Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

Yeah… but wouldn’t something like a 6 month-1 year cooldown be better and not anxiety-inducing to keep the changed name forever?
Personal detail changes like that put a strain on the core server / database. Since Smogon is such a big forum that holds a lot of data, limiting to one name change is the safest route to ensure no technical difficulties. This is the same reasoning given for why outright deleting an account is not possible.
This might not be allowed on here but I lost my Black version and can only find my Black 2, and I wish to begin my RNG egg factory again.

Is there a section on this forum where I could discuss with someone buying their version and getting it mailed or is money a no-no? I am just trying to make some shinies for a friend and myself.
Hi speaking of reactions could we get a clown react? it could be just be a :Blacephalon: that says "Clown" when you hover over it. I feel like this conveys a wide range of emotions that cannot be adequately expressed with the current set of reacts. Thanks!
I feel like haha portrays a similar range of emotions in the right context. There is most definitely less nuance in the interpretation of a clown react as there are almost no circumstances where it could be seen as positive. However, if you react haha to someone with a basic understanding of irony then you should be fine.

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