Skillmons [Coming back soon™]

Joim, I saw it's finally working! Thanks a ton!

I have 2 questions, though. What exactly is the damage formula in Skillmons? I was testing with a friend and in one ocassion, we got this:

The opposing Groudon used Lava Plume!
It's super effective! Klefki lost 72.3% of its health!

According to the calculator, though: 0 SpA Primal Groudon Lava Plume vs. 252 HP / 248+ SpD Klefki in Harsh Sunshine: 290-344 (91.1 - 108.1%) -- 50% chance to OHKO
It's as if it's a max roll and it didn't take the Harsh Sunshine into consideration.

Then, we got this:
The opposing Arceus used Judgment!
Arceus lost 34.5% of its health!

Again, according to the calc: 0 SpA Draco Plate Arceus-Dragon Judgment vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Arceus-Water: 129-153 (29.1 - 34.5%) -- 3.6% chance to 3HKO

Also, we found out we couldn't cancel any moves. There needs to be a Cancel button implemented.

Last but not least, is Toxic purely 100% accuracy now? Shouldn't it add 90 Toxic points to the opp, since it's 90% accuracy in the game?

EDIT: Tested with Primal Kyogre as well. It's doing max rolls but doesn't take weather into consideration at all. I believe that's a bug.

Also, wouldn't it be fairer if we always got mid rolls, since that seems to be the most logical outcome?

EDIT 2: As seen here on Turn 9,

Klefki used Thunder Wave!
The opposing Groudon is paralyzed! It may be unable to move!

Groudon is a Ground-Type and should be immune to Thunder Wave.

Here, you will see that Scrappy doesn't work and I am unable to hit Ghost-Types. I triple-checked, and I am using Scrappy Kangaskhan.
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Suggestion: every attack you make puts its percent chance to crit into your crit meter. When your meter reaches or exceeds 100%, you deal a crit that breaks through protect and detect. The remaining percentage rolls over. To empty the opponent's crit meter, knock out one of their pokemon.
im 119% sure that aroma veil DOES prevent taunt. it doesnt matter if its in doubles, singles, triples.

"Protects user/allies from Attract, Disable, Encore, Heal Block, Taunt, and Torment."
I've search through the internet to check that I was right, and everywhere, people explains that it doesn't proect your allies if Aromatisse is not in the battle. That's very easy to make sure in a battle, although.


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Bumping: I've been working on this again, making a new mod from zero. I've reviewed all the rules and changed it to mod the game the least possible while keeping it with no luck, with the simplest rules possible. These rueles are: points for all chances, average for all randoms, deterministic order for random orders. This is what I've done:

-Everything that has a chance is using a point system now. Critical hits are included. Critical hittable moves will add 6.25 points (triggering at 100, yes, it's a double). Increased crit ratios will increase the points awarded.
-Thaw uses thaw points now, so every turn you gain 20 of them. Every 100 points, you get thawed.
-Same with fp: you gain 25 fp points every paralysed turn. At 100, you get fp'd that turn.
-Acuraccy and evasion modifiers affect the miss points you're awarded. Moves that can miss will increase miss points. 100 miss points will make your move miss. A 100%, unmodified move won't miss nor gain miss points. Same for always-hit moves.
-Sleep is still averaged to two turns.
-Speed ties remain as in the OP.
-Confusion now gives you confusion points. Each 100 points, you hit yourself. That means first hit will always hit yourself.
-Infatuation makes you skip a turn every other turn, starting the first, as well. 50 initial points, +50 points for each infatuated turn.
-Flinch, points too.
-Damage formula, no random part, too.
-OHKO moves use the miss point system and are thus banned.
-Multihit moves are averaged to 3, no power modified. 5 with skill link.
-Exact HP mod is active.
-Stall moves use stall points, which are reset upon failure.
-Ability changes that were affected by crit changes are undone.
-Forewarn: As OP states.
-Hustle: Adds miss points
-Moody: Increases start with atk and decreases with def, follows stat order.
-No guard: You don't gain miss points.
-Veils: Add miss points to enemy.
-Shed Skin: Adds status healing points.

I'll edit the OP to reflect the changes when they are up on my lab.
So, what do you think?
I can't wait to try this out.
The only thing I didn't understand was this: "-Stall moves use stall points, which are reset upon failure." Which moves are considered to be "stall moves"?

Also, is it already playable? (Skillmons Ubers with the new rules)


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Not yet, I need to finish the code and publish it on my server.
Stall moves are Protect and friends. On each consecutive use, they gain the stall move failure points.
This looks really good and I am glad you continued working on this!
I am just unsure what to think about being able to miss. The official meta was very balanced since you altered the base power of moves with the formula. But I am not going to complain yet, since I didn't test it out. The crits are a nice touch tho and seemed very necessary.
Can't wait to test this out soon. Thanks Joim

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