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At the latest performance review, VigVig was voted off.
It's time for the next step in your journey through the company....

With a group of colleagues, you staged a coup against the existing C-suite by earning the trust of the board of directors. You've carved out a massive role for yourself in this massive organization, in which you were just a replaceable cog just three months ago. As part of your new role, you control equity in the company. But even as you look around, you can't help but think that this suite is too big. Too many viewpoints, too many obstacles. And as you look at the faces of the 12 people that surround you, only one thought comes to mind for the future of this company: ownership.

Welcome to the C-Suite.

C Suite
Andy Snype#9304
in the hills#4327
It's time for your next challenge!

Challenge 25​

In this next challenge, everyone will be given a list of 5 different pokemon from generation 1 to 5. You will have 24 hours to choose two from your list and submit drawings of the pokemon for others to guess. To make this standard, you must draw using . The catch is that you’re trying to get exactly half of the players to guess the drawing correctly and the other half to guess incorrectly. You will be awarded points based off of how well you “split the room” with each of your drawings. So if everyone gets your drawing right or everyone gets it wrong you will receive zero points for that drawing. That means you should make it good but not TOO good. You will be awarded points for how many drawings you guess correctly, so from a guessing perspective you are always trying to guess the drawing correctly.

Please take note of the following rules:
You may not include any words or numbers to add detail. Any detail you add must be in the form of a drawing of something.
You must ensure that your drawing is depicting only ONE Pokemon.
If there are any other loopholes that I find out during this challenge, I will add them to this post or post them in #challenge-faq.

Your point total will be 3*ABS(# guessing your first drawing right - # guessing your first drawing wrong) + 3*ABS(# guessing your second drawing right - # guessing your second drawing wrong) - # times you guessed someone else's drawing right. The player with the lowest point total wins.

You will shortly receive your list of Pokemon and have 24 hours to submit your drawings. Then all the anonymized drawings will be posted in this thread and you have another 24 hours to submit your guesses. Each player gets ONE guess for every drawing so make it count! Please do not communicate about any specifics of your drawings to other people. We're not looking for collusion here--just your most mediocre drawings.

The winning player will receive Individual Immunity at the next Performance Review.
Here are your drawings! Ordering was randomized, so each player's drawings are not grouped together.
Drawing 1:

Drawing 2:

Drawing 3:

Drawing 4:

Drawing 5:

Drawing 6:

Drawing 7:

Drawing 8:

Drawing 9:

This player's drawings were not submitted.
Drawing 10:

Drawing 11:

This player's drawings were not submitted.
Drawing 12:

Drawing 13:

Drawing 14:

Drawing 15:

Drawing 16:

Drawing 17:

Drawing 18:

Drawing 19:

Drawing 20:

Drawing 21:

Drawing 22:

Drawing 23:

Drawing 24:

Drawing 25:

Drawing 26:


Everyone who submitted drawings will now get 24 hours to guess what Pokemon has been drawn in every drawing other than their own. Once that is completed, I will tally the results. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Hi everyone, results are in!
Here is what everyone answered...
Drawing #1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526Total
Blakers-SmoochumOctilleryPawniardYanmegaPorygon2NatuEmpoleon-Purugly-GabitePoliwhirl -CaterpieSlowkingKyogreDodrioUmbreonBayleefPlusleOmanyteTentacoolFloatzelPupitarKrabby13
Total right0/114/1111/1110/111/117/1111/113/117/1111/1110/118/111/115/113/113/119/114/112/1110/1111/1111/1111/112/11

and here's who had each drawing:
Andy Snype202
in the hills126

Meaning our final points total is...
PlayerFinal Score
Andy Snype#93049 + 9 - 16 = 2
Ayia#8852N/A (DQ'ed)
Blakers#614333 + 15 - 13 = 35
Clouds#63999 + 33 - 14 = 28
Drookez#402127 + 33 - 11 = 49
eli#446115 + 3 - 15 = 3
in the hills#43279 + 33 - 13 = 29
joe_durk#287533 + 27 - 8 = 52
RAD#7027 15 + 33 - 15 = 33
superstarsrock#6018 33 + 21 - 11 = 43
TheyCallMeJoshua#9234 27 + 27 - 13 = 41
Waffles#8780 15 + 21 - 14 = 22
zoa#0986 27 + 21 - 13 = 35

Which means that Andy Snype wins immunity in a nailbiter of a finish!
I'll set up tribal now.
At the last performance review, joe_durk was eliminated. They have been relegated to become a member of the board of directors, which will determine the CEO at the Final Tribal Council.

Bollywood Translation
Challenge 26​

For your next challenge, you will be watching the following Facebook music video. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a screenplay for it this time). Instead, you will be paying attention to the details in the video as well as the plot and take a multiple choice quiz on it. Ping a mod in your confessionals when you are ready to take the quiz.
You are free to watch the video as many or as few times as you would like, but keep in mind that the quiz is timed. You are allowed to refer back to the video during the quiz.
Your score is equivalent to how many questions you get right, but in the case of a tie, the person with the shortest quiz time will win. You do NOT need to understand the language in order to answer any of the questions. Please don’t discuss any of the questions with your tribemates.
Finally, a quick note - if you wish for an answer to be counted, you must make sure not to edit the post which contains the answer. Any posts with an answer that have been edited will not be counted.

