Smogon Premier League 3 - Semifinals

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No one should be surprised about a Ruiner waiting until near the end of the deadline to battle during the playoffs... it's not like it hasn't happened for 2 years running.
i remind u on spl2 when i had to battle with him. Plus: Everybody knows hes like that. And i have enough from waiting for everybody. I am online every day until saturday. Sunday i wont be online.
#1 The Ever Grande BIGS (8) vs. #4 The Team Raiders (3)

BW OU 1:Limitless vs. [K-12] The Madchine
BW OU 2: idiotfrommars vs. Aqualouis
BW OU 3: Ojama vs. LizardMan
BW Ubers: Syrim vs. DarkLucario
BW UU: MarceloDK vs. Gabranth
BW RU: zdrup15 vs. Heysup
VGC 2012: Sixonesix vs. Rewer
DPP OU: DracoMalfoy vs. Scimjara
ADV OU: Halloween vs. M Dragon
GSC OU: Tiba vs. spies
RBY OU: Jorgen vs. theamericandream38

#2 The Indie Scooters (5) vs. #3 The Alpha Ruiners (6)

BW OU 1: franky vs. Folgorio
BW OU 2: bkc vs. McMeghan
BW OU 3: blue_star vs. xtrashine
BW Ubers: hugendugen vs. pi face
BW UU: upstart vs. FlareBlitz
BW RU: windsong vs. Bad Romance
VGC 2012: Alaka vs. Sapphire Birch
DPP OU: 6A9 Ace Matador vs. Blightbringer
ADV OU: ]V[ajinTupacZ vs. kael
GSC OU: Floppy vs. Earthworm
RBY OU: evan vs. Crystal_


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A good game of trading blows, I barely eked out a very close win with a little luck after having gained an early advantage and misplaying my way out of it.

Again, gg!
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