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Post small changes to pages on the site here. Fundamental idea: if there is something wrong with a page on the site and your fix does not change the structure of it, then post it here instead of making a new topic. (Quick addition: if your change is controversial, this is not the topic for it. Post a new topic with your ideas so others can criticize them.)

Why are there no posts here?: When something gets fixed in this thread the post is deleted, don't be weirded out by the lack of posts!

SCMS people: You don't need to post here. Just make the change yourself. If you fix someone else's problem, please post that you did so.

When corrections are made by Site Staff, the post reporting the error will be deleted.


~ It would be wonderful if you linked to the page you want to correct, that makes fixing it that much quicker. Please link to the page on the site. I'm tired of trying to find the page to edit something, only to read through the whole thing and realize you were talking about the ADV analysis or something dumb. If you just say something like "Geodude needs to have 5 more Attack EVs on its Rock Throw set" without linking to the analysis, you will be infracted. If you can't take the time to just add a link, then it's not that helpful.

~ If the errors you find are limited to certain parts of a page, it's a great idea to clarify in which areas your edits are located. For example, "On Kakuna's 'Ubers Support' set, x needs to be capitalized". Better yet is quoting the context so the section you're talking about is quickly and easily found.

NOTICE #1: Badged members, do NOT just auto-correct all the suggestions. A lot of the time, the suggestion isn't grammatically correct.

NOTICE #2: Be clear about what you have fixed and always make a post AFTER the corrected post to note this.

NOTICE #3: I've noticed that for some reason on the credits page that strings of text will move around the page in between edits from when a person edits the page and when someone caches it. Nobody is doing this on purpose, and it irritates me that it happens, though it mostly happens at the very bottom of the page after the last </dd> tag. For a while there it was "Symphx" that was jumping down, and then a few times it was "ed seve" that jumped. IDK why or how this happens, just be aware that it does.
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Magnet Pull, Arena Trap and Shadow Tag should say that 'ghost types' are unaffected by its trapping effect if applicable (starting gen 6)
Perhaps another way to include that would be to add more descriptions to the smogdex entries for individual types?
This would include that...


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Smeargle can learn Stealth Rock in DP. He is currently not listed as a user.
Technically, Smeargle only "learns" Sketch. However, considering Sketch can't copy every move, I'll look into changing Smeargle's learnset to everything it can currently copy with Sketch, as listing it as a learner of said move on the move's page is probably more important than being technically correct.
Some TMs can be obtained for clearing the Trainer Hill in 12 minutes.
TM11 sunny day: normal mode
TM19 giga drain: unique mode
TM31 brick break: expert mode
Dragon Scale
Held by wild Bagon.
I think they can also be held by wild Horsea.
Leaf Stone
Route 119: In a small corner amongst a gropu of skinny trees next to the top of a small waterfall. Route 124: Diving Treasure Hunter (Trade one Green Shard).

Sun Stone
Mossdeep City: In the white stone at the base of the Space Center. Held by wild Solrock.
It's received from a sailor inside the Space Center. For some reason, the screenshot is good. Only the text is wrong.
Quick Ball (Decreases by 1 after every 5 turns): 4
Bulbapedia says it starts at 4 and decreases to 1 on the second turn.
Dusk Ball (Rate is 1 when it is not night): 4
Bulbapedia says the multiplier is 3.5.
Nest Ball (Depending on the level): 3
If the multiplier depends on the level, then it should be obvious that the multiplier isn't always 3. The article should probably include the entire formula, which according to Bulbapedia, is max(40 - wild Pokemon's level) / 10, 1).
Timer Ball(Increases by 1 after every 10 turns): 1
Bulbapedia says it increases by 0.1 every 1 turn until it reaches 4.
Soundproof/Suction Cups
Although Taunt is usually more convenient, Soundproof prevents wild Pokémon from using Roar on you, and Suction Cups nullifies both Roar and Whirlwind.

Pokémon: Voltorb, Electrode, Mime Jr., Mr. Mime, Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Lileep, Cradily.
This one is missing Octillery.
The chain will never break when encountering the same species in a patch of grass,
I haven't tested this in DP, but I know that in Pt, sometimes my chain will break when I encounter a Pokemon of the same species that I was chaining. I know this thread is for corrections that we know for sure are wrong, not for edits that "probably should" happen. But I still thought it's a convenient time to mention that if you have the "trainer counter" app open on the Poketch while you're chaining, and you walk into a patch of grass that breaks the chain, then you can see the top bar go blank before the battle starts. I think this probably should be mentioned in the guides.