Here's the link. Click the part that says "Watch on Facebook."
Please ping us to take the quiz within the next 24h - Deadline for this challenge is 6PM PST 10/12.
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zoa ended up winning immunity with a score of 10/10 and a time of 1 min, 39 seconds, 90 milliseconds.
At the last Performance Review, Andy Snype was relegated to the board of directors.

Challenge 27​

In your next challenge, you will be playing the flash game, Semantris. The person who submits the highest score within the next 24h will win immunity for the next Performance Review.
Make sure your username is somewhere in the screenshot that you submit.

Here's the link:

Make sure to play Arcade mode. Scores due by 5 PM PST 10/14.
At the last performance review, Blakers was relegated to the board of directors.

Search Result Identification
Challenge 28​
In the following challenge, I will be posting pictures of the results from a series of google searches which I looked up. Using these results, you must try and determine what all 10 of my search queries are. The person who correctly guesses the most queries will win immunity.
Should multiple people have the same high score, the tiebreak will be the time taken to find an additional eleventh item; to begin the timed search for this item, ping me in your confessionals.

Here are the results:
Search 1

Search 2

Search 3

Search 4

Search 5
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.52.17 AM.png

Search 6

Search 7

Search 8

Search 9

Search 10

Deadline to submit your guesses and find the (optional) tiebreaker search is 5PM PST, 10/16.
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zoa has narrowly beat out eli to win individual immunity.
The list of times/scores is below:
Ayia: DNF
Clouds: abstained
Drookez: 10/10; 2 min, 3 seconds, 426 milliseconds
eli: 10/10; 24 seconds, 672 milliseconds
in the hills: 10/10; 3 minutes, 16 seconds, 410 milliseconds
rad: abstained ssr: 1/10
josh: abstained
whydon: 0/10; 4 min 30 sec 173 ms
zoa: 10/10; 21 sec, 351 msec

Here were the images used for the tiebreaker - the search query was mitochondria.
At the last performance review, Whydon was relegated to the board of directors.

Challenge 29​

For this challenge, you will be playing the game Entanglement.
The person who submits the highest score in the next 24h wins immunity.
Make sure to include your username at some point in the screenshot for your submission.

Deadline is 5 PM PST, 10/18.
At the last performance review, in the hills was relegated to the board of directors.

The Biggest Loser
Challenge 30​

In this challenge, you will be playing games of Pokemon against each other. Just two small twists...

First off - you will all be using the following team:
Mienfoo @ Rocky Helmet  
Ability: Regenerator  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD  
Relaxed Nature  
IVs: 0 Spe  
- Knock Off  
- U-turn  
- Power-Up Punch  

Ditto @ Leftovers  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Lonely Nature  
IVs: 30 Atk  
- Transform  

Tympole @ Choice Scarf  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Brave Bird  

Grookey @ Toxic Orb  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Fling  
- U-turn  

Wimpod @ Wide Lens  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
IVs: 0 SpA  
- Rollout  

Machop @ Metronome  
Ability: Arena Trap  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
IVs: 0 SpA  
- Close Combat
Second off - the victor of each match will be the person who loses first. The winner of each match will be eliminated, and the biggest loser of the tournament will win immunity.

Play in Gen 8 Pure Hackmons.
Deadline is 5 PM PST, 10/21.

I'll randomize the matchups in Discord.
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Here's how the matchups went:
Round 1
v Clouds
superstarsrock v zoa
v TheyCallMeJoshua
Drookez v eli

Round 2
v zoa
Ayia v Drookez

Round 3
RAD v Ayia

Ayia won immunity.

At the last performance review, eli was relegated to the board of directors.

Grid Battle
Challenge 31​

This challenge can be run live or non-live. Below is the general structure for the challenge:

You will each be located on a 8x8 grid; I will randomize 3 placements for each of you, and you will post in your submissions as to which one you would like to use. Your goal? Knock everyone else off of the grid. Last person standing wins immunity!
How does this work? Each turn, you will be able to move up to 4 spaces and use 1 attack. The attacks are as follows:
1) Punch (in a cardinal direction, sends someone a space away, infinite uses allowed)
2) Kick (in a cardinal direction, sends someone a space away; also sends you one in the opposite direction, moving anyone who might be there, infinite uses allowed)
3) Ground pound (pushes everyone around you one space away, 3 uses allowed)
4) KO punch (in a cardinal direction, knocks the person three spots away, only 1 successful use allowed)
5) counter (if anyone tries to attack you, they are 'stunned' for a round and can do nothing. if nobody attacks you, you are 'stunned' for a round. You may NOT counter two rounds in a row.)

Here is your grid! A black space is considered "off the grid".

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 2.46.11 PM.png

Each round, I will randomize 3 spots. These spots will "fall off the grid" at the end of the round, and be treated as off the map. Anyone ending on these spots will be eliminated as the round ends. The number of spots that drops off the map will increase every 5 rounds at minimum, although i'll speed up the rate of increase if the challenge starts to drag on.

Coordination of movements/attacks is not allowed for this challenge.

Extra information on attacks

Lets say that Hal is 1 space left of me. If I decide to Punch to the left, I will send him 1 space left. If i decide to Kick to the left, I will send him 1 space left and send myself one space right. If Divya was one space to the right of me, the Kick will also move Divya one space to the right.
If, however, I decide to Punch upwards, I will miss and do nothing. Attacks do NOT extend. Only the space that you target will be hit (or 1 space all around you if you ground pound). Punch, Kick, and KO Punch cannot hit diagonally. Ground Pound hits every space around you, including diagonals.
You can still move while countering.

