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Reserving an official for 10PM EDT on Sunday, December 6th.

QCs by computerwizard8800 and Dot Agumon

1st place: DarkSantaGiratina [10:28].
2nd place: Christmace [14:59].
3rd place: rudoIph ❄ [21:32].
4th place: Salt vik [24:58].
5th place: Teutonic✠PADORU! [25:58].
Consolation Prize: wall❄ape❄ [36:04], TurtalKatThing [37:43], Santaquil [53:45], toX-mas boost [01:02:34]

1) Alphabetically list the middle-stage Pokemon that cannot breed. [cosmoem nidorina]
2) A certain baby Pokemon is unobtainable in SwSh as of now. In some main-series games, the item that allows that Pokemon to be bred can be found in the same location as the baby Pokemon. In that location in those games, these Pokemon that have Mega Evolutions can be battled in the wild (alphabetical order). [absol gyarados heracross steelix]
3) Excluding formes, these Pokemon are the only Pokemon from their respective generations that are within one of their Egg Groups (alphabetical order). [corsola cursola ditto hitmontop kingdra]

This official was mildly irritating due to someone changing the Mt. Silver Bulbapedia page 2ish hours before the official started.
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Hosting an Official on Wednesday, December 16th at 12pm UTC (4am PST, 7am EST, 1pm CET, 5:30pm IST)

Thanks LittEleven and PartMan for the QCs.

The full results were as follows:
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [26:11].
2nd place: powergo [45:29].
3rd place: December Right ❄ [56:07].
4th place: Pranav225 [57:06].
5th place: iph [57:12].

Thank you all for playing!
The hunt can be seen here:

Q1. This Pokémon has the highest amount of Gen 7 Battle Factory sets in UU. (count sets with multiple options (eg Celesteela's only Ubers set) as 1 set.) Hydreigon
Q2. This species of Pokémon has a set in the highest amount of tiers in Gen 7 Battle Factory. Diancie
Q3. Certain sets, like the aforementioned Celesteela set, have multiple options for moves, natures and/or items. Alphabetically list the Pokémon that have a set with the highest amount of potential sets contained within 1 set. Goodra Metagross Slowbro Tangrowth
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Hope you got some Omega-3's at this DSG Fishoil on December 8th at 6 P.M. EST!

Thanks to aQrator and PartMan for the QCs :>

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Luca12379 [11:24].
2nd place: exploding jetski [15:12].
3rd place: Christmace [18:53].
4th place: Computerblizzard [20:34].
5th place: toXmas boost [28:13].
Consolation Prize: Teutonic✠PADORU!! [28:46], December Right [41:23], imnewhelppls [50:12], Santaquil [54:14], TurtalKatThing [57:41]

1) In the most recently released batch of Pokemon in Pokemon GO as of December 6th, 2020, this Pokemon has the most weaknesses in the main series. [Chesnaught]
2) An anime Pokedex entry of a Gen 1 Pokemon erroneously states that this move can inflict a certain status condition, when instead it can inflict a different one. [Poison Sting]
3) In Pokemon Shuffle, certain types are immune to Paralysis. Using main-series typings, which of these types are tied for having the least non-zero amount of Pokemon with the potential to have a skill that can inflict Paralysis? (Alpha) [Ghost Steel]

For Q1, you can find a list of Pokemon in GO by release date: I find this one quite comprehensive. Navigating to 2020 and scrolling all the way down shows a batch of Pokemon released on December 2nd, 2020. This is the most recent batch before December 6th, so you can then check every weakness of every 'mon in that batch and you'll see Chesnaught.

For Q2, you could check every Gen 1 Pokemon's anime Pokedex entry, or you could try and search for keywords related to status conditions and anime errors, but you'll eventually come across anime episode 113, Viva Las Lapras, in which Tentacruel's Pokedex entry says Poison Sting paralyzes, when it really poisons. Of course, another valid alternative is to spam the not-too-long list of moves that inflict statuses from Gen 1, which might have honestly been the fastest way. (This was a lot harder than I thought it would be, tbh)

For Q3, find a list of all Pokemon Shuffle skills, and which Pokemon have them. Additionally, find that Electric, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, and Fairy are immune. Now cross-reference the Pokemon which have Paralyzing skills (Dragon Shriek, Lightning, Paralyze, Paralyze+, Quake, Shock Attack) with those types, and you'll find there's one Ghost type (Rotom) and one Steel type (Registeel). As a note, the Pokemon Shuffle wiki actually put Dragon Shriek in the Disrupt section and Sand Sport in the Paralyze section, both swapped from where they should be, so you had to be careful about that if you were using that source.

Thanks everyone for coming to DSG Official #6! Only 481 more to go until DSG Official #487!
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Hosting a mystery Odyssey on Sunday, December 20th at 2:30pm UTC (6:30am PST, 9:30am EST, 3:30pm CET, 8pm IST)

Thanks LittEleven and Andy Snype for the QCs.
only 2 to go now dw

The results are as follows:
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [40:40].
2nd place: powergo [01:13:55].
3rd place: Luca12379 [01:27:17].
4th place: Teutonic✠Padoru [01:56:56].
5th place: December Right [02:12:20].
Consolation Prize: Christmace [03:30:36]

Hope you all enjoyed some Hearthstone! The results can be seen here:

Q1. Today, We'll be making a Hearthstone decklist for Highlander Warlock. Only cards that are of the Warlock class, or neutral, can be used to create this deck. The answer to each question is a Hearthstone card. First off, this card, when played, fully heals your hero if you have no duplicate cards in your deck. Reno Jackson
Q2. Similarly, this card provides you with 2 dragons when you play it, provided you have no duplicate cards in your deck. Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
Q3. Third, we want to brew some custom spells. Which card allows you to do that if you have no duplicates? Kazakus
Q4. Finally, we want a card that gives us the perfect card when played, if we are playing a singleton deck. What's the name of the minion that does this as its battlecry? Zephrys, the Great
Q5. Now we need some removal options, to clear the board of the enemy. The first of these destroys all minions affected by the spell, at the start of your next turn. What is the name of this spell? Corrupting Mist
Q6. Another deals 1 damage to a random minion for each card in our hand. Which spell is this? Dark Skies
Q7. These two cards have a very similar effect, each recasting their effect when it kills a minion. One deals 1 damage each time and the other deals two. What are the name of these two cards? List alphabetically. Defile, Lord Godfrey
Q8. This simple card deals 3 damage to any character. Darkbomb
Q9. This slightly more complex card deals 3 damage to an enemy minion, and 3 to a random friendly one. Unstable Felbolt
Q10. Lastly, this spell destroys a random minion for every friendly minion in play. Plague of Flames
Q11. That should be enough removal. We do need some healing though. This card heals your hero for 4HP when drawn. Aranasi Broodmother
Q12. Similarly, this reborn minion heals your hero for 3 hp each time it dies. Khartut Defender
Q13. And this mech minion heals you each time it deals any damage, equal to the damage it dealt. It can attack any minion when you play it. Zilliax
Q14. No good Highlander Warlock deck is complete without some demons. This one makes your hero immune. Mal'Ganis
Q15. And this one deals 1 damage to all enemy minions at the end of your turn. Despicable Dreadlord
Q16. This one summons a demon from your hand when it dies. Voidcaller
Q17. And this 9 mana card is a great summon from it, as it has Taunt and can spawn more Taunt minions. Voidlord; Void daddy
Q18. Finally, when we draw a card, this one summons a copy with rush, that dies at the end of the turn. Fel Lord Betrug
Q19. When we have played a bunch of demons, we want to resurrect them with a hero card that does this as its battlecry. What is the name of this card? Bloodreaver Gul'dan
Q20. And when we're low on them in our hand, we want to be able to draw two from our deck with this classic card. Sense Demons
Q21. On the topic of card draw, this 1 mana spell also draws you a card.. provided you kill a minion with it. Mortal Coil
Q22. This 1 mana minion always draws a card, though at the cost of some health of your hero. Kobold Librarian
Q23. When we have some good demons in our hand, we want to copy the best one. This is the one mana spell that copies the cheapest one in our hand. Felosophy
Q24. And we don't want to pay the cost for these demons. This weapons summons one directly from our hand at the start of every turn. Skull of the Man'ari
Q25. If our hand is really stuffed with demons, this card summons all of them from our hand at the same time, provided we do not have any duplicates in our deck. Krul the Unshackled
Q26. We're at the home stretch now. This card makes the demons in our hand cheaper while it is on the battlefield. Kanrethad Ebonlocke
Q27. And this card will resummon all deathrattle minions we played this game. Or, well, as many as can fit, anyway. N'zoth, the Corruptor
Q28. Our deck could do with some card draw and spell damage. This legendary minion provides both. Bloodmage Thalnos
Q29 Finally, since this deck is rather slow, we are very susceptible to combo decks. This 2 mana minion will summon a random minion from your opponents' hand as its battlecry, hopefully nullifying the combo. Dirty Rat
Q30. The deck is complete. But... we needed to craft everything from scratch. What is the dust cost of this deck, knowing that legendaries cost 1600, epics cost 400, rares 100, commons 40 and basic cards cost 0 dust? 24740

In related news, I need to make my odysseys not last 4 hours every time maybe
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Reserving DSG Official #7 for Tomorrow, December 11th at 9PM EST! Not only is this my 7th fish, but it's my first odyssey and also my birthday! Be there imotbh :3

(Thanks to aQrator and pants for QC'ing it, and pants for hosting it)

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Computerblizzard [01:21:59].
2nd place: Christmace [01:30:07].
3rd place: MukUsedDrillPeck [02:16:13].
4th place: TurtalKatThing [02:32:53].
5th place: Teutonic✠PADORU! [02:35:29].
Consolation Prize: Santaquil [03:33:17], rudoIph [03:40:16], Aeolia [04:40:00], toX-mas boost [05:19:03]

