that Jam). In addition, you can specify "moves that prevent surprise", and "moves that cause surprise". However, you cannot make a substitution based off of the Excitement Level of the audience ("If the EL is greater than 3 when you would move, use X instead" is not legal), nor can you use OR to specify multiple Contest types ("If the pokemon before me uses a Cool Move OR a Cute Move" is not legal). "
--Moves that affect the position of a Pokemon in the roster take effect on the next round, not the next action.
-Unlike in normal combat, orders are made in the order that the pokemon's appeals are made (so if your pokemon moves first in the appeals, you have to send in your orders first.)
-Natures have an affect on Contests as well. Essentially, they increase or decrease the effects of any Appeals or Jams you use, as well as increase or decrease your vulnerability to Jams made against you, depending on your Nature and whether that Nature helps or hinders the Contest type of the Appeal or Jam.
-Since not all Pokemon can Megavolve, the process has been deemed to be an unfair advantage to those that can, despite how cool, beautiful, cute, smart, tough, and/or awesome-looking these forms may be. Thus, the carrying of any Megastone is strictly forbidden in a Contest environment.
--ALT: In Contests where Megastones are for some reason allowed, the use of a Mega Transformation takes up an action and raises the EL by one regardless. Each Megavolution has a Contest type it is associated with (Megavoir is Beautiful, Megaskan is Cute, MegaX2 is Tough, MegaY2 is Beautiful, ect); if a Megavolution is used in a Contest that it is good in (Megario in a Tough Contest), it boosts the EL by 2 instead. If, by doing this, the EL would climb to 6, the pokemon gets 10 appeal points instead of 6 for letting the EL peak. While that pokemon remains Megavolved, the Appeal and Jam Power of all moves that match the Megavolution's Contest Type is increased by 1. After two rounds, including the round you transformed on, you transform back and cannot Megavolve again for the rest of the Contest. If you transformed on R2A1, then you stay transformed for R2A2, R3A1, and R3A2; if you transformed on the second action of the second roung then you only get to stay Megavolved during Round 3 (R3A1 and R3A2). De-Megavolving does not take an action. As a general rule, most Megavolutions are either Cool or Tough, and no Megavolutions that come from the same pokemon share the same Contest affiliation.
-Pokemon have additional, Contest-related stats that can be increased using Berry Candy. Each pokemon always gets rank 1 Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Tough stats to start with, which represent True Base Stats of 0.00 in all these categories (these stats are calculated in decimal form). Giving a pokemon a Berry Candy increases the true base stat in the area the candy represents; once you pass a certain threshold, the Rank Base Stat also increases. When holding a particular kind of contest (ie, Beauty), the initial turn order is decided by the pokemon with the highest TBS in that category (after the 1st round, the turn order is decided by appeal score, with the mon with the highest appeal score so far going first). If there is a tie, then the total True Base Stats of the tied pokemon are used to determine who goes first. (Preffered) Rank Base Stats function as attack and defense stats for the effectiveness of an appeal or a jam, and the defense formula is essentially identical; Appeal = Appeal Power + RBS bonus, and Jam = Jam Power + User's RBS bonus - Target's RBS bonus. All RBS bonuses are in the same stat as the Contest type of the move being used.
Appeal = (Appeal PowerxUser's Scarf Modifier + User's RBS bonus)xUser's Nature modifier + EL Bonus - Same Move Cost
Jam = (Jam PowerxTarget's Scarf Modifier + User's RBS bonus - Target's RBS)x((User's Nature Modifier+Target's Nature Modifier)/2)

Appeal/Jam Power - the listed amount that the move affects the user or any targets of the move. If you use a move that is part of a Contest Combo and you used the set-up move for that combo on the previous action, the Appeal Power is doubled.
User - the pokemon using the move
Target - the pokemon from whom appeal points are being deducted
RBS Bonus - Calculated the same way as Attack and Defense in the normal Damage Formula (add 1.5 for every RBS rank below five and 1 for every RBS above five, I think).
Nature Modifier - Natures affect Contest Stats in a similar way to how they affect normal stats, but their effects are calculated differently. For the Appeal, this is 1.1 if the nature is positive towards the stat, 0.9 if the nature is negative, and 1 if it does not affect it. Jams are a bit different. For the User, the bonus is 1.2 if nature boosts it, 0.8 if it harms the move, and 1 if the nature is neutral to it. For the Target, the bonus is 0.8 if the nature boosts it (so if the Target has an affinity for that Contest type because of its nature, the Jam does less damage), 1.2 if the nature harms it, and 1 if the nature is neutral to it.

Combined Nature Bonus (Jams)
Target|| User Plus Neutral Minus
Plus 1 .9 .8
Neutral 1.1 1 .9
Minus 1.2 1.1 1
So if the Target's Nature means it's weak in that stat and the User's Nature means it's strong in that stat, the Combined Nature modifier is 1.2, and the Jam is 20% stronger.
Scarf Modifier - Colored Scarves like the Red Scarf affect the success of Appeals and Jams. The Red Scarf is associated with Coolness, and Coolness complements Beauty and Toughness, but has no effect on Cuteness or Smartness. When a pokemon is holding a Red Scarf and uses a Cool move (move that is the same type as the scarf), it gains 10% more appeal points, meaning that the Scarf Modifier in the Appeal Formula is 1.1: when a pokemon tries to jam a pokemon holding a Red Scarf with either a Cute or a Smart (ie, non-complimentary) move, that pokemon looses 10% more appeal points, and the Scarf Modifier in the Jam Formula is 1.1 as well.
EL Bonus - Excitement Level. If you use a move that causes the Excitement Level to reach 5, this is 6. If you use a move that causes the Excitement Level to drop, this is -2. Otherwise, it is 0.
Same Move Cost - Most moves lose 2 appeal every time you use them consecutively. Some moves (those described as "highly appealing" lose 3. Essentially, this is 2{or 3}x(times move has been repeated consecutively-1). The first time you use a move, this is 2x(1-1)=2x0=0. The third time you use it in a row, it's 2x(3-1)=2x2=4.

For Battle Combos, the rules are exactly the same as in normal battles (Appeal Powerx2.25 if it's a same-move combo, ect.) When using a Contest Combo inside a Battle Combo (Sunny Day+Weather Ball), the Appeal/Jam of the second move is multiplied by 1.5 before calculating the power of the Battle Combo).

--ALT: True Base Stats are determined the same way, but RBSes don't exist. Rather, TBSes are used in a "Condition Round" beforehand, where the pokemon with the highest TBS is given 10 appeal points to add on to their appeal score. The other pokemon are given points out of ten according to how close they come to the lead pokemon's base stat. IE, the ratio of the points that pokemon receives to ten is equal to the ratio of the pokemon's base stat to the leader's base stat (so if the lead has 112 Beauty, and your pokemon has 101 [or about 90% of the leader's] Beauty, you get 9 points). This score is floored (rounded up), like the calculations for speed. When making Berry Candies under this method, the boost given to the type your nature prefers is increased by 10% before the complimentary flavor boost.
-Berry Candy is made by boiling the sap of the berry. The more berries you use, the more flavor you can pack in. Each pokemon has a Hunger stat between 1 and 5 4/9ths (because of the way the math works, Hunger is calculated in fractions of nine) that indicates how much berries it can eat before being full. You can make Berry Candy with anywhere from 1 to 10 berries, but there is an inverse relationship. You can feed a pokemon 10 candies made with 1 berry apiece, or 50 candies made with 10 berries apiece. The higher the rank, the more of them you can feed to your pokemon. Each candy has a "fill" value based off of the number of berries you put in; these values are listed here. You can't feed a Berry Candy to a pokemon if its Fill value, added to its Hunger value, would exceed 50.
Rank Fill Max Candies (given that you feed your mon only candies of this rank)
0 5 4/9 9*
1 5 10
2 4 5/9 14
3 4 1/9 18
4 3 2/3 23
5 3 2/9 27
6 2 7/9 32
7 2 1/3 36
8 1 8/9 41
9 1 4/9 45
10 1 50
*rounded down.
If more than 1/3rd of all berries inputted into a candy are identical, then the berry suffers a 1 rank demotion (this is the only way you can get a rank 0 candy). If 2/3rds of all berries inputted into a candy are the same berry, the candy suffers another 1-rank drop, and a further 1-rank drop occurs when all berries inputted into a candy are of the same type. The only exceptions to this are if the number of total berries is less than three (1-berry candies cannot be dropped this way, and 2-berry candies are dropped to 0-rank if you use two of the same candy), or equal to ten. In that case, you are allowed to use up to four of the same type of berries without penalty, but only with one type of berry (you can have 4-3-3, but not 4-4-2, or 5-3-2). Since the penalty applies at greater than 1/3, not at greater then or equal to, you can use 3-3-3 when cooking a 9-berry candy without penalty.
-Each berry affects at least one of the five flavors/contest types when making candy with it. The max the candy affects the TBS of a particular stat is found by averaging the changes of all the berries in the candy (tables to be provided later; the standard increase for a single stat for a berry is 5). A flavor gives a 1% boost to complimentary flavors in the mix after all calculations, rounded to two decimal places, always up (So if the Beauty boost from a candy is 2.4, it will also boost Cool and Beauty stats by .03 each).
Math: (5 + 2*(0.01*5))*50 = 255, the maximum base stat. If you consistently mixed together 10 berries together each time to produce a single candy that gives a 5 boost in a stat and its complimentary stats (cool, beauty, and cute, say), you'd be able to get the one complemented by both up to 255, and the other two up to 252.5. This is with the most basic of berries, mind you; more complex and expensive berries raise multiple stats by larger amounts, and this can lead to greater TBS totals. Also, if you try to use only basic berries to raise the BST, you won't be able to get a 5.10-stat candy without going over the 1/3rd limit. Basically, save your Lum berries for something else.
-Note that if you max out a stat and you still have usable Hunger left, you can still feed a pokemon a candy that raises the maxed-out stat; it just won't affect that stat.
A typical candy would look something like this (don't have the berries handy, but math is assuming Oran is +5 Cool, Lum is +5 Cool and +5 Beauty, Persim is +5 Beauty, and all cost 2CC for 5 to buy);
[img]Purple Candy Sprite[/img]
[b]Purple Candy
Information:[/b] It's definitely spicy, but also definitely bitter.
[indent]x3 Oran
x3 Lum
x3 Persim[/indent]
[b]Total Value:[/b] (optional; cost of buying the number of berries used in the recipe. Helps with trading) 3.6 CC
[b]Stat Gain[/b]
[indent]Cool: 3.03
Beauty: 3.03
Cute: 0.03
Smart: 0
Tough: 0.03
Fill: 1 4/9[/indent]

If you want to RP the candy descriptions, here are some charts.
Stat Flavor Color
Cool Spicy Red
Beauty Bitter Blue
Cute Sweet Pink
Smart Sour? Green
Tough Salty? Yellow
If more than one stat dominates:
Cool+Beauty Purple
Cool+Cute Magenta
Cool+Smart Dark Green
Cool+Tough Orange
Beauty+Cute Light Pink
Beauty+Smart Teal
Beauty+Tough Beige
Cute+Smart Maroon
Cute+Tough Crimson
Smart+Tough Light Yellow
3+ flavors Brown

If there are more than three flavors and the Stat Gain for each type is at least 5, then the color of the candy is gold.

