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Through the years, Team Raters on Smogon have come and go, with the best and most consistent Team Raters obtaining the Alumnus Badge for their efforts. This thread archives the achievements of our best Alumnus and (some) Non-Alumnus Team Raters alike, not only to recognize them for their great work, but to give you an idea of how to improve your Team Rating and what we expect from a Team Rater.

Aeroblacktyl - MoP is perhaps one of the best Team Raters of all time. Without a doubt, he has rated teams for a longer time than anyone else on Smogon and with every rate, he makes suggestions that only improve the team. While doing this, he keeps things personable and still somewhat humorous for the user. The following rates show off all of MoP's phenomenal qualities as a Team Rater. This rate is concise but is extremely valuable to the OP. He keeps things personable but still takes the time to identify simple changes that only help the tempo of this team. What MoP showcases here is that fixing a team can be as simple as just changing a few EV spreads or movesets. In this rate, MoP gets his point across efficiently by posting actual threats and why they are so dangerous. It's one thing to just claim something is a threat, but to go that extra step, this is extremely valuable, as it tells the OP why he should edit his team to your suggestions. MoP makes a suggestion with this team based off the synergy and key roles that the OP identifies, as well as the certain threats MoP did. All in all, an outstanding rater that deserves a slot in the Team Rater Archive.

august - august is one of Smogon's best raters in all aspects. Not only did he rate teams and moderate RMT efficiently, he stayed in touch with the community by posting his own RMTs time and time again. This rate shows august's constructive criticism. He evaluates the weaknesses of the team and suggests changes that deal with current metagame teams as a whole. The fact that august doesn't pull punches when seeing a highly ranked team is yet another attribute of this all-star team rater. For his work in RMT, both modding and rating teams, we are proud to induct august to our Team Rater Archive.

babidi1998 - Formerly Heist, babidi posted many high quality rates, such as this one, during his time in RMT. As seen in the rate, Heist had an ability to suggest both subtle changes that greatly aided the team against certain Pokemon, such as Chople Tyranitar for Reuniclus and 12 Attack EVs on Deoxys-S to OHKO Tyranitar, and more bold proposals to deal with major threats, such as Virizion over Lucario to lessen the team's weakness to Jellicent. The synergy his changes provided was also clear to see, with Virizion benefitting from Tyranitar taking the Latis out of the game to open up sweeping opportunities. Heist posted numerous such rates during his time in RMT, and his hard work and dedication to the forum over a long period makes him a deserving candidate for our archive.

BKC - BKC was one of Smogon's finest Team Raters, and contributed countless rates to ADV, DPP and BW teams. He has a very deep knowledge and understanding of the game which gives his rates an incredible level of detail and reasoning. This rate is an ideal example. He identifies not only the major threats to the team but also suggests a number of seemingly minor changes that improve the team's performance significantly, such as the addition of Substitute over HP Electric on Suicune to easily defeat Blissy and SpD Jirachi, and Ice Punch over Fire Punch on Jirachi / HP Ice over Overheat on Rotom-H to deal with Dragonite. This shows the importance of looking past major fixes that deal with the team's main threats and identifying more subtle changes that actually help a lot. BKC's in-depth and highly effective style of rating, along with his former position as moderator of RMT, makes him an obvious candidate for our archive.

Bloo - Bloo was a former leader of RMT and one of the best Team Raters the forum has ever seen. While her contributions to RMT are numerous, ranging from introducing projects to revamping the section, it is her consistent dedication in providing helpful and detailed rates that earn her a spot in this archive. For example, this rate is a perfect example of how to perform an accurate analysis of a team's threats and suggest efficient changes while retaining the team's main focus. Bloo first identifies Fighting-types and Excadrill as the main threats to the team and hence suggests Gliscor as a replacement over Crobat. She then remedies the redundancy of Choice Scarf Excadrill by running Tyranitar over it, and finishes up by proposing several small changes that greatly increase the team's efficiency. Bloo was a highly valued contributor to RMT, and her spot in this archive is well-deserved.

