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[20:40] <daletterel> is that a fucking threat
[20:40] <askaninjask> of course it is
[20:40] <askaninjask> i'm clearly mafia
[20:40] <askaninjask> ?
[20:40] <askaninjask> i stopped pretending to be village a while ago
[20:40] <daletterel> k
[20:43] <daletterel> so
[20:43] <daletterel> what's the dealio
[20:43] <askaninjask> hm?
[20:44] <daletterel> so what is the deal with your role and such
[20:44] <daletterel> you seem to want me dead :O
[20:44] <askaninjask> uh
[20:44] <askaninjask> i'm lynchproof
[20:44] <askaninjask> which is another reason why i don't care
[20:44] <daletterel> lynchproof mafia
[20:44] <daletterel> lollllllll
[20:44] <askaninjask> other than that nothing, really
[20:44] <daletterel> god

So he's lynchproof.

I don't have a better lynch target right now. Keep this up until I find something better.
As you turned onto askaninjask to beat him to death, your interest in his death seemed to waiver and completely disappear. Killing him seemed like a very bad idea and you decided as a group to leave him alone. There also still seems to be no sign of jalmont yet. I really hope he is alright.

You went to sleep with the sound of the coyote-ants "howling" at the full moon, well one of the moons has to be full, doesn't it? What evil deeds will happen tonight now that kills are active? There hasn't been any kills but I have the feeling that Daytrida will get a bit bloody.

Note that you get payed right now. I won't be sending in any PM's but I'd be more than happy to clarify on irc if you wish.

It is now Night 1

Deadline is in 50 hours, 2:00 PM EST on Sept 3
Damn, missed the vote. Stupid timezones -_- Not that it mattered, but oh well. Better luck next time.

I guess Itchni keeps a file with everyone's stash of money? Or do we have to keep track ourselves?
Damn, missed the vote. Stupid timezones -_- Not that it mattered, but oh well. Better luck next time.

I guess Itchni keeps a file with everyone's stash of money? Or do we have to keep track ourselves?

You should keep track yourself, but i do need to track it myself :P if you need clarification ask on irc (or pm if you really have to)


just who is the coon?
Quick PSA to the village bodyguard:

Protect me (Altair) tonight, and don't claim to da letter el. This goes for pretty much all the other villagers, since DLE is at best as trustworthy as the average person itg. The only form of proof he has given me so far (and we've been working closely since d1) is that a village inspector, whom he refuses to name, has cleaned him. A true village inspector existing in this game is rather unlikely, since it would better fit the general theme of this game if we had to use DOLLARS to get any info.

Again, I'm not saying "claim to me" or whatever, I just want the village not to get moled to hell.

Da Letter El

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bg can protect either me or altair tonight, i really don't care.

Hint to people wondering what to do with their money. If you make 8 or more DOLLARS a day and your role is not either a bodyguard, inspector of some sort, a vigilante, or another really really good role, you should probably buy stock tonight. Reason being is that in order to win, you're going to want some more cash moolah, and it's very likely that inspection roles, bodyguards, vigilates, or other really really good roles will be found and killed before night 5 when the cost evens out. I plan on winning with quite a few people alive, but game is going to go past n5. So best option for you all is to get some more money. This also will help out town as you'll be making more to buy night actions.

If you make less than that, if you want to find some group to spend money with together, go for it. Pass said money to the person in your group that will be buying the action. Otherwise, save your cash. All of you are probably going to save your cash anyway, though.

If you do not make money during the day, I want your role PMs asap. For everyone else, feel free to claim if you trust me, feel free not to if not; I'll be buying an inspect tonight and using it to confirm my role, as well as the fact that an inspector has cleaned me. Altair is just butthurt that I won't tell him who the inspector is when he isn't clear. I DO want initials of your role name and bold word, though.

I'm planning on flooding this game with inspections on n2 or 3. Be prepared.

If you need help with a night action, feel free to PM me.
If you really want to, and you're bored of Altair and DLE, you can claim to me instead! Also, be sure to pass me all of your DOLLARS asap.
An announcement was played over the loudspeakers in the voice of your smart and amazing CEO
"Everyone please report to the town hall for an important meeting"
As you approached the town hall you found a small crowd of people surrounding a body. As you got closer you could see that this body was actually Ullar warlord you someone picked up and read aloud their confirmation of employment:

Itchni said:
Dear Ullar Warlord
You are the Mine Foreman
You are essentially the big boss of the mine and as such you command great respect. You have to make sure the mines are running efficiently, safely, and you must also control all the prison miners. You may message me “Night X – Confiscate everything from USER” USER will have all items confiscated from them and you will receive them. You also make a nice six DOLLARS a day.

You are allied with DINC. You win if your team eliminates all harmful targets AND you are in the top 4 DOLLAR holders at the end of the game
You also noticed that Jalmont was back, he was covered in wounds and looked very dehydrated but was definitely alive

The loudspeakers boomed once more

"Get inside, NOW"

The crowd went inside the town hall where you could see another body but this one was smaller with 4 eyes and tentacles it was holding a slip of paper and someone picked it up and read what it was saying.

Itchni said:
Dear askaninjask
You are the leader of the Aukharr Tribe
Your tribe has diverged away from the path of the SNIP tribe and instead have learned to master the arts of inception. You can make people think that someone has said something, or not said something. At night you may message me “Night X – Making people misunderstand USER1. I Hate USER2 as well” USER1 will be misunderstood and his vote will count for negative. If USER1 does not vote, USER2 will be generally hated instead (they will get a vote). You can also make people not want to kill you if you get lynched, but they can only be fooled once.
You are allied with the ALIENS and you win if you eliminate all harmful targets
that body DEFINITELY didn't look like askaninjask i guess the aliens have some sort of cloaking technology

The speakers boomed once more
"It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that mine foreman has been killed, but we have caught the leader of the Aukharr tribe. Remember that suppressing the local wildlife is a necessity to a successful operation"
Another announcement came on in that mysterious voice from before
"there" It seems like this announcement hasn't been interrupted at all

This announcement has been provided thanks to the Laser Proof Vest, it's sexy, it's slimming but most of all its slutty.

Altair is also missing.
Everything is sent out. it is now Day 2 Deadline is September 6th at 5:00 PM

I am moving into my new house for school and will have no internet until then. That is why.

Oh yea, unless i said otherwise, all buying actions were completed.

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Jalmont has an official statement that he would like to make:

[18:48] <daletterel> so
[18:48] <daletterel> how was it
[18:48] <daletterel> being kidnapped and shit
[18:48] <jalmont]afk> it was really
[18:48] <jalmont]afk> fuck

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