Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

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lost the first one due to a crucial hydro pump miss and some other hax
won the second won, got helped a lil bit by a crit
lost the third one by a crit on the turn before the end

to sum it up, the better player lost



I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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Alright guys I just spent like an hour+ sorting through this stuff.

I read every PM I got and checked up on every user under question. I then looked at our list of subs, and had to cross off a few for being completely inactive themselves. Some of them are questionable, but they will have to do. If your opponent got subbed out, the best you can do is PM/VM your new opponent and hope they battle. If they are just as inactive as the previous opponent I will be understanding.

Not all people who requested subs got one; we simply could not fill the demand.

Official subs (who subbed in over who was done randomly):

Eminem is subbing in for Shace
Alakazamaster is subbing in for youhaveaface
gregj92 is subbing in for Xpert
hypervortex is subbing in for Rodan
HerbieTG is subbing in for coolking49
Zak91 is subbing in for matty
eaglesrock is subbing in for Euphoria
NjSoccer is subbing in for The LegendKiller
LafondaOnFire is subbing in for Ninjadead
Xiang is subbing in for uclafan101
Energy Storm is subbing in for Blood Tears
CriCri95 is subbing in for Blingox24
Celsius is subbing in for CobraJSF
Kinneas is subbing in for Drums
Geno is subbing in for boyofrito
Oddish On Fire is subbing in for Otterpaw
Stellar is subbing in for fohg

Again if your opponent got subbed out, be sure to contact your new opponent.

Finally, remember that the new deadline is is a week today, January 4 at Midnight EST.

Good luck everyone!
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