If Stat Up is: Say:
<0 (Nothing)
>1 It is slightly _
>2 It is a bit _
>3 It is definitely _
>4 It is very _
>5 It is extremely _
If three or four flavors are mixed that grant about the same stat change, say "It's a blend of _, _, (_,) and _. It is _ tasty." If five flavors are present of about the same stat change, say, "It's a mix of flavors. I can't tell what's what!"

-If you get a single TBS up to 255, you can claim the appropriate Contest Scarf (Red Scarf, Blue Scarf, ect). These scarves increase the Appeal Power of all moves of that type by 10%, they have no effect on complimentary moves, and they increase your vulnerability to Jam moves of the non-complimentary types by 10% (you lose 10% more Appeal points from Jams). You can claim one scarf from one maxed-out stat from one pokemon (so you can't claim multiple scarves from one pokemon). You can claim as many scarves as you like from as many contest categories as you like (there's nothing saying, "No, you have 15 Red Scarves, you can't have another one"). Scarves can be traded, as can Berry Candies.
-Much like the Prize-claiming thread, there will be (if approved) a Berry Crusher thread associated with making Berry Candies. Players who wish to increase their pokemon's contest stats post the berries they're using (ie, Hondew x3, Qualot x3, Pomeg x4), the effects this has on their inventory, the math for the candy produced, indicate the pokemon they wish to feed the candy to, and detail the effects on that pokemon's Hunger and TBSes (Alt, a player can simply claim the candy for his profile so he can consume it later). Refs - or mods, or however Prize Claims works - then check the math and approve the claim. The Contest Scarves may also be claimed here. You could make 50 candies in one post, but doing too many at once would probably just piss off a mod or something.
-If you change the Nature of your pokemon, it also resets the pokemon's Hunger and TBSes all the way down to 0.
-Contests come in four ranks against computer-controlled opponents. Normal rank opponents have RBSes no more than 2, Super rank opponents are no higher than 5, Hyper goes no higher than 7, and there are no limits on the Master class.
Refs determine the True Base Stats for NPC 'mons via a dice roll/ You roll the TBS for the type of contest first; then you use the upper threshold of the rank below the one the TBS fell in as the max as you roll the other base stats. For an Ultra Contest, the upper threshold for a base stat is 173, so you roll a whole number between 0 and 173. Say you roll a 123 for a Beauty Contest, making Beauty's RBS a 5. Now you're limited to rolling between 0 and 115 (which is the upper threshold of rank 4) to pick the rest of the stats. TBSs for NPCs are always whole numbers. Natures are also rolled randomly, but natures that boost the stat of the Contest are weighted so that they are more likely to appear and natures that hinder the stat of the Contest are weighted so that they are less likely to appear.

There are two characters in Contests; the Judge and the Audience. The Audience responds to the EL Counter (ie, "The audience is bursting with anticipation," "The audience goes wild," "The audience is dissapointed"), and the Judge dealas with Contest Combos ("The judge is watching <name> with interest") and anything else that may crop up.

-People are also able to request a Contest against three other players, either in the Battle Tower or a new thread called the Contest Hall. You must respect the rules and level restrictions of the contest you are entering; you cannot enter a pokemon with any RBS over 7 in a Hyper Contest, say.
--ALT: Contests are requested in the Battle Tower/Contest Hall against four opponents; there is no Battle Hall-like provision for fighting three ref-controlled opponents. It might not be possible for the ref to roleplay for three separate parties with three separate interests (it's one thing to order for the NPCs in a TLR Triple Battle; it's something else to give three different characters an equal chance of winning). This is probably more likely to be approved.
-The standard arena for Contests is the Contest Hall, which is basically identical to the Standard ASB arena except for the fact that it has a judge and an audience. When challenging other players to a Contest, you can also use a custom arena, such as found in the Arena Compendium, or create your own and list it there.
This is what it looks like when you request a Contest.

Requesting a Cute Super Contest against anyone who's willing.
Contest: Cute
Rank: Super (RBS no higher than 5)
Megavolves: No
Scarves: Yes
Substitutions: 2
Arena: Standard Contest Hall

"Vanilla" Contest rules are No Megavolving, Scarves allowed, 2 substitutions, and Standard Contest Hall as the arena.

-Contests don't grant any Evolution Credits, Move Credits, or Dream/Ability Credits. Instead, contestants just get straight CC. Say...10 for winning, 5 for second place, 2 for third, and 1 for "thanks for showing up, a******" at the Normal Rank. Higher ranks have higher payouts, like...50 for winning, 15 for second place, 7 for third, and 4 for "wow, that was embarrasing." Having a full moveset gains you no extra CC. If you have the stats and movepool to sucesfully compete in higher classes, then you get more CC from that anyway. OR; issue SC - Show Credits - instead of CC. They can buy everything CC can except Universal Credits. The reason for not issuing EC/MC/DC is simple; it's a trade-off. You simply can't evolve, gain a new ability, or learn new moves in a Contest (or if you get CC, it becomes incredibly expensive to do so, at 8CC=1UC and 1UC=1EC, MC, or DC), but it gives you oodles of cash, especially at higher contest levels, which helps for making Berry Candy (considering you need 500 berries to properly max out a pokemon's Hunger). Battles give you those other types of credits, but they won't get you as much CC.

Berry Candy also has this decision-making process. See, it may be more economical to use cheaper, lower-quality berries to max out just the stats for the contest you're competing in, but this may leave you vulnerable to Jams (especially since Jams aren't affected by the rules of complimentary contest types that affect Appeals. You can Jam a pokemon in a Beauty Contest with a Tough move for up to 15 if your Tough Stat is maxed and theirs isn't, and still come out ahead after the non-complimentary -2 is applied against your appeal). Scarves also have this; I fully expect to see Pokemon use Blue or Yellow Scarves in Cool Contests, even though the "correct" scarf is the Red Scarf. The Blue and Yellow Scarves boost the appeal of moves that compliment Cool (Beauty and Toughness, respectively), but they don't make you as vulnerable to Jams of the same types as the Red (Blue isn't vulnerable to Cute and Yellow isn't vulnerable to Smart). This may force them to use a move that doesn't lower the EL if they want to jam you. Also in the same vein, the process of maxing out the Excitement Level, especially when you can't sub for it, is much more interesting, and move building and nature selection isn't as simple as "load up with as many moves of that category as you can find." Unlike in the in-game Contests, the vulnerability mechanics means that you can't just focus on bringing as many appeal points as you possibly can; Jamming your opponents is a viable strategy because it isn't affected by the Contest Type or by the same-move penalty, and controlling which opponent gets the EL boost is very important; bringing moves that are only of the type you entered means that you can't make the counter stop or go down. Even the optional mechanic of Megavolving isn't so straight-forward as it seems. Getting the most out of a Megavolve means timing the EL just right, or else you risk helping your opponents. Most players will be encouraged to play their Megavolution on the first action of a round if possible to give them an extra action of appeals; this makes it harder for the player going first (usually the point leader) to max the EL and easier for the player going last (usually the underdog). And unlike normal pokemon, the fact that each Megavolution is keyed to a specific type means that a Megavolving pokemon who rocks in Contests may not (usually not) have the Nature to win enough battles to continue fleshing out their movepools. Essentially, the metagame for these Contests is a can of worms, and if there's anything Smogon loves more than life itself, it's the metagame. Yes, it's going to be a lot of work to impliment this, especially considering that you'd need to build an entirely new DAT just for Contests. But the metagame will be fucking SWEET. Or, should I say, fucking COOL.
Bodyblock - 0/0 Appeal/Jam, Tough. If the Bodyblocking pokemon is at least 1 size class bigger than a pokemon that moves after it in the appeals, it can prevent the move of that pokemon from being carried out, and the Bodyblocking pokemon takes the effects of all Jams leveled against the target of Bodyblock that round.
The commands Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning can be substituted for Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm, and Hail in any Contest Combo.
Sample Contest Combos
Coil, Wrap, Bind, any order
Confide, then Frustration or Return
Play Nice/Play Rough, any order
Agility, then Quiver Dance
Magnet Rise, then Body Slam or Sky Drop
Withdraw, then Shell Smash

Sample Megavolve Contest Preferences (If it's debatable what Contest a form prefers, go with the form that hinders that pokemon in battle. Cool is associated with Attack, so if you have a pokemon with a form that could be either Cool or Tough and it is horrible at physical attacking in either base or Mega form, go with Cool. If the trainer wants to stack the Mega Boost with the Nature Boost in a Contest, he'll have to deal with a useless nature when it comes time to battle).
MegazardX - Cool/Tough
MegazardY - Cool/Tough
Megasaur (Venusaur) - Smart/Tough
Megastoise (Blastoise) - Smart/Tough
Megamphros (Ampharos) - Cute
Megaskan - Cute
Megario - Tough
Megachomp (Garchomp) - Tough
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Just posting to let you know that I am aware of the propositions and I intend to give you a proper feedback as soon as I have the time to read the entire thing with calm and attention (I've been busy as hell on the last couple of weeks and this is massive).

