Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 48 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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HA passimian isn't legally available anywhere because no pokemon in sun/moon summons other passimian. Wild passimian only summon more trumbeaks.
Pokémon sure loves to f with me. I swear, I've literally spend a few hours catching a crapload of passimians in special balls with receiver. Thanks for the fyi

I can give u a spitback love ball cutiefly for another spitback
How about a heavy ball jangmo o for it?
Can anyone help me with finishing my pokedex?

I literally just need to trade evolve my porygon up to porygon Z

Edit: Sleeping now, will be back around tomorrow.
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sadly loco i reset every legendary in the game and it seemed normal. if anything i felt super lucky compared to usual. however, with the rng in this game i seem to notice patterns. for example streaks of 5 or 6 failed syncs in a row were common, but so were streaks of 5 or 6 working in a row. or the same failed nature coming up 3 or 4x in a row etc. good luck buddy
Ya I hear ya, got 5 bad natures in a row followed by 3 correct ones (kept the third one)
Hi I'm new here

Does anyone have a pokerus pokemon to spare? I don't really have much to offer except for a few HA abra rejects and rowlet rejects
It would probably help to know what the pokemon is and its nature.
you should be fine but id run a calc just to make sure. i kept a 1 speed guzzlord and i love it.

advice is this - your post doesnt specify which pokemon or nature its even about, which would be a pertinent detail in this case. that said,

if youre going to trade it to collectors anything under 30 is just not acceptable in a relevant stat and honestly even 30s are off putting. its not worth it to even ask if you got anything less than that.

if its competitive use youre after, it doesnt matter what the ivs are thanks to bottle caps. hopefully that helps clear things up

post on my wall and upload something to the gts and ill send it
damn my bad anyway I had to do an trade so I had to decide right away decided to keep it was in fact tapu fini
Hello friends, looking to make some trades today!

- Offer: Lunala, level 55, Timid nature, in masterball, Attack IV close to 0 --> Wanted: Jolly Solgaleo.

- Offer: Pheromosa (got 2 of these), level 60, Jolly nature, in Beast ball (obviously) --> Wanted: Jolly Kartana or Adamant Buzzwole.

*Trades with Kanon90*

All of them are freshly caught and have no EVs on them (so you can use the spread you like the most).

-Offer: Pheromosa (got 2 of these), level 60, Jolly nature --> Wanted: Jolly Kartana.

PM me if interested, thanks in advance.
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friend ball trapinch
heavy ball sandshrew
level ball mudbray
level ball rockruff
love ball cutiefly
love ball bounsweet
nest Ball Chikorita
luxury Ball Cyndaquil
dive Ball Totodile
friend Ball Snivy
luxury Ball Tepig
dive Ball Oshawott
moon ball jangmo-o
level ball jangmo-o
heavy ball jangmo-o
moon ball totodile
lux ball and moon cyndaquil
friend ball and nest chikorita

Please let me know if you have SPITBACKS of these, idc about the IVS or anything else. Hell, I'll even take males. All I want is these. I'm sure we can work something out. I have a LOT of good stuff that I can give once Pokebank comes out.

Also, best ball for her?

I'm leaning towards friend love or lux, buut I'm not too sure.

Also looking for a gen VI cloner to clone my shiny fennekin.
Also also LF an HP Grass Keldeo
PM me for negotiations please (I desperate)

ALSO looking for a metal coat for a scizor. please PM me if you have a spare you don't mind giving away
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Along with these, also looking for a dive ball or beast ball defiant passimian bc they are eluding the HELL outta me.

PM me for negotiations please (I desperate)

ALSO looking for a metal coat for a scizor. please PM me if you have a spare you don't mind giving away
Defiant Passimian isnt available.


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Bit of a longshot request here, for those with Gen IV collections:

LF Tauros equipped with Endure (TM58, I believe), needs to be a +Atk or +Spd nature, 1IV in Atk at mininum. Naughty would be the preferred Nature, but I can work with whatever. If Brave, let me know ahead of time. If 3IV or higher, I'm willing to take just about any Nature that isn't -Atk, even neutral ones.
I imagine those who are capable of helping me are busy with SM stuff, so let me know what Gen VII stuff you would like in exchange (or Gen VI stuff, as I still have a gaggle of DW Dream Ball captures sitting in my X as the best things I can currently offer).
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