Smogon Snake Draft I - Phase 3

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Inspired by the most recent wave of TD promotions (which, coincidentally, happens to include me as well :D) and how it has been impacting the tournament scene as a whole, I decided to categorize some of Smogon's most iconic tournament directors (both old and new) based on their moral alignment. This is the final result:

DISCLAIMER: Due to aesthetic reasons, it was impossible to include some of the popular favorites in this picture, such as yours truly and teal6. I apologize for that.
So we missed out on playoffs, I just wanna say thanks to Tony and the lads. We done well but it wasn't meant to be. Either way I think we were a good squad and if gingy didn't cancer we coulda won it. See you next year lads.

p.s. rooting for the gliders to take it all now


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For those of you that missed it in Jirachee's SPL 8 post, Zarel added a new command to Showdown: /ionext will make your next battle invite-only automatically. This can be used to prevent outsiders from entering your test games to help keep your teams and test games safe. Please start using this!
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