Tea Party itt.

Normal Pokemon stuff.

New Zealand Fakedex


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they look better then what i make with paint.net
not that that is impressive
These are pretty fun, tbh. I can easily see them popping up everywhere on people's avatars.

Also, Flygon, Barboach and a few others stand out, at least for me. Good job.
that's where you got your avvie from! Going from where blue torndao left off, could i use these as an avvie? Specifically pikachu? I'll give credit.
Wow, that this level of art's acceptable by others makes mine look less shitty.

Not that yours is bad, it is good indeed. Hell, I might even feel inspired to do some of my own drawings.
I challenge you to draw a badass Magikarp.

Shading's a bit iffy on MS Paint, but it can be done. I would experiment a little bit to see what looks good, but generally it isn't too hard to do.
Challenge met?


Yeah I wasn't very inspired as far as poses or badassery go sorry. And yes I know the teeth are horrible.


Idk I like drawing things with hats give me a break.
Hahaha I LOVE THAT WHISCASH! I'm on my iPod right now, but when I get on my laptop I'm so tempted to make that my avatar. Or maybe the flygon.. All these made me smile, and they're defiantly avatar material haha!
I'd like to see some angry pokemon poking out of teacups. Juxtaposition is hot this year.

Weavile looks as if she's bending over to take it or to entice me to give it. I dunno man, she's bracing her sacrum for a reason and she doesn't look like a linebacker.
Jigglypuff complete. I really wish I could draw flowers. :/ Also does the black inked outline look better than a coloured outline?

Also I thought I'd try something out. I'll probably keep on doing this sort of thing because it's what I like.

I'd like to see some angry pokemon poking out of teacups. Juxtaposition is hot this year.
Any requests for that?

Hm this post was quite pink...
I think if you filled in the outlines a bit more, it would be fantastic, as they're uneven in thickness.

And I know you just use paint, but paint.net is free and you can blur the jagged edges to make this a true masterpiece.

Bravo on the jigglycupp
I might have to look up some tutorials on how to do that. I already have Paint.net but the problem with using more advanced image programs is I have no idea how to use them. :/

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