Live vs non-live:
If this challenge is non-live, ordering for attacks will be determined by the time it takes you to complete a puzzle. We will need to resolve this before the game begins. This ordering will be locked in from the start of the challenge to the end of the challenge. if you run into someone in the middle of your movement, you will stop at that the spot before you intercept them. your attacks (if chosen) will still go through.

If this challenge is live, movements + attacks will be resolved in the order that they are posted by you. If you counter, your counter must be posted BEFORE someone attacks you. If you post it after, the counter will not work (but you won't be stunned like you would if you counter and nobody attacks you).

Please let me know if you have any questions.
There's no official deadline for this, but let's get it done ASAP.
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At the last performance review, Ayia was relegated to the Board of Directors.

BGA Medley
Challenge 32​
In your next challenge, you will be playing a series of games on Board Game Arena (
After each game, the player with the lowest score will be eliminated.

Here are the following games that you will be playing.

6 players -> 6nimmt
5 players -> Oh hell!
4 players -> Hearts
3 players -> Yahtzee, first to 2 losses (last place finishes) is eliminated
2 players -> Nautilus, best of 3

The player who wins the bo3 in Nautilus will win immunity.
Here are the settings you will need to set in each game:

  • Game Mode: Training Mode
  • Card Set: Normal Card Set
  • Place Cards: On the right
Oh Hell!

  • Game Mode: Training Mode
  • Game Style: Long (10...1...10)
  • Scoring: Negative (10 points for exact bid; minus 10 points for each difference between tricks and bid)

  • Game Mode: Training Mode
  • Game length: Standard Game (100 points)

  • Game Mode: Training Mode
  • Yams or Yahtzee: Yahtzee

  • Game Mode: Training Mode
  • Domain Cards: Visible
I'll give you guys 24h to schedule/practice these games, and then 24h to get all five of these games done. There's only six of you left, please don't make this drag on. There's not a need to play all of the games at once, as long as they're all done within 48h.

Should there be a tie in any of the games, the tie will be resolved via a best of 3 in Noir: Killer vs. Inspector.
The variant will be Citizen's Arrest, and the Roles will be set to random.

You may not coordinate any of your actions with other players in any of these games.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Drookez won individual immunity. At the last performance review, zoa was relegated to the board of directors.

I Am Holding On
Challenge 33
It's time for a classic endurance challenge! In your next challenge, i'll be creating a channel for each of you five. Your goal? To be the last one standing.
Every 10 minutes from when you start, you will need to post "I am holding on" in your channel. As time moves on, I will change things at preset timestamps to make your job harder. Things will continue to get harder until you make a mistake at one of your checkins or miss a checkin. The person who is able to correctly checkin for the longest amount of time will win immunity.
You may not edit or delete any of your posts in the channel. If I catch you doing this, you will lose immunity. For your checkin to count, you must post the phrase completely correct - capitalization matters!
Anything being posted in your checkin channel aside from the checkin itself will cause you to be eliminated from the challenge.
Starting times for this ARE flexible, but if you do not start your challenge by 2 PM PST 10/30, you will be automatically disqualified. This deadline will NOT be flexible.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.
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Josh has won immunity after lasting for 9 hours and 12 minutes.
Here are the times in total:
Josh - 9 hours, 12 minutes
Drookez - 8 hours, 22 minutes
RAD - 6 hours, 25 minutes
superstarsrock - 4 hours, 20 minutes
Clouds - 1 hour, 50 minutes

and here are the additional requirements that were added:
2 hours in: Checkin time becomes every 5 minutes
4 hours in: players must add a number to their checkin that increases (i.e. I am holding on 1 -> I am holding on 2 -> I am holding on 3) each time
6 hours in players must also begin adding news articles that begin with a certain letter (i.e. is A, is D, is U). They must still be posting the numbers.
8 hours, 10 minutes in Checkin time becomes every 2 minutes
9 hours, 10 minutes in The number the player posts is reset to 3; it must be squared each time instead of adding one from now onwards.
10 hours, 10 minutes in The player resets the number to 0 and instead must begin counting up with primes.
11 hours, 10 minutes in Checkin time becomes every minute. The posting number requirement is removed.
12 hours, 10 minutes in The player must post a row of pascal's triangle during each checkin, ascending by row. This continues until they make a mistake.
At the last performance review, RAD was relegated to the board of directors.

The Gauntlet
Challenge 34​
Welcome to your final immunity challenge.
As explained earlier in the season, this challenge will be a medley of questions about the season along with tasks that you would have had to complete during this season. I've split this final gauntlet into three kinds of tasks:

1) Season Challenges
2) Season Trivia
3) Math

Season Challenges and Season Trivia are fairly self-explanatory - for the former, you will have to complete certain challenges which you would have done as a part of this season, while for the latter you would answer questions about things that happened during this season. The Math section will be you having to solve math equations (nothing more difficult than Algebra) using the answers to trivia questions about the season.

