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It's only a minor difference on the periphery, but is a difference that can account for a couple damage here and there (most notably, Earthquake-style means it applies to the static +2 term, while Venoshock-style doesn't).
I'm putting this one in a hide tag because I'm not sure if data mined info counts as too much of a spoiler.
What happens if a transferred Pokemon only knows moves that were removed? Struggle?
Do the Alola legendaries' abilities still ignore Mold Breaker? If so, do they still ignore Turboblaze and Teravolt?
It would be interesting to know if Eject Pack gets triggered if + stats are stolen instead of decreased (e.g. by Marshadow's Spectral Thief).
Probably not, but worth the check.
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If a Pokemon with Imposter copies a Pokemon with Intrepid Sword or Dauntless Shield, will the ability activate in addition to the existing stat increase for a total of a +2 boost?
with regards to g-max moves, are you able to use them as long as the pokemon is gigantimaxed or are they hard limited to once per battle?


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Apologizes if this question has already been asked, but how does imposter interact with zacian and zamazanta’s unique abilities? Does ditto reactivate them? Or does it just copy the boost and do nothing with the ability?
Main thing I want to know is when throat spray activates. I can't imagine it's not consumable, but having that confirmed would be nice as well. If it gives a +1 to special attack before the move activates its better than life orb for some pokemon, if after it's just kind of gimmicky.
I would ask to verify the interaction of Ditto with Dina-gigamax.

- Can Ditto Dinamax before transforming (and will Transform become Max Guard?)
- If Ditto transforms into a pokemon that's capable of Gigamaxing and elects to Dinamax, will it Dina or Gigamax?
Forgive me if these questions have already been asked:
- If a pokemon with imposter is sent out against a dynamaxed opponent, does it copy only the opposing pokemon's species, or its size as well?

- When transform targets a gigantamax pokemon, does the transforming pokemon take on the target's normal appearance or its gigantamax appearance?

- Can you dynamax a transformed pokemon?

- If a pokemon uses transform to become a currently dynamaxed pokemon, will its movepool consist of max moves, or the target's original movepool? If it consists of max moves, how many turns can they actually be used for?


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Does Eject Button work after Falinks uses No Retreat?

Does Court Change proc Magic Bounce? (say you have hazards on Cinderace's side and you CC vs Hatterene, do they bounce back to you after you CC?)

Does Sand Spit create a new Sandstorm every time it's hit? Or does it fail if Sandstorm is already active?

Does Gorilla Tactics stack with Choice Band?

What happens when it's Barraskewda's Propeller Tail vs G-Weezing's Neutralizing Gas (someone already asked about NG vs NG)? Does Barraskewda still ignore draw-in moves? Or do the abilities just negate each other completely?

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How much does Galarian Stunfisk's ability change its type? For example, in Grassy Terrain, what typing does it become? Grass/Steel, Ground/Grass or pure Grass?
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A friend of mine has tested Life Dew in singles and it only restored 25%.
Hopes shattered.
Its a sad day for defensive or bulky pivots

Oh well at least life dew heals 31% factoring leftovers. That still was never seen before on some bulky waters such as blastoise which lack recovery

I assume life dew deals damage as well? Or is it purely a status move?

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