1) (Chamber 1) Welcome, traveler, to the Tombs of Gira! I hear you’re looking to see some rare occurrences ‘round these parts, so I figured I’ll let you know how your excursion will play out. You’ll visit chambers, and each chamber will have a number and an inscription containing a problem for you to solve, much like this one! Solving the problem allows you to move onto the next chamber, etc. etc. until you finally find what you’re looking for! Let’s begin with a simple one: Where can Unown be found in the Johto Region? [Ruins of Alph]
2) (Chamber 19) This male Trainer class has been stated to be the adult form of another Trainer class. [Super Nerd]
3) (Chamber 28) This is the stat total of the Warlord in Pokemon Conquest whose perfect link is a monotype Legendary Pokemon which did not have a form in the Generation before Conquest came out, but gained exactly one form in the Generation after. [288]
4) (Chamber 3) This Grass-type move ports with itself. [Ingrain]
5) (Chamber 13) This monotype Pokemon was the first to have a cross-generational evolution that added a type to its pre-evolution. [Seadra]
6) (Chamber 17) The G-Max move of this Pokemon can inflict one of exactly 2 different status conditions when used. (Exclude “Gmax”) [Toxtricity / Toxtricity-Amped / Toxtricity-Low-Key]
7) (Chamber 4) These Pokemon’s BSTs are half their National Dex numbers (alphabetical) [Happiny Spritzee]
8) (Chamber 20) Of all the Water type Pokemon to not be weak to Freeze-Dry, these ones have the least weaknesses (Alpha). [Empoleon Volcanion]
9) (Chamber 14) These two Pokemon are the only ones with G-Maxes that are not from Gens 1 or 8. (Alpha) [Garbodor Melmetal]
10) (Chamber 11) This is the only Human-Like Pokemon to learn Ion Deluge. [Electivire]
11) (Chamber 25) Buzzwole in Pokemon Duel gains this much damage per Pokemon in Ultra Space. [29]
12) (Chamber 27) This Fighting-Type (TCG Type) Pokemon in the TCG has an attack which deals 120 damage, as well as 30 damage to itself. [Galarian Runerigus / Runerigus]
13) (Chamber 24) A TCG card which came out in 2020 has this attack which does damage and both Poisons and Paralyzes the opposing Pokemon unconditionally. [Hazardous Claws]
14) (Chamber 9) Name the user of the deck in “Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!” which contains a number that is 0.1% of a number contained in a Z-Move. [Brandon]
15) (Chamber 15) The mangaka of an Earthbound manga with a character named Georgia Hard illustrated a card for this Pokemon that shares no evolutionary relatives with other Pokemon named in cards they’ve illustrated. [Mewtwo]
16) (Chamber 29) This is the only city to host a Pokemon League (exclude “city”) [Ever Grande]
17) (Chamber 21) What FE Pokemon learns the exact same Generation VIII tutor moves as Magnezone, at least one of which it doesn’t get STAB on? [Klinklang]
18) (Chamber 22) This Pokemon has the lowest non-negative recruit rate in any dungeon accessible in the demo of PMD: Explorers of Sky. [Wailmer]
19) (Chamber 2) This non-pseudo legendary Pokemon’s base stats are all exactly double those of its pre-evolution. [Hariyama]
20) (Chamber 5) In a certain Hoenn location, you can find 5 form-changing items. All of them change the form of one Pokemon, except one item. Name that item. [Griseous Orb]
21) (Chamber 26) These 4 Bonus Stages in Pokemon Pinball are exclusive to one field. (Just name the Pokemon featured within them, alpha) [Diglett Gengar Meowth Seel]
22) (Chamber 6) Certain non-Clever moves can be followed up by both Baton Pass and Electro Ball in Contests for a boosted effect. Name them in alphabetical order. [Agility Autotomize Rock Polish Shell Smash]
23) (Chamber 16) In a manga tie-in to the twentieth movie, a certain character’s grandfather owned a dojo. What Pokemon are shown to live there? (Alpha) [Cleffa Cutiefly Petilil Stufful Togedemaru]
24) (Chamber 8) Yanmega learns a certain move in HGSS by level up, but not in DP. What other evolved Pokemon exhibit the same tendency with the same move? (Alpha) [Kabutops Persian Scizor Sharpedo Skuntank]
25) (Chamber 18) These non-form Pokemon have at least one base stat equal to their National Dex number. (Alpha) [Clefairy Slowbro Voltorb]
26) (Chamber 10) According to one specific piece of Pokemon merchandise, Golbat can drain this many cubic inches of blood per bite. [48]
27) (Chamber 12) This non Z-move has the same base power as 3 unique Z-moves. [Self-Destruct]
28) (Chamber 7) This Character of the Day, seen in Unova, has two of the same unevolved Pokemon, but one is male and one is female. [Halsey]
29) (Chamber 23) These non-form, non-mythical, legendary Pokemon made unique dual-typings no longer unique when they came out. Additionally, they were the only Pokemon with their type combinations to come out in their generation. (Ascending Natdex Order) [Palkia Cobalion Virizion Tapu Koko]
30) (Chamber 30) You’ve finally reached the end. Your treasure is awaiting you, but there’s one last inscription. It reads as follows: “At the prime time for beginnings, I will be found.” It’s all clear to you now. Your final answer is your treasure. (This is a meta puzzle: the questions and answers of the previous questions will help you find the answer. (/viewhunt)) [Regieleki]

I'm not gonna do Solutions to all 30 Q's like I'd normally do with my other fishes, since that'd take a long time. However, I will explain how to do the meta! First, you can sort the chambers in order if you want (it's not really necessary, but it makes extraction easier). The two key words to realize here are prime and beginnings. If you take the first letter of the answer of every prime numbered chamber (in order, which is why sorting by chamber order is recommended but not necessary), you get Highest SPE. Now, what Pokemon has the Highest Spe? Regieleki!

Nobody guessed that there were 30 Q's, so nobody got any bonus points :<

I'd like to thank everyone who dropped by, participated, and (most importantly) wished me a Happy Birthday! I'd also like to extend a special thank you to pants, since he continued hosting the Odyssey for ~an hour after I had to go to bed.

Thanks to everyone who participated in DSG Official #7! Only 480 more to go until DSG Official #487!
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I am hosting Part 2 of Tori's sTori (mystery odyssey) on Sunday, December 27th at 7pm UTC (11am PST, 2pm EST, 8pm CET, 12:30am IST)

Thank you so so much Litt♥ "Hunts are an artform" Eleven and Part "If two days' worth of braincells isn't enough..." Man for doings these QCs.
Be sure to take a look at part 1 for this!

The full results were as follows:
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [50:43].
2nd place: GrubbinTheGreat [01:09:18].
3rd place: DarkSantaGiratina [01:21:41].
4th place: Christmace [01:29:32].
5th place: Aeolia [01:42:14].
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex. [01:47:14], Teutonic✠Squire [02:04:07], imnewhelppls [02:08:29], Luca12379 [02:13:14]

Though they did not finish, TurtalKatThing got the question amount correct with 37!

Thank you all so much for playing, I hope you enjoyed this massive 2 part hunt! I had a lot of fun making it and I'm glad people found it a worthy nomination for the 2020 Scav Awards. ♥

Both hunts (part 1 and 2) can be found here:

Q1. Today, we'll be exploring the game Explorers of Sky together! In the second of these two odysseys, I'll be traversing the game from where we left off until the end as Tori, asking questions along the way. Information of that last hunt is readily available right here: (TBD). To make sure you have it open, what was the final recruit team Scavengers gained last time? Tauros

Q2. When we last left our duo, they had just discussed Tori's backsTori with Dusknoir. Bidoof suddenly shows up: All apprentices must report to the guild right now! Another Time Gear was stolen and unfortunately, it's from fogbound Lake. Thankfully, Uxie, now in Magnezone's care, was capable of providing an identity of the Time Gear thief. His name: Grovyle. A certain Pokémon has been spreading the wanted poster around, and many of them could have been seen flying above the sea a while back. Which species of Pokémon is responsible for all kinds of mail in the Mystery Dungeon series up to this point? Pelipper

Q3. A YOOMTAH! echoes through the guild: Wigglytuff vows to apprehend Grovyle. He, Chatot and Dusknoir go downstairs to form a strategy to find the remaining time gears before Grovyle does, to secure the location before he can do any harm. Three locations are mentioned, and team Scavengers set out for one of them. Dusknoir warns them of the many sandstorms that terrorise the area. Which location are they headed? Northern Desert

Q4. Deep within the Desert, only quicksand remains. It appears to be a dead end, though Tori once again has this déjà vu feeling like at the Foggy Forest. It is ignored for now and the team heads back, joined by their newly recruited Cubone. Back at the guild, all teams appear to have been unsuccessful. Bidoof got a nice memento from Crystal Cave though. Let's take a rest for the night and start fresh tomorrow. the night turns to day again, and team Scavengers obviously go somewhere different today right? Well... considering that hunch yesterday, Tori can't help but think they should go back. Tori marches on and Riolu follows hesitantly. Once there, the double dive head first into the quicksand. Wouldn't you know it, there is indeed a cave there! Groovy music kicks in, and they spot a Pokémon that they also saw in the desert above. Which Pokémon? Sandshrew

Q5. Mawile was impressed by Riolu's tenacity, and subsequently joined the team. At the end of Quicksand cave lies the underground lake. The same glow they saw light up Fogbound Lake appears in the middle of the water. Another Time Gear! "Let's go take a closer look at it"... These words set off the lurking Mesprit. It was warned by Uxie and charges for the quartet of would-be thieves. A few spores later, Mesprit falls, but still tries to protect the treasure. Then... Grovyle appears! Like a thief in the night, he takes out all five Pokémon present, and swims for the treasure down below. Awakened by the tremors caused by Grovyle's looting, everyone makes a run for it while time begins to freeze around them. Grovyle now has four Time Gears. Knowing the place where the last one is, from which four locations did Grovyle get a Time Gear thus far? List alphabetically. Fogbound Lake, Limestone Cavern, Treeshroud Forest, Underground Lake

