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Thought I'd make an update since it's been a few weeks.

My endeavors for the past few weeks were working on two game projects: a Pokemon Fangame with a small team, and an RPG which I'm tackling solo!

A "new" sprite style me and a partner are using for our fangame:

Not colored in yet since there's still a bunch of lines to fix! (Also if you guys want to help with overworld sprites hit me up yo)

Tileset we're using:

As a disclaimer, These tiles were NOT made by me! the original tiles were created by another user, which a quick google will help identify. All I did was edit the colors and some pixels. The trees, however, are pretty much scratched. I shrunk down an existing tree sprite and went over it again.

Finally, I am working on an RPG Dungeon Crawler:

As you can see, I'm using placeholder tiles for the backgrounds. Also, the game uses a completely unique dungeon generating system which I created. This means almost every dungeon floor will be different!


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Didn't want this thread to fall off the face of the earth ;-;

So here's some stuff:

Game I'm working on. The tiles are not mine, and are placeholder until I can find someone willing to sprite some tiles!

WIP avatar of Shiroe. His head is kind big :p

I don't think I'll ever get to finish this one, so I'll say it's finished

the pose is awkward but it was accepted by zarel, so I'm not touching this anymore

Here's a massive image of fakemon for a game me and a few friends are working on:

The ones that have an HD sprite are not mine, and were sprited by another user!

Finally, I wanted to show you guys some of the first sprites I ever did, probably from around the years 2008-2009, when the hacking scene was popular

They're really bad, but it's hilarious to go through!


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And I wouldn't have a clue, since college kind of puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to freetime.

I'll be sure to change the title when requests become available again! :)
Hey can you make a 80x80 sprite based on this picture?

Just do it whenever you're free. Take your time :)


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Requests aren't open. (and I don't think I'll ever have enough time to ever open them ;;)

New sprites!

a flash cap made in the cap room!

a little spider fakemon

Alexis Rhodes from Yu-Gi-Oh

an update on my original character
now it's my avatar on showdown :D

Finally, an updated listing of the fakemon in giant, messy sprites

Some of these aren't my sprites, and some of these were not my designs!


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Thanks speks <33

Thought I might as well post a quick update of a birthday present for a friend of mine!
Gdi Fished. Every time I see your sprites, I want to request something and then I see this...


But seriously the sprite looks really unique and detailed and I love the caveman aspect of it (even if it isn't supposed to be a caveman lol).


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I'm no longer doing requests :(
My last few attempts to do them have been really poorly handled, and due to how busy I am now compared to before means that I have no control over when I have time to complete them or not.

Anyway, some sprites!

sprite for a friend!

did the rowlett here

Did more sprites for these lil guys
Um do you think you could make a Sprite of Yugi Muto and Dark Magician (separate sprites (I just love yugioh)) asking because I am not sure which of the policies on request is in effect right now
EDIT okay see your not taking requests nevermind and thanks anyway
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