Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 49 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

Looking for in gen 6:

- a female Shieldon in an Ultra ball
- a female Growlithe in a Love or Level ball
- a female Phanpy in a Moon or Fast ball
I can offer many breedjects for these.

- a Modest or Timid RNG'd Diancie (regular color)
- a RNG'd Rash/Naive Deoxys (regular color)
- both Event Vivillon (RNG, modest or timid
I can trade TSV shinies or do breeding projects (in gen 6 or 7) in exchange for these.

Edit: I was taking a look at some of my old gen 6 mons before transferring to USUM and i have a question.
I have a lv 100 Swalot that does not have Venom Drench as egg move. However, i noticed that Venom Drench is part of Swalot's Learnset in gen 7. Will my old Swalot be able to get it via move relearner in gen 7?

And are gen 6 egg moves relearnable in gen 7?

I've got a PAL shiny Tapu Fini code. Is there anyone interested in redeeming and RNG a good one?

Edit: Anyone has an HA Pineco in a Dream ball (or a matching ball) in gen 6?
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Did anyone receive the Smogon GA of the shiny Groudon this week? Not luck to get it. Would like to get a copy of this bad guy...

Ciao :)
I can trade you both of them for free, if you want.

The Zeraora is Jolly and has 31/31/31/31/31/31 IVs, while the Volcanion is Timid and has 31/01/31/30/31/31 IVs.
You can either send me a PM or a VM whenever you’re available :-)
Hey Chris, could I also ask for a copy of a jolly Zeraora? I got one by injecting the wondering card, but not with competitive nature.


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Hey Chris, could I also ask for a copy of a jolly Zeraora? I got one by injecting the wondering card, but not with competitive nature.
Sure, I’ll get it for you; and since we are at it I’ll let you have a copy of the PDon as well. I’ll send you a PM in the following hours.

LF 5IV Jolly Kartana with Knock Off

Please send me a PM for negotiations.
I can do this, I’ll send you a PM soon.
LF Adamant Shiny Tapu bulu, IVs do not matter. I could help out with getting some battle items in game if needed, as I have around 200 BP to spare.

PM me if you would like to help out, thanks!
Hi, I recently picked up ultra moon and need help finishing up my living dex. Does anyone have a Marshadow and Zeraora they could trade me?

I don't have much, it's been years since I did serious breeding stuff but I'd be happy to try working for the requested mons.
Hi Guys,

I am looking for:
-Pokemon Center Tohoku Victini (with the learnset of V Create, Bolt Strike, Blue Flare and Glaciate - BW/BW2 event)
- Nasty Plot Celebi

If anyone have any of these let me know, I do lots of breeding and can happily waste several days getting something special for you.

Thanks in advance!
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