Q6. We need a lead for the final Time Gear, and although the others' searches have been a dud, there might be one. Using Bidoof's newfound treasure, Dusknoir and Tori manage to invoke a Dimensional Scream: A scene plays inside the Totodile's mind: Azelf against Grovyle... and Azelf's down! The guild makes haste towards the location, Team Scavengers once again in the lead. After a Cranidos was invited back to the guild as a recruit, right before the end of the dungeon, Tauros, Paras, Riolu and Tori enter a monster house! What Pokémon could be there? List alphabetically. Donphan, Golem, Shieldon, Wormadam-Sandy; Donphan, Golem, Shieldon, Wormadam

Q7. A few Water Guns and Force Palms later, Tori and her team go up the final stairs, and find three huge crystals: a purple one at the top, a red one to the left, and a yellow one to the right. Tori once again feels a familiarity as Riolu touches the top crystal. Its color changed to orange! The left one changes color too, from red to green. Tori touches the right one twice, and it changes from yellow to blue, to red. Another Dimensional Scream! "I see. Of the three spiritual elements of knowledge, emotion and willpower, Azelf is the Being of Willpower. Willpower is the motivation that drives us. It's a unifying power. [The question remains:] what is the color of Azelf's spirit?" She gives the words some thought... "That's it!" Tori begins to change the color of the crystals. What color does she change the three to? List the colors in the order mentioned before. Blue, Blue, Blue

Q8. Huge tremors begin... and a gigantic blue crystal erupts from the center of the three crystals, with a huge opening in the middle! The team quickly enters. Crossing through the crystals, a Bagon was impressed by Tori's puzzle solving skills and wishes to join. Deep inside, Crystal Lake emerges. And right there, on the island in the center of it all, plays that vision once again: Azelf defeated by Grovyle. The foursome quickly rush over to protect the Time Gear. Tori hits with Scary Face, and tries to follow up with an Ice Fang. Mere moments later, only a speechless Riolu stood between the defeated lake dweller and the mostly unharmed thief. As Grovyle wants to lay the finishing blow, Dusknoir returns and quickly knocks him back. And what's more, the two seem to know each other. Maybe it's from their IQ groups? Of the 7 Pokémon present in the scene right now, which two share an IQ group? List alphabetically. Riolu Tauros

Q9. The next day, Dusknoir is at the main square, intending to explain it all. According to Dusknoir, Grovyle is a notorious criminal that came here from the future. To avoid capture, he fled to the past, set on collecting all the Time Gears to cause the planet's paralysis. Dusknoir knows this all, because he, too, is a Pokémon from the future. Now, Tori and Riolu, along with the rest of the Pokémon present, have gained a new goal: spread the rumor of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf sealing away the Time Gear. A special episode unlocks afterwards! What is the reward for completing said special episode? Sun Scarf

Q10. A few days pass for our heroes. They take some time to resolve some help requests and capture some outlaws. 3 of these, all S-level, are done in Amp Plains, one of which had an egg as a reward! Another 5 are done in Foggy Forest, all but one of them A-level, with the last B-level. During their escapades, a Mareep, Zigzagoon and Cherubi joined. How many points has team Scavengers earned now, and what rank are they? List in that order. 1580, Silver;1580, Silver rank

Q11. Dusknoir was successful in the capture of Grovyle. He has been roped and muzzled, to make sure he cannot try anything to wiggle his way out of this. With that, it is time to say goodbye. "Oh, yes." Dusknoir exclaims, right before he's about to travel back. He wants to see Tori and Riolu. The twosome thank the Ghost-type for all of his help and bid their last farewells. "Well. This is goodbye... or is it?" "Wait, wha-" "It's too soon for farewells! You two are coming with me!" With that, Dusknoir grabs team Scavengers and hauls them with him into the future. What is the name of the time travelling device that Tori and Riolu were just dragged into? Dimensional Hole

Q12. "Those who seek to alter the course of history must be removed from history." Tori is woken up by Riolu's shaking her. They just travelled to the future, and are unsure of what to do. Right then, four Pokémon walk in. and bring them to an empty room. There, the double is bound to two stakes. On a third stake, Grovyle can be seen equally tied up. "They plan to get rid of us for good." He says. Tori and Riolu are unsure as to why they are set next to Grovyle, They haven't done anything wrong after all! Then, Dusknoir walks in with his six Sableye underlings. The sextuplet are closing in for the kill with their sharp claws. What move does Grovyle hope they use? Fury Swipes

Q13. Grovyle was correct, and the rope gets cut. The triple attacks and makes a run for it! Once they get outside, they see floating boulders, horrible darkness. All movement has stopped... not even the wind blows. They keep running and Grovyle eventually separates due to an argument between him and Riolu. He knows that Grovyle is the bad guy, and Dusknoir has to be the good guy. Even though it doesn't align with his actions. After a quick rest, Team Scavengers continue through three dungeons to try and catch up. What are these three dungeons? List them chronologically, the first traversed dungeon first. Chasm Cave, Dark Hill, Sealed Ruins; Chasm Cave, Dark Hill, Sealed Ruin

Q14. An upset Spiritomb took control over Grovyle, but when the double caught up to the bottom of the Sealed Ruins, Tori and Riolu managed to knock some sense into him with some Ice Fangs and Force Palms. The world's perpetual darkness made it become twisted with anger, like many others. It is time for Grovyle's side of the story. What is the name of the chapter we are about to begin? The Secret of the Planet's Paralysis.

Q15. Grovyle tells the story of Temporal Tower's collapse, and how the flow of time, as well as Dialga itself, went out of control as the tower fell into dismay. He is now a primordial being, Primal Dialga, wanting nothing but self-preservation. Grovyle tried to alter the history, instead trying to prevent the planet's paralysis, the opposite of what Dusknoir said! It makes sense though, since he is Dialga's most trusted underling. Riolu believes none of this, and wants to Quick Attack right into Dusknoir's hands. Regardless of what he and the Totodile do, Grovyle is going to find the time travel Pokémon, and she's an odd spirit... Said Pokémon is also a spirit in another game. What is the name of its unique ability in that game? Great Autoheal

Q16. Grovyle, Tori and Riolu make their way through Dusk Forest. Tori makes sure to Crunch every Mismagius along the way, and Riolu gets a few Bites in too. At the end they find the petite proportioned Celebi. Introductions are exchanged, Celebi pausing when looking at the Totodile's face, then the foursome are moving towards the location where they can travel back in time. Not far behind, a Sableye slowly pursues the group, foreboding terrible events... What is the name of the location that they reach after going through the next dungeon? Passage of Time; The Passage of Time

Q17. There it is! The passage of time, right behind Dusknoir! Wait, Dusknoir? He beat the quartet here, and he brought heavy reinforcements in the form of Primal Dialga. And with that... Grovyle gives up. He knows when he's beaten, but at least his partner is still in the past and she will finish his task. Dusknoir begins to ask and asks for her name. Grovyle's answer is deafening: "My Partner's name is Tori." And while Dusknoir explains his plans in the past, winning over Tori and Riolu's trust, Riolu has an idea. Using Celebi's time travel, they move forward just a small bit. Though the Temporal Pokémon puts a quick stop to the journey, the small diversion and distance is enough to make it! Moments later, the triple wake up like the name of the fourth song on the Sky Jukebox. What is the name of that song? On the Beach at Dusk

Q18. No time as beautiful as the present. A lot has to happen in a short time now, the planet's paralysis must be prevented, after all. To do that, the three partners needs a plan. First, a place to stay: Riolu opens up his former home in Sharpedo Bluff, where he lived on his own before applying to the guild. From there, the best way to start is by recollecting the Time Gears, so the next morning, Grovyle and Team Scavengers set out to the Forest in the east: Treeshroud Forest. On their way up, they step on a tile that has the face of a Slowpoke on it, and another with the face of an Electrode. What are the names of these two tiles? List alphabetically. Explosion Trap, Slow Trap

Q19. At the end of the dungeon, the monotype threesome stumble on something strange: Time is at a standstill here, despite the presence of a Time Gear. Grovyle grabs it (It doesn't change anything here anyway) and requests Riolu to gather some intel in Treasure Town on the way back. Once he returns, word around town appears grim: time has remained stopped at all the locations where the Time Gears were taken, and it appears to be spreading. It can only mean one thing... Temporal Tower is starting to collapse. The Time Gears have to be brought there to prevent its collapse. "But there's a problem." Grovyle says. The place where Temporal Tower can be found is shrouded in mystery. Where did Grovyle say Temporal Tower can be found? Hidden Land

Q20. Grovyle and team Scavengers split up. Grovyle will gather the remaining Time Gears, while Tori and Riolu will investigate the Hidden Land. For that, it's time to go back to the guild. As Diglett checks Riolu's footprint, the Ground-type leaves the sentry duty immediately and burrows up to go check. It is Riolu, and Tori too! The gates open and the entire guild runs in for a hug and a warm welcome back! Inside, Riolu tells the story of what happened in the future. Though Chatot posed standoffish at first, the guild supports the two and it's time to find the Hidden Land! First stop, Elder Torkoal. Where does he frequent again? Hot Spring

Q21. The next morning (definitely not the morning after with a day of ranking up in between with 3 A-level missions to get gold rank, no sirree! Really not being sarcastic here...), after being reunited with Paras and Tauros, Riolu and Tori make their way to the Hot Spring through Waterfall cave. . seeking Torkoal's wisdom about the Hidden Land. The wise old turtle has heard of it, and though he knows little, it is a lead. The Hidden Land lies beyond the sea in a hidden place. Only the chosen can find it, one who possesses certain qualities. You need proof of qualification. On their way back, they stop by Chansey Day Care to check up on the egg they received before their trip to the future. It recently hatched! A fully evolved dual type Pokémon, and it wants to join the team's cause. What Pokémon was in the egg? Girafarig

Q22. The next morning, Torkoal shows up again, and has a small bit of extra information, albeit very brief. The proof he mentioned the day before bears the inscription of a certain pattern. This pattern is hard to describe, but it's quite intricate and odd. It's a peculiar pattern. The kind you rarely see. Tori mulls it over. "A peculiar pattern... Wait, that's it!" What special item does she think of? Relic Fragment

