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Hi, Circus Leader here.

To be clear regarding the item that Ampharos mentioned, "An infraction on the site Mafia Universe" as stated is a violation of Smogon rules

Do NOT organize trolls here. If you post here about how you've been trolling a forum, you will be infracted.

We've requested Hal change the wording of that item to make it more obvious what he's looking for. But just to be clear. Any attempts to get an infraction in present day by creating work for MU staff will result in infractions on smogon and removal from this game.

Don't do it. Don't try to get other people to do it.
Hi, Circus Leader here.

To be clear regarding the item that Ampharos mentioned, "An infraction on the site Mafia Universe" as stated is a violation of Smogon rules

We've requested Hal change the wording of that item to make it more obvious what he's looking for. But just to be clear. Any attempts to get an infraction in present day by creating work for MU staff will result in infractions on smogon and removal from this game.

Don't do it. Don't try to get other people to do it.
really glad to see our forum mods working hard to police our dead subforum! this is definitely way more important than doing literally anything for the community! you guys have such a tough job, really appreciate the hard work you guys put in to stop troublemaking like what's going on in this game :afrostar: :afrostar: :afrostar:
In the last Performance review, Outlaw was fired.

Pacman Battles
Challenge 21

For your next Challenge, you will be playing two simultaneous games of Pacman against one another. In one game, one tribe will control 4 Pacmen, while the other tribe will control four ghosts. In the second game, these roles will be reversed. The tribes will be 'split' in the sense that someone who submits a move for a Pacman cannot submit a move for a ghost. There is no limit to the number of people who can be controlling either grouping.

Here is your map:

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 6.36.34 PM.png

P1, P2, P3, and P4 each represent a Pacman.
G1, G2, G3, and G4 each represent a Ghost.

Pacmen can move 6 spaces per turn. Ghosts can move 8 spaces per turn.
Movements will be resolved 1 space at a time (i.e. each pacman will move 1 space, then each ghost will move 1 space, so on and so forth until all movement spaces are resolved).
You can see some regular 'o's, and then yellow capital 'O's. The regular o's are normal pellets, which will be eaten should a pacman walk over the spot of a pellet. The yellow capital 'O's are power pellets, which, when eaten, will power up the Pacman which ate it, and give it 10 movement space on the next turn. Ghosts will have their movement reduced to 5 spaces on that turn. The Pacman which ate the pellet will also be able to 'eat' any ghosts that they run into on their next turn, sending them back to the home base at the center, where they will respawn after 2 turns.
Ghosts will automatically kill a Pacman should they run into it while it is not under the effects of a power pellet.
If Pacmen or ghosts run into another pacman/ghost, they will 'rebound' and move in the opposite direction, reversing their movement (and running into walls if applicable)
The goal for each tribe is to get more points than the other tribe.
The following is all of the ways to get points:

  1. Eat a normal pellet - 1 point
  2. Eat a power pellet - 5 points
  3. Eat a ghost - 10 points
  4. Clear the map - 1000 points - (25 points * number of turns) + 50 * number of alive pacmen
I'd like to run both of these games at the same time. Please post any questions you guys have about this challenge in your channels/on here and i'll answer them in the relevant locations.
Ideally I can run these tonight, but if that's not possible we can figure out a time tomorrow.
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After a long-fought battle, the Business tribe has conceded, and the Legal tribe has won immunity. The Business tribe will attend Performance Review, where one of their members will be fired.
At the last Performance Review, DLE was fired.

Obligatory Pokemon Challenge
Challenge 22​

Well, this is a Pokemon forum, after all.

Each tribe will have to field 7 players to battle in the following tiers:
Gen 8 Random Battle (best of 3)
Gen 8 OU
Gen 8 UU
Gen 8 RU
Gen 8 NU
Gen 8 PU
Gen 8 LC
Whichever tribe wins a majority of the matchups will win immunity.

You will have 24 hours to determine your lineup (please try to not take the full 24 hours), and then 24 hours to get your battles done. I'll be slightly flexible with the deadline (i.e. if you're getting your battle done at deadline or right after deadline, that's ok) but will make activity calls or randomize remaining matches if needed.

A tip for scheduling: Lay out all hours of the day (in EST since that's easy to convert to for most) that you'll be available in a 24 hour range.
I will give points to the person who did a better job of trying to make the game happen should the battle never occur.

Business Tribe, as your tribe has two extra members, you must sit two people out. They will not be able to participate in the actual battling, but can still help out with other parts of the challenge (building teams, helping practice, etc.)
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Matchups are in!
Business (4) vs Legal (0)
Random Battles: Blakers v VigVig
OU: Zoa v Whydon
UU: in the hills vs superstarsrock
RU: eli vs Jalmont
NU: TheyCallMeJoshua vs charlie
PU: RAD vs Clouds
LC: joe_durk vs Drookez
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At the last Performance Review, Jalmont was fired.

