Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 50 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

Sadly that is not the case.

However, this might change with Nidorino having been shown in the latest Pokémon Direct.
If Nidorino becomes available with its HA in the new dens, then we can catch it in Moon Balls for the first time since the HGSS games.
This is a combination that a lot of us have been looking forward to for a long time now, let's just hope that its HA won't be locked like Swoobat's.
I was thinking the same thing! Regardless, thank you for confirming. That'll save me a fair bit of time...
HA Barraskewda
HA Passimian
Fast ball Turtonator

For trade I have too much to be bothered listing here and I don't have a thread, just let me know what y'all want in return and I'll see if I have it :)
Anyone able to RNG breed a shiny female Bellsprout and shiny female Shellder in gen 6? I can provide the parent.
I can trade other shinies for it.

Also looking for a -atk natured Arceus RNG.
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I am looking for a Vulpix/Ninetales in a either a Dream and/or Love ball on Gen8. Hidden Ability would be nice but is not mandatory. PM me if you have one. I can offer some Pokémon in special balls as well.
Anyone out there have Sport Ball Venonat and/or Paras in Gen 7, or HGSS and a way to transfer up to Gen 7? I recently noticed I didn't have them in what I previously assumed to be a complete Sport Ball collection so I would super appreciate it. In exchange I have every possible breedable Dream Ball and every possible Hidden Ability (and combination thereof) as well as a ton of other apriballs, though I'm open to offers depending on how fair it is. PM if interested!

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LF the following:
Heavy Ball
Level Ball
Dream Ball
HA Scrafty in any matching ball/Normal Pokeball

CMT for these.

For Pokeballs I will do a Breedject for the ball and for Scrafty I will do a full 5IV Perfect for whatever you have.
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Looking for:
Shiny Gen 8 Pokemon, HA Duruladon, Jolly Hustle Dracovolt, EV training weights, and other battle items.

Message me if you have any of the above!
Hello, I'm LF a Zamazenta just to have the entry in the Dex.

Will be using a Shiny Rhydon for the trade so you don't have to worry about getting the Zam back.

Message me if you can help.
So... I'm back after years of being gone. I want to get back into the competitive circuit. Any advice, pointers, tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm even having to start over from scratch
Which means I lost all of those beautiful trades from Theorymon
But my switch shows up tomorrow and I just got my copies of sword and shield!
Any suggestions on which I should start first?

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