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The first Ladder Cycle of October has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: vamPart in first place with 283 points, Merlee in second place with 255 points, and One Hex Knock Off in third place with 237 points!

vamPart 283
Merlee 255
One Hex Knock Off 237
all Hallow's Ace 194
Spoopy Poops 192
Spooky Satvik 185
Teutonic✠Squire 178
iph! 172
TurtalKatThing 164
Litt♥Eleven 152
Computerwizard8800 129
AbuBatata 128
aQrator 107
DarkScaryGiratina 84
dot Comfey 78
yestrday 69
doc1203 68
powergo 61
Qui-Gon the Flygon 57
Aegiislash 49
TL The Living Dead 49
wallape 44
MukUsedShadowPunch 44
gallant's pear 41
Aeolia 41
aninterestingidea 40
DarkShinyGiratina 39
p^_^umpkaboovortex 39
Penguin D 37
westerdayz 36
PhantasmKnight 34
A Phantom 33
WarriorGallade 29
Stygian Stapler 29
zipzapadam 29
killerASCII 28
aegii 27
sIang 26
scoobydoobyboo 26
Soft Hex 21
YveltalNL 19
Mr. Goose Man 18
Jak-o-Lanturn 17
AGY645 16
draculape 16
poipoltergeist 16
A PS Ghost 15
R2Cv1 15
Lunala Taxel 14
spookisx >♥< 14
Hokatsuki 14
My Sleep Schedule 14
dot Spookey 12
Vector5557 12
Skybounds ⬡ 11
Steve456664 10
A㋛Quails㋛Query 10
Mystiphox 10
p^_^okemonvortex. 9
RespectPickles 9
Prof's Poo King 9
pants 8
Penguin Dark 8
Lyndon J Bohnson 8
flarestormer 8
Discordual 7
Deoxys-Spooky 7
KingChandelure 7
Wan the Avatar 7
Embar 7
PepsiMan2 7
spook1lotl 6
Guishark 6
Ti nspirecx2 6
luca12379 6
fearfire22 6
Found then Lost 6
Mimikyulolaforme 6
GrubbinTheGreat 6
SpecterReaper 5
Pranav225 5
ProfSapling 5
jjev 5
Praise Bid o3o f 5
marloN+togedemarU 5
Mega Eevee X 5
satvik1234567890 4
green12052 4
Kad-lands 4
Skaiian 4
Mike the Flareon 4
Mr. Goose Ghost 4
crepuscular goomy 4
bulbasaurbuddy 4
tidal otter 4
Shadow Sirens. ♪ 4
ottototoro 3
An_Azurill <_< 3
Ianisagiraffe 3
TheAura 3
MonsieurPiggles 3
socool23 3
Caterpiellar 3
AndrewThePenguin 3
zpn 3
Latirae 3
alolash 3
Gargoyle31 2
Scare2Cv1 2
cheese555 2
raf 2
God evil-ning 2
captanpasta 2
boredcollegekid 2
Shinee Halloween 2
Rory Mercury 2
Jasuanti 2
shinxsintimidate 2
The Avalugg 2
Bronzecrank 2
Level 51 2
Stealdude 2
digimonismylife 2
emboar02 2
za 2
Spoopy Indeedee 1
ilikepokemon3 1
7F9 1
TRS alpha 1
spokyilikepokemon3 1
SpookedBewear 1
SoYouLikeMud?Kip! 1
mytyc_erer 1
Banettor5557 1
SatanDy >_> 1
YvelToTheCore 1
Spooky♥Lanturn 1
negsoul 1
Gwynt ^-^ 1
ILykeSinnoh 1
TL The Legend 1
kingtroller + 1
Corsola-Galar 1
Articunight 1
sceptorus 1
bluii 1
Jack-o-Marlon 1
trace 1
VigilanteVigoroth 1
Ykaz 1
Mike the Entei 1
negsan 1
blui 1
TpOi2006 1
skelesteeal 1
Benjgbro 1
SergioRules 1
TaanWallbanks (YT) 1
Soft Flex 1
battlegirl14 1
PrimalLanturn 1
Norwegian Ice Bath 1
666ace666 1
KitkatKK2 1
ADirtyCasual 1
Dawn the Shinigami 1
Border???? Gorilla 1
KowaiiiiPotato✿ 1
Pratham02 1
Solar Blade 1
lofumelo 1
pocofrosty12 1
wafflecat1235 1
Damnright 1
Im a literal noob 1

The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of October is: Bonus Round: Every official will have an optional 4th question that will award you extra points if you complete it depending on your place. Your final place and time will be affected by your time spent on the 4th question. The bonus points will follow a format of 12-10-8-6-4-2, with all finishers past 6th place able to earn 1 bonus point. (This twist does not apply to mini officials. Our official twists last for both cycles of a month before being replaced.)

Lastly, big congratulations to our newest roomvoice, lph, and our newest roomdriver, Aegii!

Stay spooky on the second October Ladder!
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Reserving official hunt on October 18 at 4pm utc

1st place: powergo [02:28].
2nd place: wallape [02:36].
3rd place: sIang [04:12].
4th place: Toxic Boosted [04:14].
5th place: all Hallow's Ace [04:39].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [04:42], crepuscular goomy [04:56], vamPart [05:00], One Hex Knock Off [06:53], iph [07:44], dot Comfey [09:20], Qui-Gon the Flygon [09:51], GrubbinTheGreat [12:13], spookysatvik [14:14], doc1203 [19:20]

1) Cyrus's Initiative is included in this theme deck. [Ignition]
2) This theme deck uses Groudon who can discard 4 cards from either opponent's or player's deck, Triple kick that deal 60 damage for only 1 energy cost, and Lucario's Dimension Sphere. [Retort]
3) A theme deck uses a holofoil Meganium card. Name both attacks of the card. Order by print. [Sleep powder, giant bloom]
4) Name the special theme deck: (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [Bright aura]

powergo, sIang, Toxic Boosted, all Hallow's Ace, crepuscular goomy, vamPart, One Hex Knock Off, iph, Qui-Gon the Flygon, and spookysatvik have completed the hunt without skipping the last question!

Thanks to aQrator and Devoxys for qc

May the Pyuks be with you
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Decided to have something special for my birthday. Hosting a bonus round official hunt on 21 Oct 9:30PM HKT / CST! (930am est / 130pm gmt / 7pm ist) Thanks to Gallant Spear and aQrator for qc'ing the hunt!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: vamPart [22:52].
2nd place: powergo [28:25].
3rd place: all Hallow's Ace [36:35].
4th place: LittEleven [37:18].
5th place: One Hex Knock Off [44:50].
Consolation Prize: MukUsedShadowPunch [56:03], Spoopy Poops [01:06:46], dot Comfey [01:34:30]

vamPart, powergo, all Hallow's Ace, LittEleven, One Hex Knock Off, MukUsedShadowPunch, and Spoopy Poops have completed the hunt without skipping the last question!

1) When Zoroark (or Zorua) uses these STAB moves (not limited to the ones it can learn), its Illusion is revealed without being damaged by other Pokémon. List alphabetically. [Black Hole Eclipse, Malicious Moonsault]
2) In previous generations, these moves could double in power when used against Pokémon that used a certain move. However, this mechanic did not exist for those moves in Gen VIII. List alphabetically, exclude moves that do not exist in Sw/Sh. [Astonish, Extrasensory, Phantom Force]
3) This stat is shared by the most number of Pokémon formes, without a single base forme having said stat. Format your answer as the stat number, followed by the stat it represents. [140 SpA / 140 Special Attack]
4) A certain forme with 140 Special Attack has another stat shared with formes only. Alphabetically list all items or abilities required to obtain said formes. (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [Battle Bond, Lucarionite, Metagrossite, Reveal Glass, Salamencite]
Congrats to all finishers!
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Hosting a very special Incognito Odyssey on Monday, October 26th at 7pm UTC (11am PST, 2pm EST, 8pm CET, 10:30pm IST)

Thanks LittEleven and computerwizard8800 for the QCs.

EDIT: TO ACCOMODATE FOR OHKOff'S OFFICIAL (posted soon(tm)) THIS OFFICIAL IS 4 HOURS LATER (post updated to reflect this)

For this special incognito odyssey, I tried out a potential twist: The points obtained for first place, second place and third place are swapped (3-1-2), and the same applies to the fourth, fifth and sixth place (6-4-5). Nothing changed past sixth place. Thus, the points distributed were: 25-35-30-10-20-15-3... I hope everyone liked the idea!

The final results were as follows:
1st place: p^_^umpkaboovortex [06:23].
2nd place: AbuBatata [06:43].
3rd place: all Hallow's Ace [07:41].
4th place: powergo [09:02].
5th place: GrubbinTheGreat [09:46].
Consolation Prize: One Hex Knock Off [09:50], TurtalKatThing [14:37], Arbalester [15:03], satvik1234567890 [17:11], Toxic Boosted [36:58], TL The Living Dead [52:05]

The full hunt can be seen here:

Q1 This hunt will be a Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky personality test. However, unlike usual where you just answer truthfully, we're just going to try and get ourselves to be the S-tier Skitty. Each question answered gives points toward a certain nature. The ultimate goal is to get the correct nature as high as possible, and all the incorrect natures as low as possible (2 or lower). Furthermore, If there is a tie, keep the cumulative points as low as possible. With that in mind, each answer is structured as follows: ``answer to the question, nature the answer gives points for, points towards that nature``. If more than 1 nature is affected, answer with the natures in alphabetical order. Got all that? /scavenge ``ye gotcha`` to begin. ye gotcha
Q2. Good news and bad news... Which one do you want to hear first? The bad news, Bold 1, Naive 2
Q3. Your friend suddenly won't listen to you, when everything was fine yesterday. What happened? What?! Why?!, Timid 1
Q4. When you see a switch, do you feel an overwhelming urge to flip it? No, Calm 1
Q5. Do you like karaoke? No, Hasty 1, Timid 1
Q6. You're running a marathon, and at the start you fall flat on your face! What will you do? Just give up, Quirky 2
Q7. You're on a stroll when a TV crew pounces on you for an interview. What do you do? Yuck it up! Woo-hoo! I'm on TV!, Bold 1, Naive 2
Q8. Have you ever told a joke that just completely fell flat? Yes, Impish 1, Naive 2
Q9. Do you prefer to be busy or to have a lot of free time? Being busy, lonely 2, Sassy 1
Q10. Are you a male or female? (Scavenge the correct gender to get Skitty to continue) female
Q11. And now your aura will be analyzed. Your aura is the energy that you radiate! Relax... Calm yourself... and now press your fingertip gently on the Bow (/scavenge press to continue) Press
Q12. That's right... Stay perfectly still.. Take a deep breath... and now exhale... Your aura is... An energetic __! (scavenge the right color to continue) Yellow
Q13. Thank you for answering all those questions. You seem to be... the naive type! you're so open and innocent! What a strong sense of curiosity you have! and you state your opinions purely, sharing exactly what you think. You also have an artistic spirit that isn't restrained by social conventions! You startle people with your spontaneity and vision. But when you overdo it, other people can have a hard time keeping up with you... Have you noticed people looking at you oddly? As if for no apparent reason? So, a naive, innocent type like you... Will be a Skitty! And finally.. answer me the following in order: how many points did you have in naive, in Quirky, and in total? 6 2 18
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Thank you to aQrator and computerwizard8800 for QCing, hope you attend.

