Smogon Champions League I - Week 2

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repeating my ru post from last week, here is this week's community aggregate predictions (from SCL discussion thread). less close games expected here; all games have one player favored by 65% or more (not to say punny-CBB isn't heat, though)

Confide (11%) vs Charmflash (89%)
odr (68%)
vs Dragon Claw (32%)
Punny (89%) vs CrashinBoomBang (11%)
TheFranklin (30%) vs Nat (70%)
lax (70%)
vs atomicllamas (30%)
odr4823dragon claw
Doubles went from 74 to 82 predictors this week so good work team! Remember, you can win $50 + Discord Nitro just from bolding names in our SCL Discussion Thread! Here are my favorite prediction posts, if want some explanation behind their thought processes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Z Strats also made a very detailed breakdown of the four other Doubles games from Week 1, which you can check out here.

Nails (76%) vs. stax (24%)
Mishimono (55%) vs. Qwello Lee (45%)
Spurrific (23%) vs. Z Strats (77%)
Frania (54%)
vs. Paraplegic (46%)
Actuarily (34%) vs. Memoric (66%)
Mishimono4537Qwello Lee
Spurrific1963Z Strats

Once again, check out me, Z Strats, and potentially even... Hyogafodex?? streaming tomorrow's Doubles matches (Noon, 5:30pm, 9pm GMT-4) on Twitch and then later uploaded to Youtube. :heart:
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