Q23. Riolu shows his Relic Fragment to Torkoal. "That's it! It's a pattern exactly like this!" The Fire-type exclaims. It appears Riolu has the proof right there in his hand. Now all that remains is finding a way to access the Hidden Land. That's where Wigglytuff steps in. He and Chatot have seen the pattern before somewhere, inside an inlet to the northwest: Brine Cave. But there was a vicious bandit there. What Pokémon that team Scavengers has recruited would have a super effective STAB against this bandit, that are also weak to (at least) one of said bandit's STAB types? List alphabetically. Cubone, Paras

Q24. Wigglytuff has some errands to run, so Chatot is in charge of the guild until his return. At the same time, Riolu and Tori stop by Sharpedo Bluff if Grovyle is there. While he is not, he has left a note. It seems the lake guardians are understanding of his mission, and he's collected three of the five Time Gears already! Once he's done, he will head to Sharpedo Bluff or the beach. Team Scavengers head down there next. Though Grovyle is absent, across the horizon, a figure appears to move through the sea... Tori and Riolu decide to head to Spinda's Café and boost their IQ a bit. They have 21 gummis: 3 yellow, 2 gray, 4 blue, 1 gold, 4 orange, 3 red, 1 sky, 2 purple and 1 royal gummi. Knowing that Tori just hit 2 stars and Riolu just learned Power Pitcher, what are the last IQ skills the two could learn if they were to take all the gummis respectively? Assume the best possible luck, list alphabetically. Counter Hitter, Lava Evader

Q25. The next morning, it's time for the expedition to Brine Cave. Wigglytuff has not returned so Chatot leads the guild to the front of the cave. There, they split up, with Chatot collaborating with team Scavengers. During their travels, they noticed some Pokémon trailing behind. Once they reach the halfway point, one of them bumps into Tori 'by accident'. The leader of the triple then snags the Relic Fragment from the Fighting-type (once again), who dropped it thanks to the 'bump'. I wonder who they are... No seriously, who are they? Team Skull

Q26. Of course, who else would it be... They quickly run deeper into the cave, and Chatot is seeing red. He pursues the Poison-type pests (even though he doesn't learn pursuit) and after recovering from the shock, the Kelduo heads deeper as well. As they reach the deepest part, Riolu hears a few groans. Up ahead lies team Skull, defeated by the aforementioned bandit. The Fighting-type ensures their safety, and Skunktank hands the Relic Fragment back to Riolu (or, as he puts it, "\[it\] slipped out of my grip"), Tori and Riolu meet back up with Chatot. The bandit had retreated there, but they are nowhere to be seen. Chatot recalls the last time. "They seemed to appear out of nowhere, but where they really appeared from was-" Just then, three Pokémon swoop down from the ceiling and close in for a slash on team Scavengers. Chatot quickly jumps forward and shields his apprentices. Which three Pokémon are in front of Chatot right now? List alphabetically. Kabutops, Omastar, Omastar

Q27. While Riolu Screeches away at Kabutops, Tori makes quick work of the Omastar with Scary Face and Water Gun. An Oran Berry restores Tori back to full, and a Force Palm and Crunch combo later, Kabutops is sent packing as well. Mere moments later, Wigglytuff and Grovyle walk in, with the former scurrying over to the downed head of intelligence. Grovyle examines his wounds. He'll live, but he needs to be brought back to the guild now. In the meantime, Grovyle, Tori and Riolu continue deeper into the cave, where they find seawater on one side, reaching to the far horizon, and a mural that looks just like the Relic Fragment on the other. Said mural then reacts with the mural and a beam of light shoots out across the sea. Then, a Pokémon slowly moves in. The guide to the Hidden Land. What Pokémon is this? Lapras

Q28. To the Hidden Land! Riding on Lapras through the night and day, while Chatot safely recovers back at the guild, the three heroes of time travel through the waves of the endless blue sea. The next morning, they find themselves close. A little further, where the waves ripple in erratic patterns, there is a gap in time where the Hidden Land can be found. Time to cross the sea of time! Lapras takes off and starts to fly into the gap, and then the Hidden Land appears. There, across the mountains, floating in the sky, lies Temporal Tower, red-black clouds swirling on top of it. But.. it's floating in the air? How do we get to Temporal Tower? Lapras knows the answer. "You must take the..." Rainbow Stoneship

Q29. Making their way across the Hidden Land and Highland, The Totodile and company reach the Old ruins. Walking past ancient murals with Pokémon, they find a huge staircase. On top of the staircase is an ancient tablet, inscribed with a certain language. Grovyle made sure to read up on these extensively. He tells the explorers that the stone tablet they find themselves on is, in fact, the Rainbow Stoneship. In the hole in the center, the Relic Fragment seems to fit perfectly. What is the language found on the ancient tablet? Unown Letters; Unown runes; Unown; Unownspeak ; Unown Language

Q30. "That's quite enough of that" "Wheh-heh-heh" Dusknoir's trap has been activated, and the triple find themselves surrounded by the Sableye once again. Dusknoir has have waited here for a long time, since he knew Grovyle, Tori and Riolu had to go past this place eventually. Now, it's time to go back to the future. Of course, the heroes do not accept the proposal and choose to fight. In the brawl, Riolu manages to knock down Dusknoir. However, as he gets back up, he charges a massive Shadow Ball from his stomach mouth. He launches it towards the triple, but their combined attack knocks it right back into the open hole. Dusknoir has been defeated! ... You know, since they've been here for a while, I'm sure Dusknoir has looked at the murals inside quite a bit. Which Pokémon can he see there? List alphabetically. Dialga, Groudon, Kyogre, Mew, Palkia

Q31. Riolu goes back to the top of the temple to set up the Rainbow Stoneship, while Dusknoir seems to wake up, albeit too weak to do much. "Is this what you really want?" he asks. "If history is changed, We Pokémon of the future will disappear." Tori looks in shock at Grovyle. Is this true? Yes... it is. Once history is changed, Tori, Grovyle, Dusknoir, everyone from the future is removed from existence. But that was what Grovyle and Tori set out to do. Even Celebi is willing to lay down her life for this cause. But what of Riolu now... He'll be devastated. Tori decides to not tell until after they are done. A flash of light erupts, and Riolu appears to have activated the Stoneship for takeoff. Amidst the excitement, Dusknoir does a sneak attack on Tori. History will not be changed if it's up to him. Grovyle blocks the followup attack, and starts to push Dusknoir into the dimensional hole behind him. Dropping the Time Gears for the two left behind, Grovyle makes the sacrifice of going back to the future. "Though the parting hurts... The rest is in your hands." And with that, the two pop into the dimensional hole. It is time for the last adventure. At Temporal Tower, four Pokémon can roam the lower levels. Which four are they? List alphabetically. Bronzor, Lunatone, Porygon, Solrock

Q32. Battling their way up, the local Pokémon fall to more Force Palms and Water Guns. Once those ran out of PP, Riolu supported Tori's Crunches with Quick Attacks. The enemies are tough and often require a thrown Iron Spike for the final or first hit. All around them, tremors cause small pieces of the tower to brittle away. They have to hurry! Passing Temporal Spire, they make it to the top. The swirling red clouds cause lightning strikes all around the two and the tower appears moments away from falling apart. In the back is a pedestal with five indentations for five Time Gears. But when approaching, a thunderous voice talks. Dialga wants to protect Temporal Tower, but the legendary has been corrupted to its primal form and cannot think straight. It is time for the final fight. Tori and Riolu slowly move in, and the former throws an Iron Thorn. Once close enough, Tori goes for a Scary Face, but a certain IQ skill that Primal Dialga has prevents this from happening. What is that IQ skill? Intimidator

Q33. Dialga Metal Claws Riolu, who fights back with a tactical Screech. Tori tries another Scary Face, but Intimidator triggers again. Riolu Tries to deal some damage using Force Palm.. but he misses! Then, the temporal titan goes for its signature move to deal massive damage to both of its opponents, taking out Riolu! Thankfully, a Reviver Seed brings him back. Now that Dialga is Paused for a turn, Riolu opts for another Screech and the Totodile's Scary Face is blocked by Intimidator again. A fourth one misses, but the tides are turned when Riolu hits a massive Force Palm, paralyzing its foe! Another miss from Tori, but Riolu hits a second Force Palm. Tori seriously can't get a hit in as Intimidator denies yet another Scary Face, and the recovered Dialga hits back with an Ancient Power: There goes a second Reviver Seed. As a last ditch effort to actually help, Tori tries Scary Face again, but Intimidator ruins all hope of helping, before a third Force Palm deals enough for Dialga to fall. Now, amongst these three Pokémon, there were 12 different moves. Which moves could have been used in this battle, but have not been used successfully since the beginning of Temporal Tower? Know that Tori and Riolu's moveset have not changed since returning from the future, and Dialga has its EoS levelup moveset. List alphabetically. Bite, Dragon Claw, Ice Fang, Scary Face

Q34. With Dialga down, Riolu runs for the pedestal while the tremors worsen and the tower is on the verge of collapse. The Time Gears are inserted, and the massive quaking knocks out the double. Once awake again, it seems the dark clouds have disappeared, and Dialga is back to its normally reasoned self. Temporal Tower has taken heavy damage, but it survived. With its telepathy, Dialga shows Treeshroud Forest, where time flows once more. Then, this official subroom is shown, where Litt♥Eleven, pants and 111ace111 happily moderate the trolling voices (and PartMan). Peace has been restored to the land. Dialga thanks the two for traversing the Hidden Land, stopping Dialga's Primal rage, and preventing the ruin of Temporal Tower. Time to go home, back to that subroom! What is the name of the subroom? Treasure Town

