Smogon Premier League IV - Week 4

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Banned deucer.
all these youngbloods dont know what baris can do. he's a 10x better lavos spawn
holy shit this guy must be a GOD...

rey and august inform me he lives up to the reputation though, so he's definitely not similar to me as I have nothing to show for my relentless bragging
The Alpha Ruiners vs. The Congregation of the Classiest

BW OU 1: McMeghan vs. Vinc2612 | abstain
BW OU 2: Princess Bri vs. B-lulz | quintinfoil :]
BW Ubers: pi face vs. Problems | go get it
DPP OU: Delta 2777 vs. 199 Lives | i hear deltas been getting ghosted by pttp or something so ill go with 199
ADV OU: CrashingBoomBang vs. Golden Sun | gr8 matchup, i think gs has a slight edge

The Wifi Wolfpack vs. The Ever Grande BIGS

BW OU 1: Farmer vs. Rewer | dog
BW OU 2: Snowtatoes vs. idiotfrommars | east etc
BW OU 3: Fakes vs. MarceloDK | wtf is he doing in BW...he'll win anyways
BW Ubers: DarkLoic vs. Syrim | i didnt even know darkloic played ubers
BW UU: PK Gaming vs. Bad Ass | sry pk but this eastie is strong af
DPP OU: Scimjara vs. Undisputed | yeaaa
ADV OU: DracoMalfoy vs. Floppy | GORGIE

The Smog Frogs vs. The Circus Maximus Tigers

BW OU 1: Pedrock vs. MOET | ya
BW OU 2: yan[sogeking] vs. bro fist | my nigga cloud strife
BW Ubers: davidness vs. Donkey | this guy is good
DPP OU: xtrashine vs. TV-Rocka | porengan should take it if he keeps his head in the game

The Stark Sharks vs. The Cryonicles

BW OU 1: Soulwind vs. Aqualouis | good stuff idk
BW OU 3: AB2 vs. Krack | go get it boy
DPP OU: Heist vs. Blightbringer | 2 strong 2 get fuked up by blights gimmicks
ADV OU: -Frexa- vs. reyscarface | uh frexa isnt even that good especially in adv while rey is p. strong so yea

gl raiders!


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BKC said:
BW Ubers: DarkLoic vs. Syrim | i didnt even know darkloic played ubers
Don't worry, Loic didn't know it neither

Edit : Lost against Soulwind, sorry team, i choked and he played it well.
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