Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition: Round 1

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seems like everyone remaining in the tournament is active and has made some kind of contact except reno who i unfortunately will be subbing out for IMKUltra tomorrow if he does not show up. (his last activity on smogon was dec 19).
as i am on holidays i am in #yugioh pretty much all the time and the only time when we can't duel is when i'm playing league of legends

also i turned down a request from the shadow knight to play at 1 am so if we cannot get this done he should win for his initiative
I'm seconding this. Reno's always active whenever I poke my head into IRC (which has been a few days, but that's because I wont have IRC until I get my ethernet cable from back home). Also, he does have a deck ready so I wont think there's a problem with you two dueling.
I didn't know this. During the beginning of the break I saw him on almost everyday but for the past 4/5 days I haven't seen him once and when I checked the forums I thought he was gone for good but I guess it was just a coincidence.


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got manhandled 8,000-0. my beaver warriors and celtic guardians were no match. gg


[19:54] <&Bluewind> i knew folg was going to beaver warrior me
[19:54] <&Bluewind> and i cteamed him
[19:54] <&Bluewind> counterdecked (BAN ME PLEASE)


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While Shinkou is ready, it does not appear that reyscarface shall be:
<ExpertEvan> ready to face Shinkou for yugioh today? he'll be home today
<reyscarface> sorry i dont know if im in the mood to play
<reyscarface> my grandmother died yesterday and im kind of hit by that
<reyscarface> if we dont play be sure to tell shinkou to ask for the win
<ExpertEvan> oh ok, sorry about your grandma
<reyscarface> thanks

as of now we have 4 incomplete matches, the following matches will be awarded activity wins if not completed by tonight at 11:59 PM (GMT -5)

reyscarface (reyscarface) vs Shinkou (
ILoveLiza (ILoveLiza) vs Magmortified (Obsequious)

the other two will meet the coin flip of death to decide who moves on if it isn't completed by by the same deadline.

locopoke (locopoke) vs LightWolf (LightWolf)
Quagsires (Auagsires) vs Parallel (Parallel)

if any of these 4 matches are scheduled to play tomorrow i'm willing to extend that particular match's deadline until the end of tomorrow but that's as far as extending the deadline goes. look forward to round 2 soon!
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