q4 was removed for this hunt, making it effectively a 3 question hunt, sorry for hiccups there

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: dot Comfey [5:20].
2nd place: AbuBatata [11:44].
3rd place: iph [15:10].
4th place: wallape [17:43].
5th place: vamPart [19:33].
Consolation Prize: spookysatvik [29:12]

1) These moves that were TMs in Generation VI are tied for having the highest Jamming value. (answer in alphabetical order) [Giga Impact Hyper Beam Ice Beam Psyshock]
2) For a certain Base Power, all moves of that Base Power except for one of them are teachable by TRs, and all of them exist in Sword/Shield. Name the base power, followed by the only move that cannot be learned by TR. [95 Moonblast]
3) A certain TM, in its debut generation was distributed to the least total amount of Pokemon of any TM. Name the move and all the Pokemon that learned it by TM in that generation, in alphabetical order. [Chansey Mew Soft-Boiled]

hope you had fun solving this!
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Had a bonus round official hunt (with a surprise theme!) at 3:00 PM GMT +3 (noon UTC, 5:00 AM PDT, 8:00 AM EDT, 5:30 PM IST)

Thanks a lot aQrator and computerwizard8800 for their patience in QC'ing this hunt. Thanks aQrator for hosting the hunt too.

1st place: powergo [31:31].
2nd place: vamPart [47:56].
3rd place: Embar [50:28].
4th place: wallape [01:01:35].
5th place: Spoopy Poops [01:03:22].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [01:22:31], satvik1234567890 [01:37:38], Arbalester [01:41:07]

powergo, Embar, satvik1234567890, and Arbalester have completed the hunt without skipping the last question!

1) (This hunt was prepared before the Crown Tundra DLC was released, so ignore its release for this hunt.) The only resistances these dual-typed Pokémon have are 2x resistances to both of their own STAB types. Include formes but exclude Abilities. List the answers in ascending National Pokédex order. Resort to alphabetical order only if two or more answers have the same National Pokédex number. [Mr. Mime-Galar, Jynx, Smoochum, Mr. Rime]
2) Out of all of the 18 types, these are the only ones that do not belong to any dual-type combination (including the ones that currently do not exist on any Pokémon) that has exactly two resistances. Immunities don't count as resistances. List the answers in alphabetical order. [dragon, electric, fire, poison, steel]
3) Out of all of the 18 types, these are the only ones that belong to exactly two dual-type combinations (excluding the ones that currently do not exist on any Pokémon) that have exactly two resistances each. Immunities don't count as resistances. List the answers in alphabetical order. [flying, grass, ground, rock]
4) Bonus Round: A certain Elite Four member uses the most amount of different species of dual-typed Pokémon that currently have exactly two resistances within all of their Elite Four battle rosters. Answer with the Elite Four member's name and the sum of the National Pokédex numbers of the Pokémon of theirs that fit said criterion, in that order. Immunities don't count as resistances. (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [Lorelei, 433]
For q1, the only dual-typing that satisfies the question's criteria is Ice/Psychic, so you just need to list all of the Ice/Psychic-typed Pokémon besides Calyrex-Ice.

For q2 and q3, all of the dual-type combinations that have exactly two resistances are listed below (DNE means "currently does not exist on any Pokémon"):
bug, normal - DNE
bug, rock
dark, fairy
fairy, normal
fairy, psychic
fighting, psychic
flying, ice
flying, normal
ghost, normal - DNE
ghost, psychic
grass, ground
grass, rock
ground, normal
ice, psychic
ice, water
From this list, you can find q2 and q3's answers easily. Ideally, you should have found and noted the list above while solving q2 (or even q1; I made said list while self-QC'ing q1) to not struggle with q3.

For the bonus round question, below are all of the dual-typed Pokémon that appear in Elite Four battles and have exactly two resistances, categorized by the Trainers that use them. This list can be deduced from the list above.
Lorelei - Lapras, Cloyster, Dewgong, Jynx
Will - Jynx, Gardevoir
Glacia - Sealeo, Walrein
Lucian - Mr. Mime, Medicham, Gallade
Marshal - Medicham
Caitlin - Gallade
Olivia - Armaldo, Cradily
Kahili - Braviary, Toucannon
Thus, Lorelei is the answer. Note that Mr. Mime and Gardevoir still work, since I specifically wanted resistances according to the current generation.
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Scavengers collaborated with Survivor for a Halloween event, lasting from Thursday, October 29th to Monday, November 2nd involving regular events in both rooms, as well as a finale in each room worth big points. The wrap-up for the event, including every question used for the 6 regular events in Scavengers, can be found here.

Congratulations to the top 3 candy-winners, ClaudioINK58, 0_0 Tmm2, and Penguin D! The overall results of the event, as well as each individual room, can be found here.

Big thanks to 111ace111, Aegii, aQrator, computerwizard8800, LittEleven, and Tapler for writing and QCing the questions for these events, and Tapler and Cheese5555 for organizing the annual Spooky Odyssey that acted as our finale (the results of which can be found in this post).

Lastly, huge thanks to Calem DPU , Dybala jr, Mitsuki, Penguin D, and Rainshaft for hosting the events in Survivor, and huge thanks to OM, Shadecession, and Zyg for allowing us to work with their wonderful room!
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Mini Official Roundup (October 1 - October 31):

The mini scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: all Hallow's Ace [02:24].
2nd place: AbuBatata [02:50].
3rd place: MukUsedShadowPunch [02:53].
Consolation Prize: sIang [03:05], One Hex Knock Off [03:27], Qui-Gon the Flygon [03:27], TeU#tOnIc%&Sq$UirE [03:49], Penguin D [03:54], Computerwizard8800 [03:57], Mr. Goose Man [04:27], vamPart [04:43], TurtalKatThing [11:47]

QC: BulbasaurBuddy

The mini scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Merlee [04:08].
2nd place: TurtalKatThing [05:11].
3rd place: DarkScaryGiratina [07:31].
Consolation Prize: Computerwizard8800 [07:36], yestrday [14:11], Spoopy Poops [33:34], killerASCII [56:38], aninterestingidea [01:33:38], Spooky Satvik [01:56:16], Prof's Poo King [02:13:48], Aeolia [02:32:52]

QC: 111ace111

The mini scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: vamPart [07:25].
2nd place: aQrator [07:51].
3rd place: Embar [08:38].
Consolation Prize: Qui-Gon the Flygon [09:37], spookysatvik [11:23], Spoopy Poops [16:27], TheAura [16:39], iph [26:15], wallape [32:46]

QC: LittEleven

Last month's results:


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The second Ladder Cycle of October has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: vamPart in first place with 276 points, satvik1234567890 in second place with 203 points, and dot Comfey in third place with 194 points!

vamPart ⌐◼_◼ 276
satvik1234567890 203
dot Comfey 194
AbuBatata 183
Embar 170
all Hallow's Ace 166
LittEleven 158
powergo 152
aQrator 142
Spoopy Poops 141
One Hex Knock Off 141
My Sleep Schedule 139
Toxic Boosted 137
iph! 137
wallape 129
TurtalKatThing 97
DarkScaryGiratina 96
TL The Living Dead 67
Arbalester 65
p^_^umpkaboovortex 60
luca12379 48
GrubbinTheGreat 48
doc1203 ⌐◼_◼ 45
sIang 42
aninterestingidea 37
Pepsi Man 2 34
killerASCII 34
Penguin D 31
xXConfucius69Xx 30
Jak-o-Lanturn 29
Mr. Goose Man 29
Andrew 25
Aeolia 25
Teutonic ⟥⟤ Squire 24
Soft Hex 24
gallant's pear 23
pants 22
YveltalNL 21
Zipzapadam 20
scoobydoobyboo 19
TheAura 18
RespectPickles 17
Stygian Stapler ❀ 16
abomaXsnow 15
Praise Bid o3o f 15
Vector5557 14
Bronzecrank 14
aegii 14
R2Cv1 13
smii 12
Benjgbro 12
AndrewThePenguin 12
Prof's Poo King 12
Hokatsuki 11
crepuscular goomy 11
spook1lotl 10
Shadow Sirens. ♪ 10
AGY645 10
A Phantom 10
PhantasmKnight 9
stupidb12 9
boredcollegekid 9
MukUsedShadowPunch 8
Cargney Carnation 8
negsan 7
Lunala Taxel 7
xfix 7
ezlaturbo 7
ANTIfirepower 7
Mike the Entei 6
Wan the Avatar 5
Level 51 5
poipoltergeist 5
Discordual 5
Mystiphox 5
jjev 5
Stealdude24 5
bgl13 5
Jack-o'recolor 5
Corsola-Galar 5
flarestormer 4
Soft Flex 4
bulbasaurbuddy! 4
spellhole 4
Lyndon J Bohnson 4
Linkin Karp 4
Guishark 3
Stealdude 3
roggenrolex 3
OHKOff⁇ 3
Halloween_Mage 3
Pranav225 3
SoYouLikeMud?Kip! 3
Latirae 2
TheStarmanLord 2
westerdayz 2
Norwegian Ice Bath 2
MonsieurPiggles 2
za 2
Geene 2
KingChandelure 2
Bonig 2
Feverite 2
pisxel ♥♫~! 2
Henka ⌐◼_◼ 2
0_0 Tmm2 2
pokemasterofspook 2
Found then Lost 1
Ianisagiraffe 1
lindauna 1
Computerwizard8800 1
trick-or-kreat 1
Zacian-Crowned 1
zyg 1
ManUNkind 1
A㋛Quails㋛Query 1
ASnomPlaysShowdown 1
and boo 1
Gym Leader Tychi 1
husdjur 1
lofumelo 1
GygaxGold 1
Rubymoon0 1
SergioRules 1
A PS Ghost 1
God of Hypermeth 1
Sourwish 1
BoltSapphire *_* 1
spook04 1
RedBeaver540 1
Crossaint © 1
Jasuanti 1
SheepgoBOO 1
coinboy® 1
Togedemaru133 1
Castoria 1
green12052 1
draculape 1
Kris 1
digimonismylife 1
instruct 1
j^E\gO%R/o 1
yes or no my dude❀ 1
ChiMaMe隊 1
cheese555 1
KirbySSU 1
God evil-ning 1
Mimikyulolaforme 1
Krusty Karp 1
Istil2 1
Death & DeSpear 1
KowaiiiiPotato✿ 1
Vrji⌐◼_◼ 1
socool23 1
BugBuzzing‿ 1

The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of November is: Close Call: If you finish an official within 1 minute of the first finisher, you get equal points to first place! (This twist does not apply to mini officials. Our official twists last for both cycles of a month before being replaced.)

