So Many Cards Mafia - TEAM B wins!


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Yo, whoever is mafia, I'd like to move forward to the next half of the cycle so make up ur minds pls so that we can get an update. TY
Rivulets of democracy roll down Acklow's half-naked body as he looks aside toward houndoomsday. houndoomsday is suddenly whisked away by a tornado.

Role PM said:
Dear Houndoomsday,

You are O’ren Ishii, from Kill Bill.

A half Chinese, half Japanese American who rose through the ranks of Yakuza, you are a force to be feared in Japanese society and elsewhere. Your unbridled power over the hundreds of people in Yakuza makes you an extremely dangerous enemy to have.

Terrified people can be convinced to do almost anything. As such, at night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Add Yakuza Persuasion Cards to <deck>.” You will add two Yakuza Persuasion cards to the deck of your choice (either that of TEAM C or that of TEAM A). These cards act as normal Persuasions but have special flavor.

You are allied with TEAM C. You win if TEAM C eliminates all other factions.

“Take a good look at my face. Look at my eyes. Do I look familiar? Do I look like somebody... you murdered?”
It is now Night 5. Night 5 ends 48 hours as of this post.
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Hollymon was murderized last night. His body was riddled with bullets.

Role PM said:
Dear Hollymon,
You are Harold, from Harold and the Purple Crayon.

You are a baby who, with the power of a purple crayon, can bring into life whatever you can draw. Recently, you drew yourself into TEAM A, so here you are.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Drawing Harold Special Card.” You will put a Harold Special Card into the deck. In the event that you are ever given a Harold Special Card, you will receive a new role.

You are allied with TEAM A. You win if TEAM A eliminates all other factions.

“After he had sailed long enough, Harold made land without much trouble.”
After receiving his Harold Special Card, he had become:

Role PM said:
You have received a Harold Special Card.

Congratulations! You now can use the following new role:

Once in the game you may PM the host, askaninjask, "Night X - Draw myself as <user>", where <user> is a member of TEAM A who has died. You will become that user as they were at the time of their death - you will PERMANENTLY gain their night action.
He had not yet used this role at the time of his death.

There were no other deaths! WHAAAAT!?

It's not all good news though - the village will only be able to draw 9 cards today.

It is now Day 6 - Voting Phase. Voting Phase ends 48 hours as of this post or until majority is reached.

(Apologies for the long delay. We're in the home stretch of the game now, so hopefully things should speed up from here.)


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Vote Acklow

Let's get this game over with people. I am doing my job so I think I'm trustworthy at this point. Thanks :)