The Bluewind Sucks at DPP UU Tournament - Round 1

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Won against Marshall.Law in a hax battle. I got lucky with a ch and a miss that made the game easier. "GG"

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I'm going to give a short extension through Saturday to all matches. The next round will be posted some time on Sunday. If you have yet to complete your match and do not expect to get it done, please post in this thread explaining why, or else risk a coinflip.
I can not play with my opponent, our schedules are different and it just was online when I was offline ...
So here's the conversation with Blue Eon. I think I deserve the activity win as Blue Eon hasn't responded to me since the first request, and even then his was rather vague. A coinflip is also reasonable though, as I wasn't very zealous about trying to battle early in this round. Of course if we somehow get this done tomorrow before pairings are done, neither will need to happen.
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