But I will go ahead and say it: I really like the idea of a tower defense RP. If you manage to make it work, it seems lovely. But I still need to mull over the details to give you something more...concrete, k?
Gem – Gem Caves - Seems fairly interesting, but is rather vague at the moment. Give us some more detail, and then we can consider it for a test run. details needed
Gem Caves

thought it would be a cool and rewarding idea for a RP
Concept: Gem Caves


this is an area where you take in a specific Pokemon and you mine with that pokemon to get certain gems and other items. you mine through the stone wall with 300 HP. Every round, a cave pokemon will come and fight you as you attack the wall. every 5 rounds, a stronger pokemon will come and join the fray. once you break the wall, a room with various gems, fossils, and other items is revealed. You get 1 gem for every cave pokemon killed and 5 gems for every boss pokemon killed. Gems can be used to items from the gem shop.

1 pokemon
cave pokemon are at % HP and stats. they will also be LC pokemon
boss pokemon are at 75% HP and stats. they will also be FE pokemon
unlimited recoveries and chills

more rules will come, this is just to get the idea down.
So, this idea wasn't given up. I've been working on it (slowly and steadily) for a while now. tons of stuff was thought of over the past few months. So, let us begin.


The gist of the entire RP is that the enemies will come at you as you try and mine down the wall to get to the rewards. However, certain events and pokemon will prove to be difficult to deal with over time.


The match format will be a 2 v X format. The challenger begins by sending in their two pokemon, and the ref will RNG some pokemon from a list.

example: If i'm traveling in the Mt. Coronet dungeon, there will be pokemon such as clefairy, zubat, and geodude (and more, but i'll keep this short for example's sake). at the start of the battle, the ref will RNG in a weaker mon (these are mostly LC). Then, at the end of the round, there will be another RNG'd mon that enters.

The weaker mons mentioned earlier are /much/ weaker than normal. This is to ensure that the ref does not have too too many pokemon to deal with, and also to give the battler a chance at victory. In general, these pokemon will have about 25-40 HP, and they will also have an extremely limited moveset. For example, a Machop normally have TMs and tutor moves, but in this dungeon, it may only know low sweep, thunderpunch, and dynamicpunch.

The stronger mons will appear every 5 rounds or so, depending on the dungeon. These mons will be some NFEs, and some FE's. They will have approxamately 75% of their normal HP, and a more expanded movepool.

The final boss pokemon is spawned after the wall is defeated. Usually, the final boss will be a combination of pokemon at full stregnth, that you have to defeat (it will 99% of the time be just them, and no other pokemon) in order to access the rewards.

This isn't the end of it, however. The difficulty will scale with how much health the wall has at that specific time. so if (this is a terrible example, bear with me) the wall starts at 300 hp, it may spawn a graveler as a boss mon, but maybe later it will spawn a golem. Traps and other random (or move triggered) events will occur, like using earthquake will cause a pile of rock to block the wall, effectively "healing" it for 50 HP. Another example is if the wall hits a lower HP, there will be a lava flow inside a magma-themed cave, incurring a round limit to finish destroying the wall and defeat the final boss.


we will base the themes off landmarks in the Pokemon world, and also different enviornments that one could see. the dungeons will consist of:
Mt. Pyre
Mt. coronet
Shoal Cave
Cerulean cave
Chargestone Cave
Victory road
...and more


the tentative reward formula for refs will be 2 + rounds reffed / 3 = UC

The reward for players will be Gems. They will obtain one gem for every weak pokemon they defeat, and three gems for every stronger mon that they defeat. The final rewards room also has many gems for completing the dungeon, and also some other items such as Gems (obviously), fossils (can be redeemed at Gem shop for fresh pokemon with a little MC), and items like everstones, nuggets, and in some instances berries.

There will also be a gem -> UC exchange rate set up, depending on how the mods see the rewards as.

Just posting to let you know that I am aware of the propositions and I intend to give you a proper feedback as soon as I have the time to read the entire thing with calm and attention (I've been busy as hell on the last couple of weeks and this is massive).

But I will go ahead and say it: I really like the idea of a tower defense RP. If you manage to make it work, it seems lovely. But I still need to mull over the details to give you something more...concrete, k?
Oh, well that's a relief, because I have more.

Berry Plot
-Each player has a thread for their Berry Plot, just like they have for Battle Halls and stuff.
-In this thread, the Ref sets up an ASCII chart depicting a 6x6 plot for laying out berries.
-You must use a pokemon to care for the berries you plant here. This pokemon can't be used in other battles; however, the act of having a Berry Field open does not count as an open battle, so you can have three (three, right?) battles open and still use your Berry Field. Do note that smaller and less-evolved pokemon tend to do well here, so the fact that you can't use that pokemon in Contest Halls, Battle Tower battles, Frontier Facilities, and Roleplays isn't necessarily a limiting factor; you are perfectly capable of buying a cheap Plot Slave (hehe, plot sounds like pot) for the express purpose of using it here.
-You spend one round planting berries from your private stock here in as many places as you want; then you can start tending.
-You can only tend plants directly adjacent to the space your pokemon is on, in any of the eight direction.
-The ref rolls various afflictions that can befall your plants. The more plants you have growing, the more likely it is that an affliction will appear on the board.
-Each round has three actions that you can spend watering, fertilizing, picking off pests, pulling weeds, spraying insecticide, spraying herbicide, picking berries from fully-grown plants, planting new berries on an empty spot, and moving. There' real need for substitutes, as this isn't a battle, nor can you use moves, nor is there energy of any sort being expended here, so no chills/recovers.
--Berry Plants have a health of 5 that decreases when they have an affliction. Watering heals plants by 1, and Fertilizing heals plants by 2, up to a maximum health of 8. If the health goes below -2, the plant dies; if the plant's health is at or below 0, the plant won't yield any berries, and if the plant isn't fully grown yet, watering a plant whose health is < 0 will bring its health to 1 and fertilizing it will heal it to 2.
--Insects and Weeds are two afflictions that can harm your plant. Both decrease the health of the plant by .5 every action. At the end of each round, these afflictions will spread to one neighboring space. Weeds can infect unoccupied spaces, but Insects can only spread to spaces with a berry on them. Weeds are about 10% more likely (2/9 instead of 1/8)* to spread to a space that has been fertilized this round, and bugs are more likely to spread to a space that has just been watered. There are two ways of getting rid of these things; tender loving care, or chemical warfare. Picking off insects or digging up weeds is done to a single adjacent space, one plant per action; spraying down insecticide or herbicide is done to three spaces in a row, all adjacent to you, with the middle space being adjacent to you in a cardinal direction. IE,
Are all legal, where U is the user's space and Xes are the spaces to be sprayed. These sprays also prevent those spaces from being infected by that affliction (ie, herbicide doesn't stop insects) for two rounds after. However, they also lower the health of the plants they're used on by two. Fertilizing a spot with herbicide or watering a spot with insecticide cancels out the effect of that particular pesticide, but does not increase the vulnerability of that particular square.
--After five rounds, the berries are done, and can be picked. The health of the plant affects its berry production; for each full health point the berry has when it's being picked, you get one berry. Berries last for two rounds before composting back into the earth. Note that just because a plant is ready to be picked doesn't mean that it will not be afflicted by weeds and pests, but it does mean that you can't heal the plant.
-You'd think you'd be able to get a lot of berries from a 6x6 plot. However, if you fill in all 36 spots with berries, you wouldn't be able to move, and all your plants would be eaten by pests and choked by weeds. As stated before, you can act on any adjacent plant, even diagonally adjacent ones. However, you can move only in the four cardinal directions. You can move up to six spaces in one action, so long as each space you go to is either north, south, east, or west of the space you just left. If you step on a berry plant, you will kill it (Damn you Minecraft!), so laying out a crop plot that allows you easy access to all of your plants is key. Weeds are too hardy to trample, and are not affected by your passage, even if they occupied the same space as a berry plant when you trampled it.
-Also note that the size class of your pokemon is important. Size classes 1-3 take up just one space, size classes 4-6 take up four spaces (2x2), and size class 7 pokemon take up a whopping nine spaces (3x). Pokemon step on every space between them and their target; thus, a SC5 pokemon moving along board, from the starting position denoted by S to the final position noted by F, as shown below:
Would step on every space marked with an X; if any of the spaces marked with a symbol other than an O had a berry plant on them, those plants would be crushed. Flying or Levitating pokemon don't get a pass on this. Also note than a pokemon with a footprint greater than one can reach any square touching its footprint, plus the diagonal squares.
Additionally, pokemon with a footprint of greater than 1 can spray weed killer or bug killer along one side of their square, plus on the two diagonal spaces, which makes the spray pattern look something like this for 2x2 footprint pokemon
for 3x3 footprint pokemon.
-Berry Tending doesn't end, really; you can continue to plant berries while waiting for others to grow (Note that the berries grow off of whole rounds; if you plant a berry on A1 of a round, then at the end of that round the berry has been growing for 1 round, but if you plant it on A2 or A3, it will have grown for 0 rounds by the end of that round). If you want to claim prizes, then you ask the ref to pause the game; the ref posts "Pausing game," calculates the growth of berries and spread of infections for one round, then posts these post-round stats and the rewards for you and him/her. After the prize claim, the field starts right back up where it left off, but you have the option to select a new pokemon to come in and tend the plot and let the one on the land now come back and participate in battles.
-Players get to keep any and all berries they pick in the plot. Refs get...I don't know what the average ref payout is, but let's say 1 UC every five rounds and 0.1 UC for every berry picked. Ref payout should be small, as there's no battle strategy, damage formulas, or roleplaying here; it's just jotting down numbers and rolling the invisible webdice.
-If you tire of your current plot, you can completely bulldoze it and start over with no weeds, no bugs, no plants, no nothing. You do get to keep your berries and such, and you can chose a new pokemon to tend the land and harvest berries.
Each square looks a little something like this (I don't do ASCII art, so I'm sorry);
| <PETAYA> |
| 2/6 2W 2F |
| Bugs 2H |
This indicates a Petaya berry that is in Stage 2 of its growth (or has been growing for 2 rounds), has 6 health, has just been Watered and Fertilized, is infested with Bugs, and has just had herbicide applied to it. 2I would indicate insecticide had just been applied, I or H would mean that the spray was applied last round and will wear off soon, W or F would indicate that the plant was watered or fertilized last round and the vulnerability will wear off after the weeds and bugs spread this round, Weeds would indicate that the space was infested with Weeds, <EMPTY> would indicate the space did not have a berry or a pokemon on it, and <JIGGY> would indicate that a Jigglypuff/Pokemon nicknamed Jiggy was occupying that space.

