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At the latest performance review, VigVig was voted off.
It's time for the next step in your journey through the company....

With a group of colleagues, you staged a coup against the existing C-suite by earning the trust of the board of directors. You've carved out a massive role for yourself in this massive organization, in which you were just a replaceable cog just three months ago. As part of your new role, you control equity in the company. But even as you look around, you can't help but think that this suite is too big. Too many viewpoints, too many obstacles. And as you look at the faces of the 12 people that surround you, only one thought comes to mind for the future of this company: ownership.

Welcome to the C-Suite.

C Suite
Andy Snype#9304
in the hills#4327
It's time for your next challenge!

Challenge 25​

In this next challenge, everyone will be given a list of 5 different pokemon from generation 1 to 5. You will have 24 hours to choose two from your list and submit drawings of the pokemon for others to guess. To make this standard, you must draw using . The catch is that you’re trying to get exactly half of the players to guess the drawing correctly and the other half to guess incorrectly. You will be awarded points based off of how well you “split the room” with each of your drawings. So if everyone gets your drawing right or everyone gets it wrong you will receive zero points for that drawing. That means you should make it good but not TOO good. You will be awarded points for how many drawings you guess correctly, so from a guessing perspective you are always trying to guess the drawing correctly.

Please take note of the following rules:
You may not include any words or numbers to add detail. Any detail you add must be in the form of a drawing of something.
You must ensure that your drawing is depicting only ONE Pokemon.
If there are any other loopholes that I find out during this challenge, I will add them to this post or post them in #challenge-faq.

Your point total will be 3*ABS(# guessing your first drawing right - # guessing your first drawing wrong) + 3*ABS(# guessing your second drawing right - # guessing your second drawing wrong) - # times you guessed someone else's drawing right. The player with the lowest point total wins.

You will shortly receive your list of Pokemon and have 24 hours to submit your drawings. Then all the anonymized drawings will be posted in this thread and you have another 24 hours to submit your guesses. Each player gets ONE guess for every drawing so make it count! Please do not communicate about any specifics of your drawings to other people. We're not looking for collusion here--just your most mediocre drawings.

The winning player will receive Individual Immunity at the next Performance Review.
Here are your drawings! Ordering was randomized, so each player's drawings are not grouped together.
Drawing 1:

Drawing 2:

Drawing 3:

Drawing 4:

Drawing 5:

Drawing 6:

Drawing 7:

Drawing 8:

Drawing 9:

This player's drawings were not submitted.
Drawing 10:

Drawing 11:

This player's drawings were not submitted.
Drawing 12:

Drawing 13:

Drawing 14:

Drawing 15:

Drawing 16:

Drawing 17:

Drawing 18:

Drawing 19:

Drawing 20:

Drawing 21:

Drawing 22:

Drawing 23:

Drawing 24:

Drawing 25:

Drawing 26:


Everyone who submitted drawings will now get 24 hours to guess what Pokemon has been drawn in every drawing other than their own. Once that is completed, I will tally the results. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Hi everyone, results are in!
Here is what everyone answered...
Drawing #1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526Total
Blakers-SmoochumOctilleryPawniardYanmegaPorygon2NatuEmpoleon-Purugly-GabitePoliwhirl -CaterpieSlowkingKyogreDodrioUmbreonBayleefPlusleOmanyteTentacoolFloatzelPupitarKrabby13
Total right0/114/1111/1110/111/117/1111/113/117/1111/1110/118/111/115/113/113/119/114/112/1110/1111/1111/1111/112/11

and here's who had each drawing:
Andy Snype202
in the hills126

Meaning our final points total is...
PlayerFinal Score
Andy Snype#93049 + 9 - 16 = 2
Ayia#8852N/A (DQ'ed)
Blakers#614333 + 15 - 13 = 35
Clouds#63999 + 33 - 14 = 28
Drookez#402127 + 33 - 11 = 49
eli#446115 + 3 - 15 = 3
in the hills#43279 + 33 - 13 = 29
joe_durk#287533 + 27 - 8 = 52
RAD#7027 15 + 33 - 15 = 33
superstarsrock#6018 33 + 21 - 11 = 43
TheyCallMeJoshua#9234 27 + 27 - 13 = 41
Waffles#8780 15 + 21 - 14 = 22
zoa#0986 27 + 21 - 13 = 35

Which means that Andy Snype wins immunity in a nailbiter of a finish!
I'll set up tribal now.
At the last performance review, joe_durk was eliminated. They have been relegated to become a member of the board of directors, which will determine the CEO at the Final Tribal Council.

Bollywood Translation
Challenge 26​

For your next challenge, you will be watching the following Facebook music video. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a screenplay for it this time). Instead, you will be paying attention to the details in the video as well as the plot and take a multiple choice quiz on it. Ping a mod in your confessionals when you are ready to take the quiz.
You are free to watch the video as many or as few times as you would like, but keep in mind that the quiz is timed. You are allowed to refer back to the video during the quiz.
Your score is equivalent to how many questions you get right, but in the case of a tie, the person with the shortest quiz time will win. You do NOT need to understand the language in order to answer any of the questions. Please don’t discuss any of the questions with your tribemates.
Finally, a quick note - if you wish for an answer to be counted, you must make sure not to edit the post which contains the answer. Any posts with an answer that have been edited will not be counted.

Here's the link. Click the part that says "Watch on Facebook."
Please ping us to take the quiz within the next 24h - Deadline for this challenge is 6PM PST 10/12.
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zoa ended up winning immunity with a score of 10/10 and a time of 1 min, 39 seconds, 90 milliseconds.
At the last Performance Review, Andy Snype was relegated to the board of directors.

Challenge 27​

In your next challenge, you will be playing the flash game, Semantris. The person who submits the highest score within the next 24h will win immunity for the next Performance Review.
Make sure your username is somewhere in the screenshot that you submit.