Q35. As Tori descends the tower, she can feel her legs weighing her down more and more. She tries to keep up with the excited emanation pokémon, but it's all for nothing. Tori's legs begin to glow... "My time with Riolu ends now." she thinks. "Hey, Tori!" Riolu turns around and sees he has gained some distance. As he closes in.. he too notices the Totodile's glowing legs. "Sorry, Riolu. I kept this to myself for a long time. It looks like... I have to say good-bye" "What?! Good-bye?! What do you mean?!" "Dusknoir told me: If we changed the future, the Pokémon from the future would disappear. That's why I'm destined to disappear too..." The glowing spreads to Tori's torso "Thank you for everything. I'm going to disappear from here now, but I'll never forget you Riolu." "W-wait a second. I only made it this far because you were with me, Tori. You made me strong. If you go, I... I don't know what I would do." Tori responds: "You have to be strong on your own. You have to live! You have to go home. Tell everyone about what happened here, so that nothing like this ever happens again." Riolu seems to well up. The glowing has reached Tori's chin. It is getting brighter too. "Don't go Tori... please..." "I wish I could stay. Thank you for everything, Riolu. I'm glad we got to train together, go on adventures together... to get to know you, Riolu. I'm so lucky that you were my friend." "I feel the same Tori! To me, you are.. more important than anything." "As are you to me... Riolu, Even after I disappear from here, I will never, ever forget you." And with that.. The glowing has reached the Totodile's scalp... and Tori disappears from existence. "Tori.. Tori! Tori!!!" Riolu breaks down... (/scavenge continue to continue) Continue

Q36. A while later, Riolu slowly makes his way back to the Rainbow Stoneship, her friends' words echoing through her head. "You have to live! Get home, and tell everyone about what happened. It's Tori's last wish." The sobbing Pokémon finally reaches the Stoneship. He's getting farther and farther away from Temporal Tower... and from Tori. "Oh, Tori..." In time, Riolu manages to go back to Lapras, who consoled the child crying endlessly on her back, all the way back to Treasure Town. After a few days, Tori starts to roam Treasure Town, telling Tori's sTori to everyone who wants to hear it, as was her wish. It was a story of hope and peace, and of the great bond between two Pokémon. Months pass and everyone has returned to their cheerful routines. Life returned to normal gradually. Thank you all so so much for joining me in this odyssey through Explorers of Sky. I hope I have done the story justice, and that you enjoyed this 12 page long summary. As a final question, I want two simple numbers from you all: What is the amount of recruits that team Scavengers has right now, including its leaders, and what is the total amount of points Riolu and Tori have garnered towards their rank? Answer in that order. 28, 1760; 27, 1760

Q37. One evening, Riolu leaves the guild to go out for a walk. He crossed Bidoof on his way out. "You don't want to be late for dinner, so don't take too long!" The plump mouse Pokémon laughs. "Yes. understood." Riolu responds. He makes his way down to the beach, and marvels at the sight of the Krabby blowing beautiful bubbles across the shore. "I haven't seen this for a long time. It's as beautiful as I remember. I missed this fantastic sight... I wonder when it was when I last saw this..." Riolu thinks. "... Oh. It was when... when I met Tori." Tears begin to well up again. "The view was like this that time too..." He walks across the coast "I found her right there. That was when our adventure began." All of the memories returned to the Fighting-type... Saving Azurill, the amazing view at Fogbound Lake, the puzzle at Crystal Cave, the trip to the future, all the times Tori was there to cheer him up and give him strength, and... the moment she left him at Temporal Tower. "I remember it all so fondly... But now... Tori is gone... She's not here anymore..." With that, Riolu collapses on the sand... Atop Temporal Tower, Dialga felt the sadness that emanated from Riolu. Even after all these months, his sorrow is as intense as the day he left, and his will to bring back Tori as large as ever. "I will grant your wish. The world still needs you both. That is why I will trust you with a gift. I leave to you... the future! This is my thanks, please accept it!" A light begins to shine on the beach... and as Riolu looks up.. Tori is standing there once again. (/scavenge 'the end' to finish) The end; I thank you all so so much for playing. This was a huge undertaking, and I really liked doing this. I hope you enjoyed playing as well.

Pokémon recruited, in chronological order:
  1. Tori;
  2. Riolu;
  3. Shellos-East;
  4. Starly;
  5. Spinarak;
  6. Spinarak;
  7. Shellder;
  8. Grimer;
  9. Poliwag;
  10. Combee;
  11. Wooper;
  12. Wooper;
  13. Starly;
  14. Paras;
  15. Nidorino;
  16. Starly;
  17. Smeargle;
  18. Barboach;
  19. Elekid;
  20. Tauros;
  21. Cubone;
  22. Mawile;
  23. Cranidos;
  24. Bagon;
  25. Mareep;
  26. Zigzagoon;
  27. Cherubi;
  28. Girafarig
Amount of points gathered towards the explorers' rank: 1760

Since the end of Tori's sTori II, two new Pokémon have joined:
  1. Wooper;
  2. Barboach
Furthermore, team Scavengers also gained 1200 extra points, bringing them to a total of 2960.
This brings it in line with the actual save file I'm using.

Most recent moveset of Tori: Scary Face, Water Gun, Crunch, Ice Fang
Most recent moveset of Riolu: Force Palm, Bite, Quick Attack, Screech

If there is anything else, I'll be sure to think of it.
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Reserving Official Hunt on December 16th at 3 PM UTC
1st place: December Right ❄ [01:31].
2nd place: Teutonic✠PADORU! [01:54].
3rd place: wallape [01:59].
4th place: powergo [02:34].
5th place: Ninetales-Alola [03:17].
Consolation Prize: Ninetales Alolan<3 [04:35], iph [11:00], Luca12379 [12:53]

1) This decoration is a painting of a Seviper. [Long poster]
2) This location In Pokemon ORAS once went bankrupt after the owner made the admission price too high. [safari zone]
3) In Pokemon ORAS, this tower is used to monitor New Mauville. [Square Tower]

Thanks to PartMan and aQrator for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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Have a good day!
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Hosting an Official on Thursday, December 24th at 12pm UTC (4am PST, 7am EST, 1pm CET, 5:30pm IST)

Thanks pants and PartMan for the QCs.

The full results were as follows:
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [11:20].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [33:45].
3rd place: Damnright♥! [43:13].
4th place: powergo [47:08].
5th place: iph [01:00:56].

Thank you all for playing!
The hunt can be seen here:

Q1. A certain pokémon can be found on the highest amount of differently typed Pokémon cards in the TCG. List, in order, its name, the amount of types it has been, and then the types it has not been alphabetically. Arceus, 10, Fairy
Q2. This unevolved, fully evolved Pokémon has been a stage 1 Pokémon in the TCG before. Aerodactyl
Q3. Without the use of EX or V cards, these Pokémon has had a basic, stage 1 and stage 2 Pokémon card printed. List alphabetically. Bastiodon, Kabutops, Omastar
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Hosting an official on Thursday, December 17th at 3 PM UTC (10am EST).
Big thank you to PartRator for qcing this hunt, much appreciated!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [08:27].
2nd place: OHXMas⁇ [12:37].
3rd place: powergo [21:10].
4th place: Teutonic✠Padoru [24:54].
5th place: December Right ♥♫~ [27:55].
Consolation Prize: YveltalNL [32:07], Luca12379 [35:33], iph [01:34:38]

1) This non-key item introduced in Generation V has 5 capital letters present in its name. [RSVP Mail]
2) A certain fully evolved Pokemon took neutral damage from only one type in Generation V, though it currently takes neutral damage from three types in total. Name the Pokemon, then the type it would take neutral damage from in Generation V. [Magnezone Water]
3) In Generation V, these abilities with one word in their name were tied for having the longest name by word length. Answer alphabetically. [Adaptability Anticipation Compoundeyes Lightningrod]

Thanks for participating, congratulations to everyone who finished; hope to see you again!
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Hosting a cute fish on the 26th of December, at, uhh...

!pick picked! The fish'll be at 1730 IST / 1200 GMT!

Thanks to Aegii and aQrator for the QCs. <3

See you there. :3

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Damnright♥! [04:21].
2nd place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [07:44].
3rd place: iph [29:26].
4th place: powergo [34:35].
5th place: Teutonic✠Squire [34:35].
Consolation Prize: gw112 [41:58], AndrewThePenguin [01:09:22]

1) A certain Pokemon card in the TCG has an incorrect Pokedex number written on it. Name the Pokemon on the card and the Pokemon that has the printed Pokedex number, in that order. [Mamoswine, Porygon-Z]
2) This Pokemon card was printed with the text Stage 2, even though it was supposed to be printed as a Stage 1. [Combusken / Combusken (EX Dragon 25)]
3) And from TCG to PS! (Ignore formes for this question.) If you open the National Dex AG teambuilder, you can sort the Pokemon alphabetically by name. You can also type /nds BST > 0, all in a chatroom to view the same list. Except... five Pokemon aren't in the same positions. Name these five in order of their Pokedex numbers. [Porygon2, Ho-Oh, Honchkrow, Porygon-Z, Honedge]

3-hour fish yeet

Thanks for being there!
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The first Ladder Cycle of December has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: Ninetales Alolan<3 in first place with 452 points, DarkSantaGiratina in second place with 333 points, and Ninetales-Alola in third place with 286 points!