Additionally, there are inconsistencies between the 2 guides, and for some of them, I don't know which one is right. The first 1 is about the number of kinds of grass patches.
Unlike regular patches, there are multiple variants of flashing patches.
Here, we can see 2 different types of grass shaking.
This 1 is about the effective differences between the different kinds of grass.
Poké Radar Exclusives are Pokémon that only appear using the Poké Radar, and only appear in flashing patches.
There are 3 that have leaves jumping around, and one that just shakes gently. There isn't too much different about these to my knowledge.
This 1 is about formations.
After extensive testing, the following have been determined to be the safest formations in the game. Results may vary with the appearance rate of the target Pokémon, but all of these formations should have a success rate of at least 90%. They are also ranked from most successful to least successful, with the first formation having a phenomenal success rate of at least 98%.
I have come across a few tutorials on chaining saying that there are bad formations, or formations that might trade probabilities between patches. These are all myths. After some research in the ASM of the game, I found no such case where this applied. Long story short, the patches have the percentages as listed in this guide, regardless of other patches touching them, or lack of patches touching each other.
The "ways to break your chain" list are slightly different.
  • Entering a patch that does not contain your Pokémon (this can occur for many reasons).
  • Entering an edge patch that contains your Pokémon, but having the subsequent patches all activate outside of your field.
  • Entering the wrong type of patch.
  • Forgetting to use a Repel.
  • Moving so that all the patches most recently activated are out of view.
  • Being Roared or Whirlwinded by a Pokémon.
  • Resetting the Poké Radar on an edge patch.
  • Using the bicycle.
Here is a list of things that will break your chain:

