Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

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nice desu ne
Some stuff came up in real life this last week, which made catching b-lulz hard. Hopefully we'll get this done before the deadline, but if we can't, he should take the win.
It's 1-1 atm and I haven't heard head or tail of sebixxl for three days.
Hopefully this player will battle me in the next 10 hours but in case this doesn't happen.

First battle to him very close 0-1 pokemon left,
the next was replayed (sever had trouble when I was going to win there was no other possible outcome)
and was a land slide win to me with 5-0 pokemon left.

Activity Win Request in the case that I loss for not posting this

All battles agreed on from both sides where done, and battle requests are pretty even on both sides.

This is the last time of activity 8:15am of the 13th.

I'm giving my opponent all afternoon (the better time for my opponent) on 15th and 16th weekend, If I can't get to him then I'll let you decide on what to do.
about 2 weeks time to do a bo3, and my opp only got 2 dates to battle ( on the first we did the 2, than he had to leave).

i wrote him several times ( , with confusing answers about when to do the last battle.
Now i am at my girlfriends house (since friday) and he only let me this day to battle (, what i refuse because i dont want to spend the time on the pc when i am visiting her family.

if this is fair the activity goes to the more active use.
you guys decide who this is.

edit: won anyways

Metal Sonic

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Activity win request

My opponent contacted me and is active, but he keeps putting off the battles off for later. He did not show up my final arranged timing which was just before the deadline. As I know it this timing was very inconvenient for me and should be convenient for my opponent but there was still a no-show. Therefore I deserve the activity win. Also I have made a lot of effort in trying to arrange the battles but they were always put off until dangerously near the deadline.


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Edit: Trollmonchan and I are 1-1 currently but he's johning me for the last match and I have to go in exactly 25 minutes.

(18:22) snow and sorrow: gimme a few mins need to find another team
(18:33) DestinyUnknown: im ready
(18:33) DestinyUnknown: accept the challenge
(18:33) snow and sorrow: i have to eat
(18:33) snow and sorrow: b back in like 20
(18:34) DestinyUnknown: what??
(18:34) DestinyUnknown: can't you play now?
(18:34) DestinyUnknown: I don't have all the da
(18:34) DestinyUnknown: day*
(18:34) DestinyUnknown: ????
(18:35) snow and sorrow: i could've played if you accepted when i first challenged you
(18:35) snow and sorrow: but now i have to eat
(18:35) snow and sorrow: cya xox
(18:36) DestinyUnknown: what?
(18:36) DestinyUnknown: I take 2 minutes
(18:36) DestinyUnknown: because I was at the toilet
(18:36) DestinyUnknown: and now you have to eat?
(18:36) DestinyUnknown: after taking 3 minutes each turn on the battles
(18:37) DestinyUnknown: and looking for a team
(18:37) DestinyUnknown: for 15 minutes
(18:37) DestinyUnknown: great
(18:37) DestinyUnknown: I have to go at 7:10
(18:37) DestinyUnknown: (30 minutes from now)
(18:37) DestinyUnknown: so please play now

(snow and sorrow is trollmonchan)

just in case....

Activity Win Request

Well, i did the 1st and the 2nd with my opponent, but before starting the 3rd battle he told me that he did not want to battle today. So we postponed for the weekend. But yesterday we were there at different times. Today I contacted seeing it online, but I have not received a response.
I look forward to making the 3rd battle.
Activity Win Request

Firstly, I've been constantly active during these three weeks, even before my opponent was subbed out, my constant activity posts in this thread can show that.
Secondly, even though we have different time zones my opponent had scheduled to meet me at any moment of my evening-night of friday and then of saturday and he didn't show up. And then he sends me a VM wanting me to request a time right before the deadline.

If you don't believe me on this, check other current tourney threads and see how i've done my battles in the time given.


Banned deucer.
Activity win request

I told him I had to go but he kept johning, rest is on the pics. I don't get why he thinks that I can be all the week sitting in from of the computer but yeah.... I will be on in 4 hours if he want to get this done.

Activity Win Request

My opponent never agree with me to battle, He always talked to me when I was offline. And he hasn't been online these 2 last days.
Posting for an activity win thingy. mklo14 said this after we scheduled a battle earlier this week.
uhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't know actually... I'm really busy. I will try and make it at 4 my time tomorrow, and if I don't I'll just forfeit to ya!
My opponent VM'd me for the whole week with "can you play now" while I was offline, and didn't answer to my VM I sent early this morning to schedule a battle for today, an extension may be needed

Still no sign of my opponent at midnight, requesting an activity win ^_^
I would like to ask for activity win because my opponent Raseri didnt show up at the time he set 8pm my time, 2pm his. I have been waiting for 40 mins and he still hasnt shown up. Since i have to go now i think i deserved the activity win.
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