shark salon (looking for requests/suggestions; livestream : off)

Wow, a little late to the party, but wow, amazing stuff you've got here! I like the style a lot, it has a flair of uniqueness in it, something which is nice to get here and there......

There isn't much for a guy like me to critique on skill wise, but with Ludicolo, it's left arm seems a bit too short compared to it's right arm, and the Buizel's snout almost makes it look like a reptillian of sorts... But really, this stuff is superb man!

I was wondering, if you have spare time if you'd be able to draw a vigoroth in that style? If you can't, that's fine, but if you can, then I would really love it! Keep it up!
These are seriously amazing, I love your art style, it's so vibrant and distinct. Would give anything for your skills x)

Also if you could do a Mismagius that would be awesome :o
haha im back guys; had a lot of school stuff to do ;)
and thanks for all the compliments guys. luv luv you all; you're all too nice

and@Furosuto; thanks for the crit! someone else also commented how buizel's snout looks reptilian (prollybecauseidrawdragonstoomuch) , and i noticed ludicolo's arm lengths after i submitted aha.

anyways here's to finishing work in order to have time to draw
yeeee (im jumping around requests ;c); this one was done with all solids and no textures for a change. is there anyway to notify Mafeking that i drew his request?


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holy shit.

i almost never check the art forums but I was just stumbling around and happened upon this, and I gotta say, this work is absolutely exquisite. Some of the most beautiful artwork I've seen on these forums, without a doubt.
I love the coarse "carved" feel of the brush you use - is it a custom texture/brushhead? Personally I only ever use chalk with nothing on, although I occasionally use wet edges for blending.
thanks for the words guys^ <3
and Shirley, i think i just dual brushed a regular flat brush with a leaf texture? im not too sure, it's been in my brush set for a long time lol

im ditching my texture brushes though; i'll be using normal brushes so i can get the basics down first. using texture brushes from the beginning feels like cheating to me haha

here's my first try at painting with no texture brushes at all (i dont consider the altaria as one because it was just solid colors and no blending)
garchomp for Novaray [jumpingaroundagaintodrawfavoritepokemon]

i saw the deep magenta and dark blue combo today when i looked at the skies today and wanted to try it out. it works prettyyyyy well


edit: furk, the water splash was a texture brush LOL
I was in that mindset for the longest time when I started - I had this HARD ROUND BRUSH ONRY CASUALS PLS GO. My teachers SUGGESTED it to me because it'd help with not being over-reliant on opacity (now known as transfer), but I took it waaaay overboard.

Eventually I moved to standard chalk texture and stuck to it - mainly because it resembles a standard hard hair brush the most. Nowadays I only use that, and something called "Viagnuage" for smoke/cloud textures.

As most of em say, it's not really about the tools - using the tools themselves are not a problem, it's only when said usage becomes a reliance, and then dependency. That's always bad for any medium, analog or digital.

I like the piece overall, but I feel that the flow of chompy's body can be accentuated a bit more. The flow is nice from the tail and up, but around the torso it gets a bit stretched out, and then after that it kind of falls into a straight line. If you don't mind me saying - isn't garchomp a shark? For some reason his snout reminds me of more canine-esq features. Was that intentional?
For a more interesting request. Could you either paint something based on the concept of Absol, so you have free reign to decide what that would entail, or an awesome evolution.

Or if you just want to do an absol aswell, that would be super :)
oh my god yilx ily you're amazing e_o
i wish i had the patience and skills like you to draw something allround refined; i always get lazy and/or can't figure out what to do and leave it messy haha

@shirley, i became wayyyyyyyyyyyyYyy too reliant on texture brushes and it definitely became a dependency hurhur. and shet, thanks for pointing out gahchomp's body flow, i forgot to skew it after the arm blocked the curve lol. i meant for the body to be elongated but not that awkwardly; i made his neck fatter to balance it out sort of. and yeah that snout was intentional, he's my cutelittle dragonsharkdog <3

@alice, idk probably really last because i really dislike glacion c:

and yeap guys dont worry about stacking up requests, i'll take them down overtime haha
I can't say that I'm a regular on art forums, but I'm glad that I chose now to lurk, because this is really damn cool !_!

Also, if you could find the time, I would love if you could draw Amoonguss =)


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Usually don't check out the art thread but this is some pretty awesome stuff! Luvdisc'd!

Anyways, since you're taking requests I'd like to see you try a torkoal. I think your style would fit it really well


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haha thank you so much man, that garchomp is amazing! excellent, unique style

can't believe I didn't luvdisc before but doing it now
Holy crap man, you're pretty amazing. Just saying. I know you might be overwhelmed with drawing all these requests, but could you draw a picture of the og Charizard in all of his glory? As long as stealth rocks and rocks in general are out of sight, I have nothing too specific to ask for in the piece :]. Just think Charizard would look really cool when it's drawn by you.

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