Delko - Delko was a former RMT leader and a highly effective Team Rater, and helped shape the forum into what it is today. An example of his impressive rating skills can be seen here. His rate is detailed and contains both major and minor suggestions, each of which is backed up with solid reasoning. An important thing for a rater to consider is how to convince the team poster to accept his suggestions, and Delko's ability to do this was admirable. Because of his efficient leadership of RMT and consistent, high quality rating, we are happy to include him in our archive.

franky - franky's work in RMT is simply outstanding, both as a Team Rater and as a moderator, because of its great quality and incredible quantity. He has rated for more than a year very consistently with great rates such as this one, where he identifies the problems with the team he's evaluating and suggests a fix that greatly helps the team while respecting its main goal. He leaves no details aside, making him one of the most complete raters. Since he rated so well for so long, we decided to add him to the Team Rater Archive.

Harsha - Harsha was one of RMT's most consistent and helpful members, and also co-led the forum for a long period. The impact he had on RMT is undoubtable, and apart from his rates he also contributed several high quality RMTs to the forum to stay in touch with the community. His rates display an impressive knowledge of the metagame and an ability to accurately analyse the issues of a team and provide suggestions to fix them, as can be seen here. Harsha's other contributions to the forum are numerous; for example he played a big role in developing the RMT Hub. His long-time contribution to the forum in terms of both rating and moderation make him an ideal candidate for our archive.

Haunter - Haunter, a leader of RMT, has been a shining example of a Team Rater ever since becoming a part of the RMT forum. Despite leading several RMT specific projects such as the RMT Archive, Haunter's helpful rates in RMT truly make him someone to look to for rating advice. This rate once again shows how important it is to be concise. Haunter identifies a threat to the team in Ferrothorn, makes an easy change to solve the problem, and provides extra changes to clear up general weaknesses, without ever taking out a team member. With consistent and helpful rates like these, it's no surprise that RMT leader is being inducted into our Team Rater Archive.

Iggybot - One of the best raters of his time, Iggybot posted many high quality and helpful rates in his period here, and was one of the best raters to have been active on the forum. When rating, he explains the threats that are covered by making the change to the team, and why it is a superior option to what was already there. His rate on this RMT explains the reasons why the Zapdos and Tyranitar sets should be changed, and goes on to explain what threats can be covered by making those changes and gives multiple examples to back up his point, showing a high level of intelligence in the rate. Iggybot was one of the best raters to have posted in this forum, and his hardwork has definitely earned him a spot in the archive

Jumpman16 - Jumpman16 was a quality Team Rater on Smogon for quite a time and worked to get the "new-age" RMT Forum off its feet in early D/P. Some of his influential work in RMT can still be found in the past gens Announcement section, such as this. While many of his rates are hidden in the past, you can still view outstanding examples such as the following: This rate showcases a lot of positive attributes Jumpman16 brought to Team Rating. Not only does he address the team, he addresses the current metagame and how the team fits in comparison to it. Another positive is how he directly confronts the issue of the team in comparison to synergy and why some Pokemon are useless, providing real examples to why. Jumpman16 is also unique because of how much effort he has put into rating Battle Tower, Subway, and Frontier teams. Helping users strive for perfection, Jumpman16 has used his experience to help other players mold and fix their teams. Because of his positive role in influencing RMT, we are proud to induct Jumpman16 into the Team Rater Archive.

Lee - Lee's influence in RMT is truly special. Not only has he been one of the forum's best raters and moderators, but he has also posted many RMTs of his own which beautifully show how to format and create your own RMT Thread. Lee's own rates are dependable because you can be well assured that he is helpful to other users when rating. Rates like these show off that Lee thinks carefully about the edits he makes to a team. While he could have identified the initial thread and suggested changing Skarmory to Gliscor, he realized it would add specific weaknesses as well, so he also advocated the change of Tyranitar to Hippowdon. This type of in-depth thinking is exactly what we expect from our Team Raters on Smogon.

