Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

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Lost to Philip thanks to my dad's fanatic energy saving actions, such as shutting down my internet connection when the battle was at it's peak.
Nice way to save the world dad! and ruining my chance to get further in this T5

I think i'm going to battle him instead
Confirming, GG. People that watched can confirm though that I had a sweeper set to sweep the rest of his team while I was up 5-4 (a very deceptive score). All I had to do was sacrifice something to get it in safely. Still, ending matches this way is never fun for either party involved =/

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Confirming 0-2 loss to cti. Let's just say there was a very untimely crit on my +6/+6 Cursepert right at the end =P. Good game cti, enjoyed meeting you.
Won 2-0. It was quite haxxy to both players (I had to do serious switching at the end :[) but I eventually pulled through. gg chaos 9, sending log now.
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