Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 46 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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Dunno, find it too red and not enough yellow and white... :/ Thanks for proposition though :)
Quick ball if you don't like Fast. But like... shiny Azumarill is literally a big yellow and white ball :P
EDIT: The 'red' on the fast ball matches the inside of shiny azu's ears if we want to get nitpicky about it ;)

I'm working on your eevee btw...
Looking for a Mudkip to complete my living dex. Just a simple Mudkip with nothing else to it. GTS isn't really helpful with 7 y/o kids asking for Giratina's.
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Someone who has a Competitve/Flawless Manaphy w/ Modest/timd or Bold nature up for trade? I have a lot to offer, shiney or non shiney flawless pokemon. legendaries as well! Pm or something to see what i got!
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