This will be done live. I can tell you that the format will be Season Trivia and Math alternating, with a season challenge after each section.
The way this will work - each of you will have a channel where you will put your answers to the Trivia/Math questions you are asked. There will also be a channel for each season challenge, which you will all have access to. Each time you get a set of questions fully correct, you will be able to move on and complete a season challenge. Should you get a set of questions incorrect, you will be told so, and must wait for 2 minutes before submitting your next set of answers. After 5 incorrect submissions, you will be told precisely which questions you got wrong (and will only have to fix those answers to complete all the questions).
You may NOT complete a season challenge until you finish the previous set of questions, and the challenges MUST be completed in order. There are five season challenges in total - the first person to complete all five will win immunity.

Oh, and one last thing - the board members will be able to watch the challenge the entire time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I'll give you guys two days to arrange a time to do this challenge, so your deadline will be 5 PM PST, 11/2. I'm not extending this deadline in 99% of scenarios, but will make an exception for anything that's reasonable.

P.S. as a reminder, the format for the Final 4 tribal council is a bit different. The person who wins this challenge is immune. The last placer in this challenge will lose their vote and pick one other non-immune person to be an elimination candidate. The castaways will then vote on the two elimination candidates, and one will be the final member of the board.
superstarsrock was voted out and became the final member of the board.

Congratulations to Clouds , Drookez, and TheyCallMeJoshua for making it as far as you can go in this game.
Here's how FTC will work. You will all have until 5 PM PST (11/3) to create & post speeches explaining to the jurors why they should vote for you and why you should be crowned the CEO/winner of this game.
Once all the speeches are posted, i'm setting another deadline at 5 PM PST 11/5 for the jurors to ask questions and submit their votes.
At 5 PM PST 11/5, i'll reveal the votes and crown the winner live on the discord server.

Best of luck to the finalists, and once again - congrats on making it to the Final Tribal Council!
TheyCallMeJoshua Opening Speech

Hello spectators and jurors!

I am grateful for the opportunity to explain my gameplay throughout this incredibly long game.

I want to start by saying that I didn’t expect to make it this far when I applied for this. I joined to meet new people in this community. I met so many fantastic people along the way, and I’m incredibly thankful for that. <3


The first tribe I was on was Call Center. I wasn’t involved in any alliances on that tribe because the first two people to get eliminated were inactive, and faded (the third person eliminated) was pretty much a group consensus because the rest of us had worked so hard in the challenges. I was pretty sure that if we had gone to tribal more than we did, I would have been fine. This tribe was very quiet in terms of strategy. We won a few challenges and didn’t have any tough votes.

The second tribe I was on was Governance. I was happy to be on a tribe with OM, RAD, and Outlaw. This is another tribe where I didn’t have to worry too much because we only went to tribal once. I felt secure by having RAD and OM as allies, and I knew what was being talked about amongst Spiderz and Zoa thanks to Outlaw.

In the early pre-merge portion of the game, I only went to tribal council 2 times (excluding the two inactive votes).


Finance was the third tribe I was on. It was by far the most I had to do strategy-wise in the game at that point. I was on a tribe with a lot of people I had never worked with before. I had been on Governance with Spiderz, but I didn’t trust him because I knew he had created multiple alliances on Governance without me. I knew that if I wanted to remain in this game, I’d need to reach out to new people quickly. I decided to reach out to Superstarsrock because RAD had told me earlier that he was close friends with DLE, and I knew that DLE would have a lot of power in this game. I reached out to Clouds because I had seen him play in Circus Season 11, and I liked how he played. In my mind, he had been the leader of the Dracovish (one of the tribe names in that org), so I knew I wanted to stick with him. Clouds and SSR both let me know that they trusted Drookez, so I was comfortable working with him as well. Together with Trace, the 5 of us held a lot of power on Finance. One of my favorite memories in this game was when I had the idea to hold a mock tribal council where we created funny parchments. I went from feeling like I was one of the first boots on that tribe to feeling like I was going to be safe for a while.

The pairing challenge came as a surprise to me because I hadn’t seen anything like it before. I knew immediately that I wanted to pair with Outlaw so we could be 100% certain that we’d make it to the next portion of the game. I was asked by multiple people to switch to pair with Trace instead of Outlaw, but Outlaw was the person I trusted the most in this game. Unfortunately, Trace was eliminated.


After the fake merge, we were put onto 2 tribes. I was put onto Business. I was disappointed to be separated from my allies on Finance. However, I had spoken to SSR beforehand about asking DLE to watch my back for me. Thank God that Liridium and Andy had some issues because that first vote was a very easy one. I had begun speaking to Andy at that point, so there was no way I’d vote Andy out over Liridium. Liridium didn’t speak to me until it was too late. Even though it was shaping to become a Marketing vs. Non-Marketing, I still tried to make connections with the members of the Marketing side.

Zoa mutinied after Outlaw was voted out, so I was able to get information about what happened at that tribal. At this point, I decided that I wanted to work with Zoa for as long as I could. I didn’t expect him to make it all the way because of how big of a threat he was in the challenges, but I knew that he would end up being a good shield for me regardless. The next vote on Business was relatively easy as well. Joe wasn’t too happy with DLE, so he had intentions to vote him out since first arriving on this tribe. I knew that if DLE made it to the merge, he would hold a lot of power over the decisions. As someone who would hold a lot of power, I expected him to choose people he has known for years over someone like me who has only been in this community for 6 months. Because of this, I felt voting out DLE was great for my game in the future. Since all of non-Marketing and Joe/Zoa voted DLE, I was able to vote DLE without severing SSR’s trust in me.