1 Ninetales Alolan<3 452
2 DarkSantaGiratina 333
3 Ninetales-Alola 286
4 Teutonic✠Padoru 272
5 toX-mas boost 263
6 December Right ❄ 209
7 TurtalKatThing 203
8 Santaquil 181
9 Luca12379 178
10 Christmace 177
11 Computerblizzard 170
12 rudoIph 152
13 aQrator 145
14 powergo 132
15 AbuSanta 126
16 imnewhelppls 118
17 saltvik 112
18 Pepsi Man 2 108
19 Partoru 97
20 dotcomfey 96
21 wallape 94
22 Christmas 73
23 flyingpichu 64
24 p^_^okemonvortex. 60
25 Sacrificial Sirens 58
26 Bronzecrank 39
27 AndrewThePenguin 32
27 Exploding Jetski 32
29 pants 27
30 Aeolia 24
31 spellhole 22
32 fainted torterra 21
32 MukUsedDrillPeck 21
34 Pranav 2+2=5 19
34 scoobydoobydrew 19
36 killerASCII 17
36 Sheer Cold Penguin 17
38 gallant's pear 16
38 sIang 16
40 YveltalNL 15
41 bulbasaurbuddy ♪ 12
42 PartMan 11
42 snowyb12 11
42 dagner 11
45 GrubbinTheGreat 10
46 gw112 9
46 Shadow Sirens. ♪ 9
46 R2Cv1! 9
46 boredcollegekid 9
50 doc1203 8
50 OHKOff⁇ 8
50 rage-ii 8
53 RespectPickles 7
53 SpecterReaper 7
55 Damnright♥! 6
55 Hakamo-o Ho Ho 6
55 Wan the Avatar 6
55 Flex Navidad 6
55 NitW 6
55 Gian²⌐◼_◼ 6
61 ASnomPlaysShowdown 5
61 chillmf 5
61 pisxel ♥ 5
61 Winterphox 5
61 Andrew 5
61 ae giift 5
61 An Innocent Soul 5
68 KingChandelure 4
68 Dawn of Khione 4
68 Sir Tetris ⌐▭‿▭ 4
68 aegii 4
68 guishark 4
68 Sno>w>Dy 4
68 sm ii 4
68 ax1lotl! 4
68 MiloticS3rl 4
68 Flying Delibird 4
68 Devoxys 4
79 crepuscular goomy 3
79 iph 3
79 Discordual 3
79 KawaiiiiPotato✿ 3
79 SergioRules 3
79 Found then Lost 3
79 OHXMas⁇ 3
79 StonjournerGmax 3
87 111ace111 2
87 ProfSapling 2
87 Teutonic✠Squire 2
87 smartb12!☃ 2
87 yaicanea 2
87 AGY645 2
87 Panta Claus 2
87 Cool Trainer Wes 2
87 An_Azurill >_> 2
87 Sheepgomoo 2
87 wesdasnowman 2
87 digimonismylife 2
87 Benjgbro 2
87 Praise Bid o3o f 2
87 Midnightsecrets 2
87 BipedalistReindeer 2
87 jegoro 2
87 jjev 2
87 A㋛Quails㋛Query 2
106 AbuBatata 1
106 Jablinx 1
106 barlcxks 1
106 kalifguest22 1
106 Dawn of Athena 1
106 RedBeaver540 1
106 JollyTreecko 1
106 SingTel 1
106 nolenot 1
106 four and twenty 1
106 Addvent 1
106 Tis I Me 1
106 OUTB Clap 1
106 PeachPearApple 1
106 CountDracula120 1
106 Add23456 1
106 FourteenAlmonds 1
106 xomdlo 1
106 outb interesting 1
106 Tails72 1
106 Clockee 1
106 Dog Tetgod ⌐▭‿▭ 1
106 WinteR2Cv1 1
106 Lagestia 1
106 Ceilings~! 1
106 fatbingo 1
106 TpOi2006 1
106 Raven 1
106 Santapler ❀ 1
106 BlauesSerpiroyal 1
106 larseid 勇 1
106 ezlaturbo 1
106 Skippy116 1
106 Pear Experience 1
106 Drop a Dracovish 1
106 ptelzcra 1

The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of December is: Super Mystery Odyssey: At least one Odyssey official will be held per week. All participants may guess how many questions it will include prior to the hunt, and any who guess correctly will get an additional 5 points. (This twist does not apply to mini officials. Our official twists last for both cycles of a month before being replaced.)

Lastly, big congratulations to our two newest roomvoices, TeutonicSquire and toxic boosted!

Jingle all the way to the top on the second December Ladder!
It's a bit late, but I'm here to officially post the results (for posterity) to the Scaversary Community Odyssey that was held from November 28th to December 12th. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed: to all the staff who helped with QC'ing and hint giving, and to the community for truly making Community Odysseys special.

Please check this document for the results, and if you want the original information document, you can find it here.


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Reserving an Odyssey for 19th December 2020 at 5 PM UTC (12 pm EST) QCed by aQrator and computerwizard8800 , thanks a lot!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: TurtalKatThing [28:45].
2nd place: DarkSantaGiratina [38:15].
3rd place: powergo [38:57].
4th place: Santaquil [43:18].
5th place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [45:13].
Consolation Prize: December Right ❄ [59:00], Partoru [01:15:08], Pranav225$ [01:17:46], Christmace [01:20:07], Teutonic✠Padoru [01:20:48], OHKOff⁇ [01:33:06], I$$$$$PH [01:37:38], imnewhelppls [01:51:52], YveltalNL [01:53:23]

1) The Pokemon Power Bracket featured this Pokemon winning, being the most popular. [Mew]
2) A certain Pokemon can only evolve in Black 2 / White 2 after visiting the Giant Chasm (excluding trade/battle facilities). This move is found on the Pokemon on a Pokewalker route, despite it not learning that move by level up. [Crush Claw]
3) The following Braille pattern ( can be found in this location. [Desert Ruins]
4) This non forme Generation VIII Pokemon can have no origin mark. [Mr. Rime]
5) Under certain conditions, some Pokemon consuming a held item can cause it to instantly raise its Defense by 4 stages, while not having the ability Simple. What ability is common to all Pokemon that can do this naturally? (natural set of abilities, natural learnset (ignore Smeargle)) [Gluttony])(writer's note: This was due to the Starf Berry, in conjunction with either Stuff Cheeks or Ripen which lead to answers being Skwovet line + Applin line, all of which share Gluttony.)
6) In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, a certain Pokemon's only connection is with a Glaceon. This is its signature move. [Searing Shot]
7) Factoring abilities, a certain Pokemon is only weak to Flying and Psychic type moves. This is the ability it possesses. [Thick Fat]
8) This non Rock-Type Specialist has a Fossil Pokemon as his sync pair in Pokemon Masters. [Marlon]
9) This item can be obtained in White 2 from a boy named Cotton, as part of an offer. [Power Weight]
(writer's note: was an in-game trade, pretty hard to search for normally with just the name)
10) Meta Question: Check for the final part of this hunt! [R / Berserk Gene]

Some funny things that happened were people trying to google "MEWTWO FUR" (don't :]) and trying to call in Yttrium because of solving only half of the meta, also was very fun to watch people solve in general, good job!

I hope you guys had a lot of fun, I sure did watching all of this, good job to everyone who solved it, and congratulations especially to TKT for no hint speeding through this hunt!

See you next time!
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Reserving an Odyssey for 22th December 2020 at 9 PM EST QCed by PartMan and computerwizard8800 , thanks a lot!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: DarkSantaGiratina [19:16].
2nd place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [27:16].
3rd place: Christmace [27:46].
4th place: Luca12379 [30:26].
5th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [32:20].
Consolation Prize: dot Snowey [46:05], TurtalKatThing [01:20:50], pants [02:00:28], ProfSapling [02:09:15], AndrewThePenguin [02:36:13], toX-mas boost [03:07:57], Santaquil [03:55:47], killerASCII [03:57:14], jjev [03:58:02], Bronzecrank [04:09:48], Teutonic✠Padoru [04:34:26], xhiglocke [05:11:05]

1) Welcome, challenger, to a trial of Pokémon mysteries! You must fight alone through the course until the very end, when you can return home. Let’s start without further ado, shall we: The name of this move was changed in Gen VIII. [Vise Grip / Vice Grip]
2) This sync pair involves a Legendary Pokémon, but the debut generation of the character and the Pokémon is different. (Provided that the character exists in the main series, name the character followed by the Pokémon.) [Zinnia, Rayquaza]
3) In the Black and White chapter of Pokémon Adventures, a member of the International Police used this name while disguised to enter the quarterfinals of the Pokémon League. [Lou Karr]
4) In Gen 8 Mix and Mega, this Pokémon can reach the highest base speed. Answer with the combination of Pokémon followed by the Mega Stone it holds. [Regieleki @ Diancite]
5) A forme change can occur mid-battle without itself using an item, ability or move. What is the resultant Pokémon after the forme change? Exclude Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing. [Shaymin]
6) These non-Psychic type moves hides certain Psychic-type moves in their names. List alphabetically. [Forest’s Curse, Reflect Type, Trick-or-Treat]
7) This Mythical Pokémon learns a damaging move that would always fail when used by it (under legal battle conditions). [Hoopa]
8) What moves can Vaporeon learn in HGSS but not Platinum? List alphabetically. [Detect, Headbutt, Heal Bell, Whirlpool]
9) In Pokémon GO, feeding this berry to a Gym defender increases its motivation 25% more than a Razz Berry would do. (Exclude “Berry” from your answer.) [Nanab]
10) The second ability seen used in the anime belonged to this Pokémon. [Sharpedo]
11) The slogan of this location includes a move and a type; there is also no Pokémon of that type that learns the move. [Pacifidlog Town]
12) Three Pink unevolved Pokémon have this ability that their final evolution does not. [Friend Guard]
13) Congratulations, brave challenger, for making it all the way here persistently, but now you must face off the last test. Embedded on the wall of the room is a shining keyhole, the final obstacle from reaching home. As you approach the end and look back at the twelve mysteries altogether, a strangely familiar phrase strokes your mind... What is the key in question to unlock the phrase? [Kangaskhanite]

"As you approach the end and look back at the twelve mysteries altogether" hints to look at the end of each answer from the previous 12 answers, which spells out the phrase "PARENTALBOND". Since Parental Bond is the unique ability of Mega Kangaskhanite, the "key" to unlock "the phrase" would be Kangaskhanite.

I hope you guys had a lot of fun, I sure did watching all of this, good job to everyone who solved it, and congratulations also to Dot Snowey for guessing the number of questions correctly!

See you next time!
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DarkShinyGiratina, PartMan, Gallant Spear and I will be hosting the 2020 Scav Awards on Tuesday, December 29th at 3:00pm UTC (7am PST, 10am EST, 4pm CET, 8:30pm IST). Alongside it, we will also be hosting a Mystery Odyssey! We hope to see you there!

