Tournament SV Almost Any Ability No-Johns Kickoff Tour (Won by jrdn!!)


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Almost Any Ability No Johns
Round 1

The deadline for this round is Wednesday, November 30, at 11:59 PM GMT

  • As always all tournament rules apply
  • There will be NO extensions under any circumstances -- any unplayed games will be subject to either an activity decision or a coinflip.
  • Each series is best of three. Replays are mandatory.
  • Bans are set at the beginning of each round. If something is banned in the middle of a round it will still be legal until the beginning of the next.
  • This tournament will use the rules for Almost Any Ability as found here.
  • Matches are playable on the main server.
  • Terastalizing is BANNED in this tour, please use the challenge code below to play your games.
/challenge gen9almostanyability @@@ Terastal Clause


 vs  MultiPokemon
The Dragon Master
 vs  Dragonillis
DurzaOffTopicvs  Siegfried
iKiQ  vs  Magikarp_Is_AG
Mandibuladel5555  vs  Akeras
Farce Of The Death  vs  Nowelle
gorex  vs  Codename C.A.T
quojova  vs  Tranquility
SammyCe123  vs  giove97
Giga-Chandélure  vs  Last Resort Lily
 vs  FiboDoesPokemon
PandaDoux  vs  The White Room Alternatif
 vs  MZ
SpeedyBlu  vs  damflame 3
PociekMociek  vs  UT
Agent 9  vs  luisin
Nultiprise  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Rex15808vs  Atha
 vs  Ema Skye
The Number Man  vs  TTTech
DeepFriedMagikarp  vs  Jrdn
 vs  lemonstre1
Kinetic1000  vs  Seeyabud

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Idk what to do here so imma let Ducky handle it

(idk why it’s not showing exact time for my messages near the end but the one where I said “rn” was at 9:29pm my time just for reference on other messages)

The situation is that we setup a time but I got time zones mixed up so when they said they were on I was doing smth and wouldn’t have been able to pay attention to the matches all that well so I said I couldn’t then tried to battle them 15 minutes later to no response
They said they can’t go tomorrow but I don’t know if I should claim or if they should get win


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We were playing at scheduled time, won 1st game and was literally one turn away from winning second (5v1 scenario, the opponent could not kill me with any move and I won with a single Seismic Toss), then the server reset and we lost our replays. The opponent confirmed I basically won both games so I really don't wanna have to replay them.


Also why is the time GMT instead of GMT -5 which is standard for most tours? You can tell no one knew this because quite a few matches haven't even been played yet.

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