Lastly, big congratulations to our newest roomvoice, OHKOff (selfiehater), and our newest roomdriver, PartMan!

Take the lead on the first November Ladder!
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Had a fish at 8PM EST on Tuesday, November 3rd! You were either there, or you weren't, I guess. QCd by pants and computerwizard8800, hosted by computerwizard8800

1st place: dot Comfey [08:10].
2nd place: 111ace111 [10:27].
3rd place: twisted flax [11:57].
4th place: TurtalKatThing [12:32].
5th place: Toxic Boosted [15:50].
Consolation Prize: kalifguest22 [44:30], GrubbinTheGreat [01:08:24], Aeolia [01:47:30], Pranav 2+2=5 [01:53:49]

Nobody got the Close Call bonus!

1) Wild Gumshoos can hold a specific item. Name all of the other FE Pokemon with the same chance to hold that item in the wild (alpha) [Mightyena Raticate Skuntank / Mightyena Raticate-Alola Skuntank]

2) The Donkey Pokemon's highest base power STAB move can be learned by certain FE Pokemon that are 4x weak to it. Name all of these Pokemon which have 2 4x weaknesses, and also learn an attacking move that's of the type of their other 4x weakness (Alpha) [Aggron Bastiodon Coalossal Probopass Stakataka]

3) Take both Pokemon with a Pokedex entry that references an Indian elephant, call this set A. Find the non-Normal type attacking moves they both learn which neither get STAB from, and call this Set B. Next, find the Pokemon that learn the moves in Set B, and are weak to at least two of the types from the Pokemon in Set A, where at least one type from each Pokemon is used. Call these Pokemon Set C. Take the most shared type among Set C, and answer with the Pokemon that are of that type, weak to the type from the Pokemon in Set A that the pokemon in Set C are not weak to, and learn at least one move from Set B, in alphabetical order. [Dartrix Rowlet]

For Q1, first note that Gumshoos can hold a Pecha Berry in the wild, then look for other FE mons with a 5% chance of doing the same. Raticate or Raticate-Alola both work since I didn't realize the Raticate was in Gen 7, so I just left both as valid answers.

For Q2, the move in question is Earthquake. The two type combinations with a 4x weakness to Ground and another type are Steel/Rock and Rock/Fire, being weak to Fighting and Water respectively. The five mons in the answer all fit the criteria mentioned (Aggron with a lot of moves, Bastiodon with Rock Smash, Probopass with Dynamic Punch and Rock Smash, Stakataka with Body Press and Superpower, and Coalossal with Scald).

For Q3, Set A is Raichu and Gastly. Set B is Knock Off and Thief. Set C is Drifloon, Drifblim, Woobat, and Swoobat, since they're the only Pokemon to learn both Knock Off and Thief and be weak to Electric and either Ghost or Poison. Finally, the most shared type here is Flying, so we look for Flying types that are weak to Poison (the type that Drifblim, Swoobat, Woobat, and Drifloon aren't weak to) and that learn either Knock Off or Thief. We end up with just Dartrix and Rowlet, our answer!

Thanks to everyone who participated in DSG Official #3! Only 484 more to go until DSG Official #487!
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To conclude the Scavs portion of the Survengers Halloween Event, Cheese5555 and I organized this year’s Spooky Odyssey, which was started in Treasure Town on October 31st at 10am EDT and lasted until the same time on November 2nd! A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked on the hunt, including Aegii, aQrator, Devoxys, Dot Agumon (pokemonvortex), Gallant Spear, LegendaryMouse, LittEleven, pants, PartMan, ProfSapling, and turtalkatthing! Whether you were writing and editing questions, plotting out the meta, keeping watch over Treasure Town, giving out hints, or making suggestions on which direction we should take the hunt in in its early stages, you all did a great job, and the event wouldn’t have turned out nearly as well without each and every one of you on the team!

Winner: Toxic Boosted [17:17:16]
Second Place: luca12379 [18:48:18]
Third Place: Teutonic ⟥⟤ Squire [19:50:01]
Fourth Place: draculape [20:10:22]
Fifth Place: satvik1234567890 [20:29:21]
Sixth Place: powergo [24:58:17]

Consolation Prize: all Hallow's Ace [25:34:43], DarkShinyGiratina [31:27:10], iph ⌐◼_◼ [46:20:57], OHKOff⁇ [48:36:15]

1) Tapler: Welcome to the annual Spooky Odyssey! Where necessary, answer in alphabetical order, and format your answers as PS does. If you get stuck, you can request a hint… at a cost (check /rfaq hints for more details). Now then, let’s begin! This is the only Pokemon to have had its base stats changed going into Gen 8.

2) Tapler: Ignoring abilities, this weather condition can both passively damage Pokemon each turn and boost the power of moves of a certain type.

3) Tapler: In the Pet Mod Viabilities, all of this Pokemon’s formes have a different set of stat changes, but receive the same set of new moves.

4) Gallant Spear: This is the only new track in the Two Steps From Hell album Halloween.

5) pants: Alphabetically name the Pokemon that are the only ones of one of their types to be in the Amorphous egg group.

6) Tapler: This CAP Pokemon was created to be the ultimate scout.

7) Aegii: Trevenant, Gourgeist, Chandelure and Yveltal are the bosses of a special in a certain sidegame. Alphabetically name the other legendary Pokemon which can be found in the same area.

8) Tapler: According to the Pokedex, Toucannon preys on this Pokemon.

9) pokemonvortex: This is the most sour berry out of ones that can cure a status effect in gen III released outside of Japan (include "Berry").

10) Gallant Spear: A Pokemon TCG attack called Spook shares its Japanese name with this in-game move.

11) Tapler: The only possible wild encounter with a certain Pokemon in a pair of games involves an attack by a “suspicious woman” in a forest. This is the only item that Pokemon has held in an event release.

12) pokemonvortex: This oddly shaped pumpkin is the titular character of a film based off of a children's book.

13) Gallant Spear: This Two Steps From Hell orchestra comedy album has a similar name and cover album to a 2006 movie's title and poster starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

14) Tapler: When reverting Kyurem to its base form, a certain move will replace Fusion Bolt or Fusion Flare. This is Ash's only Pokemon that has used that move in the anime.

15) Tapler: The guest composer behind Sword and Shield’s Battle Tower battle theme released an Earthbound hack for one of STARMEN.NET’s Halloween Funfests under this alias.

16) pants: The only uniquely-typed TR contains a certain move. Alphabetically list the Pokemon that have had that TR's number as their regional dex number in their respective debut games, and can learn the move that the TR contains.

17) pokemonvortex: The first ROBLOX accessory to feature cel-shading is based off of a character from this webcomic.

18) Tapler: In its debut games, a non-legendary Pokemon encountered at this location uses the legendary Pokemon battle theme.

19) Tapler: Assuming both are successful and no other type changing occurs, using these two moves on a target in succession will always result in it having 2 4x weaknesses. List the moves in sequential order.

20) pants: Only one move has ever had a chance to lower a defensive stat that is uninvolved with the damage calculation of moves of that move's damage category. This move was revealed to be known by a certain Pokemon in Pokemon Adventures, despite never being used by that Pokemon. Name the Pokemon and the move, in that order.

21) pokemonvortex: In the issue of Nintendo Power that featured the AR Marker for Thundurus for use in Pokedex 3D, a Pokemon Global Link Promotions password for this Pokemon was revealed.

22) pants: A certain move that has never been signature can only be learned by Ghost-type Pokemon in Gen VIII. Alphabetically name the non-Ghost-type Pokemon that could learn that move in a previous generation.

23) Devoxys: This is the only English Pokemon card with iii present in the text. (Do not include expansion and number.)

24) Tapler: This Pokemon's unique ability is contained within a different Pokemon's category name.

25) PartMan: In a pair of main-series games, a certain trainer gives the player a TM while saying that the contained move can sometimes spook the target. However, it only gained a chance of flinching Pokemon in later generations. Where is this trainer located?

26) Devoxys: In the Expanded format of the Pokemon TCG, these three Pokemon have attacks with effects where your opponent's active Pokemon is Knocked Out if they have 4 damage counters on them, no matter what (assuming you have enough energy attached, there are no other effects on any Pokemon in play, and there are no damage counters on your Pokemon). Do not include expansion and number, alphabetical order.

27) Devoxys: In Fire Emblem Heroes, the first unit with a Duo Skill remains the only unit to come with a certain skill line. Name the characters that comprise that Duo Unit (alphabetically) and the skill line (no numbers), in that order.

28) pants: A certain TR contains a Dark-type move that cannot be learned by one Pokemon that can drop that TR in a Max Raid Battle. This Pokemon learns that move by level-up at the highest level in Gen VIII.

29) pokemonvortex: This podcast focusing on Pokemon had its second-to-last episode on a Halloween.

30) pants: In Pokemon Adventures, the first Ghost-type Pokemon belonging to a main character shares a characteristic with these nicknamed Pokemon (alphabetical order, answer with the nicknames).