Thanks to Parcly Taxel and computerwizard8800 for their QCs!

The full results were as follows:
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [01:14:06].
2nd place: Devoxys [01:16:24].
3rd place: powergo [01:17:57].
4th place: Christmace [01:22:38].
5th place: iph [01:22:39].
Consolation Prize: wall❄ape❄ [01:22:59], LittEleven [01:23:47], Embo❄ar02 [01:29:23], QUI?GONT!HEFLY?GON [02:16:47], Teutonic✠Squire [02:26:16], Damnright♥! [02:50:16]

Devoxys also guessed the odyssey size of 24 questions!

Thank you for joining us for the 2020 scav awards! I hope you liked the show.
From here, I also want to re-congratulate 111ace111 and LittEleven for being Scavengers of the Year 2020!

The results of the Scav Awards can be found here:
The hunt can be seen here (including the original answers):


Q1. Welcome to the Scav Awards 2020! With this odyssey, aQrator, Gallant's Pear, Partman and DarkShinyGiratina will be going through all scav awards categories one by one and provide the results of the 2020 scav awards! Once the category has been revealed, the question of said category will be revealed. At the end, a 'standard' official will be held to determine the winner! /scavenge start to start! start
Q2. The artist of the Gligar from the Roaring Skies expansion in the TCG has illustrated another card that featurez a Gligar in it. Name the Pokemon, then the expansion. Golurk, Ancient Origins; Golurk, Bandit Ring
Q3. This is the gen 8 tier with the least non-zero amount of Pokémon in it. Also list the amount of Pokémon found in the tier. RUbl, 5
Q4. In its debut generation, this was the first move Bagon learned through levelup. Rage
Q5. In the transition from DP to Platinum, Aaron lost these two Pokémon. List alphabetically. Beautifly, Dustox
Q6. Ash's Gliscor has been seen using four specific moves recently in the anime. With these four moves, it can hit all but this Pokémon for neutral damage or better. Terrakion
Q7. These three fully evolved Pokémon can be found on the final floor of Crystal Cave. List alphabetically. Donphan, Golem, Wormadam; Donphan, Golem, Wormadam-Sandy
Q8. This is the English voice actress of Courtney. Sandy Fox
Q9. This is the English name of the episode where Mightyena debuted. A Bite to Remember
Q10. This is the English name of the move of the only main-game Ice-type Mega evolution found in the TCG. Cryo Mouth
Q11. This is the Darkness Pokémon, but only in Japanese. Darkrai
Q12. In exactly one song, this Puerto-Rican voiced Misty. Yvette Laboy
Q13. If you were to hack a lvl 1 Breloom into a gen 3 game (while not changing anything else), it would have this moveset. List alphabetically. Absorb, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Tackle
Q14. Name all English TCG expansions that have contained a card featuring Dragapult. Rebel Clash
Q15. These two episodes that took place in Kanto appeared in the Pokemon Johto Collection, as well as the Pokemon Kanto and Orange Islands Collection. Name alphabetically. A Tent Situation, The Rivalry Revival
Q16. A certain move on the Luvdisc card from Flashfire is also printed on three other Pokemon cards as attacks. Name the other three Pokemon in alphabetical order. Lucario, Passimian, Tapu Koko
Q17. In an episode in the Pokemon anime, a gym leader mentions that Ash is the first challenger they've faced. However, in the same episode, they also mentioned that their last challenger frequently used a certain move. Which move is this? Dig
Q18. The Japanese pronunciation of this anime character is similar to that of Aristotle. Give the English name. Alice Telesu
Q19. This Pokémon Conquest character is the only one to use the word 'oops'. Kunoichi
Q20. Give the q3 answer of any of the finalists for most memorable hunt of the year. Cyclohm, Gumshoos, Kingler, Steelix, Weezing; Super Nerd Markus; Zippo; Koffing, Zubat; Northern Desert
Q21. in order, give the answer to the following two questions: A Litten was owned by a certain character in the Adventures manga. This move that said pokémon knows is not one it can learn in the games. and The Ace Trainer from Gen 6 with the highest cumulative BST among his Pokemon can be fought here. Name him, and the location, in that order (Exclude "ace trainer")` Tackle, Wilton, Route 111; Tackle, Wilton, Hoenn Route 111
Q22. A certain pseudo-legendary was used by exactly four different trainers in gen V. Alphabetically list the names of these four trainers, including trainer classes. Boss Trainer Iria, Champion Iris, Socialite Grace, Veteran Maya
Q23. Using a field move in a certain location can result in an event Pokemon no longer being obtainable until the player leaves the location. Answer with the name of the move, then the name of the location. Cut, Faraway Island
Q24. If you catch a roaming Pokemon in the tall grass while on this route, its summary will display that it was met on a sea-locked route. Route 130; 130; Hoenn Route 130
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The second ladder of December (and the last of 2020!) has ended.
Congratulations to Ninetales Alolan<3, Damnright and Teutonic Squire for finishing in the top 3!
1Ninetales Alolan<3555
8toxic boosted172
12dot Comfey116
24Soft Flex40
34Shadow Sirens. ♪27
35fainted torterra26
40gallant's pear22
40s mi i22
47bro torterra15
49Santapler ❀14
57Flying Delibird9
61Sir Tetris ⌐▭‿▭7
61Pepsi Man 27
68Found then Lost6
68Praise Bid o3o f6
72gamer girl vomit5
77Lady Monita ❄4
77border gorilla4
77Mega Eevee X4
77Mike the Entei4
77Parcly Taxel4
77Filtering )4
88tidal otter3
88Wan the Avatar3
88Wes Da Snowman3
98Sheer Cold Penguin2
98prateek poke22
98Fortnite Minion2
98crepuscular goomy2
109rudoIph ❄1
109A PS user1
109Gwynt ^-^1
109gusting pidgey1
109Painter Espeon1
109ae giift1
109T+L=The Legend1
109Greedy Greedent1
109Drop a Dracovish1
109Andy >_>1
109prateek alt1
109Bipedalist Llamas1
109OUTW RedBeaver5401
109larseid 勇1
109BoltSapphire *_*1
January 2021 twist: Top Tier Distractions: In every official, the winner gets the chance to submit a non puzzle question (that is solvable in under a minute) to the host, by atmost two minutes from their finish, for an extra 5 points. This question will be immediately posted in chat after checking it with a time of one minute for people to solve it, and people who solve this question are awarded points for it (5,3,2 and 1 for any finisher past fourth). It is recommended to stock up on a good question if you plan to finish first! (This twist does not apply to mini-officials, twists run for both cycles in a month)

I think we can all appreciate the fact that 2020 is over.
Have a safe 2021, and have fun scavenging!
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Mini roundup for December 2020:

The mini scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [19:46].
2nd place: Partoru [25:17].
3rd place: Teutonic✠PADORU! [28:42].
Consolation Prize: Salt vik [32:17], AbuSanta [34:17], imnewhelppls [01:19:04], December Right♥♫~! [01:46:22]
qc: LittEleven

The mini scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: DarkSantaGiratina [01:04].
2nd place: Ninetales-Alola [01:22].
3rd place: Teutonic✠PADORU! [01:44].
Consolation Prize: killerASCII [02:08], Pepsi Man 2 [03:01], spellhole [03:09], aQrator [03:43], Ninetales Alolan<3 [04:34]
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Here's the Scavengers yearly ladder of 2020 overall! I've tried my best to factor for alts in terms of placement, but I've not summed up alts with a low total amount of points, though feel free to ping me if you want to merge your alts on this excel!

Huge congratulations to 111ace111 for being the top scavenger of the year by over 1000 points, and Celesteeal for having the highest (and probably insurmountable now) points in a single ladder, being 1628 in the month of April!

Thanks a lot for visiting Scavengers this year, hope it was a pleasant experience for every one of you; have fun!


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Pokemon Games and Scavengers collaborated to host a joint event based on Move animations using GIFs taken from each generation of Pokemon.
The first part was a Image Trivia session of 30 questions (for two points each) in Pokemon Games, primarily hosted by A Quag To The Past and Milak , while the second was a point rally in Scavengers (point distribution being 25,22,19...), primarily hosted by me.

Click here to look at a list of questions used in this Point Rally

Summing the total points from both halves of the event, we have our results!

In third place, Blitz with 24 points overall!
In second place, B02 with 26 points overall!
And finally, winning this competition was Found then Lost, with a total of 33 points! Congratulations, and enjoy your prize winner rank in both rooms!

We hope you had a lot of fun with this event, the enthusiasm you all showed solving was really uplifting and this was extremely competitive, with a lot of very fast recognition and finishing. We hope to see you again!
Reserving what looks like the first official for 2021 on Friday, 8th January 2021 at 10am EST / 3pm GMT! Hunt QC'd by LittEleven and PartMan, see you there!

First fish of 2021 was a blast!
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [07:11].
2nd place: GrubbinTheGreat [08:01].
3rd place: wallape [09:04].
4th place: iph [09:25].
5th place: doc1203 [19:00].
Consolation Prize: AndrewThePenguin [19:24], OHKOff⁇ [23:26], Lyndon J Bohnson [38:36]

1) SSB4 hunt! The ROs of this public room are Rock/Fairy, Ghost/Poison, Fighting/Dark, Dark and Poison/Ground types. [spanish / espanol]
2) There are multiple full (more than 1 member) evolution lines within SSB4. Name the users who are represented by the fully evolved Pokemon in each line. (alphabetical) [biggie celine KingSwordYT PartMan RavioliQueen]
3) All of a certain public room's ROs have SSB4 sets. Additionally, all their Pokemon are weak to Fighting. Name the Pokemon that represent them. (alphabetical) [Duraludon Kartana Naviathan Stoutland]
Twist) This is the only non-forme Pokémon with the same height (in meters) and catch rate. [Kyurem]

Twist: Ninetales Alolan<3 gets 5 points for making the twist Q, and Luca12379 and OHKOff solved it within a minute!
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Had an official hunt on Wednesday, 13th January 2021 at 8:30pm GMT +3 / 11:00pm IST.

