Smogon Tour 16 - [Won by BKC]

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Lost, ggs !

Just want to make one point clear : I admit that i've made a big mistake with pastebin, but it doesn't excuse the sharing. Like any good competitive player, I just want to play cleans games. Well, I don't wanna create a drama, it's 100% my fault and I think BKC didn't see the link posted on the chat (like me), he was focused on his match + he probably couldn't see the chat.

Oh, and to reply to those who think I was ghosted by Ojama during this tour :

I would like to thank Ojama, McMeghan and Private for giving me their advices and for all their support. You guys are awesome.

Congrats to you BKC, you highly deserved it !
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congratulations, my friend !

you've been close to it 2 straight years and you got your wished pink trophy!!

great job boudouche for making it so far too :)
I guess BKC doesn't have Bluewind syndrome after all. Grats boss, you've proven time and time again that you're a skilled player deserving of this win.

Also obligatory you're welcome for tutoring Undisputed who then tutored you. I think we can all agree that I basically won this trophy via transitive property.

Boudouche, you seem like quite the stand-up fellow. Grats on making it this far!

That being said, LOG ME!!!


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I won ADV, lost BW and won DPP, ggs. They were very intense battles against a high quality opponent, I enjoyed them a lot. Shame we couldn't play the dpp on shoddy lol

SHOUTOUTS (probably missed people my bad i appreciate what you did anyway)

US EAST - every1 of you is awesome ilu all except shake fuck shake and sometimes bitchass gayde
#beastaroonis - every1 of you is awesome ilu all except danilo fuck danilo and sometimes bitchass gayde
am - he teach me lotsa thing and it it pay off
Masterclass / Sweepage / Grind_Pantera - a king
Fakes - such a bro
geo182 - hooked me up with his sick dpp team at the last minute in the semis, great player, gonna rape in spl
symphonyx64 - would probably link more embarassing wifi battles of mine from 2009-10 if I didn't mention him
Heist - CALUM
Furai - fuck you for haxing me in that dpp tour because holy shit i wanted to kill myself after you won the whole thing jesus fucking christ heres your punishment for that horrendous sin
Mizuhime - the finest lady in the land
Triangles - a boss at adv and a great dude, a shame I never decided to use your teams cause they're great
gene - never got tired of helping me in adv and talking metal, thanks dude
Floppy - GORGIE
undisputed - the_best
Philip7086 - thank god you didnt tutor me back when i asked for it in 2010 and passed me on to undisputed instead because he owns and if i had gotten you i probably would suck a lot more LOL
panamaxis - thanks for the dpp advice!!!
DICE - you are the best. I think we did like 300 test battles over the the course of these playoffs. ilu princess

and of course, the most important one of all...
thanks everyone :)
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God BKC, I am so happy you won. It is a really long time coming. I'd say more, but im pretty much sure we all had a circlejerk at the east channel. Just really happy for ya.
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