When we merged, I couldn’t believe it. I felt very relieved that I was able to make it to that stage in the game. I wish Outlaw could have experienced it with me, but I wasn’t able to do to help him. I truly believe that if I were on that Legal tribe, that vote wouldn’t have happened. I think that I would have been a bridge for Outlaw to work with the Finance group.

The first vote of the merge was the only vote I was truly blindsided by. I had never heard Joe’s name a single time, and it was kept tightly under wraps because people assumed that Joe and I were super close. I definitely grew close to Joe on Business, but I don’t know if he truly felt as close with me as you all thought he did. Him and Clouds were always a pair in my mind, so I could never allow myself to accept him as my number 1 ally because I knew he already had one. At this early stage of the merge, I considered Zoa my number 1 ally. We had grown close over our mutual friendship with Outlaw.

Andy’s vote was very disheartening for me. Andy is one of the people I had gained a lot of trust in, so I was disappointed that people were quick to jump onboard for that vote. I knew that others wanted to keep Eli around so he would be able to rival Zoa in the immunity challenges, so I was not blindsided by this vote. I knew it was happening because I had people talking to me about it, but I chose to not be involved in it.

Blakers was a vote that I didn’t have too much trouble with solely because I spoke to him the least. He was very nice to me when we did speak, but I didn’t have any expectations that we’d be working together on future votes. When he heard he was the vote, he and Whydon tried to convince me to vote Clouds. What I realized they wanted was to try to lower the number of votes on Blakers (by splitting the votes) so they could vote me out instead.

When F10 came, there were two people that were actively against me. These being Whydon and Eli. I’m not sure why they kept targeting me (I heard that Whydon complained about the way I type), but strategically, this was one of the best votes for me in the merge. With Whydon out of the game, the number of votes I was going to receive was dwindling down to Eli and whoever was getting eliminated.

In the hills was a hard vote because I had a lot of trust in the Finance group. Even though I had voted for him previously in the game (even though it was in case of an idol play), it seemed like he had forgiven me for that. Hills was nice to talk to, and I hope we continue to talk after this game.
I heard at the beginning of the merge that Clouds had known Hills much longer than I had known, so voting out Hills was a great way to get rid of a buffer for Clouds. I didn’t want to be stuck in a situation later down the line where Clouds had to pick between others he’s known for a long time versus me.

What can I say about Eli? This wasn’t a personal vote because Eli was the only person in at this point who wasn’t working with me in some capacity. However, I would like Eli to know that what he was doing with his parchments, singling me out when I wasn’t the only person to abstain from a challenge or saying that I was ghosting you even though you told me not to talk strategy with you, truly hurt my feelings.

Ayia had won two challenges at this point in the game, so I knew I had to consider that when deciding who to vote. At this point, I knew that Zoa was idoling himself at the tribal council, so I could vote Zoa (remain honest about where I was voting) and still have the expected outcome. Ayia had brought up a potential alternative plan to vote out Clouds, but I knew Clouds was more likely to keep me until the end rather than Ayia. I had talked a bit of strategy with Ayia earlier in the merge, but I knew that I wasn’t anywhere near being his number 1 ally. This vote was very tough because someone had leaked to Ayia that he was the vote. Ayia had been someone that I always enjoyed talking to when we did speak, so I wasn’t going to lie to his face. Worst case scenario: Ayia idols and someone else besides me or Zoa goes because I won immunity, and Zoa was playing his idol. I confirmed to Ayia that he was indeed the planned vote in case Zoa used an idol. I did not expect 5 votes to be on Ayia though. People believed that Zoa had an idol (which he did), so they switched their vote to Ayia.

The Zoa vote was straightforward. Nobody was budging even if Zoa did have an idol. They were willing to accept the consequences of a potential idol play. I never expected to go all the way to the end with Zoa because had been pinned as a challenge threat since Redemption Island. It still sucked to see though.

RAD’s vote was easily one of the hardest all game. I had been talking to RAD since I reached out on Day 1, and he had always had my back since. When others wanted to vote me out, he actively went against it. I can’t thank him enough for that. RAD is a very respected player in this game, and I was sure he’d garner a large number of votes at FTC.

This Final 4 vote was brutal. We were all on Finance together earlier and had been working together for so long. When it came to decide who to vote, there was so much to think about. I had analyze the different journeys both SSR and Clouds had taken throughout the game as well as the expected “locked” jury decisions. I respect SSR’s game so much, and his parting words were so sweet.

Overall, I felt like I had a huge handicap in this game. I didn’t know too many people super well coming into this game. I had Outlaw as my number one, but after he got voted out, I didn’t have much luck in the close ally department. I had Zoa who I am so thankful for. Unfortunately, he had a big target on his back because of his challenge ability. I didn’t have an easy route to get where I am now. I feel like I had to work so much harder to create those lasting relationships where people would even want to keep me in this game. There were so many times where I could have been an easy vote for people, but I always had people opposing the votes against me. I have had to put a lot more into the social aspect of this game than I ever have before, and I feel like the work payed off. I hope that you can see how proud of my game that I am, and I hope that you are able to respect my gameplay this season.