31) (megacollab): You see it again, a dark figure cloaked in the blackness of night, staring at you through the cottage window. It’s been appearing there on and off for a month now, in the same position every time. The first time you saw it you were afraid for your life, but you’re numb to it by now. It’s about time you investigated it. You head outside, but the figure is gone. You walk up to where it was standing, and… suddenly, your head is on fire. You double over from the searing pain. Your vision starts to blur, everything overlaps, and for a second, it all makes sense. Then it’s over. You wake up on the ground, bathed in the day’s first rays of sunlight, dazed and confused. You can’t seem to think straight. You keep seeing lines ( and a grid-like pattern ( in the corner of your eye and hearing whispers. “What is my true name?”, “What is my true name?” they echo, over and over. You don’t know what’s going on, but you need to find the answer. That’s the only way. (meta q, previous questions and answers may be relevant).
1) Aegislash
2) Shadow Sky; Shadowy Aura
3) Gourgeist
4) To Die on Halloween
5) Castform, Gallade, Magcargo, Stunfisk-Galar
6) Kitsunoh
7) Articuno, Raikou
8) Bounsweet
9) Pumkin Berry
10) Infestation
11) Expert Belt
12) Spookley; Spookley the Square Pumpkin
13) The Devil Wears Nada
14) Totodile
15) Radiation
16) Clawitzer, Masquerain, Obstagoon, Woobat
17) Oddport Academy
18) Old Chateau
19) Magic Powder, Trick or Treat
20) Kirlia, Shadow Ball; Rara, Shadow Ball
21) Banette
22) Grimer, Muk, Smeargle
23) Cofagrigus
24) Sableye
25) Celadon Department Store
26) Gengar, Umbreon & Darkrai GX, Yveltal-GX
27) Hector Lilina OddFollowUp
28) Glastrier
29) WTPT - Pokemon Radio
30) Fofo, Kit, Solsol
31) Sabrina
6) “Ultimate Scout” was its CAP concept, submitted by Beej.
11) Zoroark in Lostlorn Forest.
14) The move is Scary Face.
16) The move is Shadow Ball.
18) D/P/Pt Rotom.
22) The move is Shadow Punch.
28) The move is Taunt, which is not learned by Shiftry.
30) The Ghost-type mon is Emerald’s Dusclops.

31) Consider the pastebin full of underlines to represent five pairs of terms. The grid is a calendar of this October, and names and numbers are written on the 8th, 11th, 14th, 18th, and 21st. Taking the answer from each of those questions in the odyssey will allow you to fill the upper set of underlines in each pair: [Bounsweet], [Expert Belt], [Totodile], [Old Chateau], and [Banette]. The lower set of underlines in each pair requires you to notice that the dates correlate with officials hosted by the listed users in the past month, and with the number next to each name indicating question numbers on those officials, you can find the second set of terms from their answers: [Bagon Horsea Loudred Seadra Trumbeak], [Choice Helmet], [Smeargle], [Sleep Powder Giant Bloom], and [Battle Bond Lucarionite Metagrossite Reveal Glass Salamencite]. To solve the puzzle, you need to “overlap” each pair, taking each letter that is in the same position (ie first letter, second letter, and so on) in both terms, resulting in B EL LE L BA. Finally, you need to answer with Bellelba’s “true name”, or in other words, the actress that plays her: Sabrina.
vamPart ⌐◼_◼: RIP LM.
Lunala Taxel: LM?
Lunala Taxel: Sean Connery?
vamPart ⌐◼_◼: LegendaryMouse isn't even remembered. :sad:
gallant's pear: what's wrong with Lady Monita?

iph ⌐◼_◼: 142 and im still going on smh
doc1203: wait
doc1203: q142
iph ⌐◼_◼: 142am
doc1203: i got genuinely concerned

Toxic Boosted: i just saw "official scavenger... Lady Monita" and I was thinking the bot put in work

Computerwizard8800: tapler considering how you wrote this how many reversal ports are there

satvik1234567890: doesnt help that iv got a 6 hour exam in 15 minutes
satvik1234567890: its maths+science 2 3 hour exams
Toxic Boosted: satvik you better do well on math, you have all those numbers in your name

Bonus shoutout to aQ, Part, and PV for helping me QC this monstrosity.
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Hosting an Odyssey as vamPart on Saturday (7th November), [4 PM IST / 10:30 AM GMT]!

Thanks to aQrator and computerwizard8800 for the QCs!

I'll be doing the usual thing after the Oddish, so make sure not to miss it. See ya there!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Litt♥Eleven [14:18].
2nd place: powergo [01:02:57].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire [01:11:22].
4th place: doc1203 [01:29:12].
5th place: Vector5557 [01:29:26].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [01:36:12], wallape [01:41:40], iph [03:07:02]

1) It's time! This is the only Pokemon that can be of either gender that must be of a specific gender for an in-game trade. [Dragonair]
2) This is the Pokémon with the most episodes aired after its debut without it getting a Pokédex entry. [Ekans]
3) Of all unevolved Pokemon that evolve by level-up, this one evolves at the highest level. [Larvesta]
4) If the player has a Pokemon with a specific origin mark in their party when they talk to the in-game NPC representing the designer of Mew, they make a remark about its prowess. Which is that Pokemon? [Tauros]
5) This Pokemon is the only Pokemon of its type in PMD's IQ group C. [Articuno]
6) In the Adventures manga, after absorbing a certain character, the Light Stone flew away and landed in this location. [Entralink]
7) This location serves as the final resting place for a Pokemon, and placing a certain item here results in the mourning trainer giving the player a TM. [Memorial Pillar]
8) The Pokemon with the least BST in the largest evolution family (excluding formes) had this English prototype name. [Eon]
9) In a certain pair of games, certain items had the possibility of being transformed into a different item after each battle when held by a certain Pokemon. The created item can only be found on a certain day in a certain set of games at this location. [Royal Unova]
10) Even if all Pokemon returned in SwSh, this non-signature ability could not be obtained. [Aerilate]
11) In a certain situation, a Pokemon can faint on the very first turn of a battle before it could use its attack, even without being hit by any attacks. Which is the move that can cause this to happen? [Lunar Dance]
12) A certain Pokemon is the only Pokemon in its PMD IQ group. Where can it be obtained in Pokemon Super MD? [Dragon Gate]
13) Meta! The solution to this final question is a patent registration number. As a hint - first, take a look at the prior answers. [5701924]

Was fun, but every Odyssey must be accompanied by me being demoted. Love y'all!
[19:23:53] (vampart was demoted to Room regular user by Litt♥Eleven.)
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Had a collab fish with lph on November 7th at 9 PM EST! QC'd by computerwizard8800 and PartMan! If you came, it was very epic.

1st place: 111ace111 [02:55].
2nd place: TurtalKatThing [06:40].
3rd place: dot Comfey [09:55].
4th place: toxic boosted [10:25].
5th place: MukUsedDrillPeck [15:11].
Consolation Prize: Luca12379 [15:49], YveltalNL [20:52], Sir Tetris [23:03]

Nobody got the Close Call bonus!

1) A certain key item, when used on this dual-typed Pokemon, increases its weight by the weight of a certain other Pokemon plus 1.4kg. [Calyrex]

2) Name all Pokemon, besides Calyrex formes, that learn Lash Out while their base forme doesn't. (Alpha Order) [Linoone-Galar Lycanroc-Midnight Moltres-Galar Zigzagoon-Galar]

3) A certain Pokemon is the only non-Legendary or Mythical to learn Lash Out while also being weak to it. Take the only uniquely typed move from this Pokemon's Gen 8 TM/TR Learnset. On that move's Bulbapedia page, there are several images/gifs of Pokemon using that move in-game. This move has the highest fixed base power of the moves shared between the Pokemon using the move in the images/gifs for gens 4 and 7 as they currently appear on the page. [Hyper Voice]

For Q1, there aren't many key items that change the weight of Pokemon. There are key items that change formes, and those would be the most likely culprits for this. Calyrex is the only dual-typed Pokemon that fits these criteria, with each Calyrex forme's weight being equal to Calyrex's Weight + The Respective Horse's Weight + 1.4.

For Q2, you can either go to the Bulbapedia page for Lash Out, or /nds Lash Out, all and see which Pokemon fit the criteria. You'd get the answer from either of these methods.

For Q3, /nds Lash Out, weak dark and you'll see Darmanitan-Zen as the only non Legendary or Mythical there. The uniquely typed TM/TR is U-Turn, so navigate to that Bulbapedia page. In the Gen 4 gif, Chatot is using U-Turn. In the Gen 7 image, Liepard is using it. /nms Chatot, Liepard, !status and then find that Hyper Voice is the strongest move there with a fixed base power.

Thanks again to the QCers! Special shoutout to iph, who came 18 minutes late :3

And finally, thanks to everyone who participated in DSG Official #4! Only 483 more to go until DSG Official #487!
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Reserving the NUMBER ONE Official for November 11th at 6:11 PM EST / 11:11 PM GMT!

Final Results:
1st place: zipzapadam [07:06].
2nd place: 111ace111 [07:38].
3rd place: TurtalKatThing [13:57].
4th place: DarkShinyGiratina [14:48].
5th place: Computerwizard8800 [14:53].
Consolation Prize: powergo [15:33], Emboar02 [18:57], Andrew [20:34], Luca12379 [21:54], Aeolia [21:56], a staff [23:30], toxic boosted [28:16]

1) This Pokemon has a Regional Pokedex number of #001 in a game where it can be encountered in the wild on Route 1. [Pikipek]
2) In some main-series games, a certain move will fail to complete when used by a Level 1 Pokemon. These non-fully-evolved Pokemon could learn said move at Level 1 in a main-series game (alpha order). [Duosion Misdreavus Munna Solosis]
3) When you change exactly one letter of one move's name to a different letter, you get another move's name, and only one evolutionary line (excluding Smeargle) can learn both moves. This is the fully-evolved Pokemon in that evolutionary line. [Jellicent]

Thank you both aQrator and LittEleven for QCing :)
Thanks for participating, and hope to see you next time!
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Reserving official hunt on November 14 (hopefully) at 1PM UTC
1st place: smii [11:53].
2nd place: saltvik [28:30].
3rd place: Vector5557 [31:48].
4th place: Teutonic✠Squire [49:53].
5th place: Luca12379 [54:45].
Consolation Prize: sIang [55:14], DarkShinyGiratina [01:03:55], AbuBatata [01:04:27]

1) The rarest Stantler card is designed by this person. (Fullname) [atsuko nishida]
2) In Pokemon USUM, these 2 pokemon are tied for having the most STAB moves learned by level up among all pokemon with Adaptability. Name the pokemon alphabetically then the amount of the moves. [eevee skrelp 8]
3) Bulbagarden Archives open to public was announced in Bulbapedia on this date. format dd-mm-yyyy [23-04-2005]

Thanks to PartMan and LittEleven for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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is a Battle Simulator Moderator
Hosted a Jump Start on November 16th at 1PM EDT!

