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OK can someone explain the night when blazade and zorbees both died
ok so phoopes, zorbees and I were in utilties, you were in library alone, sijih in decom alone, and hula was with everyone else in cams security (9 people total). I let phoopes kill zorbees while I turned off lights and hula killed blazade that night. I knew who was in secuirty that night cause imposters know who's in the room before they turn off lights and hula told me. So the next morning I claimed to be in security, knowing there were 8 living members in the room. Everyone claimed their rooms but because of the misunderstanding that theyre were 8 people alive and 9 in the room total no one notcied that 10 people claimed to be in security.


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n0: tc + scarf dead
d1: zxgzxg dead
n1: phoopes 'dead'(?)
d2: bb skarm dead
n3: zorbees + blazade + sps dead/missing

that's 8 total so phoopes must be at the table (unless the 13 includes sps - dont think it does)


lets keep track of night 3 claims...

library (2): mf, estronic
security (8 + 1): tiki, m24, mace, hula, gravity monkey, pvk, city, earl, <one dead>
demat (1): sijih
missing (2): blazade, zorbees
storage (1): ivy

phoopes where you at
ah this is where I fucked up - didn't count sps in the security since they were on cams and there was confusion around them being godkilled and then subbed


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still dont understand bc theres security but okay
ill never be able to understand smogoners

He's joking, there really was no reason except that he wanted phoopes to get one last kill and didn't think anyone would be looking at the room. And Zephyr apparently had that information the entire time and never shared it (lucky for us!).

Mace is just a weird guy. You know he almost threw the game for us the last night because he joked that he would kill me instead and never said whom he was really going to kill for 12 hours. :pirate:

That's not to say he didn't make some very good plays most of the time but the dumb ones stick out more. Which might've been helpful too: that jumbled mess of a defense he gave to Sijih was either the worst lie ever or the ramblings of a crazy man and, fortunately, it looks like most of the time we were able to get away with a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.
How does this even work! It looks quite fun to be honest lol. But however I feel like the game will take forever to understand or where it even goes because there’s literally 22 pages to look at haha. I’m just a bypasser don’t mind me

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