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I don't normally post in this thread because I find the posts here to be sub-par 90% of the time. Anyway I am reporting battle9692
Hi I'd like to report the same player, battle9692 for disconnecting in our battle

As you can see ours was the last battle "completed"... but he disconnected and after that he said as you can see that he was "Sick" of people using protect...
I hope that you can do something since I'm not the only person that had problems with this user... Thanks.
I was battling "fusion megaman". The battle was going fine in-till he landed a hit on my cofagrigus. Then it was reveled that his crobat had multiscale. after that he disconnected

I have proof if needed.
kiuQxy ragequit with 2 pokes left vs my 5 he failed to guess almost all the moves and disconnected + ended battle on battle finder. I've also noticed hes done this several times before as shown on his profile.
GooN Asteriskz

Username of alleged disconnector / hacker: GooN Asteriskz
Link to user profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=184178
Friend Code: 4342 2791 2719 (BW)

I requested a OU battle and my request was accepted by this user. The battle starts and it was a fairly good battle, lots of good plays and predictions on both sides. Finally, we reach the end game and I am in the process of sweeping his team, 2-0. After I knock out his Volcorona, it is basically my Scarf'd Garchomp (with a Banded Terrakion awaiting in the wings) versus his Magnezone which has leftovers and I was already locked into Earthquake so victory was all but assured on my part. The user DCs right before the last turn, just rage quitting on me which is a shame because it was a pretty good battle.

I attempted to communicate with the user through the WiFi chat and also through visitor message but the user has not responded at all to my inquries. Furthermore, after I finally decide to end the chat without a response back, I see that the user was in another battle on the WiFi battle finder after the DC occured during the conclusion of our battle. Here is the chat:

<PsychoGamer23> hey
<PsychoGamer23> I'll meet you on
<GooN Asteriskz> HEY
<PsychoGamer23> brb
<GooN Asteriskz> OK IM IN
<PsychoGamer23> alright im heading in
<PsychoGamer23> It says you're already in a battle
<PsychoGamer23> nevermind
<PsychoGamer23> rc
<GooN Asteriskz> ok
<GooN Asteriskz> im in
<PsychoGamer23> metagross, magnezone, starmie, kyruem, gliscor, volcorona
<GooN Asteriskz> gl
<PsychoGamer23> you too
<GooN Asteriskz> wow lol nice way to keep track
<PsychoGamer23> what the heck
<PsychoGamer23> ??
<PsychoGamer23> What was up with that DC?
Username: dylanc7
Reason: disconnecting in the beginning. My espeon countered his entire team of stall, including rendering his sabeleye useless. He leads off with a hit Hitmonlee while I led off with my espeon. Odds were in my favor. He decides to disconnect on me, and on the chat he said "noob" right after his accusation of me d/cing. Thing is, why would I leave when my espeon counters his whole team?
Link to user profile : http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=140980
Friend code: 1164 0325 1884
disconnector: pacgost21 (http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=171745)

I started a request named "BW/BW2 any tier". He challenged me and we decided to do OU. I brought my sand team, and there was a stall-battle going on. I took out his Slowking by Toxic stalling, and the same goes for his Sandslash. After I go for the Superpower with my Tyranitar on his Hydreigon and kill it with the help of Sandstorm and Stealth Rocks, he first disconnects from the chat, then from the game. Chat logs:

<pacgost21> hi
<Cl4wn> Hi
<pacgost21> ou
<Cl4wn> kk
<pacgost21> going in
<Cl4wn> Same
<pacgost21> in
<pacgost21> cu
<Cl4wn> gl hf
<pacgost21> you 2
Your opponent disconnected.

I took a look at his profile and it seems this is not the first time. I asked him to explain why he disconnected, I'll let you know when (and if) he replies to that message.
Disconnecter/Username: StPako
Chat log:
<StPako> hi
<ilyjnm> hi
<ilyjnm> ill meet u in
<StPako> going in
<ilyjnm> hosted
<StPako> fcuk you
Your opponent ended the battle.

Reason: I swept his team with my Cinccino and rendered his Kyurem useless. I baton passed x2 swords dance and agility to my Weavile hoping for a big sweep. He says "fcuk you" and d/cs on me.

Link to user profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=152548
FC: 1936 9845 1149 (BW)
Disconnecting during battle.