  • Turning off the power.
  • Moving away so that all patches that shook are offscreen (careful about this one).
  • Using your bike.
  • Forgetting to re-apply a Repel and encountering a random wild battle.
  • No patches shook as a result of each tile that was supposed to shake not being a grass tile (this is why you should be cautious about edges of grass and corners). If you have 8 grass tiles surrounding you (all tiles in the red zone are grass), then you don't need to worry about this. (That's also why Route 222 is probably the best for chaining.)
  • That unlucky chance your chain will break. The lowest this chance will get is 2%, which is pretty low. If you only go to the blue zone, it will be a 12% chance that your chain will break at most, but keep the risk of edges and corners in mind.
NFE starters, Silvally, and elemental monkeys are listed as getting the elemental hyperbeams when (for the most part) they don't get them
Silvally is not listed as getting Grass Pledge
Checks and Counters
Physically Defensive Pokemon: Despite Crobat's access to Brave Bird in tandem with Flyinium Z, some physically bulky foes cannot be effectively broken by Crobat. Hippowdon can set up Stealth Rock or heal with Slack Off, Rhyperior can also set the entey hazard and is less vulnerable to Taunt, and Alomomola has access to Regenerator, allowing it to recover HP even when afflicted by Taunt.
entey should be entry
Location: Standard set, Set Details
A Jolly nature is typically the better nature on this Terrakion set, as it makes the most out of Terrakion's Speed stat and allows Quick Guard to block more Fake Outs than Terrakion could with Adamant, such as Meinshao and Jolly Mega Kangaskhan.
Meinshao should be Mienshao
Location: Physically Defensive (Normal) set, Moves
Discharge can be used over Toxic for its good coverage alongside Ice Beam and its decent chance to paralyse the foe.
paralyse should be paralyze
Checks and Counters
Strong Special Attackers: Landorus-T often relies on Intimidate to check physical attackers, but it has no way to take powerful speical attacks if it doesn't have an Assault Vest.
speical should be special
Other Options
Both Flyinium Z with Bounce and Poisinium Z with Poison Jab can be used to give Mienfoo a high-power Z-Move to lure in opposing Fighting-and Fairy-types, respectively, but they come at the cost of the bulk Eviolite provides.
Poisinium Z should be Poisonium Z
Location: Choice Band set, paragraph 3
Donphan is also immune to the dangerous Electic-type moves, and it's able to set up Stealth Rock as well.
Electic should be Electric
Lastly, Hippowdon's Ground typing makes it weak to Water, Grass, and Ice, which are common offensive types and commonly used as coverage moves, making it harder for Hippowdown to perform well as a defensive Pokemon.
Hippowdown should be Hippowdon
Location: Dragon Dance set, Team Options
As a bonus, Mega Charizard Y sets sun, negating Tyranitar's and Hippowdown's sand.
Hippowdown should be Hippowdon
Location: Pivot set, Team Options
Naturally, any Pokemon that has a weakness to Stealth Rock such as Scyther, Pyroar, or Vivilion, is a good teammate, as it appreciates Xatu's ability to keep entry hazards, which would otherwise severely cripple, it off the field.
Vivilion should be Vivillon
Location: Assault Vest set, Moves
Poison Jab is a final option that targets Fairy-types such as Azumarill, Clefable, Mega Gardevior, and Sylveon, dealing decent damage to them all.
Gardevior should be Gardevoir
Location: Life Orb set, Team Options
Houndour appreciates entry hazard removal from the likes of Staryu or Drillbur, as otherwise it struggles to be nearly as effective when Stealth Rock is up.
Drillbur should be Drilbur
Checks and Counters
Even with Rain up, Armaldo is still very slow and is outsped by common Choice Scarf users such as Primape, Rotom-A, and Charizard, which can take down Armaldo at low health.
Primape should be Primeape
Location: Sunny Day Special Attacker set, paragraph 3
Good candidates to set up Sunny Day include, but are not limited to: Aipom, Bellsprout, Growlithe, Drifloon, Exeggute, Koffing, and Duskull.
Exeggute should be Exeggcute
Sap Sipper furthers Sliggoo's walling capabilities, letting it serve as a hard counter to Liligant without Hidden Power Ice, one of NU's most fearsome Pokemon, as well as granting it the ability to switch into Sleep Powder from the likes of Lilligant and Vivillon.
Offensive set, Set Details
Eviolite is used to give Sliggoo a significant increase to both of its defensive stats, letting it switch into Pokemon such as Magmortar and Liligant much more comfortably.
Liligant should be Lilligant x2
Location: Choice Specs set, Moves
Sleep Talk makes Swellow a decent sleep absorber, coming in on Pokemon such as Vileplume and Liligant while also being able to dish out huge damage and burn sleep turns.
Liligant should be Lilligant
Other Options
A Choice Band can be used to make Golurk a wallbreaker; however, Golurk prefers not to be Choice-locked because being locked into Earthquake gives free setup opportunities to Pokemon like Liligant.
Liligant should be Lilligant
Location: All-out Attacker set, Team Options
Liligant also appreciates Alolan Dugtrio's Memento support, which eases its setup.
Liligant should be Lilligant
Other Options
A Calm Mind RestTalk set can be run on Carbink; however, Carbink needs several boosts to become threatening due to its mediocre offensive stats, and this set is setup fodder for threatening sweepers such as Liligant and Carracosta.
Liligant should be Lilligant
Location: Choice Scarf set, Usage Tips
Close Combat is Primeape's main revenge killing tool and its coverage, most notably Earthquake, should be used sparingly because it's weak and easily taken advantage of, allowing Pokemon like Musharna and Liligant to set up for free.
Liligant should be Lilligant
  • By virtue of its secondary Poison-typing, Dragalge is the only Dragon-type with a neutrality to Fairy-types, allowing it to pivot into Fairy-types such as Tapu Koko, Azumaril, and Tapu Bulu.
Azumaril should be Azumarill
Location: Physical Tank set, Usage TIps
If Spiky Shield is not being run, instead use Wood Hammer to force out Pokemon such as Azumaril and Gyarados.
Azumaril should be Azumarill
Checks and Counters
Bulky Water-types: Bulky Water-types such as Toxapex, Sap Sipper Azumaril, and Mantine can all wear Chandelure down with Scald while tanking Shadow Ball and Energy Ball.
Azumaril should be Azumarill
Location: Belly Drum set
Focusing too much on trying to set up can end up wasting Azumaril's chance of doing anything.
Azumaril should be Azumarill
Location: Wallbreaker (Fighting) set, Team Options
Both can also take out Azumaril, one of Keldeo's main checks, with either a Fake Out and Zen Headbutt combination or Bullet Seed, respectively.
Azumaril should be Azumarill
Other Options
Focus Sash is a decent alternative item on the Sword Dance set, as it can ensure a second Swords Dance if you can keep the field clear of hail, Spikes, and Stealth Rock.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance
Location: Swords Dance set, Moves
Sword Dance doubles Gallade's power to terrifying heights, making its attacks hit incredibly hard.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance
Location: Physical Sweeper set
It's basically your standard physical sweeper, Earthquake and Hidden Power Flying are an attempt to cover its two weaknesses, Sword Dance to boost them, and Hydro Pump to hit the Pokemon with higher Defense, scoring an easier kill on Sandslash, Golem and friends.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance
Location: Flail set
Sword Dance to boost the power of Flail, Endure to get down to 1 HP and get the Salac boost, and then nail whatever you can with Flail.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance
Checks and Counters
However, it should be wary of switching into Return from the Dragon Dance and Sword Dance sets.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance
Checks and Counters
Landorus-T: Intimidate, respectable physical bulk, and its decent typing mean that Landorus-T can take on Excadrill one-on-one and win fairly comfortably. It struggles with Air Balloon and Sword Dance setsbut is otherwise solid against Excadrill.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance. Also there is no space in setsbut.
Other Options
Oddish could run a Sword Dance set, though its Attack is rather low and its physical movepool is quite shallow, consisting of only Seed Bomb and Double-Edge.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance
Checks and Counters
Mega Scizor can set up with Swords Dance and Roost off the damage, and after two Sword Dance boosts, a Knock Off will OHKO Mega Metagross, not to mention that the next Pokemon after Mega Metagross will have to deal with a boosted Mega Scizor.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance
Checks and Counters
Mega Mawile laughs at Espeon's attacks, even if its running Hidden Power Fire, being able to use Sword Dance or just Knock Off in return.
Sword Dance should be Swords Dance. Also its should be it's.
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In Emerald, the Synchronize and Flame Body abilities were introduced. Unlike most others, these two abilities have an outside of battle effect.
These abilities were introduced in Ruby and Sapphire. They were given out-of-battle effects in Emerald.
The Soothe Bell can be obtained from either a maid at Mr. Backlot's Pokémon Mansi

or from Cheryl after travelling through Eterna Forest (Platinum).
Also can you alert me if you delete this post?

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