Small Objective Changes - (Typos, Poor Wording, Etc.)


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Post small changes to pages on the site here. Fundamental idea: if there is something wrong with a page on the site and your fix does not change the structure of it, then post it here instead of making a new topic. (Quick addition: if your change is controversial, this is not the topic for it. Post a new topic with your ideas so others can criticize them.)

Why are there no posts here?: When something gets fixed in this thread the post is deleted, don't be weirded out by the lack of posts!

SCMS people: You don't need to post here. Just make the change yourself. If you fix someone else's problem, please post that you did so.

When corrections are made by Site Staff, the post reporting the error will be deleted.


~ It would be wonderful if you linked to the page you want to correct, that makes fixing it that much quicker. Please link to the page on the site. I'm tired of trying to find the page to edit something, only to read through the whole thing and realize you were talking about the ADV analysis or something dumb. If you just say something like "Geodude needs to have 5 more Attack EVs on its Rock Throw set" without linking to the analysis, you will be infracted. If you can't take the time to just add a link, then it's not that helpful.

~ If the errors you find are limited to certain parts of a page, it's a great idea to clarify in which areas your edits are located. For example, "On Kakuna's 'Ubers Support' set, x needs to be capitalized". Better yet is quoting the context so the section you're talking about is quickly and easily found.

NOTICE #1: Badged members, do NOT just auto-correct all the suggestions. A lot of the time, the suggestion isn't grammatically correct.

NOTICE #2: Be clear about what you have fixed and always make a post AFTER the corrected post to note this.

NOTICE #3: I've noticed that for some reason on the credits page that strings of text will move around the page in between edits from when a person edits the page and when someone caches it. Nobody is doing this on purpose, and it irritates me that it happens, though it mostly happens at the very bottom of the page after the last </dd> tag. For a while there it was "Symphx" that was jumping down, and then a few times it was "ed seve" that jumped. IDK why or how this happens, just be aware that it does.
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The Generation 3 NU analysis mentions a bunch of Pokemon that are banned in NU.
all done, although Crawdaunt looks to need a whole rewrite. Also the only Pokemon with a primary type as Flying are the Noivern line and Tornadus.
for what it's worth since there wasn't really a proper ADV NU metagame way back when (at least not one we were writing analyses for), pretty much all the ADV NU mons were given an "OU" or non-tier-specific analysis att. many pre-DPP analyses have some quirks like this, and other than full revamps it's better to just leave them be.


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With the advent of Hyper Training in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the IV spreads are not necessarily indicative of the user's resulting Hidden Power.

Adding that extra information would therefore be a lot of busywork for very little payoff, as it's only relevant to non-Level 100 metagames.


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Magnet Pull, Arena Trap and Shadow Tag should say that 'ghost types' are unaffected by its trapping effect if applicable (starting gen 6)
Perhaps another way to include that would be to add more descriptions to the smogdex entries for individual types?
This would include that...


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Assist can actually use:
- Roar, Whirlwind, Bounce, Dig, Dive, Fly, Nature Power, Transform in gen III
- Roar, Whirlwind, Shadow Force, Bounce, Dig, Dive, Fly, Nature Power, Transform in gen IV
- Roar, Whirlwind, Shadow Force, Bounce, Dig, Dive, Fly, Sky Drop in gen V
(all these according to bulbapedia so please check other sources to be 100% sure)(also it's very likely I missed something)

GSC Raichu's "Support" moveset lists Encore and an option for Reflect, but Raichu can't have both Encore and Reflect on the same moveset in GSC without hacking due to Encore being learned through breeding and Reflect having to be learned in Gen I and transferred over with the Time Capsule. Similarly, Dugtrio's moveset lists Rock Slide and an option for Beat Up, which cannot be on the same moveset for the same reasons (Time Capsule → Rock Slide, Breeding → Beat Up).
Heal Block In Game States "For five turns, the user prevents the opposing team from using any moves, abilities, or held items that recover HP ". Your Description Only States That Moves Are Prevented.
Am I the only person who reads Smogon's guides? Anyway...
The section about free Pokemon is missing DP Happiny. In Platinum, Bebe will give the player an Eevee whenever the player talks to her, regardless of whether he/she/it has the national Pokedex. Additionally, Porygon's owner will give the Porygon whenever the player talks to him, regardless of how many Team Galactic quests he/she/it has completed. Also, everything that requires connecting to the Internet (such as the GTS glitches) is outdated.

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