*The likelihood of an affliction being spread to any particular space is one plus one if it has been made to be more susceptible to infection or minus one if it has been sprayed, divided by the number of spaces to which it can spread plus the number of these spaces which have been made more susceptible to infection minus the number of spaces that have been immunized. So, say that you're rolling to determine which way a Weed goes, and five adjacent spaces have just been fertilized and one is under the effects of herbicide. The probability of the Weeds spreading to any one fertilized space is 2/12 (8+5-1=12), the probability of it spreading to any non-fertilized space is 1/12, and the probability of it spreading to the sprayed space is 0/12. If a bug-infested plant is adjacent to four other plants and one of them has just been watered, then the it has a 2/5 chance of spreading to the watered plant and a 1/5 chance of spreading to the unwatered plants. If the space you roll is already occupied by an infection, then that space just gets...reinfected, I suppose, and nothing really happens.

The whole reason for instituting this is to provide you with enough berries to make it easier to win at higher Contest levels without having to resort to tons of battling or grinding in the lower tiers. There's no lower limit on entering a Contest, but you're not likely to win if you use a rank-2 Abra in a Master Contest, and I would hate for Contests to be all "He who has the most money tells the others to suck it, bitch." Thus, if Contests aren't approved, or Contests are but the Berry Candy/TBS aspect of it is removed, this should not be given the same consideration I would otherwise wish for it to receive. Because Berries are pretty much useless in competitive battle in ASB, and unless you're making Berry Candy out of them or hoarding them for TLR (which isn't how TLR works anyway, if I'm not mistaken), there's no reason for you to have as many berries as a well-managed Berry Plot is capable of giving you.

ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO: It just occured to me that Contests could generate a vicious cycle of Berry buying, where people have to buy more berries to win more contests to buy more berries and so on. Very frustrating for anyone caught in that loop. Thus, IF both Contests and Berry Plots are approved, then SC (custom Contest currency described in the above post) should be amended so as to be identical to CC in every way except that it is unable to purchase either UC or berries. They can purchase any other item or any pokemon or be used for any other purpose that CC can be used for, but they can't be used to improve the pokemon you already have, either by buying them moves/abilities/evolutions or by buying them Berry Candy.

There are two ways you can indicate a space. Either you can use the coordinates of the space (as in Microsoft Paint, 1,1 is the top left space of the grid, while 6,6 is the bottom right square), or you can use compass directions (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE), with North being the top of the plot.
Plant(<berry> <square>) - plants that berry in that square. When ordering after creating a new plot, just say what berries you want in what grid coordinates.
Harvest(<square>) - picks the berry in that square.
Water(<square>) - waters the plant in that square, healing it for one and making it more likely that adjacent insects will infect it.
Fertilize(<square>) - fertilizes the plant in that square, healing it for two and making it more likely that adjacent weeds will infect it.
Dig(<square>) - removes weeds from that square.
Pluck(<square>) - removes bugs from that square.
Spray Herbicide(<direction>) - sprays weed killer in the listed direction. Remember, you can only spray pesticides north, south, east, and west.
Spray Insecticide(<direction>) - sprays bug killer in the listed direction. Remember, you can only spray pesticides north, south, east, and west.
Move(<x><direction>, <y><direction>...) - moves you that many spaces in that direction. It doesn't matter how convoluted your path is, so long as the number of spaces you move (x+y+...) adds up to 6. Also, you can only move in the cardinal directions.
When you place a pokemon on the board that has a footprint greater than 1x1, you use the top left-most square the pokemon inhabits as your guide. If you say, "Hm...I'll place my Groudon on square 2,3", that Groudon will also occupy 2,4; 2,5; 3,3; 3,4; 3,5; 4,3; 4,4; and 4,5.

--Unlike Battle STABs, you can only chose one bonus to apply for a dual-type pokemon. If you wish, you can play without these bonuses; however, to toggle them on and off or to switch to the second type in a dual-type pokemon, you have to pause or bulldoze your plot.
-Bug - the angry buzzing of the Bug Pokemon scares away Insect infestations, making them 75% less common. However, since Bug types like to nibble on plants, it takes all berries an additional round to finish growing.
-Fire - The particular breed of Weeds infesting this plot doesn't like the heat very much, making weeds 75% less common. However, the berries don't like it very much either; it takes all berries an additional round to finish growing.
-Fairy - increases the healing power of water and fertilizer by .5
-Steel - the weight of Steel types moving over a plot crushes anything beneath it, both berries and weeds.
-Normal - Normal types are persisitent enough to find one additional berry per berry plant. If the health is 0, you get 1 berry, if 1 you get two, ect. Like the Bug multi-hit bonus, this doesn't carry past the max (you can still only get up to 8 berries).
-Ghost - Ghost types are capable of phazing through one plant each time they move, so that they don't trample it. When a movement would run over two or more plants, only the first plant is spared.
-Water - Water-types exude a fine mist that waters and heals all plants for 1 point every round. This moist environment is also a haven for insects as well, so every two rounds insects spread not just once, but twice (the way this works is if there are three squares, they spread once into a maximum of six squares, then the original three spread again to create up to nine infected spaces).
-Grass - Grass-types can feed their own energy into the land, producing a fertilizer-like effect that heals all plants for 1 point every round. Weeds love this, too, and every two rounds they spread not just once, but twice.
-Poison - Poison types can use the acids their own bodies produce to increase the effectiveness of pesticides. Using these sprays with the Poison STAB makes them affect an additional row beyond their normal range (so a Poison pokemon with a 1x1 footprint can spray 6 spaces instead of 3, 2x2 Poison types can spray 8 spaces instead of 4, and 3x3 Poison types can spray 10 spaces instead of 5). However, the health loss on each plant is 3 instead of 2.
-Fighting - Fighting types are hard workers. They can pick bugs from two adjacent plots in the same time that it would take for other types to get 1 done. Note that the two squares being dug need not be adjacent to each other - they just need to be adjacent to the pokemon.
-Ground - Ground-types are better able to dig through hard soil than other types. They can root out weeds from two adjacent plots in the same time it would take other types to dig out one. Note that the two squares being dug need not be adjacent to each other - they just need to be adjacent to the pokemon.
Electric - The electric field these pokemon put out discourages the spread of infections within two squares of this pokemon's footprint (add +1 to the denominator of every potential spread square within the field and +1 to both the numerator and the denominator of every potential spread square not in the field). However, every time you brush past a plant to move to another square (cardinally adjacent), it looses .5 health from the shock, and when you touch a plant extensively (to dig out weeds, pick off insects, or harvest berries), that plant looses 1 health (meaning that you always get 1 less berry from a plant because of how you touch it when you pick).
Ice - An Ice pokemon can freeze up to three spaces near it, including the space it is standing on, by using an action. These spaces do not thaw for 4 rounds, and cannot be removed or dug up until they thaw. These spaces prevent bugs or weeds from traveling across them. However, every time you brush past a plant to move to another square (cardinally adjacent), it looses .5 health from the cold, and when you touch a plant extensively (to dig out weeds, pick off insects, or harvest berries), that plant looses 1 health (meaning that you always get 1 less berry from a plant because of how you touch it when you pick).
Rock - The tough bodies of Rock types are ideal for tilling the soil, meaning they can harvest a plant, dig up its remains, and plant another berry in that spot in the same amount of time it would take for another pokemon just to pick the berries. However, the speed at which this is accomplished means that you only get to keep 3/4 of the harvest, rounded down, from each plant picked in this way.
Flying - Lets you use a gust of wind on a line of 3 berry plants in any direction out from you, for the cost of one action. These berries are blown up against the fence of the plot, where you (the player, not the pokemon) can collect them. For each type of berry you harvest this way, you suffer a 10% loss, rounded up (so if you harvest 5 Pecha berries and 12 Liechi berries, you get 5-FLOOR(.5)=5-1=4 total Pecha berries and 12-FLOOR(1.2)=12-2=10 total Liechi berries.
Dragon - Dragons are capable of breathing out very hard, but did you know they are also capable of breathing in very hard as well? In the same time it takes most pokemon to harvest one plant, Dragons can inhale to harvest from two at the same time, provided they are both in a straight line headed away from the Dragon pokemon. However, this only works if the number of berries harvested this way is less than or equal to 10. If it is greater than ten, the Dragon will eat the berries that came from the nearer tree until he has 10. Thus, if a tree adjacent to a dragon has 5 berries and the tree beyond it has 8, then the draon will consume three berries from the first tree when it harvests both.
This is the pattern in which a Dragon pokemon with a 2x2 footprint can harvest berries with his STAB power. 0s are spaces that cannot be reached from this board position; the spaces with other numbers can be reached by using the ability in that direction.
Bug: Passive
Fire: Passive
Fairy: Passive
Steel: Passive
Normal: Passive
Ghost: None - the first plant you pass through is automatically spared whenever you use the Move command.
Water: Passive
Grass: Passive
Dig(<square>, <square>) - removes weeds from the indicated two squares.
Pluck(<square>, <square>) - removes bugs from the indicated two squares.
Weak Spray(direction) - acts like the normal spray; only affects 3/4/5 squares depending on the pokemon's footprint and lowers the health of plants by 2
Strong Spray(direction) - the special Poison spray that uses the Pokemon's own toxins to augment the pesticide; affects 6/8/10 squares depending on the pokemon's footprint and lowers the health of berry plants by 3.
Electric: Passive
Freeze(<square>, <square>, <square>) - Freezes the listed squares solid.
Replant(<square>, <berry>) - harvests the plant on that space and plants the named berry in that space.
Dark: None
Psychic: None
Gale(<direction>) - blows the berries off of the plants in the listed direction. For a 1x1 footprint pokemon, this is no big deal, but for a larger pokemon, the directions aren't as simple. For a 3x3 footprint, the possible directions are: N1, N2, N3, NW, W1, W2, W3, SW, S1, S2, S3, SE, E1, E2, E3, and NE. In increasing order, these number go from top to bottom and from left to right; the N2 path is one space right of the N1 path, and W2 is above W3.
Divine Breath(<direction>) - inhales the berries from the adjacent tree in that direction and the one behind it in that direction. Uses the same direction system as the Gale command.
Four abilities are special here. Ditto can chose its type and its footprint if it's unlocked Imitator, but it cannot change either of those attributes again until the game is paused or bulldozed. Pokemon with Color Change can chose their type but cannot change their size class. Pokemon with Illusion can change their size class, but not their type. And Pokemon with Protean must at first chose among their two natural typings. However, they can use any command from another type once every two rounds, at the cost of gaining the negative effects of that pokemon's typing. You can also use the effects of a typing that is purely passive by using the command ProteanShift(<typing>).
Just going to post the basic idea right now so I don't waste my time if its rejected:

