(Signups) Дурак Mafia

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This is my small mafia that I started ~2 years ago. Turns out it was almost done when I got tired of it. It is a pretty standard mafia, with about ~20-24 roles.

I will try to get a good mix of new and old users, depending on who signs up. Chances are you won't get in if you have less than 10 posts, but I will let in some people who haven't played before.

Rules will be included in the opening post, which will be either Tuesday or Wednesday.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Idiot mafia. Sounds fun. But that doesn't let you off the hook in approving Cops & Robbers.

I'll join fo sho.
Only a дуракish дурак would join a дуракish game of a similarly дуракish дурак hosting a дуракishly дуракish дурак game.

In you дурак
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