Pokemon Battling Circuit
Challenge 23
In typical fashion, I saw a cool challenge in another ORG and stole it for this one!
In the following challenge, 16 Pokemon will go head to head in a tournament, where only one will come out on top.
Each Pokemon has five stats:

  • HP: The Hit Points of the Pokemon - when they are reduced to 0, the Pokemon will be knocked out and eliminated from the tournament. HP will NOT be restored after the Round 1 and Round 3 battles; in the interest of not having the finals be between two 1 HP pokemon (or some low HP luckfest) Pokemon will be fully healed after Round 2.
  • ATK: The Attack stat of the Pokemon shows how much damage it will do upon landing a hit.
  • DEF: The Defense stat of a Pokemon will reduce incoming damage. Damage will be calculated as Attackers ATK stat - Defenders DEF stat.
  • SPE: How quickly the Pokemon can attack. You can safely expect a Pokemon with 2 SPE to attack two times by the time a Pokemon with 1 SPE attacks once.
  • EVA: The Pokemon's ability to evade. This will be a number between 0 and 10, where 0 is a 0% chance to evade an incoming attack, and 10 is a 100% chance to evade an incoming attack.
To prevent this challenge from being 100% solvable, i'm also introducing a bit of randomness into the mix; each non-HP stat for each Pokemon will have a corresponding "variability" value. This "variability" value can either increase or decrease a stat up to the maximum variability amount. Stats can be reduced to 0, but will never be negative. Variability will be applied every turn of the match.
As an example, a Pokemon with an ATK stat of 3 and variability of 4 could have an ATK stat in the range of 0-7 every turn.

As there are 16 Pokemon, there will be 4 rounds of the tournament. Each tribe will be given 1000 PokeCoins to bet on the outcome of matches; for every match you bet on correctly, you will receive twice the PokeCoins bet on the outcome. You may bet on as many matches as you would like per round, as long as you do not spend more than your current balance of PokeCoins.
You may also bet on FUTURE rounds of the tournament - let's say Rufflet is one of the sixteen Pokemon, you can bet during Round 1 that Rufflet will win its Round 2 match. If this is correct, your return from the bet will be three times the normal amount you would receive (so 6x the PokeCoins that are bet on the outcome).
This future betting is exponential, so if you bet two rounds ahead, you would receive nine times the normal amount (meaning 18x the PokeCoins that your tribe bet on the match).
Be careful though - if the Pokemon you select doesn't make it to the match you bet on, your PokeCoins will NOT be refunded.

At the end of the tournament, the tribe with the greater amount of PokeCoins will win immunity.
Ties will be broken in favor of the tribe that bet more coins.
I have a second secret tiebreaker in case the first tiebreak doesn't end up working. It will only work if kept secret, so i'll bring it up if it becomes relevant. It is irrelevant to the challenge aside from being used as the second tiebreaker, so no need to worry about that.

Now without further ado, here are the Pokemon battling in the tournament!
HP: 20
ATK: 0 (Variability: 10)
DEF: 0 (Variability: 10)
SPE: 0 (Variability: 10)
EVA: 0 (Variability: 10)

HP: 35
ATK: 2 (Variability: 3)
DEF: 6 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 1 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 0 (Variability: 2)

HP: 30
ATK: 3 (Variability: 2)
DEF: 5 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 3 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 2 (Variability: 3)

HP: 15
ATK: 6 (Variability: 2)
DEF: 1 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 6 (Variability: 3)
EVA: 5 (Variability: 2)

HP: 20
ATK: 3 (Variability: 2)
DEF: 2 (Variability: 1)
SPE: 4 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 3 (Variability: 1)

HP: 20
ATK: 2 (Variability: 3)
DEF: 1 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 2 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 1 (Variability: 1)

HP: 20
ATK: 4 (Variability: 2)
DEF: 4 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 3 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 3 (Variability: 1)

HP: 10
ATK: 6 (Variability: 3)
DEF: 0 (Variability: 0)
SPE: 5 (Variability: 2)
EVA: 7 (Variability: 2)

HP: 40
ATK: 5 (Variability: 1)
DEF: 0 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 2 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 3 (Variability: 1)

HP: 25
ATK: 5 (Variability: 1)
DEF: 4 (Variability: 1)
SPE: 4 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 0 (Variability: 0)

HP: 15
ATK: 4 (Variability: 3)
DEF: 3 (Variability: 3)
SPE: 6 (Variability: 4)
EVA: 4 (Variability: 4)

HP: 25
ATK: 3 (Variability: 2)
DEF: 4 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 2 (Variability: 1)
EVA: 2 (Variability: 1)

HP: 25
ATK: 6 (Variability: 2)
DEF: 5 (Variability: 1)
SPE: 1 (Variability: 0)
EVA: 2 (Variability: 2)

