Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

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Makiri? really? contacting. Im still gonna win this thing. I even predicted myself. Clearly makiri isn't a god battler, since otherwise everyone would be talking about our match.

gonna drink some beer tonight, writing some tests 'til wednesday and getting this done before xmas. MASTERPLAN!

I'll contact my opponent ...


Banned deucer.
Contacting opponent now, I hate how people are making predicions in the other thread based on post count for the less known people, >_>

Anyway, I know for a fact that my Regigigas and Slaking will rule this. They can both own anything with Giga Impact. They're so awesome that even Ghosts are hit.
My Lead BellyZard will also take out anything that attempts to get in my way.

Anyway, this is my chance to get my name known around here, lol. I was a pretty well known person on another Pokemon forum, here... Not so much, lol.
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