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Before anything else, I wanted to echo superstarsrock's sendoff words that everyone who’s here at FTC deserves to be here for their own reasons. If you were leaning one way or another for your jury vote off the bat, I’m always pro-keeping an open mind and hearing everyone out, which is something I didn’t do as much as I wanted to as a juror in the last Circus Survivor game I played. Grats again to my dudes TheyCallMeJoshua & Drookez, and thanks to a lot of you for making this game a good experience. Wild to think we’ve been at it since the 15th of August, I hardly remember what it was like to be in this game outside of the college semester.

Nobody’s here for a full game recap or play by play–especially not in a game with 80 players–so I’m just gonna condense things into three main phases of the game here, and roughly detail my role in each of them. Feel free to ask any questions about possible gaps or missing information that might be useful, I’ll be around most of the night (:

The Hatch (early-mid)

I didn’t start this game off as a massive tryhard even though I became one later on, but as always the first couple rounds of votes usually boil down to activity. From the jump on Alcoholics Anonymous Admin Assistants, I instantly connected with Dyo & tbz the most but connected with most people on that tribe. Sides began to form between Combee/Roi/Zephnik/Msous and Dyo/tbz/Astro/Gingar with my allegiance lying more with the latter, but I believe I was included in every alliance on AA and spent most tribals swaying the vote off of tbz since he was usually the target based on inactivity. Of the group with Combee, I was definitely the closest to Combee, and was able to write off most votes that contradicted what he wanted and move forward. Prior to the swap my confessionals channel was rebranded into #clouds-bird-facts, courtesy of apricity, after my answer to a tribal question about a rare skill somehow led to an avian paradise.

Fast forward to the swap to Product Design, Dyo’s still my #1 here and I was looking for opportunities to get Combee involved. Isa and I built up a friendship pretty early on and eventually the 4 of us were working together, while I was getting to know Drookez/Whydon/Shub/Blakers simultaneously. I knew Whydon beforehand but at the time not as well as I do now, but eventually my friendships with Drookez/Whydon prevailed and I wound up flipping the game on Isa with Dyo to save Whydon, who was a likely inactivity boot. I actually voted Drookez at the summit vote that never got revealed lol, at this point we hadn’t talked a ton and I barely knew him and I’m beyond glad that changed. Montana kinda robbed.

Growth (mid-late)

Five tribes down to three, and we swap in a dramatic fashion directly after the Isa vote in which Combee and Blakers were left on the outs (sorry guys). Drookez and Dyo are my closest friends and allies at this point, and this is where I would get to know trace/SSR/Josh a lot more. SSR and I vibed from the start over MLB, and trace/Josh were just as great to talk to. Two close friends from prior to the game, Cheese/hills, both land on the tribe with me as well, and despite them not being in my primary alliance, I kept them up to date on almost everything and made sure they were the last two standing outside of the majority alliance. One too many challenge Ls meant one of them had to go, which I wound up being the swing vote for, and as much as I love the dairy product I had known hills for at least twice as long and wasn’t letting him go anywhere.
Fake merge was definitely the biggest low and one of the biggest highs for me in this game, simultaneously. I finally got to cross paths and talk game with one of my best friends on the ‘net, Joe, but trace got timezone fucked in the pairing challenge.

Then I became Legal. Swapped with Drookez & SSR which off the bat was a relief. At this point there was some anti-Marketing narrative against DLE/PBlade/Jalmont etc. that I knew would only last for so long before it became pretty much irrelevant. Although I was still closest to Drookez/SSR/Whydon above anyone else on the tribe, I really liked charlie and Jal, the latter of which Whydon wanted out. During Jal’s 2-advantage play, I decided to flip with charlie to keep Jal in and shake up the game, at the expense of Outlaw, which was an alternative vote I settled with them on instead of Whydon, the other flip option. Even though flipping with Jal and charlie would seem likely to put me in the minority, especially with Jal expected to be the next vote, I felt confident that I’d still remain safe as the numbers whittled down on the tribe since both SSR and Drookez knew my decision beforehand and it didn’t detract from our friendship or trust in each other too much. Feel so bad that the vote was Outlaw, but I’m still glad I got to have some fun and not cut Jal’s run shorter than it should’ve been.

Taking Flight (late-end)

Merge = instantly vc’ing with Joe and filling each other in on everything. Fun night. Flash forward to an hour or so before the first tribal, Whydon asks to vc, basically tells me they’re blindsiding Joe and that the votes are already on him. Great. I’m pretty crushed inside here but I have 2 options, tell Joe and try to get zoa to use an idol or advantage on him and destroy my own game in the process for something that probably wouldn’t have even happened, or sit quiet and watch my main man go knowing it’d free up my game a ton. Worst moral dilemma and it sucked to have my hands tied there, especially when Whydon scrambled to get hills to vote off because he was worried Eli hadn’t submitted a vote (I still don’t know if this was to tie it or not for the hell of it, but if it was, shoutout ptoad). Not a great start to merge and instantly demotivated me a ton to lose Joe, but I also knew I was positioned pretty comfortably going forwards. The next two votes were both votes that benefitted my game, even though I respect both Andy and Blakers a ton and wish we had fallen on the same side of things. Since Andy played up me and hills’ pre-existing friendship on the last tribe, I used the collective “get the vote off Eli” mission to my advantage at F12 and swayed it onto Andy, followed it up with a Blakers vote at F11 that Whydon tried hard to put onto Josh but I knew that was far from beneficial for my own game.