Historical Roleplay (I have no idea what to call this): Essentially, the player takes one side in any war I have made a scenario for. They then deploy their "troops" (Pokemon) to attack/defend certain points of their choosing, which I / other refs will have made arenas for, and then have to fight the enemy, also Pokemon. Mechanics / Arenas / Ranks are still a WIP.

Edit: yoshinite will be helping me develop it if its accepted.
Edit2: IRC w/ Yoshi where we talk bout basic mechanics
<yoshinite> tell me the stuff
<yoshinite> :D
<starwarsfan> ok
<starwarsfan> let's see
<starwarsfan> ive started arenas for WWII and Second Persian war
<yoshinite> the persian one is p good
<starwarsfan> thx
<starwarsfan> i think the persians are overpowered though
<starwarsfan> so anyway
<yoshinite> yeah one extra mon is a lot
<starwarsfan> in the sign-up post
<yoshinite> do you mean the proposal
<starwarsfan> they specify the side and sceneario
<yoshinite> in the rp thread
<yoshinite> oh
<yoshinite> nvm
<starwarsfan> y
<yoshinite> y as in yes or as in why
<starwarsfan> yes
<starwarsfan> so then the ref posts the thread
<starwarsfan> in the first post, the player deploys their mons
<yoshinite> they state which mons they bring in the signup post right?
<starwarsfan> yes
<starwarsfan> sorry
<starwarsfan> the other side then defends with mons that are designed based on the scenario
<starwarsfan> or attacks
<yoshinite> the other side is the ref? (sorry for all these clarifying questions)
<starwarsfan> y sorry
<starwarsfan> im not being clear
<starwarsfan> the attacking side gets to pick which battles to fight first
<starwarsfan> whichever side wins gets to send reinforcements to the other battles
<starwarsfan> before the attacker picks which battle to fight next
<starwarsfan> make sense so far?
<yoshinite> yup
<starwarsfan> ok
<yoshinite> wait
<starwarsfan> y
<yoshinite> is each battle a different arena im assuming yes
<starwarsfan> y
<yoshinite> k
<starwarsfan> there is one part where there could be two battles in different arenas
<starwarsfan> *same
<starwarsfan> both sides have one command post / capital
<starwarsfan> when the defender wins a battle
<starwarsfan> they can choose to take the initiative
<starwarsfan> and attack back
<starwarsfan> essentially the goal is to control all arenas
<yoshinite> ok
<yoshinite> imo we should focus on one war first
<starwarsfan> y
<yoshinite> then if the idea is approved we work on others
<yoshinite> persian seems the most developed
<starwarsfan> y it is so far
<starwarsfan> so let's try that
<starwarsfan> arenas we need are
<starwarsfan> thermopalye
<starwarsfan> *Thermopylae
<starwarsfan> hellespont
<starwarsfan> percepolis
<yoshinite> thermopylae is the one you already made right?
<starwarsfan> y
<starwarsfan> thessaly
<starwarsfan> salamis
<starwarsfan> Artemisium
<starwarsfan> cornith
<starwarsfan> mycale
<yoshinite> imo we should keep prayer thing throughout the game, and maybe only have minor changes in each arena or else it is too much work
<starwarsfan> a few more
<starwarsfan> y i agree
<yoshinite> but the persians need rebalancing
<yoshinite> and we need to make mons for each side
<starwarsfan> i think we should change demeter to restore status
<starwarsfan> and that we do
<yoshinite> wait let me look at arena
<starwarsfan> plataea is the one i forgot
<starwarsfan> kk
<yoshinite> yeah
<starwarsfan> lets see
<starwarsfan> we can't do the extra mon thing
<yoshinite> yeah that is too much
<starwarsfan> y
<yoshinite> also its not a real battle if you are greek so it woulnt work
<starwarsfan> yup
<yoshinite> i know a lot more about greek mythology etc. than about persians
<starwarsfan> i can do the persian side
<yoshinite> ok ill do greeks and lets see what happens
<starwarsfan> ok
<yoshinite> we can start making the mons for each arena if we want
<starwarsfan> y
<starwarsfan> then the arenas
<starwarsfan> cool
<yoshinite> persian should be in all persian sides lol
<starwarsfan> lol
<yoshinite> wow many do you think should be randomly selected from each side (i mean the pool of mons)
<starwarsfan> hmmm
<starwarsfan> so the persians should have more mons than the greeks
<yoshinite> maybe they get a reinforcement bonus
<starwarsfan> maybe
<starwarsfan> yeah
<starwarsfan> when they win a battle, their mons heal before they send them to reinforce
<yoshinite> i have to get back to hw in like 10 mins btw
<starwarsfan> the persian's ones dont
<starwarsfan> thats fine
<yoshinite> are you writing this down lol
<yoshinite> or i can save the irc convo
<starwarsfan> ill copy paste the log
<yoshinite> okedoke
<starwarsfan> so ill work on the persians
<starwarsfan> & u do the greeks
<yoshinite> we should make the profile of the mons for thermopylae first, so we can get approved quicker
<yoshinite> and if we get denied its not that much down the drain
<starwarsfan> sure
<yoshinite> also each battle should have a potential boss on each side
<yoshinite> which is like a better mon, more movepool and brt
<starwarsfan> yeah
<starwarsfan> Themistocles for the Greeks
<starwarsfan> Xerxes for the Persians
<yoshinite> we should start out with low brt and it gets higher the more you get into their homeland
<starwarsfan> yup
<starwarsfan> cool lets do this
<yoshinite> ok im gonna do hw
<yoshinite> we can work on mons
<starwarsfan> ok
<yoshinite> seperately but if we are on irc we can do more discussion
<yoshinite> and pm each other if it's pressing
<starwarsfan> while ur doing h/w ill start persians
<yoshinite> bibi
<starwarsfan> y
<starwarsfan> bye
<starwarsfan> the persians should simply get higher brt/more mons imo
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Before this get out of hand, lemme give you some feedback.


In order.

Ute SubwayJ - I need to know if you are willing to continue your project and, most important, will be active enough to manage them.


Tower Defense

I was always a sucker for Tower Defense, so you get extra points with me because of that haha.

But let's go into specifics (not-really-organized-bullet-point style):
- 8 directions seem like a tad too much. Too many counters being given away and too much work for the ref. I would lower it to 4 at least.
- Can an attacking mon use special attacks to attack from a distance?
- This may be a bit complicated to keep track off without images and images = extra work. I would probably like to see the format you will use for reffing before letting this go.
- Actually simplify is a good suggestion for everything. Stuff like "attackers won't switch lanes unless they are within two spaces of the gate" means that you will have to memorize a crapload of rules to get this working properly if at all. Again, an image-reliant reffing will ease this up a bit, but I would advise against going that route unless you manage to work out an easy-to-work format.
- The pokemon from the players move at which speed?
- Surf hits all mons or just mons 5/3 spaces away?
- "Items that have been Tricked onto a pokemon can be removed at the end of a wave. Items that have been Tricked away cannot be regained until after the game is over" - this is kinda unnecessary. Item toss is a normal RP action and you don't need this rule complicating stuff;
- "Attackers cannot proceed to the next space until all enemies have been defeated. Also, they can't attack the gate until there's no more pokemon in their path." - Wait, aren't the attackers the enemy @_@? I guess the "can't just pass through the defender" rule is a given, but seriously: simple is good.
- If you include offense mechanisms then definitely remove the whole "can attack adjacent pathways" rule, since it becomes unnecessary and only complicates this further.
- Unify the offense mechanisms, traps, hold items, revive pokemon etc and etc as simply "items you can buy". You can have a wide shop with all kinds of items like that, without having a thousand categories of things you can have. Makes it simpler. Also, I see no harm in just enabling shopping at all times instead of just between rounds.
- I suggest you have the counters rewards separated from the income you use to buy stuff. While the strategic element of "do I stockpile counters for my mon as use them to buy stuff" is amusing, this may help you making things simpler and more acessible. Also, buying moves or using counters overall midbattle makes thing a lot more complicated for approvers and stuff, so I would heavily advise against that.
- The ref chooses the pokemon that get sent out?
- Oh Boy Wind. For a conventional videogame it is a nice element. For a word-based roleplay it is way too complicated for the poor ref.
- Oh god so many items @_@. I mean seriously trim them down a little bit. The different kinds is good but you don't need 1010930193 types of cladding for example.
- To answer your question: As it is, no sane man will be able to ref one round of this before calling momma. It is a very nice idea overall, but it needs to be simplified before anything.

