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Honestly, while I'm pretty sure all the word does is give a vague idea of money being made, it's good to check to see if there isn't something bigger. Or, as I've mentioned to a few people, a role that checks these words.

That being said, I think it's worth claiming the word now. The information is probably not saying a whole lot, as I doubt that gold generation differs too much from person to person.

I'll claim day 1. As I said before, I'm not the martyr this time, but my role IS provable.

Note: If you have a role to check bold words, you should consider role claiming on d1.

I'm trying to collect as many words as I can before this storm hits. Hopefully we have something to go off of for d1 instead of just randlynch / nolynch


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Hey guys, since mafia is srs bsns, if I could get role name claims and role flavor from people that would be awesome (note: this doesnt mean c/p a role pm because you cant do that, its night 0). I will provide the same courtesy to you. I've already talked to a few people, and it would be cool to get the village going if I could get some name claims right off the bat. Doing so sooner rather than later is ideal, as it means its less likely mafia can come up with good fakes. I'm like always on #ffm, although since tomorrow there's a hurricane so I'm going to be a bit less active than usual tomorrow, although I'll probably be on irc on my kindle, if you want to contact me that way (my irc nick is jalmont bros). Thanks!

To clarify, I'm asking for a name and flavor text exchange. Not a role exchange, not a role PM exchange. A name and flavor text exchange. This makes it much easier for the village to

  1. Get somewhat organized before the first lynch, yet vital roles can remain somewhat hidden until someone is cleaned.
  2. Weed out false claims
  3. Get mafia to claim early and be set with a stable claim that was made extremely early on.
  4. Point out possible double-claims to highlight who may be bad
This also avoids some problems of claiming a role to an unproven mafia member:

  1. Even if you do not trust me, i do not gain vital information about what your role actually does.
  2. Letting mafia easily false-claim roles they know are not in the game.
Even if i am mafia (which I'm not), and i were to get role names and flavor, all this does to help me is

  1. Guess what people might be important, yet not know well enough to want to go killing near blindly. I get very slight indications of importance, and as we saw in Pokemafia, importance measuring can be wrong sometimes (seviper was not important, it was vital without a doubt). Also, this doesnt even take into account the fact that I'd probably get false claims from the other mafia as well, so judgment is even more clouded than before.
Honestly, its pretty clear that the benefits of contacting me outweigh the potential downsides.

If you still choose not to contact me, that's fine. Just know that odds are I'm village, and if I am you're going to stick out like a sore thumb. And I am (although I suppose I can't exactly prove that to you right now, now can I).

im better than dle so claim to me instead of him

Da Letter El

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hahahahahahahahaha you copied and pasted something i posted before you asshole

Anyway, exciting discovery: someone has the same word as someone else. I do not think this is an isolated incident. This actually could be really exciting to weed out claims. I'll explain on d1. But I swear that this is useful. I can find other user(s) to vouch for this if need be.
The star rose in the distant horizon and everyone starts to awake for their first day of work. The prison laborers descended into the mine and everyone started to go about their business. Suddenly the loudspeaker began to roar with some announcements from our great and wonderful CEO:

"It has come to our attention that there are some non-dinc employees among us. We will be holding a lynch today to kill these rats. This will happen near the end of the day but you may vote at any time."

There was also one more announcement, but it definitely did not sound like the voice of Itchni

"Hello"----- but before the announcement could be finished, another announcement started to play---"El allied with DINC?"

This announcement was sponsored by no one. The most nil nobody around!

Day 1 has begun and it will last until Sept 1 at 12:00 noon

Results have been sent. I will not send you a PM unless something has happened to you.

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Few things:

1. Announcer should claim.

2. Role PM with snips that I think are relevant

Itchni said:
Dear Da Letter El
You are Miner Technician NUMBER
You are a free miner and the backbone DINC’s operation. What is surprising is that you actually volunteered for this job. You earn an excellent 8 DOLLARS at the end of every work day, but have no night action.
You are allied with DINC. You win if your team eliminates all harmful targets AND you are in the top 4 DOLLARS holders at the end of the game.
3. There are other users with this role. I have already found one and started asking people if people had numbers in their role for this reason. I would like to know if you have a number in your role. This might not be an isolated thing.

4. I can prove myself by buying an inspect or a hook tonight. I was leaning inspect.

5. Initials of your role name would be nice. So if you're sergeant peppers, claim SP.

I think that's about as much information as I deserve as of now. I'll ask some more questions later and post up a lynch target when I have one.

If you have an inspection role and have found a mafia, feel free to pass on that information so that we can have a good lynch target.

And if you haven't claimed your bold word, do it soon.

Starting an alliance, as photo did literally jack squat

I would rather not claim, but let it be known I have a power role that can help us win this thing

I think people are active, but no one has any idea how to proceed at all...

May I propose a no vote? It's probably the better alternative than having a scum group push a vote towards the end of the period.

Da Letter El

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Also my inbox is no longer full, so I can receive PMs now. I will be on irc tonight for a brief while, as long as it works on my phone. Sometimes it hiccups. Sorry.

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