F10 was a tough vote. I knew from Whydon’s lens it seemed like a horrible decision for me to vote him there, but I had a couple paths at that point in the game and I knew as long as zoa, RAD, and Eli were around, I had enough shields and strong connections in the game that it wasn’t the catalyst for an endgame. Hills goes next, which was one of my least favorite votes this game from a personal standpoint but my priority at this point in the game was having at least a few bigger threats in the game that could be voted around F6/F5. F8 & F7 votes go as planned, and in the words of Wolv, two hate crimes. Not fun to vote out Eli and Ayia but definitely what I needed, and in both votes I played a crucial part in burning zoa’s idols, by getting to know him and becoming somewhat of an ally while his conversations with most others were limited. F6 was all but guaranteed to be a zoa vote, and F5 became a matter of “who’s easier to convince others to vote at F4”, which I determined was SSR due to Ayia’s parting words and SSR’s admirable and consistent gameplay. I also don’t know if I would’ve had the heart to vote SSR at F5, but it didn’t wind up mattering anyways.

L in the final immunity challenge meant I had one of the most daunting tasks ahead of me–convincing both Drookez and Josh SSR was the bigger FTC threat. Losing my own vote meant only 1 of them needed to vote me to send me home, and I had to pitch a pretty clear cut case. Josh is a loyal dude, and while I initially thought he was going to be the one that may consider the flip, he decided to vote SSR fairly early on. Drookez, showstopper.. had to make one of the toughest decisions in the game. Not a good night for #familiar-formulation, but a wholesome one. Most of the night was spent making our cases to Drookez in an alliance chat and DMs, and it’s a pretty rough feeling knowing no matter what, either you or one of your closest friends in the game goes. All of us knew there were no hard feelings either way, and I respect these guys more than I can put into words.

The three things I worked hardest to accomplish this game and succeeded in doing:

  • Leading well over half the votes, and having tabs on who was going home every vote of the game
  • Developing pivotal and lasting friendships, but almost always getting closer to those more on the outs in each tribe than others did
  • Never once being a strong consideration for a vote ‘til F4 (and briefly at F7) by positioning myself as well as possible and keeping the right people in the game
Apologies in advance for making you guys read a lot more than you want to on a Tuesday, but for a game that’s gone on this long, it was hard to give a rundown of my gameplay and make it any shorter than that without leaving out important info. Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of the experience–the friends I knew before the game, all of the ones I met during the game, and the host team–it’s been a blast.
Greetings to the juries, players, spectators, and hosts. I would like to thank you everyone for being a part of this game for the 3 months stretch, dealing with all my chaos but more importantly giving me the opportunity to get to know more people, working with new and familiar faces alike, and getting me to the final tribal council. Coming into this game, I didn't expect much considering it was a gigantic game but I was determined to do my best. Of course, this has meant lies, stabbing, and other things you deal with in Survivor. I'm so sorry if I left you in the dark, or if I blindsided you at any point in the game. But i believed the best way to make up for them is to go as far as possible, as I think it's the best way to honor the fallen. As the game comes to an end, I hope you appreciate my gameplay. I did not lay down a specific plan to follow this game, as I prefer to be adaptive to anything that happens. Playing with people I've known before can both be an opportunity and a risk - it's easier to build trust but also harder to shake off reputations. I knew that if I had to win, I need to form a strong alliance core while balancing an under the radar playstyle - while making, or choosing deliberately not to make, moves when it matters. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a diary, so I will try to keep it short. Feel free to ask me any questions later! I'll point out some key events here though:

My first tribe had a bunch of returnees like DLE, Jalmont, Trace etc. which I knew could prove to be both an opportunity and a threat. I also met new players like Blakers and got along well with him. All in all, the people I wanted to make it through did make it to the swap, and I left with good connections to all despite going to a quite a few tribal councils.

The second tribe was in my opinion a bit more eventful. I swapped with blakers, so I still had someone from my first tribe to fall back on. I also forged a close alliance with Clouds during this tribe, but also with Isa and Whydon. Ultimately, after a few tribal councils, there was a divide between those voting for Isa and those voting for Whydon. I ultimately decided to save Whydon, knowing that he probably trusts me and is well connected which could benefit me in the future. The swing vote was me and clouds, although Clouds didn't mention my name in his speech did he.... In any case, I was a part of that and looking back, I left my vote on Isa before clouds replied so in some way you could say I was the one that led clouds that way! This left me blindsiding Combee and Blakers, but I came up on the good side of the majority (me, clouds, Whydon, Dyo).

Then comes Finance, which I felt the most secured in. We had a strong alliance of five (me, clouds, josh, ssr, trace) and pretty much dominated every tribal. However, I was not complacent and decided to keep up a good relationship with in the hills during this time. This mattered in the end, as trace and I were quite screwed by our timezones in the pairing up challenge. In the hills reached out to me to pair with me, and I was very thankful that we maintain a good relationship. I could have paired with trace, but I decided he was a bigger threat if he makes it further. I'm sorry.