Battle Stage

Cut me some slack. Will edit this in later on. Same goes for the later posts/ideas. So check this often if you care.
Okay, was hoping you'd get a bit more written before I posted, but here. My thoughts on your thoughts on my thoughts for a Tower Defense game, plus my thoughts on what I think you're thoughts will be on my thoughts for the Battle Stage, Contests, and Berry Plots.

General Issues
-I haven't included very many probability numbers (like the rarity of afflictions in Berry Plots) or ref/player payouts, simply because I don't know a whole lot about how much the effort a player or ref puts into a game is worth. The prices for TD items falls into this category. I'd prefer for the community to figure out what's fair and not-fair after serious discussion, instead of me just throwing out a number and having it be too high or too low.
-If some of these seem like they need more details, please, offer suggestions. I'm really quite new, despite the fact that my account says I joined Smogon two years ago. I think I set up my account on that day, but two weeks ago, I tried to start another one and was informed that there was already an account with that name, and that I had never sent my activation email.
-Related to the above, I think that most of the onus on developing and improving these RP ideas is put on the person who came up with them. For me, that's really not possible, as I don't have a lot of internet access. If you want to suggest ideas for these, go right ahead.

-Yeah, it is probably too complicated. I kinda just went overboard with the whole concept. Might be able to get by with just four directions and no wind, but I was kinda proud of Wind. As it is, I'm kinda like a hoarder with this thing; I'm not really willing/able to decide what to chuck and what to not. Let's say...forget the whole circle thing and the lane change rules. Let's say it's four rows that are each five deep, four gates and four defenders instead of eight and eight, you can move horizontally as easily as you can move vertically, and it's basically like playing a Triples match with positioning on - certain moves can attack non-adjacent opponents, but most can't. Tailwind is relegated to a condition that's either on for you or on for your opponents. Would you ref it then?
-The "shops" are divided by type just to make it easier to see stuff. It's not really seperate shops, but if you think it's easier to view stuff as all one bunch, then fine.
-Buying items mid-game...isn't something I'm really for, because I'm planning for players to be able to buy Full Restores (at high cost, but still), and I don't want players buying them in the middle of battle. Occam's Razor and all.
-The point about cladding and bracing and stuff is valid. You probably only need one slot for gates anyway.
-Yeah, okay, Tower Counters or whatever I called them probably need to be seperate from the other counters. However, I will note that I never intended for people to be able to claim prizes during the match. You're supposed to make a choice between keeping the EC/MC/DC you get from beating so many enemies and using them to buy stuff you need to keep going to beat more enemies.
-To be honest, this is sort of the one that I spent the least amount of time on, so it's kinda surprizing to see you interested. I'd moreso like to see Contests-Berry Plots or the Battle Stage take off, but...okay.
-See, this is my problem; I just can't stop adding features. What about Boss Fights? Basically, legendaries or other terrifying pokemon like Gyrados that have twice their normal HP, can only advance one space every two turns, and who, while they are alive, constantly spawn low-level enemies (like Magikarp for Gyrados, Geodude for Groudon, Snorunt for Regice, ect) on the turn they don't move - so unlike normal rounds, where a set number of enemies assail your fortress, here they keep coming until you kill the boss and sweep up any remaining defenders. .

-I think I thought this out more thoroughly than the Tower Defense. However, at the time I posted it, I neglected to see a previous post proposing the Battle Arena (the gen III Frontier facility off of which this is based). I have done what I can to make this different from the original Arena, to make it an adaptation for the peculiarities of the ASB format as opposed to a plain-and-simple import...but it's possible that I included features that got negative reviews on the original Arena suggestion, and for that I apologize.
-As I've probably said before, in adapting the Arena to ASB, I wanted to focus on rewarding players for taking advantage of the unique mechanics of ASB, and one of the things you can do in ASB that you can't do in the cartridge games is roleplaying. I'm concerned that some of the mechanics for rewarding good roleplaying may not be as solid as those for rewarding good substitutions, attack strategy, or combo usage, especially when it comes to how the ref roleplays.
-Speaking of which, combos are balanced such that, if you use them as your main attacking option, you have to be the LUCKIEST GODDAMN PLAYER EVER to match the performance of being able to attack every turn, and you're probably not going to be able to sustain it for very long. While they're awesome and all, I don't want the stage to be about who has better combos (and besides, if the ref decides how much Soul the player's combos get, who decides how much Soul the ref's combos get?). Instead, combos should be held in reserve; they're wonderful weapons, but pretty much one-shot deals.
-Again, I'm not online alot, so I can't really contribute to the design of Stage Manager DeckKnight. I based his personality off of a Battle Dome (the one with the tournament, right? I keep thinking it starts with an F, but that's the Factory, and that's where you rent pokemon not in a tournament) battle with him and another ASB hot-shot, combined with his non-battle, non-ref ASB posts, and so I don't really know if that's an accurate depiction of his personality or not. Plus, there's gonna have to be a sprite, I don't know what his pokemon are...
-Two questions (that I know I've asked before, but I'll say them again); is there any reason why pokemon are limited to one ability in the other Frontier Facilities, and is there any reason why I (or the community) would need to generate 600+ new profiles for pokemon when the Subway, Arcade, Hall, and Pike have profiles a-plenty?

-Again, I can't contribute to constructing the DAT needed for implimenting Contests properly. This is a huge project; not only do we have to determine the Contest type of every single move in Gen V and Gen VI, you have to write move descriptions of every move for three generations, since the mechanics of Gen IV Contests are very different, and I apologize for not being able to help. Also, it's very hard to find good information on Contests (not like battling, where players have figured out how to crack the random number generators to get Shiny pokemon and the like).
-To turn ASB into ASB+C (Anime-style Battling and Contests) involves a huge addition to the data structure of every single Pokemon in every single player profile in existence. You have to add 11 brand-new stats to each and every pokemon - TBSs for the five Contest Types, RBSs for those TBSs, and the Hunger Stat (btw, chif, good job making the Hunger Stat a FRACTION! YOU IDIOT!). Granted, all of these will be intially 0 (or 0 + 0/9ths, you DUMBASS! IT'S NOT EVEN A GOOD FRACTION!), but how do you integrate them into the current pokemon profile; do you add them into the top of the profile, like all of the other stats? The bottom, so that someone reffing a battle can just clip that part out? Never mind the balance issues with having the player pay-outs from Contests that I'm proposing. Quite frankly, if that much has to be done to make Contests viable here, it's not too much to ask to impliment a completely different type of currency (SC).
-Starting games is going to be a challenge. Either the ref has to roll-play three different characters with three separate intentions, or you have to find three other players willing to play exactly the same sort of contest you want to play (there are five Contest types and four ranks, meaning there's 20 different Contests you can challenge that a potential opponent may not want to), and capable of participating in the Contest until the end.
-Also, I realize now that, because I tried to make it a legitimate strategy for people to use moves that do not compliment the type of contest they are entered in, there should definitely be a minimum level to enter a Contest rank, so it isn't filled with weaklings and you don't somehow win a Master Beauty Contest with a pokemon with 0.00 Beauty (again, two decimal points. How does that make sense?). Say...none for Normal, at least rank 2 in the stat you're competing in for Super, 3 for Hyper and 5 for Master.

Here's the main thing I want to achieve with contests. I'd like to have a competitve environment that exists side-by-side with normal ASB. I'd like it to not be so much about "spam moves and combos of the same contest type whilst you max that condition" (basically my strategy in Ruby), and to use non-complimentary Jam moves to hit an opponent in a stat he's weak against, or even non-complimentary Appeal moves to manipulate the Excitement Level. A particularly clever chap might even keep his pokemon's TBS in the stat of the Contest he's entering deliberately low so he can start off at the bottom of the leaderboard and gain an edge (because ordering moves always works off of your position in the appeals, the person at the bottom of the stack, while dead last, has the advantage of being able to see what his opponent's moves are, and is able to react accordingly).

-I feel like this is the most balanced roleplay I've yet designed. Having a larger footpring (ie, sizeclass) lets you reach more spaces, but it also limits the amount of space you can plant on/move around in, and (typically) the larger the size class, the more evolved and/or valuable the pokemon is and the less you can afford to not be able to use it in battle. The more berries you plant, the harder it is to get a full load from them. However, I don't know that the damage loss from bugs and weeds, combined with the starting Health of berry plants, is balanced; that may just be the sort of thing that needs to be worked out via playtesting.
-The player can only collect the berries they've picked by asking the ref to pause the game; the ref then lets the garden grow for one round without any tending, and then the player and the ref can claim berries/UC. But what if the ref wants to collect before the player is ready/willing to pause? Do we impliment a "ref pause" or something?
-The STAB bonuses are an optional mechanic that I would prefer does not get added in. However, if they do, then we have a problem, because I plum ran out of ideas when I got to two of the types. I mean, Ghost, Water, Ice, all pretty obvious. But telepathic/telekinetic monsters and evil/nocturnal creatures? How to they make berry picking easier/harder?
-As with the TD suggestion, the ASCII art for this can potentially be massive. But at least it's not a circle. A nice, even, two-axis six-by-six square, with a small amount of info on each page. And the math itself isn't nearly as complicated as a battle is. Plus...I mean, there's not really a lot to roleplay here. All in all, it's not going to be a total bitch to ref, but at the same time, it's useless if Contests don't get approved. What are you going to do, start a Berry Stand?

