Tournament Sword and Shield CAP Holiday Bash Sign Up Thread


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Sword and Shield CAP Holiday Bash Sign Up Thread

Yo! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a shiny new generation of Pokemon. This ismeant to be a casual tour for us to have fun and get accustomed to the new generation mechanics.

Please read the following tour rules before signing up
  • The format will be [Generation 8] CAP format, which can be broken down to the current OU banlist + CAP Pokemon + CAP clauses. Note that this tournament will start after the Dynamax suspect is resolved and will abide by the results of the suspect test.
  • The [Generation 8] CAP format on PS! is currently bugged to allow unreleased Pokemon through the validator. Notably, this list of unreleased Pokemon include Ubers such as Reshiram, Zekrom, and the Kyurem formes. Anyone bringing Pokemon that are clearly not meant to be in the CAP format, such as the aforementioned Ubers, will be automatically disqualified from the tour. Until this is fixed, please check that your teams are legal with the [Gen 8] OU validator in the teambuilder. CAP Pokemon will be flagged as banned for OU, which you can ignore. If the validator flags something for being unreleased, it is banned from this tour.
  • This tournament will be ran alongside an upcoming CAP project that will adjust the movepools of CAP Pokemon for Gen 8. We will use whatever movepools are available from the moment they are released, even if they are released in the middle of the week. This is to avoid the usage of custom battles when an actual format is available.
  • Necturna currently has a PRC topic discussing how to handle the removal of its Sketch mechanic. Depending on how the PRC thread concludes, Necturna may receive changes in the middle of the tour, in which case we will use whatever version of Necturna is implemented.
Sign ups end on Sunday, December 22. The first round will begin on Monday December 23.

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