Legal was quite a mess challenge-wise, as we went to so many tribal councils. However, I swapped with clouds, SSR, and whydon and felt rather confident. One event of note was the jalmont elimination, where he reached out to me knowing he was the target whether his 2 advantages could be used in a way to eliminate whydon (note: i gave him one of the advantages - more on this later). I wanted to save whydon, and I really tried to find alternatives but it was risky knowing that jalmont would be the next elimination anyways. In any case, I had to let him go and stuck to my core alliance.

And we arrive at merge. Not gonna lie, I was very scared. Of the other 12 players, I had only been on a tribe with 7 (6 if you doesn't count my short time with zoa before he mutinied) which means half of the players haven't met me before. Additionally, we merged with a tribe of four compared to the other nine players. The first few votes were out of my control - since decisions were changing near deadlines when I can't be online, I ended up on the minority. However, I took this as an opportunity. I already had strong alliances with SSR and Clouds coming in to merge so I wasn't worried there, but I used the opportunity to strengthen my bonds with others on the minority like Josh, in the hills, and zoa while others may not be overly focused on them. I think this has led to good results, although I couldn't save all of them, Josh said he had my back while ith mostly voted with me and zoa also stated at one point that he trusted me a lot and would be fine with an F3 with me. At merge, I knew the core of Whydon-Eli-Ayia-Rad was my biggest threat so it was my goal to take them down. Along the way, I agreed to a blakers vote knowing that I blindsided him before multiple times and that he may not be up to work with me in the future. Zoa also emerged as a challenge threat, which has to be taken care of. One vote I'm sad about is ITH, but everyone was against him :( The SSR vote was very painful, but after a lot of thought I decided that SSR was the most dominant player, led the most votes, and thus was my biggest threat. So that is my story of how I arrived at this point.

Now you may ask, what have you done differently this game compared to the others? I will list you some reasons:
1) Although I have been to a lot of tribal councils throughout the game, there was none in which I was in danger of going home. I attribute this to keeping my visibility low, while keeping a strong alliance core and working with others that may be left behind. I'm thankful to everyone that worked with me, even if we never met before. It has been very nice playing with you!
2) I probably found the most advantages out of the others at FTC. The steal-a-vote that Jalmont played was mine, I found it from an advantage hunt during our first tribe. I also found the locations of the four clues for the idol hunt quite early, which i think i informed Isa and Whydon. On legal, I was the one to point out to Clouds about the clue to the idol sheet, and was also the one to gave the link to him.
3) Out of us three, I performed well in challenges. Although Josh did win more than me, I got second in both of the challenges he won and ranked within top three in many others. Although challenges are not necessary to win, it proved that I was willing to put effort into this game.

In the end, I would like to thank you everyone for being a part of this experience. I have some comments with regards to other speeches, but I will leave those for later as I think it's unfair since I'm posting last. Obviously, this speech can't capture everything that happened this game and there are a lot of minor details that i have to left out which I am more than willing to answer. I played a balanced mix of under the radar and positioning myself well that allowed me to survive every vote despite circumstances not going my way sometimes. The relationships I've built, some of which I cannot carry until the end, all mattered to me personally so I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that these relationships made you guys trust me, save me, and work with me even if I could not return the favor. Also thank you to you all for reading this very long post. In the end, I would just like to say your voice matters! Go out and #VoteDrookez. OK maybe not but, it's important to get the truth out there. This is the time to let #LETTHEMKNOW!!!!!!! Let Final Tribal Council Begin.
Thanks for the great speeches everyone!
I'm now opening this up to the members of the board - joe_durk, Andy Snype, Blakers, Whydon, In The Hills, Nuxl, Ayia, Pidge, 3P1K, and superstarsrock. You may ask any questions you have (and the jurors will answer accordingly) in here. Any other discussion relevant to information brought up in FTC can be posted in here as well.
I'm opening a channel in discord for more general chatter/quick questions as well, so please keep unrelated things in that thread.

I'll end FTC at 5 PM PST, 11/5. For the board members - please get your vote in by then.


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hey girlies! congrats on making ftc! super glad some of the gays could all make it… anyway it’s been a super long game and you all should be proud of yourself for making it! pat yourself on the back and grab a tequila or something, final tribal council is absolutely one of the worst things in orgs and please take a break if you get stressed out- this game isn’t worth that!

however i mentioned in this game that my entire purpose was to join and be dramatic so i am going to do just that <3 in truth i did not really see myself voting for any of you until you actually became the f4, so good job for finding a f3 that worked since now i might have to put a modicum of thought into what i vote here! i could just rng it but this is probably more fair :)

overall disclaimer: i welcome any contesting arguments. i want to fight!!

tangentially, in online survivor especially, people tend to vote for their friends at the end. this merge was riddled with that, a lot of people had out of game relationships that affected the actual gameplay of this merge and made a lot of it devolve into “get the outsider!”. i do not feel like looking at the gameplay is my ultimate goal here- because i feel like i can frankly summarize the gameplay up into “joshua and drookez were being dragged to endgame for slaughter for whoever won between clouds and ssr because the latter two had a better social game”. you can vote correctly all you like but this merge i feel didn’t have any moves, if you disagree feel free to! at least be honest and don’t oversell yourselves :)

truthfully, that would be true with my vote as well... but i stated as i left that i have an open mind, and if there is one thing i did not do this game, it was lie. i want to vote for the person i feel best voting for. not because you deserve it by playing the greatest game, but because you are the realest human being to me. i will be targeting the yucky, social part of your games and hoping you can respond to it.

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