PS: Merry Christmas, Frosty.


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TBH you can't blame me for taking long to digest those walls of text <_<.

This post will be about Battle Stage. Also in bullet points:
- There was a Battle Stage proposition (or whatever it was called) above you some posts. The feedback is also above and I suggest you read it for starters if you haven't already.
- For RP Facilities your number 1 problem is making it different from the ones that we already have. That will be the main aspect I will analyse. And seems different enough to warrant further consideration.
- Forcing the Refs to RP as their characters is always a risky move as the number of people willing to provide flavor while multitasking is slim.
- Roar doesn't work that way on Switch=KO.
- Why is perish song is illegal? if the battle lasts 2 rounds, it is simply stupid, albeit not illegal per se.
- Not sure if Protect nulling all points for mind is good. Both players, more often than not, will simply protect A1 and A3 on the rounds they are moving first and, unless you have feint, each player has only one action to work with, which seems, eh. Personally, I would put Protect together with chill and recover.
- I prefer most damage for mind, since otherwise it will be just a spam of random cheap combos and this is still a battle.
- For mind, do you get as many points as possible or just the 2 points if you have more than your opponent? In other words, if the end mind result is 4x2, will it be tallied 6x2 or 2x0?
- For skill the same question above.
- Soul: oh boy you will need to check your refs very closely. Also, people are biased naturally...and I must say it is very hard for the ref to come up with a truly "FUCK, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!" action for...uh...obvious reasons. tl;dr: to make the ref judge their own work may be tad risky.
- Remove the bye or make it an obligatory rule. "If you want to be kind" is a very iffy rule.
- Most answers are given by IRC. I would remove the "person with authority must disprove action by posting on the thread".
- "subref is called in for a single post to recount the ref's and player's soul". I would advise against that. If you haven't noticed, we have a little problem in the ref department. Needing a second ref may makes stuff much more troublesome.
- Wait...every battle has 3 bouts? In other words, its 3 battles of 3vs3/6vs6? I would advise against that. Makes stuff a bit too long, and fast-paced facilities are usually better. My opinion? keep the "used pokemon can't be used again until all are used" and have 3 one bout battles with a 3-bout boss. That way you will have to use all your mons to pass through the trainers (and will need to figure out the best strategy for that) without it dragging for too long.
- Darling, please makes things simple. I have read your paragraph on payment a couple times and while I AM a bit woozie trying to diggest my lunch, I haven't got the knack of it.
- I Would make your own list of pokemon with movepools. Since you will have to do lots of combo, the movepool need to have moves that are easily combo-able (is that a word?).
- Math is nice and all and I use it a lot to prove a point. But you will need testing to see if those are tweaded correctly.
- It does have a good amount of strategy involved, for sure...
- And to answer your questions:
1) Good question. Our first facility did that and the others followed. Back then ability=1 was a very popular rule. Also, I think balance has some influence on that. But you aren't forced to do it ability=1.
2) The need for movepools is different. Halls have mons with shitty movepools, Pike abuses toxic, perish song and status in general and very degrees of difficulty. Subway and Arcade...uh...they could share the same mons...but the mons from the bosses have to be different because rainbows. Either way, your facility will need an specific movepool, so I'd advise you to modify the profiles of other facilities to suit your needs. Or not.

I would be more prone to letting the Battle Stage do from some testings. It IS different from the other facilities and I like te strategy element. But I will need to talk to the committee about that. above?

True. Let's see if I've got everything.

The point about Protect seems fair enough, especially since it keeps your HP up so you can claim the Body bonus. Protect now removes one point from your Mind when used. It gives your opponent zero points unless he uses a move that can hit through Protect.

Good point about Perish Song too.

- I prefer most damage for mind, since otherwise it will be just a spam of random cheap combos and this is still a battle.
That’s sort of what Body measures. The person who attacked most regularly gets the Mind bonus, and the person who caused the opponent pokemon more damage gets the Body bonus. These need not be the same thing. And there's a lot of rules about Combos, such as the fact that you can't collect the Skill bonus with them, or you can't use more than two in one battle, or you can't use the same combo throughout an entire match, designed to keep users from spamming cheap combos.

If you win four actions of Mind and your opponent wins two actions of Mind, then you get six points from the Mind category (4+2=6) and your opponent gets two. Also, if there’s a tie in the Mind category (both get 3 points), no one gets any bonus points. The same thing works for Skill.

The entire point of setting the max soul point bonus to "FUCK, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!" is that you’re not supposed to get "FUCK, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!"s. The move needs to truly be legendary in order to get a 3, the sort of thing you see once in your entire lifetime. If refs hand out 3’s left and right, then it screws up the rewards system. I do see your point about people being biased towards themselves. Let’s try having the ref not earn any Soul points, and turn Soul into a category where a player can make up some points. This way, Soul is a player-only category, and you don’t need to call in a subref to recount the original ref’s Soul points (I put that rule in because I was worried about the ref being biased towards himself).

- Remove the bye or make it an obligatory rule. "If you want to be kind" is a very iffy rule.

- Most answers are given by IRC. I would remove the "person with authority must disprove action by posting on the thread".
When I wrote those, I didn’t really get how it worked if you wrote a bad sub or something like that. I’ve since read up on it, and you’re right; it doesn’t need to be there.

- Wait...every battle has 3 bouts? In other words, its 3 battles of 3vs3/6vs6? I would advise against that. Makes stuff a bit too long, and fast-paced facilities are usually better. My opinion? keep the "used pokemon can't be used again until all are used" and have 3 one bout battles with a 3-bout boss. That way you will have to use all your mons to pass through the trainers (and will need to figure out the best strategy for that) without it dragging for too long.
The way it is now, it’s three Single or Doubles battles, each with two rounds.

- Darling, please makes things simple. I have read your paragraph on payment a couple times and while I AM a bit woozie trying to diggest my lunch, I haven't got the knack of it.

I’m sorry if it gets too complex. The basic idea of it is the more points you get (Mind, Skill, Body, and Soul), the more CC you earn. If you win each battle by the skin of your teeth, you don’t get as much as if you win by a more comfortable margin. Also, Microsoft word tells me you misspelled “Digest”.

And yes, I get your point on movepools. I’ll see what I can do with the Battle Subway mons.


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I got your points and they make sense. Testing also may say if a 3vs3 battle per trainer is too big or not.

Also, I would heavily advise against putting "Stage Manager DeckKnight". You will RPing as a trainer and if you put an user as last battle trainer you will obliterate the fourth wall, imo.

Use Arena Captain Greta from emerald. You may have to ask elevator music for permission to use his ideas if you intend to get the mons too, but I don't see why not.
EDIT (Elevator Music): I'm fine with it~
EDIT (Frosty): I feel so violated...

Also, posting to say that I will analyze Gem Caves next, since it wouldn't be fair to check only the ideas of one person.

Don't know when exactly though.
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Okay so Unova Adventure was a bust, but I'm back :O (and its not a facility)

Survivor: Orange Islands

With your hosts: SubwayJ and GemOftheDay

It's time to outplay, outwit and outlast your fellow ASBers in a new type of challenge! This Role Play will test not only your battling ability but your charisma as well. Can you win immunity? Or will you rely on your people skills to keep you from getting voted out!

For those of you who don't know, Survivor is a TV show where 18 contestants are sent out to a (usually) tropical location and then split into two tribes competing in challenges for rewards and immunity. If your team doesn't win immunity, you will be forced to go to Tribal Council, where you will vote off a member of your tribe. Once the tribes have voted off a certain amount of participants, they will merge and now will compete for individual immunity. After the merge, members will go to tribal council every time and vote off more members. The winner is determined once three challengers are left, and is voted on by the eliminated players after the merge called the jury. Which ever player receives the most votes from the jury is the winner!

Other interesting mechanics of the show include Redemption Island and Hidden Immunity, which will be explained in further detail below.

I will attempt to explain things in order as much as possible so things are easier to understand.


Entering Survivor

To participate in the roleplay, a thread will be posted in the ASB subforum (or the Network Centre, whichever is preferred). The first 12 applicants to sign up will be in, and the last 6 slots will be randomized between the remaining entrants.

For the first edition of Survivor: Orange Islands, we have decided that an even playing field would be bests so applicants will sign up with a freshmon valued at 3CC or under. No counters may be invested into the pokemon. The pokemon will have the ability to grow and evolve throughout the roleplay, by participating in challenges and battles! The freshmon used is not to be used in battles other than Survivor: Orange Islands

Selecting Tribes
(Want feedback on which scenario to choose)

Possibility 1: Tribes are selected randomly. All participants are put into a pool and randomized by the hosts. Tribes will be entirely random and not modified by the hosts.

Possibility 2: Two users are chosen by the hosts to be on separate teams. Those two users will then participate in a "schoolyard pick" selecting team members one after another until all members have been placed onto teams.


Immunity and reward challenges will both follow the same layout. A certain amount of battlers will be requested from the tribes. The tribes will then collaborate (likely in a team thread) and send in their rosters for the challenge. (TEAMS MAY NOT SIT OUT THE SAME USERS IN CONSECUTIVE CHALLENGES) Those participants will then be set up in random battles (1v1) against the opposing tribes roster. Whichever team wins more of the 1v1s will win Immunity or Reward. Additionally, battlers will obtain counters to be spent on their mons after battle (to be posted in a survivor PC thread)

Challenges may slightly change but will mostly follow this general layout.

Immunity is given at immunity challenges, the winning tribe will not have to participate in the next tribal council

Reward is given at reward challenges, and will be something to benefit the tribe in future challenges. (IE Berries for the team, one powerful item to be shared between tribe members, KOC to be divided amongst tribe members etc.)