QCs by LittEleven and computerwizard8800

1st place: powergo [02:17].
2nd place: AbuBatata [02:53].
3rd place: YveltalNL [03:53].
Consolation Prize: 111ace111 [04:16], Pepsi Man 2 [04:38], aQrator [05:17], Luca12379 [05:48], Teutonic✠Squire [07:26], OHKOff⁇ [07:50], spellhole [08:06], Damnright [10:05], toxic boosted [13:56], SergioRules [14:05], TurtalKatThing [14:06]

1) Two fully evolved Pokemon that are members of different branched evolution families can be found during a thunderstorm in the Soothing Wetlands. Name the one that has a type advantage against the other. [raichu]
2) In the anime, this non-water type Pokemon belonging to a main character was shown to be able to breathe underwater. [arbok]
3) A certain move had its priority changed within a single generation. This Pokemon uses that move in SSBU. [abra]
1st place: aQrator [06:39].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire [08:04].
3rd place: TurtalKatThing [09:26].
4th place: OHKOff⁇ [10:48].
5th place: Linkin Karp [10:51].
Consolation Prize: 111ace111 [12:52], Luca12379 [13:21], powergo [18:50], Damnright [20:41], AbuBatata [36:29], toxic boosted [44:23], scoobydoobydrew [51:45], Pepsi Man 2 [55:47], YveltalNL [01:11:54], SergioRules [01:16:04]

1) According to the Pokedex, a certain Pokemon's nature is easygoing. NPCs in Battle Maison can use that Pokemon with a specific set that includes 3 status moves. Name the Pokemon with the highest BST that cannot learn any of those moves in Gen VII. [Magearna]
2) In the anime, Ash caught this Pokemon when it was already fully evolved, and has had it longer than any of the other Pokemon that he caught in their fully evolved forms. [muk]
3) In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, a pair of these Pokemon are allied with Primal Dialga, but still aid Grovyle. [porygon]
4) Oh no! A Pokemon has spent all day building up to this meta, but fell down the stairs! Who has fallen, and can't get up? (Use this link of answers from both hunts in this jump start to answer this meta question: [kakuna]
The answers had to build the stairs back up for the fallen Pokemon. By "building" them up in order from shortest to longest, the identity of the hidden Pokemon was reveals, still falling down the stairs.
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The first Ladder Cycle of November has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: toxic boosted in first place with 332 points, 111ace111 in second place with 254 points, and Teutonic Squire in third place with 221 points!

1 toxic boosted 332
2 111ace111 254
3 Teutonic ⟥⟤ Squire 221
4 Litt♥Eleven 200
5 saltvik 195
6 DarkShinyGiratina 155
6 TurtalKatThing 155
8 Luca12379 151
9 AbuBatata 146
10 wallape 138
11 Computerwizard8800 137
12 dot Comfey 134
13 PartMan 130
14 powergo 120
15 Penguin D 111
16 aQrator 109
17 iph ⌐◼_◼ 92
17 twisted flax 92
19 pants 86
20 0_0 Tmm2 82
21 BugBuzzing‿ 81
22 claudioink58 80
23 doc1203 65
24 Sir Tetris 64
24 calemdpu 64
26 idybalajrenyt 58
27 zipzapadam 46
28 R2Cv1 44
29 YveltalNL 40
30 OHKOff⁇ 37
30 Vector5557 37
32 gallant's pear 35
32 shrekforce 35
34 smii 34
35 Mr. Goose Man 32
35 wishmasterjirachi 32
37 Benjgbro 30
38 Pranav 2+2=5 29
38 killerASCII 29
38 ProfSapling 29
38 Cargney Carnation 29
38 kalifguest22 29
43 RespectPickles 28
44 Aeolia 26
44 Discordual 26
46 rainshaft 25
47 GrubbinTheGreat 24
47 kljasd 24
49 Pepsi Man 2 23
50 AndrewThePenguin 21
51 Shadow Sirens. ♪ 20
51 Merlee 20
53 Linkin Karp 19
54 p^_^okemonvortex. 18
54 beekay1976 18
56 Mystiphox 17
56 Soft Flex 17
56 catzrule81 17
59 TL The Legend 16
59 feverite 16
59 xadonis 16
62 scoobydoobydrew 15
63 Bronzecrank 14
63 hasumikisaragi 14
63 mrtoastd 14
63 ezlaturbo 14
63 MukUsedDrillPeck 14
68 negsan 13
69 mukuseddrillpunch 12
69 shubname 12
71 boredcollegekid 11
71 Mike the Entei 11
71 om 11
71 spiderz 11
75 Praise Bid o3o f 10
75 clorodulce 10
75 sIang 10
75 thewetferaligator 10
75 ruby 10
75 avcosmoem 10
75 hannahh 10
75 whydon 10
75 chelseaxoxo 10
75 TheStarmanLord 10
85 aninterestingidea 9
85 bgl13 9
85 togedemaru133 9
85 SpecterReaper 9
85 alexander489 9
90 articunight 8
90 rabbac 8
90 cheese555 8
90 Found then Lost 8
90 Andrew 8
95 ASnomPlaysShowdown 7
95 crepuscular goomy 7
95 Ceilings 7
95 pokekidmax 7
95 chaosninjagaming 7
95 Zacian-Crowned 7
101 AGY645 6
101 ANTIfirepower 6
101 pisxel ♥♫~! 6
101 stupidb12◼_◼ 6
101 An_Azurill >_< 6
101 Clown!nja Shed!nja 6
101 latirae 6
101 micromorphic 6
101 KingChandelure 6
101 a staff 6
101 Gleeboop 6
101 Poryheart 6
113 draculape 5
113 broil 5
113 spellhole 5
113 ax1lotl 5
113 100 gecs fan 5
113 Tapler ❀ 5
113 xfix 5
113 Shiny Alcremie ❄ 5
113 Death of Mimikyu 5
122 primallanturn 4
122 zyg 4
122 Lyndon J Bohnson 4
122 gusting pidgey 4
122 celesteeal 4
122 Kad-lands 4
128 Steve456664 3
128 Embar 3
128 sceptorus 3
128 thejesucristoosama 3
128 oovoov 3
128 Damnright 3
134 floooood 2
134 Icetheice 2
134 osmogenesia 2
134 RedBeaver540 2
134 mitsuki 2
134 sourwish 2
134 abomaxsnow 2
134 p0ip0le ∆ 2
134 Heika-Ssi 2
134 Qtierater 2
134 ScorrchingTheaph 2
134 Deggrod 2
134 fearfire22 2
134 Henka ⌐◼_◼ 2
134 Cyllage 2
134 minasion 2
134 CoolingTundra 2
134 TripleCats 2
134 Emboar02 2
134 jjev 2
154 Scare2Cv1 1
154 TL The Living Dead 1
154 9876709094894090me 1
154 Wan the Avatar 1
154 scoobydoobyboo 1
154 krytocon 1
154 halloweenmage 1
154 A PS user 1
154 tidal otter 1
154 christmas 1
154 Rory Mercury 1
154 Jasuanti 1
154 prateek poke2 1
154 chillmf 1
154 An AFK PS User 1
154 ip04 1
154 JollyTreeck 1
154 theykilledmydad( 1
154 SergioRules 1
154 Wes_Flavored_Pie 1

The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of November is: Close Call: If you finish an official within 1 minute of the first finisher, you get equal points to first place! (This twist does not apply to mini officials. Our official twists last for both cycles of a month before being replaced.)

Lastly, big congratulations to our latest promotions: Tapler, our newest Mod, and aQrator, the newest Global Voice among our ranks! pun absolutely intended

Surge ahead on the second November Ladder!


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is a Battle Simulator Moderator
Reserving an official for Friday, November 20th at 1PM EDT.

Shoutouts to aQrator and Andy Snype for QCs!

1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [14:24].
2nd place: Luca12379 [15:55].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire [16:32].
4th place: AbuBatata [17:15].
5th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [18:34].
Consolation Prize: toxic boosted [19:58], 111ace111 [20:31], cheese555 [27:48]

1) This is the first Pokemon by National Dex order whose name contains an anagram of its category name (excluding the word "Pokemon"). [ekans]
2) Various Pokémon contain a type within their category name, yet they do not receive STAB from it. Amongst those Pokemon, only these two contain a type that no others contain (alphabetical order). [bagon loudred]
3) Many Pokemon's names contain their entire category name, excluding the word "Pokemon". Of the non-form ones that are the only members of their respective evolution lines to do so, these three are tied for having the longest category names (alphabetical order). [magneton shieldon toucannon]
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Mini Official Roundup (November):

1st place: DarkShinyGiratina [06:36].
2nd place: 111ace111 [07:25].
3rd place: powergo [09:00].
Consolation Prize: Computerwizard8800 [11:32], dot Comfey [12:51], iph ⌐◼_◼ [13:28], satvik1234567890 [14:11], p^_^okemonvortex. [14:14], Toxic Boosted [15:17], luca12379 [17:37]
QC: aQrator
1st place: AbuBatata [06:00].
2nd place: powergo [06:34].
3rd place: wallape [09:48].
Consolation Prize: Litt♥Eleven [11:23], Mike the Entei [11:47], GrubbinTheGreat [16:50], Toxic Boosted [18:16], TurtalKatThing [18:36], Benjgbro [22:47], twisted flax [23:39], 111ace111 [23:57], Pranav 2+2=5 [24:11], Mr. Goose Man [24:30], OHKOff⁇ [43:09], ASnomPlaysShowdown [51:01]
QC: PartMan
1st place: 111ace111 [01:53].
2nd place: Litt♥Eleven [02:33].
3rd place: DarkShinyGiratina [02:51].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [03:54], TurtalKatThing [07:47], toxic boosted [07:58], p^_^okemonvortex. [13:29], Luca12379 [22:18], Linkin Karp [30:47], powergo [41:10], Rory Mercury [44:14], Teutonic ⟥⟤ Squire [50:28], Jasuanti [01:09:21]
QC: pants
1st place: Teutonic✠Squire [06:32].
2nd place: Litt♥Eleven [06:39].
3rd place: PartMan [28:43].
QC: aQrator
1st place: spellhole [05:46].
2nd place: DarkShinyGiratina [05:51].
3rd place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [05:54].
Consolation Prize: Mystiphox [06:10], fearfire22 [07:26], Gardevoir&Gallade [07:49], Teutonic✠Squire [07:58], Flying Pichu~! [12:18], toxic boosted [13:29], Damnright [22:10], dot Comfey [25:13], 111ace111 [32:31]
QC: Computerwizard8800

Last month's results:


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is a Battle Simulator Moderator
The second Ladder Cycle of November has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: Ninetales Alolan<3 in first place with 347 points, Teutonic Squire in second place with 188 points, and aQrator in third place with 158 points!

