[Standard] Troll NOC Mafia Game Over - Mafia Wins!

I have a restriction too! Please guess what it is. Anyway to business: Are you trolling, AG? Can you paste the persuasion post? I doubt anyone would persuade to someone not in the game except maybe a clueless village persuader but meh...
Unless an inspector steps up with some info on who to lynch, I don't see us doing very much today beyond randomly lynching someone.
If we don't start talking, then each day will be doing just what you said. Well from what I know about noc games, first day starts with a couple of rand votes to spark discussion, generally for the stupidest reasons, like "Lynch X, he isn't talking" "He has numbers in his name" etc.

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Well, obviously we should lynch jigglypuffers42 because I am raging at outing me/us as mafia when i subbed out of fallout. And because jiggs killed phantasia. Obvious scumtell is obvious.

Any last words?
vonFiedler said:
You discovered that Yeti is the Gross English Titty Vampire. Her action:
You know how to trick people into getting what you want. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Tricking USER”. In the body of your PM, you will concoct a lie that the hosts will tell USER. For instance, telling USER that all night results they got were actually a host mistake. Unlike shitty deceptive abilities, we’ll do our best to lie to USER. You can find either of us on fluodome usually, so be sure to talk with us about your requests so that we can make them work even better. Finally, don’t be abusive with this ability. It is meant to be funny, so do funny and creative shit with it.
looks mafia to me

lynch Yeti

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