TheFlawlessWin, disconnected when he knew he was gonna lose the battle.
After putting up a request for (experienced players only).
I was looking on the finder just a couple of minutes ago, and what do I see? pacgost21, the disconnector that disconnected on me yesterday. I started a request asking him why he disconnected, but he just starts another battle, ends it some later and goes offline without responding. Here are some pictures:

I would like to report goon asterisk for using a hacked Rayquaza. His Rayquaza had switched in on SR Had thaken several round of sandstorm and life orb recoil bit managed to live my kyogres thunder here are the calcs

Water Spout: 46.43 - 54.7%: 0 - 0%Thunder: 49.85 - 58.68%Ice Beam: 157.26 - 185.75%

As you can see thunder is doing from around 50% upward which his Rayquaza was well under. I tried asking him what EVs he used in the chat but got no reply I have left a message on his account. I did not manage to get his FC but here is the link


As you can see not only does he use hacks he also DCs
MAYKO101 said:
way to be a (BAN ME PLEASE) and bring 3 walls dont ask to challenge me agian noob anyone can bring walls in then set up
I'd like to report MAYKO101 for DCing after I 6-0'd him. It started with my Zapdos getting a critical hit on his Roserade and OHKOing it. He then used Cinccino and I predicted the Skill Link Rock Blast and went to my Dusclops. His other four pokemon are Victini, Rhyperior, Blastoise and something that got killed too fast to earn a name. So his whole team is walled by my Dusclops so he uses Rhyperior's Dragon Tail to bring out my Mew, which Aura Spheres then gets Dragon Tailed out for my Kingdra. I use waterfall and he predicts switching into his Blastoise, so I use Dragon Dance as he uses Toxic, and my Lum Berry cures it, so I use Substitute as he uses Scald. I dragon dance while he switches and I sweep his whole team with Waterfall. Then this random new guy, freaks out, D/Cs, sends me the quoted PM and triple posts on the battle thread.

Now I'm just laughing because this guy is claiming I have four walls (he says four on the battle thread and three in the PM but really it was two walls and only one got used. He just couldn't handle having his toxic stall blastoise walled by a Kingdra) on my team, but actually I only have Dusclops and Suicune as walls and I didn't even use my Suicune.

This rage quit moment was brought to you in part by, Zapdos (252 SpA / 252 Speed / 6 HP), Dusclops (Secret Wall Set), Kingdra (252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP) and very slightly by Mew (252 SpA / 252 Speed / 6 HP). Suicune and the final pokemon (Weavile) didn't even get used, because this poor kid was walled by my Duscolps and Kingdra.
i was battling Coco the great who disconnected on me when the battle was as good as over.

here is the link to their profile:

their fc is: 0691 2255 0526

my team was rotom-w, landorus, infernape, starmie, tyranitar and latias

their team was ditto, mamoswine, rotow-w, terrakion, tentacruel and skarmory.

the first game changing play was when they switched their scarf ditto in on my latias. i switched out to specially defensive t tar to take the dragon pulse with did about 5%. i then used pursuit as they switched out to get the OHKO. later i was able to take out their rotom with starmie. they switched in scarf terrakion to threaten me out and i switched to landorus to take the x scissor which did almost nothing. they then switched to skarmory so i u turned back to starmie who did 90% with a thunderbolt as skarmory roosted, i also got useless paralysis (my whole team outsped it anyway) and the next turn they left scramory in as death fodder. they then went back to scarf terrakion and immediately switched to mamoswine, predicting a landorus switch in. at this point starmie was at about 76 hp and i decided to just fodder it off. fortunately they switcehd to mamoswine which i KOed with surf. at this point they disconnected. i had 4 pomemon at 9/10 hp or better and a starmie at about 1/5. my opponent had 2 pokemon left when they dced Terrakion and tentacruel. throughout the entire battle i was outplaying them and this was ba sically a rage quit.

here is the conversation:
<Coco the great> hhi
<Immortal> hi
<Immortal> im in
<Coco the great> goin
<Coco the great> aaHHH
<Coco the great> was hoping u to not pursuit
<Coco the great> ... critss
<Coco the great> omg im pissed off of haxs
Your opponent ended the battle.

the freak out was because of first the obvious choice of pursuit which OHKOed their dittio which had transformed into a latias and second was because of the useless para hax on skarmory (nothing wanted to switch into starmie and skarmory wasnt a threat to my team anyway which had infernape and hp fire latias as well as a rotom-w with volt switch). there were no crits in the battle. basically it was just lame justification for dcing due to being badly outplayed.

i tried to sort things out by VMing them about what happened but immediately after disconnecting from out battle they went offline (classic ragequit). i still havent gotten a reply to my VM.

rico473 FC: 5415 8947 1978 Dced after what seemed to be a stall game, instead of playing it out or draw.. It was my cabolian vs jirachi
I'd like to report pl4yman.
For using obviously hacked, fully evolved, pokemon in a little cup battle.
He had a:
Dragonite lv 19
Swampert lv 19
Blaziken Lv 24
Accelgor lv 19
and two other pokemon that have slipped my mind.
He claimed the were legit because they were were from pokegen.
When i called him out on it he disconnected.
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