Ninetales Alolan<3 347
Teutonic✠Squire 188
aQrator 158
toxic boosted 145
AbuBatata 121
Damnright 100
TurtalKatThing 91
Luca12379 91
Litt♥Eleven 89
dot Comfey 86
111ace111 79
Computerwizard8800 67
iph ♥! 63
PartMan 61
p^_^okemonvortex. 51
OHKOff⁇ 50
saltvik 50
DarkShinyGiratina 49
Linkin Karp 29
scoobydoobydrew 29
wallape 27
doc1203 27
YveltalNL 26
chillmf 25
CynicCyndaquil 25
killerASCII 21
spellhole 20
powergo 18
gallant's pear 18
pants 17
Pepsi Man 2 16
Pocket Mirror 16
Mystiphox 16
Shadow Sirens. ♪ 13
PenguinD 12
AndrewThePenguin 12
ASnomPlaysShowdown 12
fearfire22 12
SergioRules 11
R2Cv1! 11
RespectPickles 11
crepuscular goomy 11
Flying Pichu~! 11
KingChandelure 10
phorophor 10
A㋛Quails㋛Query 9
Mike124 9
Praise Bid o3o f 8
aninterestingidea 8
GrubbinTheGreat 8
ProfSapling 8
smartb12! 8
Aeolia 7
Found then Lost 6
satvik1234567890 6
A PS user 6
SoYouLikeMud?Kip! 5
zipzapadam 5
ax1lotl! 5
Exploding Jetski 5
ezlaturbo 5
Rory Mercury 5
Teutonic✠Padoru 5
Tapler ❀ 4
SpecterReaper 4
Tectonic✠Knight 4
Pranav225 4
T+L=The Legend 3
ptelzcra 3
jjev 3
Sir Tetris 3
Bronzecrank 3
Wan the Avatar 3
Discordual 3
cheese555 3
Soft Flex 3
negsan 3
Gardevoir&Gallade 3
tidal otter 2
kalifguest22 2
ManUNkind 2
Cyllage 2
aegii 2
AGY645 2
Ayasato Mayoi 2
JollyTreecko 2
bgl13 2
Tis I Me 2
sceptorus 2
siang 2
Primal♥Lanturn 1
socool23 1
TheStarmanLord 1
Death~of~Mimikyu 1
Hinoka__Uchiha 1
Krakenwaffle 1
stupidb12 1
Death & DeSpear 1
Wes+Flavored=Pie 1
Benjgbro 1
ip04 1
Shiny Alcremie 1
Solemn Gallade 1
MukUsedDrillPeck 1
Vector5557 1
Steve456664 1
FallingFalafel 1
Gusting pidgey 1
LJB14 1
Dawn of Athena 1
boredcollegekid 1
Henka ⌐◼_◼ 1
Drop a Dracovish 1
Classroom Rito 1
Bright Noa 1
Jablinx 1
thepurplehat 1
Toxtrici-T 1
Ninetales Alola 1
togedemaru133 1
Bipedalist Llamas 1
Christmas 1
Tour Leader 1
pokemangoes 1
jegoro 1
Geene 1

The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of December is: Mystery Odyssey (name pending): At least one Odyssey official will be held per week. All participants may guess how many questions it will include prior to the hunt, and any who guess correctly will get an additional 5 points. (This twist does not apply to mini officials. Our official twists last for both cycles of a month before being replaced.)

We had no new promotions during the cycle, but we did just celebrate Scavengers' 7th birthday! It's now older than DarkShinyGiratina :)

Stay frosty on the first December Ladder!
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Reserving a fish for Friday, 4th December at 4pm GMT+8 (8am UTC), QC'd by the highly lovable aQrator and the extremely cute PartMan!

1st place: Ninetales-Alola [04:11].
2nd place: Bronzecrank [05:53].
3rd place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [07:22].
4th place: wall❄ape❄ [09:56].
5th place: Santaquil [12:45].
Consolation Prize: Teutonic✠PADORU! [19:54], Sir Tetris ⌐▭‿▭ [23:32], saltvik [36:53], Sacrificial Sirens [56:04]

1) These SSBU fighters from Pokemon and their evolutionary relatives have not been owned by Ash. (alphabetical) [jigglypuff mewtwo]
2) Some of the moves in SSBU have names that come from mainseries games. These fighter Pokemon do not have STAB moves for all their types. (alphabetical) [greninja incineroar ivysaur jigglypuff lucario]
3) These moves cannot be learnt by their respective fighters in mainseries games. (alphabetical) [agility skull bash]
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Hosting a mystery Odyssey on Saturday, December 5th at 3:30pm UTC (7:30am PST, 10:30pm EST, 4:30pm CET, 9pm IST)

Thanks LittEleven and Tapler for the QCs.

The final results were as follows:
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [43:05].
2nd place: DarkSantaGiratina [48:30].
3rd place: wallape [01:01:14].
4th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [01:06:52].
5th place: Partoru [01:20:11].
Consolation Prize: Christmace [01:25:30], Winterphox [01:30:53], Saltvik [01:37:53], imnewhelppls [01:52:12], scoobydoobydrew [02:16:17]

No one got the question count correct, though spellhole (who did not finish) got closest with 34!

Thank you all for playing! The full hunt can be seen here in shuffled and non-shuffled order, including the meta answer:

6. This move debuted in the episode __The Water Flowers of Cerulean City__, where it was used by Ash's Butterfree. Stun Spore
35. as of USUM, this is the only Poison-type Cool move. Cross Poison
23. This is the move used by Whirlipede in Pokémon Conquest. Poison Tail
13. In the Adventures manga, this is Tierno's only Pokémon to have evolved during the manga. Answer with the evolved forme. Crawdaunt
3. This move, introduced in gen 5, can make any attack against the user deal anywhere between four times as much damage or a quarter of the damage the opponent dealt last turn using the same move (not counting crits). Clear Smog
30. According to False Swipe Gaming, This move was calculated to deal about 200% damage per game in generation 4. Stealth Rock
20. This maingame item was held by a Magnemite in the TCG. Magnet
19. The dex entry of this Pokémon states it gets along well with Dhelmise, 'for whatever reason' Dragalge
1. Prior to gen 8 and excluding formes, this Pokémon has the highest base HP stat of all poison type Pokémon. Amoonguss
21. Ignoring abilities, This damaging move has the lowest maximum potential Base Power of the newly added tutor moves in Isle of Armor. Flip Turn
12. This is the only recovery move that can make the user typeless. Roost
34. This move is Incineroar Up Special move in the Super Smash Bros series. Cross Chop
22. This move is also a badge, a japanese name for a Pokémon, and the name of a mountain in a spinoff game. Thunder
10. This move is also an ability in Pokémon conquest. Celebrate
17. This dark type move has a contest combination with Focus Energy. Night Slash
28. Of all the Non-Z signature sound moves, this one has the highest base power. Clanging Scales
31. This is Saturn's ace Pokémon. Toxicroak
4. Parasect can learn this move at level 51, Virizion at 37. Roselia can learn it at level 25, but also at level 33. None of these levels align with Sword and Shield, if applicable. Which move am I looking for? Giga Drain
36. This is the strongest move of Priority 1. Sucker Punch
11. In the anime, this move is always shaped like the kanji meaning __big__ , with the exception of certain specials and movies. Fire Blast
16. A certain water move, which was signature in generation 1, can now be learned by exactly 3 Pokémon in the national dex that are not water type. Crabhammer
5. Unlike the main games, this move can put multiple pokémon to sleep in Mystery Dungeon, even those that are not adjacent. Spore
29. In the Adventures manga, this move has only been used by Riley's partner Pokémon Flash Cannon
26. This single-use item, introduced in gen 8, is recommended for exactly 2 Pokémon on Smogon. Throat Spray
27. This is Lucario's default Neutral Special move in the Super Smash Bros series. Aura Sphere
24. Introduced in gen 4, this is one of the few moves to contain the names of 2 other moves within its name. Toxic Spikes
8. This is the first Z crystal you obtain in gen 7. Normalium Z
2. This item affects 3 physical moves, 7 special moves and 4 status moves. It does not adjust the power of these moves. Big Root
18. A certain psychic type and this dark type move are identical in everything but generation introduced and their typing. Surprisingly, 2 dark Pokémon and 2 Psychic type Pokémon can learn both. Switcheroo
32. Aside from its usual healing properties, this item doubled as a permanent boost to a Pokémon's HP stat in the Mystery Dungeon series. Sitrus Berry
7. This Pokémon is the only Pokémon to have both a GMax forme and 2 mega evolutions. Charizard
9. This move is often synonymous with Shaymin-Sky and Togekiss, as any Pokémon that does not share an ability with Gallade-Mega would despise it. Air Slash
33. This is the strongest Poison type special move. Belch
25. This pseudo-legendary can hold a razor claw when caught in the wild. Kommo-o
15. Excluding (formerly) signature moves, this is the only damaging priority move to have a type that can be absorbed, without any effects of other moves. Aqua Jet
14. as of USUM, This item has the highest base power when thrown using Fling. Iron Ball
37. Alright, I have everything to make my very serious competitive team. However, it looks like the order got all mixed up! Could you rearrange it back for me? For this final question, combine the movesets and items with the appropriate Pokémon, where each item has synergy with exactly 1 move in the moveset of said Pokémon. Give the answer for each Pokémon as follows: ``[Pokémon], [Item], [Move 1], [Move 2], [Move 3], [Move 4]``, with the moves sorted alphabetically, and the Pokémon sorted alphabetically as well. Amoonguss @ Big Root - Clear Smog, Giga Drain, Spore, Stun Spore - Charizard @ Normalium Z - Air Slash, Celebrate, Fire Blast, Roost - Crawdaunt @ Iron Ball - Aqua Jet, Crabhammer, Night Slash, Switcheroo - Dragalge @ Magnet - Flip Turn, Poison Tail, Thunder, Toxic Spikes - Kommo-o @ Throat Spray - Aura Sphere, Clanging Scales, Flash Cannon, Stealth Rock - Toxicroak @ Sitrus Berry - Belch, Cross Chop, Cross Poison, Sucker Punch -

for stuffs n giggles, here's a replay of me actually trying the team:
EDIT: and one of me winning somehow:
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Have a good day!
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Hosting an Official on Tuesday, December 8th at 6pm UTC (10am PST, 1pm EST, 7pm CET, 11:30pm IST)

Thanks Celesteeal and pants for the QCs.