Here's the link:

Make sure to play Arcade mode. Scores due by 5 PM PST 10/14.
At the last performance review, Blakers was relegated to the board of directors.

Search Result Identification
Challenge 28​
In the following challenge, I will be posting pictures of the results from a series of google searches which I looked up. Using these results, you must try and determine what all 10 of my search queries are. The person who correctly guesses the most queries will win immunity.
Should multiple people have the same high score, the tiebreak will be the time taken to find an additional eleventh item; to begin the timed search for this item, ping me in your confessionals.

Here are the results:
Search 1

Search 2

Search 3

Search 4

Search 5
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.52.17 AM.png

Search 6

Search 7

Search 8

Search 9

Search 10

Deadline to submit your guesses and find the (optional) tiebreaker search is 5PM PST, 10/16.
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zoa has narrowly beat out eli to win individual immunity.
The list of times/scores is below:
Ayia: DNF
Clouds: abstained
Drookez: 10/10; 2 min, 3 seconds, 426 milliseconds
eli: 10/10; 24 seconds, 672 milliseconds
in the hills: 10/10; 3 minutes, 16 seconds, 410 milliseconds
rad: abstained ssr: 1/10
josh: abstained
whydon: 0/10; 4 min 30 sec 173 ms
zoa: 10/10; 21 sec, 351 msec

Here were the images used for the tiebreaker - the search query was mitochondria.
At the last performance review, Whydon was relegated to the board of directors.

Challenge 29​

For this challenge, you will be playing the game Entanglement.
The person who submits the highest score in the next 24h wins immunity.
Make sure to include your username at some point in the screenshot for your submission.

Deadline is 5 PM PST, 10/18.
At the last performance review, in the hills was relegated to the board of directors.

The Biggest Loser
Challenge 30​

In this challenge, you will be playing games of Pokemon against each other. Just two small twists...

First off - you will all be using the following team:
Mienfoo @ Rocky Helmet  
Ability: Regenerator  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD  
Relaxed Nature  
IVs: 0 Spe  
- Knock Off  
- U-turn  
- Power-Up Punch  

Ditto @ Leftovers  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Lonely Nature  
IVs: 30 Atk  
- Transform  

Tympole @ Choice Scarf  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Brave Bird  

Grookey @ Toxic Orb  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Fling  
- U-turn  

Wimpod @ Wide Lens  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
IVs: 0 SpA  
- Rollout  

Machop @ Metronome  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
IVs: 0 SpA  
- Close Combat
Second off - the victor of each match will be the person who loses first. The winner of each match will be eliminated, and the biggest loser of the tournament will win immunity.

Play in Gen 8 Pure Hackmons.
Deadline is 5 PM PST, 10/21.

I'll randomize the matchups in Discord.
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Here's how the matchups went:
Round 1
v Clouds
superstarsrock v zoa
v TheyCallMeJoshua
Drookez v eli

Round 2
v zoa
Ayia v Drookez

Round 3
RAD v Ayia

Ayia won immunity.

At the last performance review, eli was relegated to the board of directors.

Grid Battle
Challenge 31​

This challenge can be run live or non-live. Below is the general structure for the challenge:

You will each be located on a 8x8 grid; I will randomize 3 placements for each of you, and you will post in your submissions as to which one you would like to use. Your goal? Knock everyone else off of the grid. Last person standing wins immunity!
How does this work? Each turn, you will be able to move up to 4 spaces and use 1 attack. The attacks are as follows:
1) Punch (in a cardinal direction, sends someone a space away, infinite uses allowed)
2) Kick (in a cardinal direction, sends someone a space away; also sends you one in the opposite direction, moving anyone who might be there, infinite uses allowed)
3) Ground pound (pushes everyone around you one space away, 3 uses allowed)
4) KO punch (in a cardinal direction, knocks the person three spots away, only 1 successful use allowed)
5) counter (if anyone tries to attack you, they are 'stunned' for a round and can do nothing. if nobody attacks you, you are 'stunned' for a round. You may NOT counter two rounds in a row.)

Here is your grid! A black space is considered "off the grid".

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 2.46.11 PM.png

Each round, I will randomize 3 spots. These spots will "fall off the grid" at the end of the round, and be treated as off the map. Anyone ending on these spots will be eliminated as the round ends. The number of spots that drops off the map will increase every 5 rounds at minimum, although i'll speed up the rate of increase if the challenge starts to drag on.

Coordination of movements/attacks is not allowed for this challenge.

Extra information on attacks

Lets say that Hal is 1 space left of me. If I decide to Punch to the left, I will send him 1 space left. If i decide to Kick to the left, I will send him 1 space left and send myself one space right. If Divya was one space to the right of me, the Kick will also move Divya one space to the right.
If, however, I decide to Punch upwards, I will miss and do nothing. Attacks do NOT extend. Only the space that you target will be hit (or 1 space all around you if you ground pound). Punch, Kick, and KO Punch cannot hit diagonally. Ground Pound hits every space around you, including diagonals.
You can still move while countering.

Live vs non-live:
If this challenge is non-live, ordering for attacks will be determined by the time it takes you to complete a puzzle. We will need to resolve this before the game begins. This ordering will be locked in from the start of the challenge to the end of the challenge. if you run into someone in the middle of your movement, you will stop at that the spot before you intercept them. your attacks (if chosen) will still go through.

If this challenge is live, movements + attacks will be resolved in the order that they are posted by you. If you counter, your counter must be posted BEFORE someone attacks you. If you post it after, the counter will not work (but you won't be stunned like you would if you counter and nobody attacks you).

Please let me know if you have any questions.
There's no official deadline for this, but let's get it done ASAP.
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