HP: 15
ATK: 4 (Variability: 1)
DEF: 2 (Variability: 1)
SPE: 6 (Variability: 2)
EVA: 1 (Variability: 1)

HP: 15
ATK: 4 (Variability: 2)
DEF: 2 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 10 (Variability: 0)
EVA: 4 (Variability: 3)

HP: 15
ATK: 5 (Variability: 1)
DEF: 4 (Variability: 2)
SPE: 5 (Variability: 2)
EVA: 0 (Variability: 3)

I randomized the matchups and got the following:
Round 1
Porygon v Timburr
Skarmory v Magikarp
Abra v Mareanie
Voltorb v Wurmple
Scyther v Shuckle
Bidoof v Sneasel
Meditite v Mankey
Munchlax v Shieldon

Here are the Round 2 matchups as well, in case you would like to bet on them:
Round 2
Winner of (Porygon v Timburr) v Winner of (Skarmory v Magikarp)
Winner of (Abra v Mareanie) v Winner of (Voltorb v Wurmple)
Winner of (Scyther v Shuckle) v Winner of (Bidoof v Sneasel)
Winner of (Meditite v Mankey) v Winner of (Munchlax v Shieldon)

Rounds 3/4 would follow the same format (top half face each other, bottom half face each other)

This is a lot to read, so please let me know if you have any questions.
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Round 1 betting
Business -> 1000 on Skarmory winning r2
Legal -> 1000 on Skarmory winning r1

Round 1 results
Porygon v Timburr (15 hp remaining)
Skarmory (24 hp remaining) v Magikarp
Abra (4 hp remaining) v Mareanie
Voltorb (11 hp remaining) v Wurmple
Scyther (19 hp remaining) v Shuckle
Bidoof v Sneasel (9 hp remaining)
Meditite v Mankey (10 hp remaining)
Munchlax v Shieldon (24 hp remaining)

Round 2 betting
Legal -> 2000 on Skarmory winning r4

Round 2 results
Timburr vs Skarmory (6hp)
Abra vs Voltorb (8hp)
Scyther (14 hp) vs Sneasel
Mankey vs Shieldon (22hp)

Round 3 betting
Business -> 6000 on skarmory winning r4

Round 3 results
Skarmory vs Voltorb (4hp)
Scyther (9 hp) vs Shieldon

Round 4 betting
no tribes had PokeCoins to bet

Round 4 results
Voltorb v Scyther (6hp)

Scyther took home the victory, leaving both tribes with zero coins. Due to this, the tiebreak was applied, in which the Business tribe won immunity as they had bet 7000 coins total to the Legal tribe's 3000.
The Legal tribe will thus attend tribal council, eliminating the next player from the game.
At the last performance review, charlie was fired.

No More Pokemon
Challenge 24
Your next challenge is a pretty simple game! In it, you will be matched up against someone from the other tribe, where each of you will take turns naming different Pokemon.
Once a Pokemon is named, you must name a 'category' that that Pokemon fits in. Once you do this, no more Pokemon from that category can be named.
Here's an example:
rssp: Rufflet, no more gender-locked Pokemon
Divya: Vullaby

In this situation, Divya would lose, as Vullaby is a gender-locked Pokemon (it is female-only).

You may also challenge your opponent after they name a Pokemon in any of the following situations:
  • if you believe that there are no other pokemon which fit the category provided.
  • if you believe that there are no other pokemon which fit the given rules
  • if you believe a rule that a person names is invalid (as per discord, an "invalid" rule is specified as one which eliminates >100 Pokemon in a vacuum, where no other rules have been applied).
For the first of these examples, the person challenged can NOT name a Pokemon which has already been named, and the Pokemon named MUST also adhere to all of the previous rules. Here's an example:

rssp: Spiritomb, no more Pokemon from Route 209
Divya: Tympole, no more Pokemon which can learn Surf
rssp: Sableye, no more Pokemon with the types Dark and Ghost
Divya: I challenge that

In this situation, I would lose, as Spiritomb has already been named and there are no other Pokemon with the types Dark and Ghost other than Sableye and Spiritomb.

Should someone be challenged as their opponent believes there are no more valid Pokemon, then they must name a Pokemon that fits all previous rules and the one that they newly added.

Should someone be challenged on a rule, you must specify that you are challenging the rule, then provide proof that the rule eliminates >100 Pokemon.

To make sure players do not take too much time to select a Pokemon, you will get 30 seconds at a time (based on when I state that your turn begins) to name a Pokemon.

I reserve the right to add more rules to this if I discover anything else which would need to be widely communicated to improve the quality of the games.

I'll create chats for the matchups once each team sends up a lineup of 5 players that will be participating in this challenge.
Business tribe, as you have 4 extra people, you must sit out 4 of your tribemates.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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