The full results were as follows:
1st place: Ninetales-Alola [02:49].
2nd place: AbuSanta [03:16].
3rd place: TurtalKatThing [04:32].
4th place: December Right [06:18].
5th place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [06:44].
Consolation Prize: Partoru [07:53], TeutonicPADORU [09:36], Christmas [09:53], toX-mas boost [12:51], Luca12379 [16:42], Santaquil [18:18], Bronzecrank [19:48], Sacrificial Sirens [23:30]

Thank you all for playing!
The hunt can be seen here:

Q1. Of those with a known size, this is the largest berry obtainable within the mainline games. Kelpsy ; Kelpsy Berry
Q2. Using the most recent demographics count of all games, and including all NPCs that can appear in the city, list, in order, the 5 largest cities by population in the mainline games. Lumiose Nimbasa Wyndon Mauville Castelia ; Lumiose City Nimbasa City Wyndon Mauville City Castelia City
Q3. These four Pokémon have the word 'largest' in one of their dex entries. List alphabetically. Gastly Pyroar Vileplume Wailord
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There was another DSG fishy fishy fish on Friday, December 4th at 8:00 PM EST!

QC'd by computerwizard8800 and pants, thanks guys :> (hosted by pants)

1st place: TurtalKatThing [02:40].
2nd place: Christmace [04:04].
3rd place: Ninetales-Alola [04:13].
4th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [06:20].
5th place: toX-mas boost [07:10].
Consolation Prize: pisxel ♥ [38:27], scoobydoobydrew [40:05]

1) In Gen 7, name all non-status Egg Moves Seel can get exclusively from parents who don't share a type with the move, excluding abilities. (Alpha) [Horn Drill Iron Tail Lick Signal Beam]
2) A certain character owns the first Seel to debut in the Pokemon Adventures manga. In the main series games, this Pokemon of theirs has the most moves in one of its movesets that share a type with it. Name the Pokemon, then the moves in alphabetical order. [Slowbro Amnesia Psychic Surf Withdraw]
3) Lorelei gives out a certain amount of money in the fight where she uses the Slowbro mentioned in the previous question. In the United States, there exists a store which has an official machine that gives out Pokemon-related merchandise, and the number of the street address of this store is the same as the amount of money which Lorelei gives. What is the zip code of that store's location? [80108]

For Q1, navigate to Seel's Gen 7 egg moves and find non-status ones that only parents who don't share a type with the moves can pass down. These moves are: Horn Drill (Nidoran-M, Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior, Excadrill), Lick (Snubbull line, Teddiursa line, Seviper, Kecleon, all three Elemental Monkey lines, Heatmor, Froakie line, Litten Line), Signal Beam (Dewgong, Mareep line, Remoraid, Octillery, Mantine), and Iron Tail (Ekans, Nidoran-M, Meowth, Growlithe, Rhyhorn, Dratini, Sentret, Mareep, Zangoose, Seviper, Feebas, Pachirisu, Stunky, Snivy, Patrat, Minccino, Emolga).

For Q2, the character to own the Seel is Lorelei. In Pokemon Yellow, all 4 moves her Slowbro has share a type with it. Thus the answer is Slowbro, and its moveset: Amnesia, Psychic, Surf, and Withdraw

For Q3, the amount of money Lorelei gives in this fight is 5544 Pokedollars. If you search Bulbapedia for "5544", you'll see an article on Pokemon Vending Machines. King Soopers Castle Rock is located at 5544 Promenade Pkwy, Castle Rock, CO 80108. The zip code, and thus the answer, is 80108.

Thanks to everyone who came to DSG Official #5! Only 482 more until DSG Official #487!
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I am hosting Part 1 of Tori's sTori (mystery odyssey) on Sunday, December 13th at 7pm UTC (11am PST, 2pm EST, 8pm CET, 12:30am IST)

Thank you so so much LittEleven and PartMan for doings these QCs.

The full results were as follows:
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Ninetales Alolan<3 [58:59].
2nd place: powergo [01:06:34].
3rd place: Christmace [01:07:34].
4th place: Computerblizzard [01:26:16].
5th place: spellhole [02:02:06].
Consolation Prize: Aeolia [02:15:01], Luca12379 [02:24:08], GrubbinTheGreat [03:01:03], DarkSantaGiratina [03:19:01], Santaquil [03:22:01], scoobydoobydrew [03:48:41]

No one got the question count right, though spellhole was once again the closest with 34!

Thank you all so much for playing, I hope you enjoyed!

The full hunt can still be played/read in TT for 24 hours (though it is not worth any points).

Q1. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night wherever you are! Today, we'll be exploring the game Explorers of Sky together! With these two odysseys, I'll be traversing the game from start to finish as Tori, asking questions along the way. Be sure to come back for the second part of Tori's sTori December 27th, same time same place! Like with (almost) every Mystery Dungeon game, we start with a personality test (You may have done one of those back in October). From this test, Tori found that she's a Sassy female. What Pokémon species is she? Totodile

Q2. One day, a timid Riolu was walking anxiously in front of Wigglytuff's guild. Today would finally be the day he would join the guild. But when he marched atop the iron grate, "Pokémon detected! Pokémon detected!" "Whose footprint? Whose footprint?" was heard from down below. Which two Pokémon did he hear? List alphabetically. Diglett, Loudred

Q3. Riolu scurried away, too frightened to stick around. He laments with his Relic Fragment in hand and makes his way to the beach. There, the marvelous sight of the Krabby blowing bubbles across the sea awaits him, as well as a Totodile washed up on the shore! Riolu rushes up to her to ensure she's okay, and thankfully, the Pokémon appears to wake up. She looks around confused. The Pokémon identifies herself as Tori, and says she's a human, even though she looks like a normal Totodile to him. Suddenly, two members of Team Skull come and swipe the Relic Fragment! Which two Pokémon are these? Koffing, Zubat

Q4. Koffing and Zubat quickly rush into Beach Cave. Riolu and Tori quickly follow the poison double, and beat them with ease at the end of the cave. After the 'fluke' that was Tori and Riolu's victory, Team Skull returns the Relic Fragment and scatter. Back outside, Riolu thanks the Totodile and gives her a look at the item. It seems like it's just a little piece of rock, but there is a peculiar pattern on top of it. Riolu, filled with joy and inspired by Tori's confidence, asks her to team up with him to form a first-rate rescue team! Which Pokémon could they have battled on the way up to Koffing and Zubat? List alphabetically. Corsola, Kabuto, Shellder, Shellos; Corsola Kabuto Shellder Shellos-East

Q5. To eventually become a first-rate rescue team, Tori and Riolu must first be registered as a rescue team. They head back to Wigglytuff's Guild, and after some issues with Tori's footprint, they are let into the building where they meet the pokémon in the know around these parts: Chatot. After some confusion about their intentions, he takes the double downstairs where Wigglytuff YOOMTAH's the team into existence. Looking around the room you're in, mostly to the intro at the top of the screen, you quickly know what the title of her team should be. What is it? Scavengers; Treasure Town; Actually you know what, Scavengers sounds better

Q6: The next morning, Loudred wakes the double up with his loud voice. Team Scavengers quickly joins the rest of Wigglytuff's Guild where they learn the guild's chant. What is the (full) chant? A ONE, A TWO... A ONE-TWO-THREE. ONE! DON'T SHIRK WORK! TWO! RUN AWAY AND PAY! THREE! SMILES GO FOR MILES!; ONE! DON'T SHIRK WORK! TWO! RUN AWAY AND PAY! THREE! SMILES GO FOR MILES!

Q7. The first few missions (4 D-level missions and 3 E-level missions) go off without a hitch, and the team meets the Marill brothers near Kecleon's shop in Treasure town. As she interacts with little Azurill, Tori has her first run-in with dizzy spells, followed by a vision. "h-h-h...HELP!", she hears. Whose voice was this? Azurill

Q8. Thanks to the dizzy spells, Azurill was saved from peril caused by the nasty Drowzee. Of course, the ability does not go unnoticed by Riolu, but first it's time for dinner! Night falls and Team Scavengers lie in bed, Riolu strikes up a conversation about the ever increasing global chaos: Chatot mentioned earlier that the amount of bad Pokémon is steadily growing due to time going out of whack. "Time is getting messed up, bit by bit, all over the world. no one seems to know why, but everyone believes that the Time Gears are somehow involved. Time Gears are hidden in secret places all around the world... Like in a forest... Or at a lake in an underground cavern... I've even heard that there is a hidden altar inside a volcano. At the center of such places... is what's known as a Time Gear." Which locations, that actually house a Time Gear in the games, did Riolu reference? List alphabetically. Treeshroud Forest, Underground Lake

Q9. After a day of being the gatekeepers in Diglett's absence, as well as resolving some more missions and bounties, 4 C-level missions to be exact, we delve into the next chapter. During the morning briefing, Chatot informs us of the cataclysmic event that happened in Treeshroud Forest. Time has apparently come to a full stop there, and the time gear was stolen! Officer Magnezone is on the job, and the guild is asked to inform its leaders if they notice anything regarding the other time gears. For Team Scavengers, however, it is time for the first official exploration! Where are they headed? Waterfall Cave

Q10. Riolu and Tori excitedly climb up to exit Wigglytuff's guild, when they are stopped by Chimecho. She opened an assembly today, allowing exploration teams like team Scavengers to recruit new members. How many members can Team Scavengers have at most? 552

Q11. Time for Tori and Riolu to head for the waterfall. At first Tori and Riolu are stumped on what to do, until Tori touches the water and another dizzy spell occurs; she saw something again: A vision of a Pokémon jumping through the waterfall, only to find a cave there. After finding the courage to do so, Team scavengers jumps in and finds the cave! At the end of the dungeon awaits a huge, booby trapped gemstone. Another dizzy spell occurs as Tori touches it. Wait, what Pokémon was that, in that vision? Wigglytuff

Q12. The trap activates and the double is swept by the unleashed torrent, all the way to the hot spring. There, they meet Torkoal, the town elder. After a short conversation and a refreshing dip, the double report back to Chatot, hailed for their findings. The very next morning, a full expedition is announced to be happening soon! Tori and Riolu must work as hard as possible to ensure they may join. But something smelly awaits... who is the third member of team Skull that they meet on the first floor? Skuntank

Q13. Team Skull overheard talk of the expedition, and start plotting. In the meantime, team Scavengers does their usual work, but not before getting a quick tour around the newly opened Spinda Café. They celebrate the opening with a few rounds of gummi drinks, and a Shellos-east joins in on the fun and becomes the first new recruit of team Scavengers. She accompanies the duo for exploration of that day, where they also recruit a Starly and a Spinarak. After completing the tasks at Mt. Bristle, the Spinarak and Shellder whose jobs team Scavengers just fulfilled also wanted to join! The next morning, it's time for more sentry duty! Whose footprint is this? Empoleon