Legacy Raider - Legacy Raider was a key member of changing Rate My Team for the better, taking the initiative to post important threads such as this. While his efforts in improving RMT in general were fantastic, his efforts in rating teams was just as impressive. Here is a superb example of the unique rating traits Legacy Raider brought to RMT. Not only does he provide examples as to why his rates are necessary, but he also is sure to keep in mind of the synergy between the two suggestions he gives. This sort of thinking shows that he put time and effort into his rates, and for his work in this regard (as well as his general work for RMT), he is a worthy candidate for the Team Rater Archive.

SoT - SoT was one of smogons finest team raters, as well as moderating the forum for an extended period of time. SoT had a great impact on the forum for a long period, and helped shape the RMT forum into what is is today. When rating SoT always used his concise rating style to effectively get across how to fix problems in the team. SoT's rate on this team shows his quick and concise rating style that quickly identifies the threats to the team and offers a way to fix the problems while being careful to not open the team up to new threats. SoT was a highly valued member of the RMT team for a long time, and has earned his spot in the archive.

Stathakis - Stathakis is one of the best team raters to have rated in these forums, and is best known for his method of rating. "good rates are ones that help people beat threats without compromising the teams purpose; even better rates are ones that improve the execution of the teams purpose without compromising its ability to deal with threats". Stathakis clearly shows his rating style in this rate where he thoroughly explains why the changes he suggested should be made, while explaining how they helped his team reach his goal to the team creator. The in depth and well thought out rate clearly show's a high knowledge of the metagame and display's a rater that knows what he's doing. Stathakis's contribution's to the forum means he definitely deserves a spot in this archive.

tab - tab is yet another fantastic team rater and moderator of RMT. Being one of the key members to upstarting the original Rating Basics program, tab played a crucial role in leading RMT into a more community minded forum. tab's rating was also impressive, as can be seen here. Not only does he keep the rate short and concise, but he clearly identifies reasons for the changes he suggests. One thing a team rater must keep in mind is why the OP should take your suggestions. tab's friendliness when rating, along with his reasoning, gives the OP considerable reason to accept his suggestions. Because of his moderation work and his great job rating, we are proud to have tab in our Team Rater Archive.

Tangerine - Tangerine was one of Smogon's best Team Raters and RMT Moderators for a period of time, playing a crucial role in revamping the RMT Forum to what it has become today. Threads such as How to make an RMT helped give guidelines to the community. He also helped aspiring Team Raters by helping put forward the concept of Rating Basics, allowing team rater hopefuls to be given critiques and advice from other raters. Tangerines efforts in modding RMT and successful attempts to make it better overall for everyone make him a worthy inductee into our Team Rater Archive.

Taylor - When you think of Smogon Team Raters, Taylor is a name that quickly comes to mind. Outside of rating teams, he has proven time and time again that he is an efficient moderator of RMT who points out basic mistakes people make when posting teams. Whats truly incredible about Taylor is that he has consistently rated and moderated RMT for at least three years straight. His rates also follow a basic formula of pointing out weaknesses and then making the simple changes to fix this. As basic as it may seem, it effectively gets the job done and just reiterates how important conciseness is, as seen here. Effectively explaining his issue with the team, Taylor is able to make suggestions that improve it easily. Taylor's amount of time doing this again and again, along with his long tenure as an RMT mod, makes him a perfect candidate for our RMT Archive.

ToF - ToF is one of RMT's most consistent and helpful members, providing concise, yet quality rates time and time again. What ToF brings in Team Rating is an actual knowledge of the metagame and in-depth thinking to improve the team. As can be seen here, ToF keeps the rate short, but provides useful information that only improves the team. A couple of things to note about ToF's rate is how he keeps the entire team in mind when suggesting changes. Realizing that the OP liked Wish, he made sure he kept Wish available in his suggestions. Not only that, he posted a suggestion that directly intertwined with the team (Flygon), taking advantage of the entry hazards that the team was all about. One final note is that ToF shows the importance of acknowledging other Team Raters. He supports Philip7086's stance on some specific changes to let the OP know that they are good ideas to keep in mind. With this type of attitude, I am proud to have ToF in the Team Rater Archive.
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