For the first while, immunity and reward will be given out at the same challenge.

Tribal Council

After it has been decided who must go to tribal council. The participants will PM the host who they wish to vote off of their tribe. Whoever receives the most votes will be eliminated from the tribe and sent to redemption island. In the case of a tie, a 1v1 will occur to see who is eliminated.

Redemption Island

If your tribe has voted you out, fear not! For you have a second chance to win! Whenever there are two members on Redemption Island, they will face of in a 1v1 without any special rules. The winner will remain on Redemption Island and await their next challenger. At a certain point in the game, the player on redemption island will return to the game and have a second chance to win!

Tribe Swaps

At some point in the game, the Host may call for a tribe swap to shake up the game. A tribe swap will completely randomize the players currently in the game to form new tribes. Participants will have to adapt quickly to make alliances with their new team members!

The Merge

When a large portion of the participants have been eliminated, the tribes will merge into one, and everyone will be fighting for themselves. The style of challenges will adapt to reflect this change as well. Also, members will now participate in every tribal council, with only one person being immune to elimination. At the time of the merge, all tribe buffs and items will be removed from the game.

Hidden Immunity

At certain points in the game, users will have a chance to obtain hidden immunity. Hidden Immunity will be given to a random participant and can definitely change the tide of the game. When a user has Hidden Immunity and they are at tribal council, they may use their Hidden Immunity to negate all votes cast against them. They would do this by PMing the Host "Use hidden immunity" within their vote for elimination. The immunity is consumed upon use even if no votes are cast against the user. Additionally the user may use their immunity to negate all votes cast against someone else if they wish, by PMing the host "Use hidden immunity <player>". The immunity is still consumed if used in this way.

The Jury

After the merge, all members who are eliminated become a part of the jury. The jury will have the role in determining the winner of the RP! When only 3 members are left, the jury will vote on who they think deserves to win! This time, is the only time that you want votes! Whether it be based on who they think played the best, or who they like the best, it's their decision...


The winner will be given a minor legend that is to be determined (if legends are disallowed by the council, an alternative reward will be selected)

The runners up will be given 40UC (subject to change)

All participants will keep the pokemon they used within the RP, as well as any counters they obtained in it.


That's all for now. Please post any comments, criticisms or concerns, so we can make this happen!

EDIT: Questions and concerns were brought up on IRC by frosty, and responses and clarifications were given

1) Q: Do you have to buy your pokemon prior to signing up for the RP?
A: It wasn't really decided if they needed to be purchased or just given out. But either way I don't think it'd be a big deal to give away a 2CC/3CC mon, and likewise, wouldn't be too much to ask people to spend so little CC. Further feedback on this topic is appreciated!

2) Q: (well not really a question) I personally prefer the schoolyard pick method.
A: That was originally our decision, but Gem was hesitant, chances are, a schoolyard pick method will be implemented.

3) Q: What do you mean by "challenges may change a bit"?
A: If you've ever seen the show, they usually have a reward challenge post merge where various comforts and buffs are auctioned off. I was thinking we could try that, maybe give participants 10CC and have them bid on items for future battles, or buffs in future challenges. It was things like that I had in mind.

4) Q: Do you only get the rewards from battle (IE berries) or do you get counters to spend as well?
A: Pokemon will receive all rewards from battle as well as counters which can be spent to improve and evolve throughout the RP!

5) Q: Can counters be spent at any time?
A: No. Counters may only be spent in the time after tribal council and before challenges.

6) Q: Will mons on redemption island get increased counters to keep up with the other pokemon?
A: Yes. In order to give them a fighting chance, pokemon on redemption island will receive counters equal to the counters that the other pokemon would receive.

7) Q: How will rewards function after the merge?
A: There will be several "Individual Reward" challenges, where it's a free-for-all to win the reward for that challenge. Other times there will be "Team Reward" challenges. Where multiple teams (probably 2 or 3), will be formed just for that challenge and compete for a reward that they'll share.

8) Q: Will hidden immunity be RNGed? Also can the same person obtain multiple hidden immunities?
A: At the moment that is the system that we have in place. As it has minimal complexity and keeps the immunity hidden and private. However if someone else feels they have a better system, please tell us!
If a person has already used their immunity, they will be eligible to receive it again. However if they still have their immunity, they cannot obtain a second.

9) Q: How will post merge challenges work (particularly with odd numbers)?
A: A wild pokemon system would work well for this we thought. With various challenges involving them like "KO as many wild pokemon as you can in X rounds!" or "KO the mon as fast as you can!" Additionally, once small enough numbers are achieved things like brawls may be doable.

10) Q: As you near the end (3 or 4 people) will there be a "special" challenge?
A: As the number of people decreases, the challenges will progressively get more complex. So yes, the last challenge(s) will probably be far bigger and more exciting than the ones before?

11) Q: Are you sure a jury vote is the best way to pick a winner?
A: Yes. At that time, everyone who has made it that far will likely be deserving to win. Additionally it would add another aspect to becoming the winner, charisma. You won't just rely on battling skills, but people skills as well to win the RP!

Also a tentative ref payment was also discussed. That being 4UC for the 1v1s, to increase incentive for survivor refs!
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This is making me tingle. I really want to play this.

Couple of things I want to comment on;

-If there's 18 participants, I think it should be divided into the first nine people who reply get in, and the remaining nine are chosen at random. It just seems a bit more fair to the people who aren't as quick on the draw.
-I like the lunch/recess team system better. In a game about alliances, it's good to start things off immediately.
-Speaking of which, the similarities to Mafia are striking. Is this going to be on Smogon, on another forum, or have you thought about that yet?
-Sitting out only occurs when one team has more members than another, right?
-I'd like to know a bit more about the challenges one might face. Just to give a sample of how it works. Is it something about the arena that makes the challenge hard? Is it a rule like "no items", or "pokemon cannot use direct damaging moves"? Or is there a goal besides an out-and-out KO that makes the challenge...well, challenging? Specifically, if you could provide sample challenges the teams might face within two "episodes", that'd be great.
-Y'know what? If you could just describe the events of two sample "episodes" - the sorts of challenges, rewards, ect that people would gain, that would help me a lot.
-Overall, I think it's a great concept. Love to see it come to fruition.
Okay chifii , Co-Host Gem is gonna adress some of the concerns.

-If there's 18 participants, I think it should be divided into the first nine people who reply get in, and the remaining nine are chosen at random. It just seems a bit more fair to the people who aren't as quick on the draw.
The Pick method was decided, and 1/3 of the participants are randomized. This gives you MUCH more incentive to be on the ball and ensures that more active users get in.

[...]the similarities to Mafia are striking. Is this going to be on Smogon, on another forum, or have you thought about that yet?
Survivor itself does kinda seem like mafia. however, this is much more challenge based, where mafia is deception based. and this will most likely (99.99% sure) be on Smogon.

Sitting out only occurs when one team has more members than another, right?
Yes, it generally will. However, there will be some challenges in the beginning where people will sit out, even if the teams are even.

-I'd like to know a bit more about the challenges one might face. Just to give a sample of how it works. Is it something about the arena that makes the challenge hard? Is it a rule like "no items", or "pokemon cannot use direct damaging moves"? Or is there a goal besides an out-and-out KO that makes the challenge...well, challenging? Specifically, if you could provide sample challenges the teams might face within two "episodes", that'd be great.
The challenges are going to vary from stuff like "survive this round the longest" to "kill the pokemon in 1 action!" and also "defeat the opponent" in which the opponent may be another human player, or a 'wild' pokemon that the refs have been told what general strategy to follow (eg, use iron defense until you can't anymore, then begin attacking with your STAB moves, only using other moves if necessary).

In general, the the challenges before the merge will be team vs team challenges, and after the merge, we will have more individual challenges.

-Y'know what? If you could just describe the events of two sample "episodes" - the sorts of challenges, rewards, ect that people would gain, that would help me a lot.
General Episode flow:

reward challenge and/or immunity challenge - rewards may be things like berries for your team, an energy debuff for the other team, or held items for your pokemon to use. An immunity challenge will grant you and/or your team immunity at tribal council, where people will be voted off.

Tribal council - the losers of the immunity challenge will be put up to vote off members of their own tribe.

Rinse and repeat.

-Overall, I think it's a great concept. Love to see it come to fruition.
Glad you think so. once we get approved, be sure to sign up!
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Regarding Gem Caves:

- Does the player get to choose which cave to challenge or will they have a specific order? If the first, will all caves be open for challenges at once, or there will be pre-requisites (must defeat cave A before trying cave B)? Personally I think something like the second option, ending with the places that legendaries lurk (and maybe with a chance of capturing that said legendary, but let's not go that far) seems lovely.
- The Wall is typed? Rock-Typed, Steel-Typed whatever?
- Will the mon spend energy to attack the wall?
- While only test will truly make us certain of this, I feel that 25hp minor mons + 75hp strong mons + 100hp group of really strong mons (more than one) is a bit too much for any double to handle. But again, only testing will tell that.
- Are the Gems you get elemental gems you can trade for other stuff or keep or are they "rough" gems that can be traded to elemental gems and other items? I ask this because if you make gems already elemental to begin with, you open the possibility of using them mid-game. Also you would have to figure out how to determine the typing of said gems.
- Will it be possible to use items on this run? It may be something to consider, although that will make it kinda similar to TLRs. Or maybe have back-up pokemons (bring 3?) on the harder challenges?

Personally, it seems like a nice idea. I really like survival challenges (how many opponents can you defeat before losing yourself?) on fighting games, as they are simple to understand and highly entertaining. But that is me.

We will probably need you to write one cave run (profiles of the mons not necessary) so we have an idea of how you intend to mix all the elements you have brought on your post.

Of course, I would need to know if you intend to keep this idea (considering that you are involved on the "Survivor").

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