Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament Signups

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Hi, all, been a while since I posted here. Perhaps too long, perhaps not long enough.

Anyway, I was wondering something about how things are going to be handled between rounds: If the scouting report says that your upcoming opponent is, say, known for using stall, and you don't have any stallbreakers on the team you just won your last match with, would it be OK if you went in and made changes before going into your next fight?

I'm under the impression that official Nintendo VGC tournaments require participants to register the six that they will be using throughout the tournament at sign-up, so this is what I'm running with, but it would be nice to hear an official ruling as far as this tournament goes.

This is not a statement saying I'm "in", as I'm currently in another tournament at the moment (lol text fighting), rather something to clear the air for everyone else. Given how well I did in the various LNTs, I see myself as little more than a waste of time for whoever I would have gone up against.
in this tournament, you can switch teams between rounds, but not in between the bo3.
due to the structure of vgc teams, i doubt any team will be completely destroyed by 1 pokemon or even style of play...
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