Thanks a lot pants and LittEleven for the QCs, and LittEleven for the host! Credits (and much thanks) to NinetalesAlolan<3 for being a giant help on the verification of one of the questions.

Official Hunt Results:

1st place: Dratios [04:03].
2nd place: 111ace111 [05:00].
3rd place: PartMan [07:03].
4th place: AbuBatata [11:11].
5th place: The Frozen One [12:17].
6th place: Teutonic✠Squire [12:25]
Consolation Prize: Pepsi Man 2 [22:11], SectoniaServant [38:31], Damnright [01:07:12], Bronzecrank [01:20:22], ProfSapling [01:20:34]

1) A certain non-status move uniquely cannot hit its target if the target has a Substitute up in Generation III. Name the move first, then its contest condition in Generation III. [Dream Eater, Smart]
2) First, name the Pokémon that can learn the most amount of moves amongst the Pokémon that cannot learn Substitute, and then give the total number of moves it learns. [Combee, 14]
3) First, name the Pokémon that can learn the least amount of moves amongst the Pokémon that can learn Substitute, and then give the total number of moves it learns. [Snom, 18]

Congratulations to all finishers of the official hunt!

For the twist, grats Dratios on being able to provide the question for the Top Tier Distraction twist in time!

Top Tier Distraction Question Results:

1st place: PartMan [00:11]
2nd place: Pepsi Man 2 [00:14]
3rd place: Damnright [00:18]
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [00:20], SergioRules [00:38], ProfSapling [00:45]

1) Which damaging move introduced in gen 8 does not share a type with the only mon that learns it? [Snap Trap]

Congratulations to everybody who got the correct answer to the twist question in time! Special congratulations to AbuBatata for still getting his 4th place on the official hunt while still being able the answer the Top Tier Distraction question. He was the first finisher after the twist question was posted despite taking his time to answer the twist question.
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Reserving an Official on January 9, 2021 at 7 PM PST .

Huge shoutout to DarkShinyGiratina and PartMan for the QCs. Special thanks to DarkShinyGiratina for hosting!

1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [04:06].
2nd place: 111ace111 [09:04].
3rd place: dot Comfey [11:48].
4th place: Yuuko Yoshikawa [13:35].
5th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [14:53].
Consolation Prize: Merlee [17:48], TurtalKatThing [18:56], A㋛Quails㋛Query [19:38], acluous [22:26], iph [27:43], CynicCyndaquil [30:07], Computerwizard8800 [33:01], SectoniaServant [42:05], TheAura [42:24], dratios [43:37], boredcollegekid [01:05:15], killerASCII [01:10:12], Pepsi Man 2 [01:23:46]

Q1: In total, only 6 dual-typed non-form Pokémon have one of two certain types as their primary type. This FE Pokémon is both of those types. Togekiss
Q2: In Gen 1, a Parasect uses a move it can naturally learn against a Venomoth. The game displays: "It's super effective!". In alphabetical order, what moves could have been used? Dig Leech Life Psybeam
Q3: In Gen 9, Game Freak decides to introduce four starters. Similar to the existing Water/Fire/Grass trio, each starter's type must be super effective against and resist (not immune to) the following type. What is a possible type quartet? Answer as ``[First type alphabetically][Type hit super effectively by and resisted by the previous type][Type hit super effectively and resisted by the previous type][Type hit super effectively by and resisted by the previous type]``. Bug/Grass/Water/Fire ; Fire/Grass/Ground/Rock ; Flying/Grass/Ground/Rock

Ninetales-Alolan<3 came in first and submitted a question for the monthly twist, Top Tier Distractions.
In Pokémon Shuffle, the skill of this Psychic-type Pokémon fills the Mega Gauge of Psychic-type Pokémon by exactly 6. Unown-!
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My first Odyssey will be on January 10, 2021 at 11:30 EST/16:30 UTC.
QCed by LittEleven (host) and PartMan

1st place: DarkShinyGiratina [13:07].
2nd place: toxic boosted [20:43].
3rd place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [22:27].
4th place: Luca12379 [31:11].
5th place: powergo [41:02].
Consolation Prize: Teutonic✠Squire [49:12], TurtalKatThing [57:09], dratios [01:04:23], quigontheflygon$$ [01:15:56], AbuBatata [01:18:05], 111ace111 [01:23:56], aegii [01:25:34], Pepsi Man 2 [01:48:11], Damnright [02:20:25], acluous [02:35:09], ProfSapling [02:55:25]

1) This ability can reduce damage from moves of a certain flag as well as increase damage dealt with moves of the same flag. [Punk Rock]
2) These moves which share a type and deal damage would also share their names if exactly one letter was changed. (alphabetical order) [Pound Round]
3) This is the first Pokemon by National Dex order to have an ability as its category, both in English and Japanese. [Makuhita]
4) The name of this berry results in a Pokemon if you add a letter to its name. [Roseli Berry / Roseli]
5) This character runs a Pokemon academy that is named after him. (full name) [Earl Dervish]
6) You can watch a bridge get destroyed in a main series game. This is where the bridge is located. [Mahalo Trail]
7) This is the last Gen 2 Pokemon to be added to Pokemon GO. [Smeargle]
8) This non-unique ability has its effect activate in terrains. [Grass Pelt]
9) Meta Puzzle: looking back at your previous answers, you find a phrase in them as you progress through the letters of each answer diagonally. The final answer is: Who gives it to you once as the only method to obtain it in certain games, without having to get it from another game? [Lillie]


To solve the meta puzzle, you have to sort the answers in a list like the image provided (thanks Litt) and you will find that if you draw a diagonal through the letters (or use the question#th letter of each answer), you will get "Poke Doll". The game where the item is obtainable only once without trading is Pokemon Sun/Moon, and the character that gives you the item is Lillie.

By DarkShinyGiratina: Name a type combination that resists only its own STAB types! Answer: Ice/Psychic or Ice/Water
Answered by: Luca12379
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Quick DSG Fish #8 on Friday, January 15th at 8PM EST (EDT? idk whatever the East Coast is on rn)! If you weren't there, I was sad ;-;

This was qc'd by computerwizard8800 and pants btw

1st place: dot Comfey [00:37].
2nd place: ProfSapling [01:19].
3rd place: xhiglocke [05:16].
4th place: toxic boosted [05:27].
5th place: YveltalNL [06:55].
Consolation Prize: Merlee [08:32], CyniCCyndaquiL [08:51], Teutonic✠Squire [12:51], acluous [16:00], SectoniaServant [20:46], TurtalKatThing⊙﹏⊙✿ [30:16], RespectPickles [30:36]

Q1: These two abilities, each signature but not unique, have the exact same effect. (Alpha) Gooey Tangling Hair

Q2: This Pokemon's unique ability functions exactly the same as exactly one other ability, except for the fact that it can't be suppressed by effects like Mold Breaker and Gastro Acid. Lunala

Q3: This Pokemon episode was banned only in Turkey (English name). The Song of Jigglypuff

For Q1, there are many close pairs here, but only one pair has both abilities being signature and not unique, being Gooey and Tangling Hair. Here's where you could find abilities with the same or similar effects.

For Q2, the three abilities that function similarly to other abilities but with the added effect of being unable to be ignored are Prism Armor, Full Metal Body, and Shadow Shield, acting similarly to Solid Rock and Filter, White Smoke and Clear Body, and Multiscale, respectively. Lunala's ability Shadow Shield is the only one of these to act similarly to only one other ability. Quick little note here, turns out Gastro Acid does work on these, so that was a bit misleading (mb reading is hard)

For Q3, you can look up banned Pokemon episodes, and find that only one was banned exclusively in Turkey, and it was The Song of Jigglypuff.

Addititionally, dot Comfey got first place and made a twist question!

This pokemon has two abilities with the same in battle effect, and is the only Pokemon to have those two abilities. Delibird

Congratulations to toxic boosted, ProfSapling, and xhiglocke for getting this correct!

Thanks to everyone who participated in DSG Official #8! Only 479 more to go until DSG Official #487!
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The first Ladder Cycle of January (and of 2021!) has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: Ninetales-Alolan<3 in first place with 333 points, toxic boosted in second place with 234 points, and Teutonic Squire in third place with 200 points!

1Ninetales Alolan<3333
2toxic boosted234
6dot Comfey170
12iph (-112
21Pepsi Man 274
23Found then Lost59
26Soft Flex49
28Gian² ⌐◼_◼45
28The Frozen One45
30bro torterra44
38tidal otter30
41gallant's pear26
49crepuscular goomy22
50Bipedalist Llamas21
52Yuuko Yoshikawa19
56DJ Milotic17
58s mi i16
61Flying Pichu~!15
63Shadow Sirens. ♪13
66Wan the Avatar11
66Honey Dmbros11
69yeet dab xd10
72Parcly Taxel9
80Penguin D7
80Tapler ❀7
80p0ip0le ∆7
80Sir Tetris7
80agari kamiya7
80Fillering ◢ ◤7
91Lyndon J Bohnson6
95working on this5
110BoltSapphire *_*3
119Dawn of Athena2
119OUTW RedBeaver5402
119Praise Bid o3o f2
140An_Azurill >_>1
140NXSpec Dorron1
140grim ney1
140AFK Pooof!1
140WP Shop1
140Ban Hero1
140Rands House1
140Fuck Florges1
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The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of January is: Top Tier Distractions submit a non puzzle question (that is solvable in under a minute) to the host, by atmost two minutes from their finish, for an extra 5 points. This question will be immediately posted in chat after checking it with a time of one minute for people to solve it, and people who solve this question are awarded points for it (5,3,2 and 1 for any finisher past fourth). It is recommended to stock up on a good question if you plan to finish first! (This twist does not apply to mini officials. Our official twists last for both cycles of a month before being replaced.)

Lastly, big congratulations to our newest roomdriver, DarkShinyGiratina !

Dash ahead on the second January Ladder!

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