Q14. During the morning announcement the next day, some new allies show up for the upcoming expedition, providing their expertise to the guild. These new allies are, you guessed it, __team Skull__. They're up to no good but they lay low for the time being. For now, it's back to the usual for Riolu and Tori, performing 1 C-level and 4 B-level missions in Waterfall cave. Inside, they recruit a Grimer, and a Poliwag wants to join as a result of one of the missions. Furthermore, Team Scavengers becomes a Silver rank team! How many points does the team have now? 310

Q15. That night, team Skull raided the food stock of the guild, so Tori and Riolu have to go to Apple Woods to replenish the larder with a certain item. Team Skull quickly follows the gang. Inside, Tori recruits a Combee!.. but it's male. Then, deep inside Apple Woods, Riolu and Tori find a rather unfortunate view: Team Skull has stolen all the items they sought to get, eating most of them. Back at the guild, when team Scavengers delivers the unfortunate news to Wigglytuff, Skuntank and company swoop in like 'heroes', delivering one of the items to the hungry Wigglytuff, thus saving the day. What item did they deliver? Perfect apple

Q16. A few days later, after finishing 5 more C-level and 4 more B-level missions, (which includes recruiting two Woopers and a Starly) Wigglytuff is ready to announce the guild members who can go on the expedition! Surprisingly, though they failed two days earlier, Riolu and Tori are allowed to come as well! Though it's mostly because, well, EVERYONE was allowed to come along. The Scavengers crew team up with Bidoof to get to Foggy Forest. Through which two (main) dungeons will they go in The Guild's big expedition? List them in order of exploration. Craggy Coast, Mt. Horn

Q17. As the triplet makes their way through Mt. Horn, they stumble upon a second set of stairs? The team cautiously moves up this hidden set, only to be welcomed by five friendly faces! Who do they see? List alphabetically. Kirlia, Lickilicky, Mime Jr., Shedinja, Swalot

Q18. Leaving Mt. Horn behind them, Tori and company arrive at the base camp. Everyone else already arrived, so they quickly set down their equipment. As they do, Tori gets a weird case of déjà vu. She's been here before, somehow. For now, though, it is time to look for Fogbound Lake. Local legends tell of an exceedingly rare Pokémon named Uxie. To protect Fogbound lake from being discovered, it locks eyes with those that wander nearby, and wipe their memory clean! Of course, it's all folklore.. right? Currently, the objective is simple: clear the fog of Foggy Forest, and then find Fogbound Lake. the guild moves out in separate groups, while Tori lags behind, pondering about her lost memories. At the same time, Riolu finds what looks like a gem. What is the name of said gem? Drought Stone

Q19. Riolu and Tori quickly traverse Foggy Forest to the center. There, Corphish found an odd statue of a Groudon. On the side, there are some footprint runes, detailing how "the path of treasure shall be revealed". After another episode of dizzy spells, the Drought Stone is put into the heart of the statue, and the fog is lifted! It is time to head to the nearby cave. Corphish'll inform the home base of what happened. Unfortunately, Team Skull also wants to grab Fogbound Lake's treasure. A standoff begins and as Skuntank and Koffing prepare their special move, The guildmaster, Wigglytuff, hops on by in chase of a Perfect Apple, giving Tori and Riolu enough time to take a head start on the poison type bullies. Now, what was the name of that special move? Noxious gas combo; Noxious gas special combo

Q20. While Wigglytuff is getting hit with the Noxious gas combo (only to absolutely DESTROY Team Skull), it is time to go through Steam Cave. Once reaching the upper levels, a faint roar can be heard in the distance, foreboding of the Pokémon that awaits. Tori laments her lost memories once more, and mentions the déjà vu from before to Riolu. Of course, this is all but another reason to traverse further. Once the peak of Steam Cave is reached, the roar becomes awfully close. Down below, that same roar is heard by the Explorer's Guild, while they quickly pursue the troubled twosome. Stomping across the peak, Groudon comes face to face with team Scavengers. Oh no! Assuming its levelup moveset, What moves does the boss battle Groudon have? List alphabetically. Ancientpower, Bulk Up, Scary Face, Slash

Q21. Thanks to Tori's own Scary Face and an onslaught of Force Palms, the battle finished using just 1 item to heal a fainted Pokémon. Remind me, which item does that again in Explorers of Sky? Reviver Seed

Q22. The Groudon disappears and Uxie shows up in its stead. Sensing the pure intentions of Riolu and Tori, it allows them to see Fogbound Lake. The stunning view leaves both in awe, Volbeat and Illumise graciously flying over the clear water. In the center of it all, like a beacon of light, lies a Time Gear. During their conversation, the topic of memory wiping comes up, and Riolu asks whether Uxie has ever seen a human here. Sadly, Uxie can only wipe the memories of Fogbound Lake, so the Totodile debacle appears to be of another cause. The guild joins team Scavengers, also marveling at the view, and they subsequently promise to remain quiet about their discovery. At the end of this question, we're almost halfway through the chapters! What's the name of the next one, chapter 10? Dusknoir

Q23. Ahh the sound of Loudred blaring into her ears. It's been a minute since Tori's heard that. Last chapter's success renewed Tori with fresh resolve and positive energy. "WHAT?! You can't identify the footprint?!" Loudred shouts all of a sudden. Someone floats above the guild's grate, and it's none other than the great Dusknoir. "He came out of nowhere! Like a comet! He became famous almost overnight!" Sunflora knows. With his humble demeanor, he is quickly welcomed by Wigglytuff, hoping to have an easy lead on any new information. For now though, Riolu and Tori go back to the grind. 2 B-level and 3 A-level missions, as well as a recruited Paras. On top of that, both the Nidorino and another Starly are inspired by team Scavengers' adventurous exploits. Where was Paras recruited? List the dungeon and the highest possible floor it could have been recruited, in that order. Apple Woods, 12F; Apple Woods, 12

Q24. It's time to celebrate the last couple of days with a round of gummi drinks! We've got 7 sets of 2 gummis of differing colors: black, brown, gold, grass, green, orange and yellow. Which of Team Scavengers' recruits would get the highest amount of IQ gained, and how much would that be if Spinda gets a good feeling about 2 of the created drinks, and one is a max roll, IQ boosting miracle drink? List in that order. Wooper, 59

Q25. Wooper can already feel her IQ rising, and a local Smeargle and Barboach admire her appetite, and wish to join team Scavengers. Wooper also learns four new IQ skills in the process! List these four alphabetically. Acute Sniffer, Nontraitor, PP saver, Status Checker

Q26. The next morning, Riolu and Tori meet up with the great Dusknoir and the Marill brothers during an errand. The latter are looking for their Water Float, which has been lost for a while. Of course, Dusknoir knows all about it: It's a super rare item, and it adds two base PP to all moves. It's not the only item that does this though. Which of these is associated with an NFE tiered Pokémon? Aloft Mantle

Q27. Some more rescues are to be done and outlaws are to be caught: 3 A-level missions and an S-level mission. No one in Craggy Coast wanted to join the team, sadly. That night, word has come to the guild that another Time Gear was stolen. As this is not Uxie's Time Gear, Chatot reminds the guild to keep that a secret. It will not matter, though. That night a rogue thief steals Fogbound Lake's treasure for his personal goals. What moves does the thief know in the game? List alphabetically. Absorb, Dig, Leaf Blade, Quick Attack

Q28. Morning has broken once again, and our protagonist duo has visitors. The Marill brothers are here, requesting their help once more. Their lost Water Float, which was spotted on the beach earlier, has been replaced with a ransom note: The Water Float can be found deep within Amp Plains. Of course, this place is no problem for Tori and Riolu right? They take Wooper and Paras with them, and head on over. On their way up, they come across their first Monster House, in which an Elekid was won over by Tori's fighting spirit. Knowing the monster house is on the 6th floor, what Pokémon could have spawned inside that do not share a type with Elekid? List alphabetically. Girafarig, Phanpy

Q29. Back in Treasure Town, Marill and Azurill giddily walk past Kecleon's Shop, telling the owners what happened to their treasure. Dusknoir happens to pass by, and also hears the story. He rushes off to Amp Plains quickly. Apparently, "Team Scavengers is in grave danger!". Said team has now reached the end of the dungeon (after recruiting a Tauros) and are staring down a pack of Electrike and Manectric, who make this territory their home and are VERY hostile. Thanks to a few levelups though, a certain team member now has a move that can hit all Pokémon in the room. What move is this? Spore

Q30. Paras' Spore bought enough time for Dusknoir to swoop in and guard team Scavengers from an incoming Thunderbolt attack. Dusknoir knows the origin of the nomadic tribe, and sympathises with them, but (rightfully) claims the explorers means no harm. Choosing to believe his word, the pack retreats for a little while, allowing Riolu to grab the Water Float, and deliver it back to Marill and Azurill. We are only left to wonder who might be behind the placement of the precious item... Anyway, let's head back and deliver the item. (/scavenge deliver to continue) deliver

Q31. As Riolu, Tori and Dusknoir deliver the Water Float, the earlier rescue of Azurill comes up: Tori saw it all in a dream. This piques Dusknoir's interest immensely. Riolu explains further: "You see, my partner occasionally gets strange dizzy spells when touching something or someone. And then [she] sees or hears events that happened in the past! Or just about to happen in the Future!" Shocked, Dusknoir stammers out "Well that's... that's... the [answer]" Dimensional Scream!

Q32. Tori, Riolu and Dusknoir head to the beach to privately discuss what happened to the Totodile. Tori reveals that she was once a human named Tori. His response: "Ah... I see. You're... Tori". "Does that name mean anything to you?" Riolu asks. Dusknoir gazes to the horizon, hiding the faintest of smiles... "... No. It means nothing to me, unfortunately." Thank you all for traversing alongside me in the first part of Tori's sTori. As mentioned, be sure to come back December 27th for part 2! I have just one final question: Throughout this hunt, various songs present in the Sky Jukebox are named. Which of these are not also the name of a location within the games? Include punctuation for the answers (or at least, for finding the correct ones), but exclude capitalisation! List alphabetically. In The Future, Oh No!, The Gatekeepers, Time Gear, Team Skull

I hope to see you all back on December 27th for part 2 of Tori’s sTori!

If you have not participated in this one, don’t worry. Here’s a spoilered overview of what you really need to know. That said, I’d recommend reading/playing through it once anyway!

Team Scavengers' status:
* In Q14, team scavengers had 310 points. Since then, the team has done 5 C-level, 6 B-level, 6 A-level and 1 S-level mission.
* Excluding the two protagonists, the recruits are, in alphabetical order: Barboach, Combee, Elekid, Nidorino, Paras, Poliwag, Shellder, Shellos, Smeargle, 2 Spinarak, 3 Starly, Tauros and 2 Woopers.
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