Smogon Premier League IV - Week 2

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i had to read that like five times before i realized it said turns and not minutes

fucking gsc

i talked to bears, where talk means "we commented on the same facebook post," and where the facebook post is random comments about animorphs. it'll get done.


im the best
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Smashed? Please, that was one of the biggest luck fests I've seen in a while. If you're going to deny that or try to twist it, it says something about your character.
The biggest luck was Eggy's timely crit Psychic but with nothing to absorb the Explosion with, Eggy trades 1-for-1 anyway while leaving a second at ~30% sleeping. He's in deep shit regardless. :justin2: Nothing else even remotely mattered, no bshax johns unless luck significantly alters the course of the battle.

And a no-show would've been better than what he pulled, which was to blatantly ignore me while being present and active.
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