Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

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Activity post.Every time i see cayr on and VM him he goes off without


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ive been able to get a couple of hours in everyday and have searched for werecario, but hes never been online when ive visited.

activity post, if anything
alphaspade agreed to give me a shout if he saw me on the forums, we both didn't feel the need to schedule a time, but i haven't heard from him lately so i guess we should do that......


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I'm sorry, I don't think I will be able to get this done. I've been very inactive lately. The last possible time will be tonight, otherwise I'm going to be in Europe for awhile. If I can't get it done tonight, kokoloko should get the win. Apologies to the TD's
So what's going to happen with this? Is matty going to get subbed or am I just getting the win?
well this is my last day with a computer before the deadline. I'm going to be online all day. light-kun has not responded to my vms, so I hope he shows up because if we don't battle today we won't battle, barring some ridiculous change in my family's plans, which likely won't happen
carloo suggested last friday and saturday but wasn't on when I was (christmas's surely not the best time lol) so I'm still looking for him
we've met a couple times on PO, but in each instance either he or I have been in a hurry and we have encountered multiple problems with errors in his team


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Read carefully!

I understand that given the nature of this tournament round 1 is bound to be a nightmare, what with 384 people, many of which no one has heard of and who don't have a very good history of activity.

Here is what I am going to do:

-I am going to use all the subs we have. So subs be ready to battle.
-If your opponent's last activity was on or before December 22, 2010, shoot me a PM with the title "ST7 Activity". In the message, include who your opponent is and when his last activity was.
-If your opponent has been active but for some reason you don't forsee it being possible to complete the match, shoot me a PM with the same title as above stating who your opponent is and why.
-In about 24 hours, I will make one mass round of substitutions, using up all our subs, based on the PMs I get.
-Keep in mind that you could potentially "hide" the fact that your opponent hasn't been active and I would never know, but if I have not heard from either opponent of a match come the deadline I will just coin flip.
-Speaking of deadlines, I realize that subs need some time to sort stuff out, and that this is a very hectic year for everyone. I rarely do this but I will make an exception.

I am extending the deadline of this round to be Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at midnight EST. This is a week after the mass substitution will be made. It really shouldn't take longer than that to schedule a battle.

I want to see 80%+ of these battles finished so let's get going.
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